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    Something that came to mind to support the theory that this virus may not even be 'real'... Is the sheer lack of tangible people I personally know or other people around me know who have COVID-19. Yes, we've seen celebrities, footballers, politicians and sport stars contract it or have some kind of brush with it (people you wouldn't trust to tell you the time in a room full of clocks). But on the shop floor level when I have read between the lines; myself, family members and friends of friends who all operate in highly diverse circles I.e. jobs, communities and social groups have not mentioned knowing a single soul who has this illness! I mean think about it... every person you know, will generally have access to a social circle of 50-100 people (that you probably don't know). I fully respect that this thread may be blown out of the water immediately if other members personally know someone who has it. But I am finding this incredibly strange, considering how commonplace the seasonal colds, come and go bi-annually and there's almost always someone in the immediate vicinity that has the retched symptoms. I also find it strange that multiple people I personally know in the very densely populated metropolis of Shenzhen in China also know of no-one that has COVID-19. Obviously china is operating on a much larger scale, but my contacts there have between 500-1000 contacts on the social media platform 'wechat' as a minimum. So between the 10 or so contacts I have, they potentially could tap into a network of anything up to 10,000 people who would obviously declare if they had it or not. Yet no one has!! For me, the basic maths it just not adding up when it comes to people on the shop floor level that have the virus. The hysteria, panic, chaos and meltdowns society have are completely overshadowing the reality of the situation (in my personal experience). I have spent a lot of my life ignoring all mainstream news where possible. I cannot even recall when I last watched or listened to a BBC bulletin or such like. So actually having the ability to tune into my physical surroundings and seeing that amongst the panic no one actually has the friggin virus is more unsettling than the hysteria from the byproduct. So anyone! Please enlighten me, has anyone got this bloody thing, or are we all just getting ill from the mass low vibrational energy the headless chickens are causing?!
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    The only people Basket Case and his mum would have been around yesterday were people equally happy to brave the virus. As for it being for "everyone in the community", if I was in an at risk group due to age or underlying health conditions, and if I was really that worried about the virus, I would keep myself away from people, take my own precautions (such as improving my immune system) and let everyone else go about their daily business. I would not expect the whole country and all its millions of people to have to stop living due to my fear of death. I would not expect a whole country to fall to its knees - millions of people losing their jobs, kids out of school, the bankrupting of the nation and closures of all shops, pubs, restaurants and social gatherings. I would also not believe that the government has suddenly taken an interest in my health and wellbeing. Would you? I suggest that anybody who would choose the suffering of an entire nation over taking their own personal precautions, and accepting that with age and illness comes risks that are a part of life, is the selfish person. I would choose as that person to put the community first and not expect the rest of the community to have to shut down to accommodate me.
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    Hi guys. As you know, I'm from Italy. It's a shitty situation, Italy is living under not police state, but under quarantena state, much worst! Heavy severe restrictions at our liberties. Many movements are forbidden, other must be justified to police officers. Also for a simple walk, you can risk the denounce with a penality. Many politicians want to forbid every exit from home without "real urgency". But the most blatant thing is that a lot of citizens, brainwashed by media, claim for severe punishments for the persons who go out, go to buy more times at day and denounce the violators of the severe restrictions to the major or to police. The quarantena state probably will be extended beyond april 3, and then many people should open their eyes. Italy is living something of horrible, similar to dystopic movies. Media promote all the day long the mantra "stay at home". And economy? Death!
