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    Amidst all of the disagreements and arguments I want to start a thread where we can come to common understanding. I mean this in good will for those who want to participate. Let us start with some basic truths we can all agree on and see how far we can branch out. Make a statement about our reality that we can all hope to agree with. If anybody challenges a statement made, please explain why it is so that you do. We can update a list with all of the things there is a general consensus upon. I will start first by hoping we can all agree that 911 was a false flag and that the official story is bullshit. I will also add that the JFK assasination official story is bullshit. There may be differences on the who's and how's but I think we all can agree that we have been lied to about these 2 events. so my first 2 1. 911 official story is bullshit 2. JFK official story is bullshit I hope there are no objections to these 2, but if anybody wants to dispute this go ahead.
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    I've been in similar situations ,, The answer is easy ,, Buy 'em all a Triffid ,,
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    I will therefore be reporting this post:
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    Why has pretty much the whole thread disappeared!?! There were some good posts that needn't have been deleted - posts which forum members have taken time and effort to compile. Should participation in the forum not be encouraged? Why would people continue to bother posting if their posts can just be deleted for no good reason?
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    First of all, let me start this off by saying that in no way am I suggesting that all Mental illnesses and struggles faced emotionally and psychologically are fabricated. I have had many close experiences of people close to me with a range of such like conditions. However, this recent trend in "talking about mental health" and normalising it, seems great and was something that I initially supported. But then it grew, and grew. Mainstream media, heck even Prince William and other "high profile" public figures have spoken out about it. Then I came to wonder. Is it possible that by normalising it to an extent of making it almost "fashionable" to have a mental illness, will more subscribe to that way of thinking and create a self-fulfilling prophecy maybe? This would result in more people on more medication to treat these. Is this a long-term goal of the elite and the system do you think? For me it's hard to decide definitively. But what I have learnt, is that if there is a movement which the MSM and members of the Royal family promote, then it is likely to have a darker side to it. Thoughts?
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    @JumpRogue Come off it! A post from bloody February and you hand out a warning for that? That is not good moderating. That is vindictive, unnecessary and counter productive to getting this infant forum going.
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    Sure yeh start the ball rolling of being good little snitches ey And lol at you dont know anything about seanx He was gloating that you were about to turn into Duke Nuken at least three days before you did
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    well, im off. Not going to waste my time if the forum of the guy who defend free speech is being censored. Not worth my time.
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    I donโ€™t know any reptile Eu supporters on this forum but I do know there are a lot of reptile Uk supporters on here. Maybe you should ask them: how they can be against one reptilian creation, the Eu - but be fully in favour of another reptilian creation the Uk? And tell me: do you think your new, old reptilian rulers will give a fuck about the poor kids. they have ruled the Uk for centuries and never did - SO WHY WILL THEY NOW.
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    They're hell bent on destroying the below ground substrate and all for money. The below ground substrate is part of how the below ground ecosystem works and is an integral part of how the subsurface water system works. The people at the top who financially benefit from this do not care if they destroy most of the planet because they have preserved various garden of eden type places for themselves. They have also bought up all the water rights to huge water reserves, so when they destroy our sources to water, we'll have to buy theirs. Just one case in point, among many: The Bush and Cheney families own huge fracking companies that operate all over the world. Both of these families have bought small paradises to live in after they turn ours into shit. The Bush family bought a massive parcel of land (300,000 acres) in Paraguay in 2005. It sits on top of the world's largest pristine water aquifer. These people are not stupid, even though to us it appears they're doing stupid things. They know exactly what they are doing. It's like chemtrails. The debunkers claim these people wouldn't be doing that because they'd be doing it to themselves as well as to us. The fact is, they know exactly what they're doing, and they know exactly what parts of the world are going to be left unpoisoned by what they're doing.
