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    I think its a mistake to get too hung up on personalities None of this is about any individual unless you are looking for someone to follow in which case you are an idiot because if you are following then you are not thinking for yourself What this is all about is the information. The information is the star. The information is bigger than any of us. It's the information that has the ability to transform peoples perceptions. So what we each need to be doing is establishing what information is true or not. There are many authors, researchers, commentators, bloggers, show hosts etc out there now in the independent media. They are not all saying the same thing so blindly trusting what you are told because someone on some platform somewhere told you its true is not a smart move These various people who have an audience are just a grab bag for you to dip in and out of to hear different perspectives. Over time you will be able to corroborate information, cross check information and also see what does and doesn't turn out to be true Trust is earned. That has always been the case since long before the internet. It takes a long time to build trust but it can be lost in an instance. Overtime you build a sense of who knows what they are talking about and who doesn't So keep an objective distance and listen to lots of perspectives and see which people are accurate and which are simply pushing false narratives to create false perceptions
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    This is why our country has gone to shit: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/10/23/uk/essex-truck-lorry-container-bodies-intl-gbr/index.html Boo fucking hoo........ we must do something for the pooooor illegal immigrants....NO MORE BORDERS....etc....BORDERS KILL PEOPLE. I hate this shit. Emotions and feelz have become weaponised against us. I wouldn't be surprised if they were already dead when the van went out....just a propaganda psyop to make people feel guilty and shame people into backing down over Brexit..... That's the hot take right there.
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    maybe you should start to contribute to the new forum...... all of your post are old vs new forum.....which kinde misses your point...... just a sugestion and as far as i'm informed old one remains as a "data base"
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    David Icke doesn't care who you sleep with or who you love. What he does talk about/care about is how the elite are doing everything they can to break down the heterosexual family unit. Capitalism has been the most successful weapon in this war. Not many families can afford to have a parent stay home with the children anymore. So children are raised by Ipad's, shitty daycares, and our education/indoctrination system. It gives the elite a lot more power and control over their mindset. It's hard for me to admit, but Feminism has also been a very effective tool in attacking the family unit. Now that women are supposed to "lean in" and be career women. They are having less children, later in life, and they spend less time with them. The big "gay/transgender push" we've seen in recent years is just another strategy to slow reproduction. Even being emotionally invested in the subject, you have to recognize there has been a giant push, especially at media geared towards children and young adults. Just about every Netflix production has a transgender character now. After being stuffed in a closet so long, LGBT folks are actually being over represented now. The end goal is that no one gets to reproduce without the states permission. They want a whole lot less children and whole lot more control over the children that are born.
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    For anyone who has watched the documentary They Live :)
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    Well, I'm one scientist who doesn't believe the Co2 bollocks for one second. You're right to ask where these 11,000 scientists come from and what exactly do they mean by 'endorse'? Did they just click on something? If that outrageous 97% claim is anything to go by this is just more blatant manipulation of data. The 97% one was based on something like 77 out of 79 scientists, a similar size study to those quoted by shampoo adverts. Make of that what you will! I conducted my own survey years ago, around the time that Al Gores dreadful film come out. It was also about the time David Bellamy wrote a great article about it called 'Global warming - what a load of old poppy cock!' - he hasn't been on TV much since then. Every science student I asked either thought it was nonsense, or admitted that they didn't know as they hadn't looked into it properly. Only 1 chemistry student thought it was real, I don't know how many I asked in total - probably 50+ in total. Most of the science lecturers felt the same, one of them actually gave a special one off lecture on why it was all nonsense. Then I asked politics students the same question, they went bat shit crazy at me just for asking the question. They all knew better than me you see, of course it's real, politics degree's must teach better science than physics degrees..... Just today I was talking about it in with colleagues, all of whom have science degrees and work full time directly applying science. Not one of them accepts the co2 link to warming, some see it as a distraction from all the other pollution we are creating, which we actually should be worried about. Like all the microplastics in everything for instance. Another one of my colleagues has recently published a paper on sun spot activity which suggests that we are entering a new grand solar minimum, which in turn suggests a new mini ice age. The usual idiots have critisised their paper for daring to suggest anything other than a warming climate!
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    But we can’t take down people at the highest levels of government, military, church, and entertainment until the general populace knows that something is not right. And I think videos like this and silly “Epstein didn’t kill himself” memes are exactly how we mainline it into the collective conscious.
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    Thanks @Golden Retriever for my doggy picture - I haven't had the best of days but you have put the smile back on my face :) Here is our dear, departed Rupert leaving a parting gift.
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    So, we have a wealthy pervert who was friendly with men of power and status: globally known men including a prince of the realm, an ex-president, and God knows who else. Said pervert procures underage girls to have sex with him and his friends. Said pervert owns a secluded island, a private jet in which he flies his friends to the island for the purpose of having sex with underage girls. In a sane world in which there is a free press and an independent judiciary and police force, said pervert and his friends would now be serving lengthy prison terms, their names smeared forever as disgusting reprobates. Instead, we have this fiasco. If this doesn't wake people up to the fact that we are governed by an elite group of people to whom the law does not apply, then what will?