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    Don't know if anyone has posted this but in 2018 the BBC produced a programme called Contagion: The BBC Four Pandemic. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p059y0p1 Anyways the "fictional" deadly flu pandemic started in the little town of Haslemere, Surrey. Fast forward to 2020 and "patient zero"(first patient to catch corona with out travelling abroad) in the UK was in . . . . . Haslemere, Surrey. What are the fucking chances?. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8064551/Panic-spreads-Surrey-town-family-given-coronavirus-unknown-super-spreader.html
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    Italy: “ICU wards are overflowing” by Jon Rappoport March 13, 2020 Some people, even if they have fallen over a cliff, would, on the way down, shout: “The virus must be dangerous! What else could it be?” “People are dying! It’s got to be the virus!” How about this? “The ICU hospital wards in Italy are overflowing. It’s the virus.” Step back and think. THINK IT THROUGH. Watching a recent interview with an Italian public health official, I had the impression that perhaps several thousand new ICU patients were burdening the hospital system in the northern part of the country. Several thousand out of a national population of 60 million. Here’s the trick. Before the announcement of the coronavirus epidemic, people who showed up at those hospitals, with flu, flu-like symptoms, lung infections, pneumonia would be placed in the general wards and treated, or even sent home with drugs. But now they would, many of them, be called “presumptive cases” of coronavirus, without any tests at all, or after tests which don’t work (see my prior articles on why the diagnostic tests are useless and deceptive). By labeling these patients “contagious coronavirus,” the hospital doctors are forced to send them to the ICU, to “protect others from the infection.” Thus, these ICUs are crowded and overflowing. The press publishes pictures of the ICUs and the hysteria factor bubbles up a few degrees hotter. The press interviews a hospital doctor, and he says, “We’re starting to see a few more children with the virus.” The public reaction? “Incredible! Now even healthy children are getting sick!” I have breaking news. Children do get sick. Like adults, they develop flu-like symptoms. And as with adults, they can now be diagnosed as “presumptive coronavirus cases.” “But what about people dying in Italy?” As in other countries, people in Italy do die. They always have. Especially old people, who have all sorts of long-term health problems. Labeling them with “coronavirus” at the last minute doesn’t explain the cause of death. “Healthy people in Italy are dying.” Two points here. First, sometimes these healthy people aren’t really healthy at all. And second, if you were healthy, and you were suddenly diagnosed, for no reason, with a virus you believed was dangerous and even deadly, and then you were isolated in an ICU ward, allowed no visitors, perhaps even put on a ventilator, and then treated with highly toxic antiviral drugs, do you think there is a chance you would die? The whole aim of stage magic is, as we all know, deflection of attention. The audience is guided to look HERE, while the trick is being executed THERE. Here, a woman is being sawed in half. There, she is escaping from the back of the box. In the “epidemic,” HERE is where people are sick and dying and diagnosed. THERE is where a fictional reason is being cooked up to explain why. “But…but…Italy, Italy, Italy, people dying, virus, virus…I don’t get it…” Yes you do. You’re getting the message the public health officials want to shove into your mind. You’re standing on a street corner watching a pro execute his shell game, and you’re falling for it every time. blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/03/13/italy-icu-wards-are-overflowing/
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    Choose life. Choose hand sanitiser. Choose face masks from Poundland. Choose more Andrex than a family can use in a year. Choose a fucking big sack of rice from that weird ethnic aisle in the supermarket. Choose tinned tomatoes, painkillers, bottles of water and electronic thermometers. Choose your health, just yours, fuck everyone else. Choose to stare at anyone who dares to cough with a look of pure hatred but not actually say anything. Choose to stay at home. Choose to avoid your friends. Choose to cancel your holiday and unpack your fucking luggage. Choose Ocado, Just-Eat and Amazon Prime. Choose a DIY hazmat-suit wondering if you should start going to church on Sunday morning. Choose self-isolation, sitting on that couch all day watching BBC news channel for the latest fucking death count. Choose rotting away till the end of it. Choose your future. Choose life. I chose not to choose this life. I got a fucking grip! Ministry of Truth
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    This is just my appreciation of DI and his coverage of Corona virus. Unlike others, he remained calm and keeps on repeating not to succumb to fear and panic. He criticized preppers for stockpiling food and preventing others from having any. He follows clues and evidence and he honestly acknowledges that he doesn't know where the virus comes from and who created it. He lives fearlessly and fully acknowledges the only option is to realize who we really are, lose the fear and fight this with everything we've got by coming together and not building bunkers and stockpiling food and guns. No 'divine realms' and whatnot... I can't help but to appreciate him even more and it makes me want to live my life fearlessly like him!
