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    I live in the area and familiar with the CLC World hotel in question My first thought when the story initially broke on Christmas Eve was that it was very likely that the pool's pump had been put in to drain mode and then left unattended for this to happen. As in the preceeding 5 days before the tragedy occured there had been pretty much non-stop heavy rain on the Costa Del Sol including in Fuengirola, before the weather changed suddenly and it was a unusally warm sunny day (for December) reaching up to 22C in the day on Christmas Eve. After all that rain everyone's pools everywhere I looked here were overfilled. I don't claim to be an expert but I have maintained my own home swimming pools in Spain for years so know that when you have a pool overfilled from rainwater the obvious thing for anyone with a pool to maintain in this condition to do, as I have done many times before myself, is to use the drain setting on the pump to pump out the excess rainwater through the main drain (located at deepest point of the pool) for a few hours to bring the level back down a few inches. Looking at the photos in the article it looks obvious to me that the hotel pool is not overfilled from 5 days of rain so must have been drained. When any pool is in drain mode then you have a duty of care to make sure nobody gets in to it is very dangerous to use, drain will cause currents in the water which could pull a swimmer towards the deep end where the main drain is located very easily and then pull and hold them under the water in the deep end, there have been many cases before where people have drowned in such circumstances. The CLC World complex apparently has 20 other pools which are heated while the pool in question is unheated. It is not normal for unheated pools here in Spain to be used in December as the water temperature is going to be extremely cold even on a relatively warm day as it was on Christmas Eve, the victims would likely have been the only ones there with any other guests wanting to swim using the heated pools. So could be if this pool was earlier left unattended while draining without being closed to the guests then perhaps this was because the person(s) responsible assumed nobody was going to get in to a extremely cold unheated pool in December so didn't bother to follow any safety procedures. Of course once the alarm had been raised it would take literally 30 seconds for any hotel employee with access to the pump room to put it back to normal filtering mode from drain before the police arrived, so the police would not then find any problem when they examined the pool, although the daughter's swimming cap reportedly being found in the pump should have been a fairly big clue. No doubt a unintentional and tragic accident but definitely smells like a cover-up with the focus and liability deliberately being shifted away from CLC World and put on to the victims with the claims that they could not swim, which the mother denies: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7834727/Mother-family-drowned-Costa-Del-Sol-pool-not-satisfied-deaths-accident.html CLC World do not exactly have a very good reputation, it is not somewhere I would want to stay (it is nicknamed Club La Cockroach by some people who live here) and they are well known for using ripoff tactics to peddle timeshare ownership at that resort, apparently the BBC axed a report in that and poor standards at CLC World previously: https://www.timeshareconsumerassociation.org.uk/2014/10/04/bbc-axe-probe-jennie-bonds-club-la-costa/ Also from that "Club La Costa was founded its chairman Roy Peires, 58" . Searching Roy Peires to get to know him, apparently Henry Ford is his biggest insipration for business: https://www.bmmagazine.co.uk/entrepreneur-interviews/getting-to-know-you-roy-peires/ Looks like he is also the head of a registered charity "The Peires Family Foundation" who: http://opencharities.org/charities/1115312 Times of Israel also published an article on Peires and CLC World: https://jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/spotlight/clc-world-free-holidays-hard-sell-or-good-deal/
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    Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but this used to be a war crime! Life is the first and most fundamental right of individuals, without which no other right can be upheld. Extrajudicial executions are a violation of this right, designating the deliberate killing of an individual by a State agent (or with his consent) without a previous judgment affording all judicial guarantees, such as a fair and unbiased procedure. The State has the obligation to promote and protect the right to life, and to prosecute the perpetrators. Unfortunately, the United Nations reports a rising number of “targeted killings” committed by States, often in response to terrorist threats: there is an increasing need to fight the practice of extrajudicial executions. Extrajudicial executions under international law In the context of an armed conflict and under certain circumstances, extrajudicial executions can be considered a war crime. They may also amount to genocide or crime against humanity in specific contexts and if they are part of a collective practice. The right to life is protected by a number of international treaties, in particular: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966) The Geneva Conventions (1949) The European Convention on Human Rights (1950) The American Convention on Human Rights (1969) The African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights (1981)
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    After 5 years of active dating i can say that those 5 years have been the most stressful in my entire life. Women basically want to receive as much as possible whilst giving as little as possible.What am i talking about? Pretty much everything. Having a relationship and even going on dates felt like walking on eggshells. Most, if not all women are bipolar to some degree and you will have to bump in for a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the day. I realised that in those 5 years i was never truly happy so i quit dating altogether. It honestly felt like a fucking stonehendge was lifted off my back. Life is now an endless array of possibilites, new hobbies, new skills to learn, new places to visit and explore,new things to learn and much, much more. So if anyone reading this isn't finding happines in dating try something else, you'll thank me big time for this. What do you guys think, share your experiences with on this topic.