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    To add to the above list, can we also safely agree that: Big Pharma is not a force for good Fracking is dangerous and should be avoided at all cost The BBC are a propaganda arm of the governing elite
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    they probably just off'd someone who looked like him a grey haired tramp who they gave a haircut to and then snapped his neck or they snapped his neck and then gave him a haircut where is the CCTV footage of the corridors of the prison that night? come to mention it where is the CCTV footage of steven craddock carrying all the guns and ammo he is said to have fired from his hotel room in las vegas in that shooting? where is the CCTV footage of the plane hitting the pentagon on 911? we should start a 'where is the CCTV' thread of all the events that should reasonably have CCTV footage but mysteriously don't
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    My advice to you is to reinstate all the people you screwed over, apologise and resign. This is one story that isn't going away. I've already messaged Gareth. Does he really want to get his hands dirty though?
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    Yes I do .... as they are all a bunch of parasitic wankers :)
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    They're vapid, attention seeking bed wetters?
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    From Banksy There was information which we have common ground, but you deleted it all. Conspiracies Paedophilia The MSM The Banking Oligarchy and much more you deleted it all shame on you.
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    driving you say.....i learned from the best ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜œ
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    what if the tories don't really want brexit and are just trying to find a way to sink brexit while pretending that they gave it their best shot to get it through? this way they can shrug and say to the british people 'we tried' when really they didn't the referendum gave them a democratic mandate to push brexit through. 3 years later and we are still waiting for it to be delivered
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    in modern socio-political language that would be termed 'problematic' except of course they wouldn't take umbrage at the problematic belief system they would instead round on you for having the temerity to point it out that's how backward the world has become
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    Prince Andrew's problem is that he may well be innocent of actual paedophilia, but like many of the minor royals, he's caught up in a whirl of A list socialising which inevitably involves rubbing shoulders with rock stars, models, actors, high flying financiers and the like, which involves sex and drugs and nefarious activities. And everyone knows it. While he may not have been involved in criminal activity, just his very proximity to that world makes him guilty by association when it comes to Epstein, because there's no way he had no idea of what was going on. Its not like he's an ordinary person - he has guards and security and PR which most people dont have, checking out those who come into his orbit, even if he was unaware of it himself, which is highly unlikely. He clearly over-ruled his advisers in order to benefit financially and sexually and socially from Epstein. Suddenly becoming this holier than thou respectable character who had no idea what was going on is a load of tosh. He is making the most of the glamour being a royal offers, yet wont take any of the responsibility when he flouts and abuses those privileges. The best thing he could do is laugh and say he took full advantage of Epstein's "hospitality", which is the truth. And show himself for what he really is, a spoilt, arrogant playboy, as he's fooling nobody. And thats the real world of royalty, paid for by the public purse, and the Epstein case is the result of privilege and arrogance without any kind of accountability.
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    I remember thinking back at the time, that Epstein wasn't going to last 2 days before "hanging himself". That's how they "off" a lot of people read-in to the underground global elite criminal network of drug, human, and gun smuggling that's been going on for generations. Just google how many people have been found hung from hotel doorknobs or shower heads that were classified as suicides. They know how to shut people up and get away with it because they've been doing it for centuries. They also know how gullible and lacking in intellectual curiosity most people are. They make up the most unbelievable stories and give the scripts to the mainstream news who disseminates it to the masses like mind-numbing pablum, and the masses read it, shrug their shoulders and go on about their day. Virtually all of our world history going back the last 15,000 years is complete fiction written by the self-serving people at the top who control the information and how its distributed.
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    The hystory of human kind, the ancient one, for as it is narrated officially, is a monumental lie. Civilization does not start with Egyptians as we know them, but much time before, following loops of "death" and "rebirth", in the past they exist civilizations also more advanced than this current one.
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    As an example Henry Fords first car was the Model T It was made.of mostly.hemp fibre which is a stronger material than steel when.made in certain ways. His vehicle also ran on hemp oil or vegetable oil. And he complained massively that he was beingg forces to convert his engines to run on diesel which was less.efficient and also.ruined his engines quicker than hemp oil would. And we can see this world.could have been a very.different place if certain interests did not.hold such power over humanities destiny. Its such a shame. It didnt.need.to look like this.
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    I make cbd oil.The prices that people charge are outrageous.It does take a lot of hemp to make oil,not like the R.S.O which is easy.I have a website if you want to take a look. hemploymentuk.com we are not a massive company,just 2 women who are trying to make a difference .Paypal shut us down,ebay shut us down,but we are still here trying to help people.