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    I am staggered by the apparent acceptance by the general populace of the over the top response to this "virus". We are heading to full lockdown in the UK - I am in little doubt that this will happen now. Why can't people see that the solution will cause more harm than the supposed problem?! Being shut away from home will cause increased anxiety, low mood and other ill effects from a sedentary way of life. Lack of exposure to the sun's rays, lack of exercise and disconnect from the outside world will all take a toll on our health. Social contact is a basic human need. And a diet of canned, packet and frozen food is hardly healthy either. And supermarkets are suggesting that home deliveries could take over one week - what are people supposed to do in the meantime? Standards in care homes are to be relaxed. I think we all know what this means for the poor residents - worsening health, increased illness and fatalities. No doubt these will all be blamed on the "virus" rather than the draconian and unnecessary response to it, all because a few hundred people in the UK, out of a population of over 66 million, supposedly have this virus (from which most people display mild symptoms and recover). And what about people who want to see their dying relatives or grieve for those who have passed? Although care home visits aren't to be banned (yet), it may just be a matter of time when elderly relatives are dying from lack of care and attention blamed on the "virus" supposedly brought in by visitors. Cremations and burials will be sped up - what exactly does that mean - will they go ahead without relatives there for reasons of "public health"? Then there's the impact on the economy, particularly when it comes to small businesses, and working from home will not entirely mitigate the impact as many jobs cannot be performed effectively, if at all, from home. Jobs and livelihoods will be lost causing an increased need for welfare and more dependence on the state. Those still in work may have to forego leave "for the good of society" and may reach burn out. People and vehicles may be detained just on the whim of the authorities. All of our favourite pastimes placed on hold -including sporting events, festivals, concerts, fetes and holidays. And what will happen to suicide and alcohol intake levels I wonder... All because of a (possibly phantom) "virus" which has caused far fewer casualties than the ordinary common flu, most of which are older people with underlying health conditions? We would not accept the above measures for the flu yet people seem to be willingly sleepwalking into these emergency measures with some even actively enjoying the drama. Why aren't people asking if it is really worth it *sigh*?
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    If transgender men had to have periods they might think twice about becoming women! It just shows how shallow this whole issue is, that changing into a woman is regarded as just a superficial physical switch, that its just a physical state achieved in an operating theatre and/or with drugs. Women's monthly cycles coincide with the moon, are part of a primeval/primordial natural process connected to the rhythms of nature, with psychological effects and, for many, excruciatingly painful ones. This never seems to be mentioned in the transgender issue, about what it is to be female and what it entails. For the female, creating life in her womb is a mental, physical and spiritual process, and a miraculous one, not something that can be simulated. I think its this that lies behind the evil intent of much of this agenda, the base demonic envy at its core. This girl here has been brainwashed and is being cynically and wickedly cheated out of recognising her own unique femininity and cajoled into being a traitor to womankind. Truly sad if she refuses to recognise this, or believes that a man can achieve all this. Men can't have periods. Period.
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    I suspect this phase of the PSYOP is to soften us up and psyche us out - could go on for months .....like BREXIT. Then when our guard is down the 'A' GRADE Bio Weapons will be released. (You either die from disease or from the mandatory vaccinations - check mate). Places like Porton Down don't exist for decorative purposes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porton_Down
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    Would you people stop quoting that fecking long ass post??????????????????????
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    Exactly like a cold, Velma. I wonder, are the elite programming the masses with something akin to Orwell's double-think? Two contradictory ideas are now held with equal credibility in the minds of the population: COVID-19 is both a super-dangerous virus and a mild virus.
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    So we are to have overwhelm of other agencies instead. The benefits agencies are now being swamped - I have heard through the grapevine today that Universal Credit claims are currently now set to take at least 8 weeks to process, due to virus, rather than the standard 5 weeks - people have no income in that time to pay their rents and bills and to buy food. If people can't pay their rents / mortgages, they will end up homeless and overwhelm housing services. If people can't afford food or to pay their bills, they will end up ill and at the door of the NHS. Mental health services, in particular, will but put under huge pressure overwhelming their finite resources. It is my opinion therefore that the finite resources of the NHS, along with other agencies, will be more overwhelmed by this imposed imprisonment which prevents people from living their lives and earning a living. Simple measures of elective self-isolation should, in my opinion, be sufficient to mitigate most of the risk to those in "at risk" groups whilst allowing the rest of the community to carry on living their lives.
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    l took my Mother out yesterday for lunch for Mothers Day. She's an adult and took full responsibility for interacting with me. l'm an adult and l took full responsibility for interacting with my Mother. Our choices. Our responsibility. Not yours. Not the governments. Not anyone elses. You Phil are a Zombie Cunt and you talk total brainwashed Shit. Isolate yourself from this forum. Pretty Please
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    Exactly! Ive been saying this to those around me. If nothing was said by the media, everything will have carried on as normal, but now everyone is afraid, locked up inside away from this 'deadly virus', shunning away other humans and getting angry at them for daring to go outside. Its fucking ridiculous. Im sick of seeing all the sheeple lapping it up and trying to report others who are not listening to govt advice. These dumb fucks are playing right into the govt hands, they don't even need police as these stupid sheep are trying to police the non idiots.
