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    I don't think for one moment Trump has helped to expose Epstein. Epstein has been connected to Donald Trump and Bill Clinton Epstein was friends with U.S. presidents (4 Decemeber 2018) "Before Epstein was accused of “trafficking minor girls, often from overseas, for sex parties,” he counted two of the five living U.S. presidents as his associates. Trump told New York Magazine about his relationship with Epstein in 2002. “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with,” Trump said at the time. “It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it: Jeffrey enjoys his social life" "Clinton, the former Democratic president who was impeached for lying about his relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, reportedly “took at least 26 flights, not 11 as first believed” on Epstein’s private jet, which was called the “Lolita Express.” Epstein also counted Prince Andrew, part of the British royal family, numerous high-powered businessmen and attorneys, and actors Woody Allen and Kevin Spacey — who have been accused of sexual misconduct with underaged girls and boys — as acquaintances." https://thinkprogress.org/jeffrey-epstein-sex-offender-lawsuit-donald-trump-bill-clinton-lolita-express-98886e15c076/
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    I have to disagree with those who reject how traditional societies function positively via a man/wife children and extended family by promoting state indoctrination of children with non-binary sexuality at a way too young age. In fact the state should not be teaching anyone at any age about these ridiculous concepts.
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    i am hoping you will share your stories on when and what it was that started your awakening journey to question our reality. i think it would be really interesting as a community to hear everyones different experiences in starting out. me: i was a fully programmed sheep then i lost a loved one and after about a year things started to change. my trigger to question the media started with the bataclan paris attack in 2015. watching the news footage it just did not seem right. (so i am relatively new to all this) i'd ask questions and look for answers that weren't there, and like a snowball my curiosity just kept growing. i'd heard of icke but never knew anything of his work, so the old forum was a starting place for me along with random stuff that would show up on youtube and search engine results. only reply if you want to share.
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    https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/73514/un-sent-24000-tons-of-infested-and-rotten-aid-to-starving.html UN SENT 24,000 TONS ROTTEN FOOD AID TO YEMEN June 28, 2019 SOURCE: GEOPOLITICS ALERT (GPA) — Since 2015, Yemen’s Customs and Consumer Protection has had to either send back or seize over 24,000 tons of aid determined unfit for consumption sent from the United Nations World Food Program (WFP). Among the “aid” included 15,000 tons of supplementary food for pregnant women and medicine. On November 6, Yemen’s Port Authority rejected and sent back a vessel from the World Food Program containing 10,000 tons of white wheat. After inspection, authorities noticed the wheat was infested with live insects. A similar incident occurred in February when authorities inspected a WFP shipment containing 96,000 bags wheat was not stamped with an expiration or production date. Another particularly notable incident took place in May of 2019. At this time, Yemeni authorities found dead insects inside 8 million kilograms of wheat. Throughout June, authorities were forced to reject nearly 130,000 bags of white beans that were either wet, rotten, or infested with dead insects BLAMING ANSARULLAH DESPITE FOUR YEARS OF BLOCKADE Meanwhile, the United Nations has attempted to shift blame for their unfit shipments on the Sana’a government, led by Ansarullah aka. the “Houthis.” On June 20, the UN announced it would begin suspending aid shipments to Yemen, citing accusations of Ansarullah “diverting food” shipments. The UN claimed it had no problem with the Saudi-backed government in Aden, which likely has no issue distributing rotten food to its citizens. According to the WFP, the suspension of aid is expected to impact 850,000 people. Yemen isn’t the only crisis impacted by the UN’s carelessness in regards to sending disgusting aid shipments. In 2016, the UN was caught sending expired food to Somalia meant for victims of a devastating drought. Yemen currently faces the world’s worst manmade humanitarian disaster on the planet and the United Nations has done nothing to stop it. According to the latest report from ReliefWeb, 80% of Yemen’s population require urgent humanitarian aid to survive including food, water, and medical supplies. TO HELP STARVING YEMENIS, LIFT THE BLOCKADE IMMEDIATELY If the United Nations is serious about helping starving Yemenis, it could start by lifting the devastating blockade which has turned Yemen into an open-air prison akin to Gaza. The Saudi-led, US-enforced, and UN-condoned land, sea, and air blockade severely restricts all imports, exports, and the flow of movement. All aid shipments destined for Yemen are forced to dock in neighboring countries like Djibouti awaiting inspection from Saudi-backed authorities while food sits for weeks or months as it rots in the hot sun. 10 million Yemenis currently face famine due to the blockade. Meanwhile, pregnant women, the elderly, children, and patients with chronic diseases also bear the brunt of the blockade’s effects. According to Save the Children, over 85,000 children have died of starvation while countless others await a similar fate. This also says nothing about the shortage of lifesaving medications for children, cancer patients, dialysis patients, diabetics, and pregnant women. At least 1.1 million pregnant women are reportedly malnourished, at risk for miscarriage and stillbirth. The blockade is all part of the Saudi-led coalition’s strategy to use starvation and disease as a weapon of war to beat Yemenis into submission
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    No YOU need to apologize to yourself for being suckered into such a pessimistic out look ...no one s going to have chips in their heads ...Snap out of it ... The future is ours , and we create it by our beliefs and expectations ... You have become part of the problem by using your mental powers to dream a nightmare into reality
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    Transgender ['men'] competing here makes a mockery of sport. Let's suppose we're watching a women's 100m race and the majority, or all but one competitor, is transgender. Is it a fair competition for the female athletes? One only has to consider why men and women compete separately to see the stupidity of mixing it up. In tennis mixed doubles are we going to have a man and a woman versus a man and a transgender male, or level doubles with two women facing two transgender males? How about boxing? Who will you bet on? There are numerous other examples where physical imparity raises issues, some serious. The world has gone barmy. I am all for equal rights but there's a common sense line for sanity's sake.
