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  2. MrA

    Tommy Robinson deleted from Facebook

    Surely this is a job for Antifa ?
  3. MrA

    Escalation with Iran

    So you think the EU is the better option for the UK then ?
  4. I suspect you've been taken in by a NASA cover-up .... the moment wikileaks released the footage NASA would be putting out lies and fake videos .... My understanding is wikileaks footage (about 10 mins) has their logo in the top left corner ... give me time markers from the first video you posted , where the Wikileaks footage is the same as Capricorn One.
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  6. MatchaLove

    Christians Really Worship the Moon

    Finally remembered what I came here today to say. lol So, this topic is kind of similar to when Joan Rivers made that comment about the prevalence of transgenders in elite society. They breed them and treat them like models but regular females are no longer WORTH much, so there is this huge wave of young 20 year old ones and younger. Its sad for it to planned out like that for a sick way of being, if you know its b/c occultist (not just elitist) begin to not tolerate feminine energy all too well, or rather the Annunaki don't like to live in it. Instead of having a normal Chakra System, they need it separate. Them over there, them over here -- kind of thing. Segregation is the word that came to mind.Truth be told. Same concept, basics, as y'all will eventually know. lol Hopefully "y'all". I'll just assume the lack of occultist reading this...….hopefully none of them are here or members. lol So, a depiction of the male/female energy going thru the Chakra System of a normal human being. The Annunaki are also called vampires, the undead, and demons. Explains a lot they don't have a "living" Chakra System. The amount of "energy vampirism" that would have to occur for that to sustain itself, is substantial. Also to note, instead of the pillars of masonry being a divine concept of a normal human being, it represents this segregation they have between males and females. With the checkers, that put a "spell" on most people, even the best. I have an insult for the elites that are Catholics, God/Goddess looked over Judaism and Islam and pointed their fingers at the Catholics as the most degenerate and sinful. One would compare it almost to "being at war with", it aint pretty their list of sins. On their "to-do-list" of changes. I don't know how to say that nicely. lol So, the elites don't like some of the things I have said. So, a rebel insults them more. lol :) That's the truth!!! The honest truth!!! They wont stop until well...….ya know. lol Everything they built has been …….ya know. lol :) lol :)
  7. oz93666


    That's a great string of posts Crom ... shows what a bit of digging can uncover .... Commiserations to Vegan Fool , I don't think she expected her tread to run like this ... In the UK there's a BBC games show ... it's been running for decades , it's very entertaining . Clement Freud and Stephen Fry were one time long running members of the panel .... A very large number of the panel present an image of deviant sexually, keneth williams , derek nimo ... Nicholas parson has been the presenter since it first started in 1967 right up to 2018 . There's something not quiet right about him .... Here's the latest episode I could find . Fry is still there after many decades (error in title of this video) , now with Julien Clarie , who is also very fond of boys... Julien Clairie Marries Ian Mackley The commentators to this video are very astute .... koshua 2 months ago Stephen Fry just casually happens to know the year that Wilhelm Furtwängler died.. Koshua smells a rat , he thinks it's all rehearsed , and the panel are made to appear as if they are geniuses and quick witted Remember Vegan Fool's first post ..."I adore the english and one englishman aside from Mr. Icke has always amazed me with his genius , wit and clear view of the world in which we live and that is STEPHEN FRY ! " Notice a pattern here??? It's BBC mind control at it's best ... If you are a pedo , effeminate , gay ,lesbian or just sort of creepy and weird ... they put you on a comedy games show , make you look very funny and sharp ... and the millions listening love you , and unconsciously are accepting of your life style .... A very long term aim of the controllers is to muddle our sexuality ... this has a very big negative effect on society.
  8. Jumpeogue

    A Link to the Book Store please.