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    You misunderstand, but you're not alone - easy mistake to make. First David has nothing against Gay/Trans etc, in his eyes everyone is free to live as they wish free from harassment from others. What he does attack is the agenda. Here's the mistake - this is not an agenda hatched by gay people and it is not intended to benefit gay people in anyway. This agenda is simply to encourage more people into this lifestyle, for the reasons given by Dawn earlier. The architects of this agenda may or may not be gay, it is irrelevant. All that matters is the end result, break up the family unit and reduce natural childbirth. It's quite obvious when you think about it. I know what your retort is - people don't choose to be gay. I won't argue, gay people have always existed and back when it was illegal in this country they definately wouldn't have chosen to be so. These aren't the people being targeted, its those who are, lets say 'bi curious' that they are trying to persuade. At one time bi people would have chosen to be straight outwardly due to the stigma/abuse etc. Today they may chose the opposite option as it's not not just accepted, but promoted. From an individual perspective there's nothing wrong with this, no one elses business. However, on mass it will change society, which is the agenda. You can't argue that there will be fewer tradional family units and fewer natural child births. P.S. Janet - I also have a gay brother, does that mean my opinion is as informed and as powerful as yours?
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    Branson is a fucking tool.... Mama's boy, inherited wealth, psychopath.... fuck him. Kissing the ground in Israel, kissing Rothschild ass in the back room. He's on my "boot him in the 'nads" list with guys like Tony Blair, and other creepy weirdos in the public eye. Here's how it goes, theoretically; Extend your hand, feign some sort of reverence, and as he's looking down at your hand in disgust... BOOT!, down he goes, very sad, in pain. It'd be worth being beat up by his security, they'd probably be laughing too. I wish I had more to offer. I didn't mean this to disrupt the thread, carry on. (If you can get one more in before security comes, try to shine your shoes on his head....)
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    Perhaps the comment can be perceived as 'harsh' but that is one person's perception. Others will perceive things differently depending on their own viewpoint - we all have our own opinions, and while I myself might disagree with the comment made, I would prefer that people 'speak their mind' fully, otherwise if we alter our comments to fit within the general perception, we are guilty of 'self-censorship'.
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    When they get screwed over and find out the hard way what happened and why. Most people never really think about things anyway because most people are fucking stupid It all starts at birth with your birth certificate where you get labelled with a name and an imaginary age (legal fiction) which should only apply to the calculation of math Then you get indoctrinated into the "education" system which keeps youth blind to reality (lol @ education. what a joke) Then you get an "adult" legal age which happens in a microsecond where you must fend for yourself Along the way being forced into slavery with the use of fiat currency and bombarded with stupidity from the masses of sheeple Then they want you to pay to die (funeral)
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    I would have thought that it stopped because there is a very strong possibility of a major issue either already happened or one is imminent. They don't turn down lobbyist money on account of principles let alone St Greta of cuckistan.
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    Well said. Toeknee47 is now a victim, but he started this thread and another a few weeks ago about whether David Icke recommends a certain diet. This poster doesn't like David Icke so why does he care about his diet lol. He said ......" I'm sorry my post offended you, but your cynical attitude has really soured me to posting here further..... " His post didn't offend me at all, but it obviously didn't put him off from posting a new thread about Icke.
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    I don't care....I've got other things to do......I'm trying to write my second novel and when the forum is too busy I don't get any work done.... I like this forum, I don't think there's anything wrong with it.........sure people could post more....but we've got other things to do..... And if you're complaining that the forum is not busy and you don't post or contribute anything then STFU. The problem is you. I mean you have 13 posts and you're complaining that the forum isn't busy....because people like you don't post....Derrrrrrrrrrrr. Post more and it will be busier....it really is that simple......
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    What I find interesting is there is no emergency door release inside the back of the refrigerated wagon, now I have never worked on one but I have worked on many many commercial refrigerated rooms and every single one had an emergency door release so you cant accidentally get locked in. In these elf n safety times it's interesting one isn't compulsory on refrigerated vehicles too
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    As said .... you bring nothing to the table except main stream bullshit. You really are a 'sad' and limited npc.
