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  2. I have an ancient cell phone which will do for the time being, when the contract is up I will not renew it, nor the broadband, and use just the land line for what we need here, if we need to use the internet I will go into the library or weathespoons for a coffee.
  3. Never ever going to get a 5G enabled phone at all. What's it going to be like if we have 6G in the future?
  4. endoftheworld

    The next Tory leader & Prime Minister

    If Boris becomes PM, it's looking likely that Brexit will definitely happen too so we can get out of the EU.
  5. Itsjaybigjay

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    Nine reasons Trump is a racist! Debunked!
  6. dumbcritic

    Escalation with Iran

    Admiral Lord West: ''Powerful groups in Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US want war and think a strike on Iran would lead to regime change. They are wrong. It would lead to open ended war with catastrophic consequences across the globe.'' https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jul/20/new-pm-take-note-iran-crisis-could-escalate-into-war
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  8. Golden Retriever

    Stanley Kubrick trying to expose the occult in Eyes Wide Shut

    Excellent video here
  9. jupiter12

    Is this normal? Employers asking intrusive questions.

    The only thing one can do at interviews if one wants the job ,, is ,,,,,,,,,, comply! ie ,, lie and just say what they wanna hear ,, like any intelligent person would do!! ,, Tell em' you're at the end of your phone 24/7 ,, always available for overtime ,, will do anything for the boss blahh blahh! Worked for me ,, then when you get the job ,, just be yourself! and make the best of it!
  10. MrA

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    Me personally I have never said Trump " knew nothing " Quite the opposite from me. I think he knows all.about these inner circle pedos and satanists and thats precisely why the past three years has been a wierd.show.of " get him out asap by any means " Because they knew he would blow the lid on it all Even the blog.you just.linked to.comes to that.conclusion Thinking.people.think Parrots repeat only what they hear *edit* and how did I come.to.this.conclusion ? Because.I cant find a single.piece of evidence that puts Trump at any of the inner circle heirarchies.namely CFR , Bilderberg , Trilateral Commission and importantly Bohemian Grove. By.my research and the research of others it appears Trump.is the first President since 1903 who has NEVER been to Bohemian.Grove and to me those networks are still as important to reveal.as they were ten twenty years ago when people still denied they were even a thing ! I am also.somewhat fearful that this is.the moment that the NWO cleans house of all those who helped it become what it is and what you are left with is the few who were all ways.going to benefit from the fall.of those who were held.up.as the.invinciable elite This whole thing has the potential.to cause a political.disaster of such magnitude that from the ashes rise those who set the trap to begin with
  11. I find this post very interesting, what you are describing is the fractal nature of reality and how you can have an infinite amount of energy (information) inside a defined boundary. Fractals are a system embedded into a larger system then a larger etc, all the way up to the infinitely large and down to the infinitely small and any part of that system has all the information to create the whole , the only difference being the order of magnitude or boundary of each embedded system . For arguments sake ,if you divided the coast line using miles and then using nano meters ,the the complexity and therefore information gathered using the smaller distance is going to be far greater ,even though the distance hasn't changed,not withstanding tidal and erosion effects,therefore if you use an infinitely small distance,you get an infinite amount of information and the same applies inside the boundary. Just like with pictures ,large pixels less information small pixels more information. Some might say that you can't go to infinitely small as the Planck distance is the smallest thing the universe dose, but if you take the the speed of light the size of the universe and the Planck distance as simply boundaries of the order of magnitude we all exist, in an infinite fractal system, the skies the limit
  12. To be honest, it has become more and more apparent that TR is just a pied piper, and has been barking up the wrong tree for the long time on purpose and leading many working folk also in that direction....
  13. Stride

    War with Iran Confirmed

    To be honest it has been far too long since the last proper war. It's high time the boys were allowed to let off a little steam.
  14. Golden Retriever

    Ground control to major Tom

  15. Surprised this is not all over the forum already. See clip here of the malfunction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMkupAEwY70
  16. endoftheworld

    XR and 5G

    I have researched about XR and it came up with the iPhone XR with an all-screen design. I will never ever be getting one of these. Plus I hate iPhones. And what is the new 'Liquid Retina'? It says here it's the most advanced LCD in the industry with a TrueDepth camera. Face ID and the A12 Bionic chip. I suppose that this will also be 5G enabled. 5G is reducing Freeview TV too over the coming months, not that I'm bothered as I don't mind having fewer channels again for free.
  17. I don't know but this whole thread seems like a submarine troll.
  18. The Apprentice