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    So has everyone figured out that diversity means less white now ? Are we there yet ?
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    Following on from not just one, but two new honours for Lord Jacob Rothschild in the last couple of weeks which I have hightlighted in a separate thread (Rothschild a close friend of the Royal Family and instrumental in the creation of the terrorist State of Israel), we now learn from the Jewish Press Prince Charles will visit Israel this month to particpate in the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz where four million, now allegedly 1 million people died. At the same time Camilla Parker sic Bowels will be visiting Auschwitz in Poland. Expect non stop media coverage while this cash cow continures to make money. The Prince of Wales paid tribute to the philanthropist as he handed him the Council of Christians and Jews’ 2019 Bridge Award Has any other Prime Minister or senior politician ever been photographed with Lord Jacob Rothschild? THE TRUTH SHOULD NOT FEAR INVESTIGATION. Prince Charles to visit Israel in January For first time Prince Charles will undertake engagements in Israel on behalf of the Boris Johnson British government. "The Prince of Wales plans to travel to Israel for the World Holocaust Forum at Yad Vashem, at the invitation of President Reuven Rivlin, on January 23, 2020. Some 40 world leaders such as Russian President Vladimir Putin. Charles’s wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, plans to visit Auschwitz on Holocaust Memorial Day, January 27, to mark the 75th anniversary of the camp’s liberation". https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Charles-Prince-of-Wales-to-visit-Israel-in-January-611302
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    People don't date anymore ,, They use apps ,, For a quick shag ,,
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    The planet is not gonna die in 10 years like Trollberg and that twit Alexandra Ocasio say. The biggest problem is plastic waste pollution but scientists are working on that with bacteria that will eat it up. The world will still be here in another 100 years, and another after that. People have been peddling doom prophecies since the middle ages- this is just another variation on the story.
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    It looks to me like the 'ethnic diversity' aspect has been added in to the article to wind people up. Great quote, and it really does highlight what a dripping load of snowflakes people are becoming. I can appreciate that the terrain may be challenging for disabled and less-able bodied people, so I can sort of 'get' why they want the park to be more 'inclusive' by having a tarmaced pathway. But the colour of one's skin is no barrier to going for a good sturdy walk in the great outdoors. And part of the fun is ensuring you're well prepared to handle any conditions, wear appropriate footwear, bring an anorak and a scarf etc. Perhaps the answer is to flatten the Lake District out, pave it all over, and build a shopping mall with a Starbucks, Costa, McDonalds, Primark and a Sainsburys. Or perhaps stop pandering to the minorities again, and leave the beautiful Lake District park as it is, and let those people who are physically able to enjoy its rugged terrain and breathtaking scenery. There are plenty of other places and activities that disabled people can enjoy.
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    ^^^ Definitely Captain Kirks types ,, ,,
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    they have threatened Europe 1/ We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2003/sep/21/israelandthepalestinians.bookextracts 2/ Eitan Ben Eliyahu is a retired major general in the Israel Defense Forces and was the Commander of the Israeli Air Force When the Messiah comes, Ben-Eliyahu wrote, Israel will reverse the Final Solution. “Twenty, thirty atomic bombs on Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden, Dortmund and so on to assure the job gets done. And the land will be quiet for a thousand years,” he wrote. Israel National News refused to comment on the website’s decision to run the op-ed. https://www.timesofisrael.com/op-ed-calls-on-israel-to-nuke-germany-iran/ 3/ Samson option is a threat against Europe.. / Amaleks 4/ Golda Meir has stated Europe is a target of nukes in Israel. In 1973, Dayan Suggested Israel Prepare Nukes for Action, but Golda Meir Refused The PM vetoed the defense minister's suggestion of preparing nuclear weapons for possible action during the Yom Kippur War " Turning to Golda, he is said to have added: “If you authorize it he’ll make all the necessary preparations so that if we decide to deploy it can be done within minutes rather than us spending half a day trying to do all the necessary prep work.” https://www.haaretz.com/.premium-golda-refused-to-prep-nukes-in-73-1.5344291
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    She'd probably have more success in getting Trump out if she tortured him with her "greatest hits". He'd be begging for death after a couple of "songs".
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    On a serious note, anyone get the feeling in the next few weeks we can expect some kind of false-flag 'terrorist attack' in the UK? That can 'conveniently' be pinned on 'Iranian terrorists' with a grudge against the UK? Perhaps an attack on a synagogue to really mix things up?
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    to everyone in advance 🌟 I hope you will celebrate well and welcome the new year with health and a good mood 🐀 Cheers 🎉
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    orders to kill ISIS / Daesh and save thousands of lives in Syria and Iraq? He was a threat to zionists.