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    I am absolutely 100% in favour of equal rights. Equal rights for EVERYBODY. And I don't have any problem with people who are gay, lesbian etc. What I do have a problem with is the cult of 'identity politics' - where people are 'pigeon-holed' into 'minority interest groups', and then the 'powers that be' decide that the interests of certain minority groups should be put ahead of everybody else. We are all far more than a 'point of focus' - namely how one 'identifies' oneself. If you are LGBTQIA and proud of it, that's fine with me. I won't treat you any differently, and I will leave you be, as long as you respect the fact that I am NOT LGBTQIA, and don't treat me any differently as a result. We may have some differences, but ultimately we are both civilised human beings. If you read David Icke's books or attend any of his lectures, you will see that that is exactly what he is espousing; if we are all expressions of one 'infinite conscience' (or 'infinite awareness'), by pigeon-holing ourselves, or allowing ourselves to become singularly focused on one 'identity' aspect, that is stopping us from reaching our full 'oneness'. Pixels instead of pictures. What I don't get now is that you asked the mods to delete your thread on your topic, and now you've taken over this topic to espouse your own views again on this subject.
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    Citizens of the United States are hyper-indoctrinated into believing those in Washington D.C. actually represent their interests. They are spoon-fed a lot of garbage about the constitution that, since 1871, isn't even true anymore. They haven't any idea about the legal structure of Washington D.C. They don't even have a clue that their government and its President are beholden to an even greater legal structure called the Global Estate Trust. The president is just the CEO of a corporation, he isn't the "leader of the free world". Thats just a bunch of reality-show B.S. I have posted these links before but I have researched these subjects exhaustively to try to open peoples eyes in the United States: First, D.C. isn't under Common Law, it is under Private International Law and operatives with its own modified version of the original constitution. It is literally a foreign Roman style corporate government, owned by the Federal Reserve, operating to the benefit of foreign interests. It is a part of what is known as the Global Estate Trust under the original creation/ownership of the Pope. All the court systems within this system operate under admiralty type law within the confines of a 'contract'. Admiralty/Maritime law are of the Sea Jurisdiction as opposed to the Land Jurisdiction. These changes happened following the Civil War when the country was bankrupt. Guess who bailed the country out? The international bankers. Guess what they wanted? To subjugate the sovereign inhabitants of the United States. You can read about this here: Treason and the Act of 1871 Second, U.S. citizens are incorporated by their Birth Certificate (without their consent -- how do you get consent from a newborn baby?) and are owned by the Federal Reserve. All of their property and assets are owned by the Federal Reserve as well. They are not sovereign inhabitants but citizen-subjects of the Federal Reserve. You can extort from subjects because they are property of the Government, you cannot extort from a sovereign because they are the ultimate authority. We are deceived to give up our sovereignty at birth. You can read about this here: We the Subjects There are other articles at my site that are related (if anyone is curious): http://patrickherbert.org
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    Also surprising why people on the David Icke board arent united in solidarity and celebrating the fact Epstein has been arrested, rather than arguing which politicians are most culpable. Surely a victory against the cabal/elite, whoever's involved.