    Lets face it, the commercial and pasenger flight corridoors would be the idea way of carrying out legitimate experiments in weather control, due to their exact timings and or flight paths,not only would it make easy to navigate, record, it would be the ideal opportunity to do this for free, seeing as the passengers are paying for the planes journey and fuel, thing is would the corporate mindset like to do this, well of course they would if they were going to gain from it. But are they actually doing it is the question? Are there and records of these experiments taking place as we speak?
  19. Screamingeagle


    i guess sceptics missed this one......hmmm wonder why that would be 🤔🤔
  20. Golden Retriever

    Robin Tilbrook article 50 legal case rejected

    Hi Serpertine Your link didn't work. Here it is.
  21. Rupert Ugo


    Exactly, but this is the land of woo, so don't expect anyone to actually acknowledge this. It's more wooooey to believe in the chemtrail shite than what really happens.
  22. We have all seen and or read the conspiracy theories of the men in the moon, but here is one I never heard of before and it involves a 12 volt radio and thousands of miles of space between us and a time in history long before the internet. https://www.bitchute.com/video/eJvQYyG5TIM/
  23. The Apprentice

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    https://www.watchtheyard.com/deltas/first-black-general-military-delta-sigma-theta/ 858 Shares Share855 Tweet3 Did you know that a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc was the first Black woman General in the United States Army ? Hazel Johnson-Brown became the first black female general in the United States Army in 1979 and was the first black chief of the United States Army Nurse Corps. Gen. Johnson-Brown was born in 1927 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. As a young woman in the 1940s, she applied to the West Chester School of Nursing but was rejected because she was black. This did not stop her from her dream of nursing, in 1947 she moved to New York City, and enrolled in the Harlem Hospital School of Nursing. In 1955, right after President Truman banned segregation in the armed services, Johnson-Brown enlisted in the Army. By 1960, she had become a first lieutenant and joined the Army’s Nursing Corps where she served as a staff nurse in Japan and Chief nurse in Korea. https://abcnews.go.com/US/female-general-woman-lead-us-military-combat-command/story?id=39091580
  24. bamboozooka

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    weiner city hasn't got anything to back up his perspective. nada, zilch. The Jihad Squad's Racism Lies vs POTUS Nominating the First-ever Black Female General Q!!mG7VJxZNCI18 Jul 2019 - 11:47:40 PM D_ybXhqW4AELyk-.jpg D_ylJ46WwAEgRI9.jpg-large.jpg Shall we play a game? Reconcile. Q
  25. georgesmiley

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    I think it is great that members who preach the message of infinte love reflect the same in the manner of their posting style. You know who you are.
  26. MrA

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    Also just two days ago I notice vancity.calling muir an insecure.white.snowflake because he happened to have an.opinion on.something And that is acceptable how ? If I was to refer to vancity as an.ungrateful spear chucking nigger because he happened to have a political.opinion I disagree with is that OK now ? Of course it fucking isnt And so you will find that people herw are trying their absolute best NOT to descend.into that kind of thing and instead continually attempt to steer the dicussion into.the realm.of ideas and.philosophy I for one have spent a.considerable.amount of time.attempting to discuss the ideas surrounding Islam and I.believe I have the right to do so while I still.can. And not once do I turn it into an iasue of race or skin because its not about that its about IDEAS And in return for two years solid the.majority of what I got.back in response was either " thats racist that.islamaphobic thats.wrong thats because you are a zionist " and on and on ! And you know the.person who was trying the hardest to police my thoughts and language ? Yes thats right ! One of the.duo who.thinks its.perfectly.acceptable to show.prejudice and contempt.for.people.based on RACE ALONE
  27. MrA

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    As an example.if I state right now that across the developed world the tech companies are in bed with world.govt and theynare actively.suppressing libertarian.and conservative viewpoints then.itchy and scratchy here will.tell.me im lying , that im a fascist and that my ideas are born of.a.time.in Berlin circa 1939 And that doesnt change no.matter the topic They are not here to.have any genuine.debate regarding political philosophy I will happily sit and debate with a.marxist all day long regarding social problems and potential solutions But when.the immediate.response.to.any key points becomes " your a racist white supremacist " and that begins to happen every single.time.a.person decides.to.contribute then you dont have a.forum.anymore.you have a place where anyone who.identifies as white for any reason whatsoever is scolded and.abused.for having.an opinion at all
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