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  2. ToMSolomonTheThird

    It's the towers

    They give the equivalent radiation from thirty foot away as you would get from a 'microwave oven' You have the transmitters in your phones and smart meters. Just let that sink in for a second
  3. manintown1

    coronavirus mega thread

    Seriously what the fuck, it's all over the internet! And people are just going to dismiss this?? "An issue" And people just go "uhmm, ok" .. ???!
  4. 50-shades-of-black

    coronavirus mega thread

    Hope she pulls through, but going to the hospital might be the nail in the coffin. At this time we are in, hospitals are off limits no matter what. I think they are looking to pad their stats, so killing is definitely on the table.
  5. EnigmaticWorld

    coronavirus mega thread

    I'm not saying you're wrong, but the whole "the press is against him so he must be a good guy" is the same thing people say about Trump. They don't consider that it's possibly negative reinforcement. Too much dialectic bs at play. I'm not sure about Jeremy to be honest though. He used to speak out against the EU for example, but then buckled under pressure from fellow party members.
  6. numnuts

    coronavirus mega thread

    It is must be more than a 99% certainty that, anyone who came out of the closet on 9/11, must have seen the WTC7 free fall collapse footage. It is impossible to go back, after you have seen that footage. In terms of 'impossibility', then what is the difference between that footage and some footage of a few trees uprooting themselves to walk down the pub for a beer? There is no difference and that footage just can't be shilled. When looking in the mirror. JFK got executed like 60 years ago now and the PTB got away with it. The U.S. has since been transformed into one of the greatest police states on earth. If Trump was anything other then PTB, literally impossible because he came through the two party system, then he would be quite DEAD. The 'usual suspects' never address posts like the above though, do they? In terms of broadcasting power, then shouldn't it be the ant that goes to the Behemoth and asks for a look-in on their platform; not vice versa? Shouldn't all of the 'usual suspects' be constantly nagging the BBC News and Sky News, like 24/7, demanding that we get heard on their platform? If they were genuine, then surely they would. There is what I call the 'Eternal Ticker Tape Of Turd', which runs across the bottom of the 'BBC News 24' TV channel. Do they ever slip in something like 'These guys disagree with this official position and they think this instead'? No, they do not. Do they ever play Anthony Lawson's (RIP) very short 'This is an orange' Youtube video on there? No, they do not. Yet their minions come marching on here, it all stems from the same PTB, wearing their big, black, Stasi boots and demanding to be heard! Otherwise, you are being mean and censoring them! Some of them even seem to feel entitled enough, so as to want to take over! Madness! This, from 0.30-1.02, is one of my favourite clips. Well, usually yes, but Jeremy Corbyn wasn't PTB. This is precisely why the mass media continually demonised him and he ultimately got betrayed by some of those within his own party, helped along with some PTB Brexit psyop trickery. He would have been a good prime minister, but he was just clueless, when it came to really understanding and taking on the PTB. Not getting into office probably saved his life though.
  7. 50-shades-of-black

    coronavirus mega thread

    Why did you post this shit video? Guy is a shill.
  8. jonesthepost

    Segregation of class in the UK

    @CODIE and @ink That made me laugh; then it made me sad. What the hells wrong with people, why do they just obey? Yes, I know it’s mostly social conditioning, the way we’re brought up, but what about us here; the ones that know it’s bs, the ones who make our sarkey comments to the ‘corona zombies’ as True Son called them. Why are we not all like that? Not that I want to be - even though it’s a bit lonely. Rather be that than like them. It’s bloody frustrating 😬
  9. Today
  10. peter

    Notice to everyone

    I went and had an M.R.I. today on my prostrate, I got up in the morning ,went to the loo had a shower and shave, got down the hospital and had to have an enema . I said I had already been , it doesn't matter was the answer. Afterwards I came to the very stark and uncomfortable realization that I'm full of shit. Don't believe a word I say
  11. TrueSon

    Support Extinction Rebellion??

    Extinction Rebellion accelerates centralization of power and supports statism. Extinction Rebellion is about centralization of money and power into the hands of a few. I know they are leading toward centralization because they demand the government take care of the problem. They also want the illusory one-world government to take care of the problem. If you depend on the government to do your job for you, you are a statist.
  12. BeckyB

    coronavirus mega thread

    Have a family friend who lives in NY lower east side. She became sick 7 days ago starting with a terrible fever. She has been tested and found to have corona. She is quite ill with it but is still at home. She is in her 70s lives alone. She has had pneumonia once before. But so far she hasn’t developed it.
  13. Tamlinn

    coronavirus mega thread

    I was watching a video filmed in Sri Lanka. How they are dealing with the virus is by locking down the cities most of the week and then letting everyone out on the streets for a few hours on one day, so that everyone is standing in crowded line-ups trying to get food, medical care and other necessities. What logic is that unless they are trying to spread a disease rather than stop it?
  14. numnuts

    Forum Of Old

    I am not an internet website techie, by any means, but I think it was Friday 20th March that it first went down. Other than for a brief reappearance, on Sunday 22nd March, it is now nigh on a fortnight that it has been down. This seems a long time to me and I am not having a moan here. I am literally just saying that it seems a long time to me and that's all I am saying. Did iamawaveofthesea join here with a different user name? He was a bit of an odd character. He first signed up to the old forum on a pro-Scottish Independence shilling mission. I think he had a sock account too, if not a sidekick, from memory. He then seemed to go into full 'Truth Mode', unless I was fooled, in the last few years of the old forum's existence. Internet craziness.
  15. This thread is too slept on. On another note, I reckon people in the future will study StoneToss comics to see where it all went wrong.
  16. EnigmaticWorld

    Humor Thread

  17. bjouis

    coronavirus mega thread

    One more time: party politics is nonsense designed to make people like you believe you have a choice and fight with the other cattle about which farmer you like best. The Tory government are doing what they're told. They have advisers, and all parties have ultimately the same advisers - economics bodies, trade unions, scientists, corporations. The script is written the politicians and political parties on the democratic paradigm of politics are just the actors. Is blowing up children a criminal act? Or are you one of these people who think if it's sanctioned on a bit of paper in parliament it makes it ok? Fuck me you people are braindead. Why are you here? Go frequent the my money supermarket forum with the rest of the slaves. And ps honour isn't Catholicism. You don't get to be a cunt but then it's ok as long as you're good for a bit. You don't get to be honourable some of the time. Honour is something that's earned, a quality, it's not a state of being.
  18. bard

    5G Masts & Maps Coverage available in UK?

    60 GHZ is the most dangerous frequency: The excited oxygen molecules cannot bind properly to hemoglobin and people experience respiratory problems. Here are technical articles on why they want to use 60 GHz: https://www.rfglobalnet.com/doc/fixed-wireless-communications-at-60ghz-unique-0001 https://www.fiercewireless.com/tech/sub10-systems-oxygen-absorption-makes-60-ghz-perfect-for-backhaul
  19. itsnotallrightjack


    Maybe Pervstein will get Ebola then!
  20. itsnotallrightjack


    I've seen a lot of people post comments online that they fell ill in December and January with severe symptoms that matched Covid 19. These were not only people in Britain but also Americans, and they wondered if the virus had got out of China earlier than officially reported.
  21. itsnotallrightjack


    Ye gods -- enough to give me nightmares tonight! No wonder the Queen hasn't been living with him for the past couple of years. He's enough to curdle the milk in her afternoon tea.
  22. itsnotallrightjack


    I hope they get better soon!
  23. itsnotallrightjack


    There have been some celebs died of it, older people, but ones not that famous- people who used to be in tv shows years ago. Time will tell if any big name celeb will be reported to have died from it.
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