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    Know The Enemy ??? The Human Race ??? You really are in a terrible place . Another disgusting avatar crom ... where do you find them .... No the human race are not murders and pedos and theives or love war ..... Generally the bulk of humanity are kind and loving , and sensitive and peaceful ... and giving ... look at these incredible stats ... they are hard to believe .... You and me and everybody have a distorted idea about humanity , by design , from the media . They show the % of people who volunteer for UNPAID Work ... that's working in hospitals , animal sanctuaries, clearing weeds out of canals , picking up litter , helping autistic kids .... Why don't you go and join them crom , it will turn your life around.
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    Since early teens. Saw the rigged political system and the zombie society. Then got sucked into 'revolution mindset' for a while and popped out of it late 20s. I never found culture or society a fit for myself and this probably contributed to my constant critique of it. During 2005 I had a 'moment' of complete perception change while watching the money masters, i experienced a neuron rewire, similar to a thc reaction. Last 14 years just coastin with a mortgage and kids... Spending most of my days repeating 'don't do that because....' and 'get out of bed' and 'please, please, why did this happen... Arghhhh'
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    Dear God, in New York, Hilary and trump were best of buddies. He even financed most of her campaigns and gave funds to that other Clinton! youre trying to tell us that trump is not as corrupt as Clinton! Seriously! Both of them are up to it to their eyeballs!
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    Wasn't Trump named as one of the men who enjoyed Epstein's hospitality?
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    When someone post evidence about another or a paticualr subject they normally add some visual or written data to help so as not to confuse the issue, this then helps the recipient begin on the same level, this seems to be something you have an aversion to, and normally end up using foul language and derogitory conjecture, which is not unexpected. Try again nicely.
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    @Six Million Dollar Man - I haven't read all the replies here, but in response to your OP, I think Icke has subsequently said - or written - that during that period of his life, if someone had asked him what planet he was on, he would have struggled to answer. Seems to have well-and-truly 'snapped out of it' a long, long time ago as anyone who has listened to him speak in the past 25 years or so would surely have to admit, so dredging this up again in an attempt to character-assassinate him is grasping at straws.
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    no deal is not really no deal. It just means that companies and government will need to make lots of little deals having a deal is really just a euphemism that the political elites use to mean that they are going to try and keep us in the EU while pretending that we have some how released ourself from it when really we are still stuck in the customs union and single market That's really what they mean when they talk about making a deal: betraying brexit
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    Groups of people in crowds traveling through areas of amusement that stop in the middle of walkways to converse, debate, or consult maps. Happens a lot at theme parks such as Disneyland.
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    Peter Tatchell contributed a chapter to a book called BOY, which has been banned. Check this out. Addressed to Robo Newt "Still quoting Peter Tatchell who contributed to a chapter of book which has been banned? VERY IMPORTANT INFO FOR GENUINE MEMBERS TO READ "Your humble inquisitor accessed a number of archives including a personal visit to the British Library to be allowed access to the original copy of Tatchell’s book held there. Because the book consists only of text it is neither illegal for the library to possess a copy nor for members of the public to view it. Fortunately the responsible British Library authorities have ensured that the vile tome is held in the vaults and tied with a security band to prevent it being viewed by accident. Readers are required to view the book under supervised conditions at the restricted desks marked in red. Having obtained the copy, the author carefully checked the claims against Tatchell. Contrary to his protestations, it seems that Tatchell was indeed a contributor to the book, BOY and the allegations about it are broadly true. In chapter after horrifying chapter members of PIE set out in detail the insane paedophile plan. The first chapter, entitled simply ‘Incest’ equates a child climbing into bed with a parent to be read a story with an 8 year old boy climbing into bed to have his genitals fondled by his mother. In Tatchell’s own chapter 9, entitled ‘Questioning Ages of Minority and Ages of Consent’ he asks ‘What purpose does it [the age of majority] serve other than reinforcing a set of increasingly quaint, minority moral values left over from the Victorian era?’ The chapter just after Tatchell’s is entitled ‘Ends and Means: How to Make Paedophilia Acceptable….?’ and opens with an account of sexual activity with two 8 year old boys before describing it as ‘all very normal to a libertarian, even to some open-minded parents’. Despite the book’s notoriety, the Labour Party took no action against Tatchell and allowed him to continue as a prominent member. In 1990 Tatchell became a founder member of OutRage! supposedly a ‘gay rights’ group which adopted a sort of half-way house policy on age of consent, reducing it to 14 for all youngsters and further in restricted circumstances – in some examples given by Tatchell, as young as 8 years old." There is much more here: https://matthewhopkinsnews.com/?p=436 I don´t know who Robo Newt is, but he is trying to negate mine and others concerns about our children's natural born sex. I´m not religious, nor have any interest in party politics, but he´s called me the usual Nazi derogative slander.