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    Monsanto afaik is buying up even more land due to the booming number of vegans. I called this thread "The Vegan Agenda" because I see an increasing correlation between the climate change "debate" and a move to a more plant based diet for all. It's not impossible in the future to see a special tax on meat products. There's also the question of even more GM crops. I think we should all be diligent, whatever food we choose to eat. Monsanto Owner Bayer to Potentially Become Involved with Vegan Meat Production "Pharmaceutical giant Bayer, which owns Monsanto has said that it is closely watching the plant-based meat market and that it could potentially enter the market as an alt protein producer. “They are sourcing different types of crops and that also could create opportunity for us, being a company that is a plant-breeding company,” said Reiter, who works for Bayer’s crop science division.When Bayer bought Monsanto in 2017, for a reported $57 billion, it took control of 29% of the world´s seeds and 24% of its pesticides. Its debateable ethics code will lead some vegans to criticise its possible entrance into the vegan marketplace. Bayer describes its use of animals in experiments, for example. One might also look to the use of the pesticide Roundup as another case where the company does not appear to align with veganism or environmental concern." https://vegconomist.com/companies-and-portraits/monsanto-owner-bayer-to-potentially-become-involved-with-vegan-meat-production/
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    At a time when all the media luvvies are telling us that manmade CO2 is going to wipe us all out in just over a decade I don't hear any of them being critical of richard bransons space tourism business which offers to send stinking rich people up on journeys to space But how much fuel does such a flight guzzle and how much CO2 would they produce? Why is he along with anyone associated with formula 1 not extinction rebellions enemy no1? 2001–2007: Entry into space travel and Virgin Media On 25 September 2004, Branson announced the signing of a deal under which a new space tourism company, Virgin Galactic, will license the technology behind SpaceshipOne—funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and designed by aeronautical engineer Burt Rutan—to take paying passengers into suborbital space. Virgin Galactic (wholly owned by Virgin Group) plans to make flights available to the public with tickets priced at US$200,000 using the Scaled Composites White Knight Two.[30] The spacecraft, SpaceShipTwo, is manufactured by The Spaceship Company, which was founded by Branson and Rutan and is now solely owned by Virgin Galactic. In 2013, Branson said that he planned to take his two children, 31-year-old Holly and 28-year-old Sam, on a trip to outer space when they ride the SpaceShipTwo rocket plane on its first public flight, then planned for 2014.[31] As part of his promotion of the firm, Branson has added a variation of the Virgin Galactic livery to his personal business jet, the Dassault Falcon 900EX "Galactic Girl" (G-GALX). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Branson
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    How exactly are you supposed to say kindly that : Our nations have been hijacked by a cabal of satanic black cube worshippers who are hell bent on erasing the history and culture of Europeans and have decided to achieve this by opening the borders of those nations to literally anyone from anywhere as long as they are non European descent How are you supposed to say kindly that : 50 thousand gang rapists have been prosecuted in Sweden in the last 5 years and that the majority of them are Muslim ? How are you supposed to say kindly that these are just the cases that went to court ? How are you supposed to say kindly that a European can be sent to jail , and spend their 91st birthday in jail for the '' crime '' of asking questions about how many jews died in ww2 ? How are you supposed to say kindly that '' anti hate '' and '' anti racism '' initiatives are ENTIRELY initiatives to silence white peoples concerns and opinions ? How are you supposed to say kindly that RAPE and Gang Violence and brutal murders including Cannabilism have sky rocketed in the past ten years all over Europe thanks to open borders policy and ethnic replacement of European ? how are you supposed to describe being blamed for everything wrong with this planet simply because you happened to have a white father and a white mother ? how are you supposed to put a nice soft edge on the fact that there is an apparent but undeclared war on people of European descent ? how are you supposed to say kindly that a cabal of satanic freemasonic black cube worshippers have spent HUNDREDS of years manipulating the odds of Europeans going to war not only against themselves but against nations which never posed a serious threat to begin with ? how the f are we supposed to communicate any of this while at the same time being nice about it ? there comes a point where nice doesn't work to convey the reality of whats taking place how are we supposed to be nice about the fact for twenty something years we have been told to have less children to save the environment and now all of a sudden get told well , there isn't enough of you to do '' the jobs '' so you will have to accept an endless flow of new arrivals from anywhere else to replace you fuck being nice about this
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    These people are leaving their countries because their countries don't work......largely because it's full of people like them. Then they come to our countries and bring their problems with them and turn our streets in tribal gang war zones.... I'm sure some of these people are lovely people with big smiles and nice white teeth...... But what happens when they come here and can't find work and have no skills......sure, they get everything given to them at the tax payers' expense....that's why London is still full of African British who are still there, while the English have long been priced out. Why are all the London areas still full of blacks when white people can't afford to live there? It's beyond a joke now..... but dare to complain and you're a racist....much better to suck it up and love the fact that the system is stacked against you, no more cheap council flats for you anymore whitey. I'm glad I'm out of it. My country is finished, so is the whole of the west.........We gave the very land from beneath our feet to the bleeding heart liberals and smiling fellas with big white teeth who we convinced ourselves 'are just the same as us' whose children then grew up to join gangs and stab people to death..... Charming people. I know where I stand.....I might not get to pat myself on the back for being a fluffy liberal but at least I'm dealing with reality.
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    I happened to be by a radio during the daytime yesterday and I’ve got to say the BBC reporting of this incident was nothing short of appalling. From the off they were stating that “a murder investigation was being launched” and in later bulletins actually named the driver. Firstly, how can you make a statement about “murder" investigation being launched so soon after those bodies were found? Can the BBC state categorically that there was a motive for the killing? Why did they need to name the driver when so many questions surrounding the nature of the deathsd were unanswered? The only true facts they had at the time was that 39 people were dead and a man was driving the lorry that they were found in. Another case of low quality, badly researched BBC propaganda and this shoddy reporting needs highlighting – my question is – why did they need to do this? What is THEIR motive?