    Thanks SOL
  9. Vancity Eagle

    Escalation with Iran

    I have telling people for the longest that Brexit is being pushed by Israel. The EU does not want to go along with Netanyahus war plans or his war on Palestine. All the fake "nationalist" parties of Europe are by far the most closely aligned with Israel and their agenda. Watch this all play our like I predicted. Our resident experts will tell us how "brexit" is a legitimate bottom up revolution. It's nothing but an Israeli op, just like Trump. Heads are in the sand.
  10. Continuation of this https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=319144 thread at the Old Forum. Communitarianism = End of Common Law = Complete Beehive Slavery to Globalist Douchebags – Lark in Texas September Clues – (2008) – Simon Shack September Clues (Addendum) - (2013) – Simon Shack The 9-11 VicSim Report (2009) – Infamous 80 page pdf covering every last faked and simulated 9-11 “victim” (VIC SIM) https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=224648 https://archive.org/details/@negentropic Brian Staveley and James Sloan on the "how" of the 9-11 Media-Fakery PsyOp Terence McKenna: The Misunderstanding of Your Life Trauma-based Mind-Control & the Mechanics of Self-Sabotage Here's where all the banned books are
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  12. size of light

    A Link to the Book Store please.

  13. matreshka

    Archon Stories and Writing

    I can share my strange experience with an archon. I'm from Russia, Moscow. It happened in the Moscow underground 7-8 years ago in a hot July noon. I entered the subway car at Taganskaya station. The wagon was nearly empty, 3-4 people were sitting all over the wagon, looknig into their mobile phones. Two strange men came in after me. It was unclear if they were men or women. I took a sit near the doors, and they stood in front of me. But I suddenly noticed that one of them had vertically elongated pupils, another "man" didn't raise his eyes. The first one looked twice to the right and left. I was shocked. I looked to the right and left too to see if somebody else noticed the strange pupils, I remembered the interview with David Icke and nearly cried out: "David said about this!!!" Then the strange man noticed me, at first I was funny and curious, I even tried to find some reasons why the "man" had such eyes (birth defect or lenses), another one didn't raise his eyes, he was like the guard. I still remember that inhuman gaze, clothing (strange tracksuit) were new, but as if hanging for very long time at grandma in the closet. When he stared at me I immediately realized that he or she was the reptilian, he looked at me without blinking, as if he wanted to tear out my throat, to glare down my throat, to drink my blood. Everything went dark around me, I fell into the darkness, I read in the eyes of that creature such hatred for myself, and fear, terrible fear, panic gripped me. I wanted to flee but where to go in the wagon? I wanted to scream for help, but I was in a daze. I even decided that my life was over (I was 33-34), the creature was ready to attack. it's hard to describe what I experienced during those 3-4 minutes. I shot out of the wagon at the next station Proletarskaya. Nowadays I realise that I met some archonts or repliloids, because the glare was inhuman, it hypnotized me. Based on my experience I can say that they hate us very much, especially people with a bright soul or as they are called "White gods" or Aryans. With my best regards
  14. Jumpeogue

    A Link to the Book Store please.

    I’m looking for a Link to David’s Books and Merchandise, pls help. Thanks in Advance.
  15. Golden Retriever

    Off Topic And Unrelated Considerations

    Blame Mr O'Reilly ... it´s all his fault.
  16. Ok, Obviously only "known" to you and the rest of the "we"?
  17. What would you like me to tell you size? The aether portrays all of this reality. Your mirror people are in effect true. You exist within a realm, in which you are king and slave. That to define another via your considerations remove the need for them. You cannot die but you can have never been alive. That there is no light nor sound only perception. That to limit a realm to an individual removes said realm from being. and on :) all is hidden but can be known lol
  18. Yeah, he's rational up to the point where continuing to be rational undermines his position. Doesn't take long in some cases.
  19. David Stevenson

    The Hand Skills Thread

  20. Komodo dragon, platypus, okapi, gorilla, manatee.
  21. They don't. What places? Are you sure that's why? Not in an even balance.
  22. David Stevenson

    608 Members Why do you not post? Only approx 25 do!

    Cannot get it in my region.
  23. LOL Didn't think that it would take you so long lol :) Rigged? :) Make your own poll :)
  24. Quit teasing us, man! Spill the beans.
  25. Haha. Don't know. Apparently blind chameleons can still camouflage themselves to match their environment, which is pretty trippy.
  26. How about a wet cameleon, can they be seen then, dripping.
  27. Mythical Animals That Turned Out to Be Real http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/monster-week/mythical-animals-that-turned-out-to-be-real/
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