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    Why must people promote their sexual perversions for all to know? why not just do it in the privacy of a dwelling/building without promoting it? What does it actually 'achieve'? If some guy likes coating his dinkle in honey and then dips it into a bowl containing thousands of ants which will eat the honey and tickle him perversely, why cant he just do that in private? Why must he tell everyone about his sexual misadventures? why does he strive for people to acknowledge him and his acts and demand that people dont judge him but label him in a 'nice label' kind of way? *insert new addition to the LBGTQIA agenda here*?
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    This post is about why attention has been kept almost exclusively on the cladding of Grenfell Tower, even though it wasn't the major contributor of the toxic fumes/smoke that killed people. The flame retardant industry has a strong financial need to on the one hand keep the cladding market open while on the other disguise the fact that it was the huge amounts of flame retardants in UK upholstered furniture that caused most of the deaths (which could close that market, of course). The usual suspects, for example, talk about the need for "non-combustible cladding", i.e. keep cladding but make sure in future it's stuffed with flame retardants to make it "safe". But the truth is that by far the major contributor to fire spread and toxic fumes/smoke in the Grenfell fire was burning upholstered furniture. In short, the UK has the toughest furniture flammability laws in the world. This has led to us having the highest levels of flame retardant chemicals in our sofas and mattresses (possibly around 40 kgs per dwelling). Apart from all the diseases associated with flame retardant dust, it has been proven that when FRs burn they produce masses more toxic fumes such as hydrogen cyanide than non-treated furniture. To make matters worse, the government itself proved in 2014 that these regulations don't even work. Changes were proposed but are being blocked by the chemical industry (well, they're making around £300m a year from UK furniture). As soon as Grenfell caught fire, the chemical industry activated its bought scientists/experts to ensure attention was placed only on cladding. Of course it's true that fire in cladding spread rapidly but a) cladding insulation is far less toxic than furniture foam/covers when it burns and b) most of the cladding smoke/fumes would have stayed outside the building (basic physics). Once furniture caught fire inside the tower, it was almost certain that most if not all deaths were going to be from the toxic fumes it produced, not from cladding. The corruption has multiple angles. For example, the scientist who's been appointed to write the toxicology report for the Grenfell Inquiry has a track record in supporting flame retardant companies' efforts to stop the US from changing its furniture flammability laws in order to exclude flame retardants from sofas/mattresses (which it has done). Also, the Fire Brigade Union's chief fire safety officer was sacked by the head of the FBU because he was "colluding with the flame retardant industry" - the same guy who's played a principle part in blocking changes to our furniture regulations. Sir Ken Knight was appointed Chair of the independent experts panel to the Grenfell Inquiry despite him also playing a lead role in blocking changes to the furniture regs. The industry knows how important it is to establish the narrative early on, which it did re cladding.
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    I add that the presidents are persons permited to get in that positions due to be blackmailble. Pheraps Donald is being kept by the balls by more factions who helped him in diferent phases of his electoral campaign and have diferent ideas about geopolitics. It might be explain his ambiguity. He must be careful about important decisions because he can destroyd in a few seconds by friends/enemies.
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    I am actually excited about this book. Some time has passed and things have happened that will enable him to hammer some significant points home since his last book on the subject. I live in the United States and there are a great many people who still believe the official narrative about this event.
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    that is my prediction. I still feel the US may try and provoke Iran so much in an attempt to get Iran to actually kill US soldiers. I believe that is what they wanted with the plane accompanying the shot down drone. In a way they know the false flag thing isn't what it used to be with so many aware of it. They'd prefer if Iran actually did the deed, then the media would go into overdrive without explaining the proper context of what lead to Iran carrying out such an act.
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    Yes glad you admit that the pictures do indeed PROVE NOTHING. You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to mine, and I think you are a shill who has come on here to push Zionist disinformation. Only an idiot or a shill would believe that Iran would attack a tanker of a loyal trading partner, while they were in a meeting with that partner. Why didn't they at least attack an American or Saudi or Israeli ship ? At least then we could speculate about motive. You do realize that this is also to alienate Iranian allies and trading partners. Exactly why they targeted a Japanese boat. The Japanese are not stupid enough to fall for this nonsense, but seems you are though. Stupid or just doing your job. My guess is you are doing a job. You guys are easy to spot. At least make a logical argument. You can't do that though can you.
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    That is the one thing that puts me off commenting in some topics. There are undoubtedly some interesting comments being posted by others, but they get drowned out by bickering and squabbling. I'm all in favour of people having different viewpoints, and I like to listen to alternative ideas, but we could all do with being a bit more civil to each other, instead of shooting others down.