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    Surely cancelling all major flights in and out of the UK would have been one of the first steps a government would have taken to contain the virus? It's almost as if they wanted this virus to be introduced into the country... Yet they seem to be getting more worked up about healthy people going out for walks and not people entering the country from places like China and Itlay.
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    I am no psychologist but something that has just occurred to me is that this whole episode could backfire on the controllers. When people are faced with fear, such as fear of death, they can go a few ways. Some people enter a state of anxiety which is a form of non-acceptance of the situation. Some people come to peaceful acceptance and some people seem to throw caution to the wind and stop caring. The last two responses I would suggest are a form of surrender whereas the former - worry - is still suggestive of trying to control external matters as bargaining (to change the outcome) is still taking place. The paradox being that, in surrender, there is more freedom and energy tends to flow better without resistance. Worrying tends to bring on paralysis. A former client of mine had terminal head and neck cancer. He was a bit of a character and decided, as he only had months to live, to sell up and buy a mobile home truck and spend the rest of his days travelling through Europe. His doctor persuaded him out of this. Then he bought an Aston Martin and went to the Netherlands without bothering to tax the thing - what could they do to him was his attitude as he was dying anyway. I dread to think what he got up to when he was there... The last I heard of him, he was living in the woods back in the UK. I absolutely admired his "no fucks" attitude and thought that I could do with some too. I guess what I am trying to say is that perhaps the controllers are taking a risk here. They risk sending people into a "no fucks" attitude thinking that, if we're all going to die, we might as well make the best of the time we have left. Perhaps this could create an awakening once people have moved through the fear stage and realised that the new reality they are being presented with is not worth living for.
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    It is incredible how fast they are moving-in on a variety of fronts - it makes 'the war on terror' look like Mary Poppins by comparison - why is nobody even questioning this!! The general population just seem to be tranquilized - fear of the 'conspiracy theorist' tag?? They have got it and them 'all stitched up', and though I have very little confidence in the general public I didn't think it would be this fast nor this easy to get them in their pens.
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    The nanny state has lost its collective mind. The media, ever-willing to push whatever agenda the state wants, just keeps ratcheting up the angst. Since 1997 - maybe before- the UK has been governed by utter control freaks. We are seeing people who have never been taught to think for themselves, being herded into a particular mindset with relative ease. I wonder what the next stage will be like.
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    i think most people WANT this excitement . they want to be part of a big drama most people are dead inside, watching crap on tv, reading crap in papers, living a hum drum existence they fecking love the whole panic. the soap opera style government and news reports
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    May be the elites haven't told us of the next step. Best is yet to come?! It's like this Corona thing is nothing.....just speaking through my intuition. It's fishy guys. There is something else going on. It's like they are using Corona to prepare us for the next stage, a kind of lockdown exercise together with behavioural observation/social experiment. We did say in the past...to watch out when CEOs starts to disappear into the underground cities and this is the time. What could it be? A great flood courtesy of HAARP? An approaching astroid they haven't told us? Does anyone have a family member or friends in the army? Is there any preparation...movement? Dare say...WW3.
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    In a few months time this will all.look like exactly what it is A huge social experiment and a dry run for Agenda 2030 lock downs and cancellation of industry You shouldnt be worried about the virus you should be worried what the insane bokshevik shit lords are going to do to your nation as a " response " to it Dont fool yourself , they are absolutely loving the bat flu It gives them the perfect excuse to shut the place down and cull the unhealthy and elderly Also expect when airlines begin to re open that these assho's come up with a new rule in the near future that only the vaccinated can get on a plane , go to a concert etc Most likely they will create a vaccine passport much in the same way you get one for your pets if they fly You can also imagine the likes of Prince Andrew and Grizzly Maxwell are happy as pigs in shit that nobody is thinking about them.much anymore Its all ao convenient Total manufactured bullshit pandemic
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    It's your choice to not vaccinate your children and I respect that. But it's not child abuse to not vaccinate children if a parent doesn't like the ingredients or trust Big Pharma to be open about their findings when it comes to side effects. Anti depressants are a case in point. GlaxoSmithKline knowingly marketed the drug Seroxat when their test results showed their was a significant risk of suicide in patients. They received a huge fine but nobody was held accountable with a prison term.
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    It's not up to one man. This is something we ALL have to do, together.
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    31:00 If you're familiar with how Trump rolls, it's pretty clear he's not talking about a virus here.