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    Those "white Christian" countries have sold out to a minority of very wealthy Jews. If we can concentrate on the last couple of hundred of years, it is well documented that the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Sassoons and many other rich Jewish bankers and merchants have been at the forefront of wars, conflicts, big pharma (Opium Wars) and also the slave trade. I suggest they follow the Jewish Talmud which is the most supremacist religious dogma which exists. David Icke acknowledges this in "The Truth shall set you free" supremacism The belief that a particular race, religion, gender, or culture is superior to others, such that those who identify with it are entitled to dominate, control, or rule those who do not. Why were Jews expelled 109 times from various countries. Were all these countries "anti semitic" No of course not, but they gradually found out the Talmudic way which permits Jews to lie, cheat and steal from non jews. The following book is essential reading to understand how Jews predominately have funded both side of conflicts during the the past two centuries at least. Published in 1946 by E. Knuth https://www.1215.org/lawnotes/misc/the-empire-of-the-city.pdf
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    Drones are nasty weapons. Operated from a console thousands of miles away, they can take a life with the push of a button just like a video game. There's total detachment from the one doing the killing from his victim. The drone operators are called pilots. The RAF pins wings on their breasts even though they never take to the air and engage an enemy as a real pilot does. No risk involved. What a shitty way to fight a war. The samurai of old hated guns. They though the firearm was cowardly because you could kill an enemy without engaging him face-to-face. Drones evoke a similar response in me.
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    The drought is being manufactured because the corporations are redirecting water: Max Igan - Australia Wake Up! Free the Water! Arrest the Gov't! Or Die...
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    No doubt TPTB are using US and Israel to push for greater conflict in the Middle East, and, in my opinion, this assassination is an act of war as they took out the top military commander of Iran. The repercussions are going to be deadly, no doubt, but it is a matter of whether Iran is going to go all guns blazing with Russian support, or play the long game and tactically take out US commanders and bases in the region. Personally, I think we will have a false flag attack on the US embassy in Israel, with missiles "accidentally" destroying the Dome on the Rock. The Zionists will then announce plans for the construction of the third temple, and Muslim countries will rally to prevent it, causing WW3 or the fabled war of Armageddon. Smells like ritual "magick" to me, so let's grab the popcorn and see what happens.
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    What a topic! I have been confined in jail three times. What we call the "drunk tank". The worst one was when I was on LSD. Got thrown in a cell on LSD.... they kept me from Friday evening to Sunday AM. HORRIBLE weekend. I was 19 or 20. I was let go prior to the bus service beginning, so I had to hitch hike, and I was covered in blood. I was picked up at a "skirmish" between my friends and some other morons. A guy standing next me took a shot in the nose , then tried wrestling with me whilst leaking all over my jacket, pants and white running shoes. Drunk, stoned, high on LSD, covered in blood, thrown in the cell, and looking like death warmed over @36 hours later while hitch hiking home. Good times. Thanks for reminding me. To sum up my experiences, I'll quote a line from Rocky II, when Rocky is being questioned by a prospective employer; Employer; "Do you have a criminal record?" Rocky:" Ehhh, nothing worth bragging about." Yo.
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    No offence, but Jesus didn't exist. He was a composite figure of various other people from the Sumerian, Babylonian and other religions, including pagan sun cult worship (hence "son" of God and why Jesus "rose" after 3 days, which refers to the phenomenon of the sun appearing in its most southerly position for 3 days in the Northern hemisphere after the winter solstice, hence why "Jesus's" birthday is on the 25th, or about 3 days after the solstice).
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    Project Blue Beam. You can jump to 10 mins in.. although the first part is interesting.
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    You need not panic try and stay calm. If you know you might be homeless soon try and have a plan. Find out about day centres for the homeless near you. Find out about soup kitchens as well. Carry a sleeping bag and some spare clothes and maybe a tent with sleeping mat. Make sure you wrap up well for the cold.
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    If they build a curry house at the top of Ingleton Falls they will come A Mosque on top of Pendle Hill will do it Maybe if they print 50 thousand leaflets explaining in 50.different languages that " this is a forest and its where the racists used to live " that will help ? They could have translation services ( paid for by the locals of course ) put in place every 5km so that the new comers can have it explained to them in their own language that racists are still in charge of the forests but thats changing now and soon everyone will be able to go for a walk in the park and not be subjected to Imperialism and Kendal Mint Cake
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    The thing with these words is this woke= people who are actually still asleep and perhaps have zero potentiol to wake up. They assume they already are awakened and have ceased to question reality. awake= people who continue to seek and question everything but have a good idea of what is happening and have narrowed down areas for further investigation. That's just my view, Im probably wrong, but I think I have described the situation well.
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    This was one of my cats, it was always mewing as if trying to tell us something.