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    I don´t trust Tommy Robinson. A pawn of the Zionists imo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZn721uOWLM
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    PART 1 OF 4 - Exit From Brexit, The Jo Cox Departure
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    Following on from the Is the Universe conscious thread in the earlier forum. Here's a talk by Rupert Sheldrake from last year.
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    I used to work at one of the largest banks, and I had a cubicle in a large cubicle farm. In an environment like that everyone knows what everyone else is doing and over time you start to see patterns in people. Without a doubt the most unhealthy people were the ones who routinely got flu shots. These were the people always having sniffles and complaining about this or that kind of allergy or cold. It's really funny that when you educate these people about how flu shots do not work and how the CDC's own webpage about flu shot efficacy actually says flu shots do not work, they still keep getting the shot anyway, and they keep getting sick.
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    political correctness is a method of introducing what is called critical theory critical theory is a form of Marxism Jupiter now you may think oh well just Karl Marx whats the problem he wanted a more equal world well thats not what its about the inventors of critical theory stated the entire purpose of the thing is to de construct western civilization and destroy it from within harsh wors you might say but its the truth and anybody can go research it and I suggest they do also , for the record , the '' theories '' of Karl Marx when put into practice have led to more civilian deaths in the last century than any other ideology put forward by man yet we have his statues and universities named after him all over Europe and elsewhere to put it bluntly , people are mostly unaware of these things and that is in part due to the fact they have taken over the education system entirely
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    I've had to change my name to get on here. I can live with that but the old place felt more like home than this one. Oh well. Maybe we should give it a chance and see what transpires.
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    Made it over too on the second attempt. I'll miss the old forum but do have to admit I like the new GUI.
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    You really do assume a lot about people dont you. I believe in an independent England Ireland Scotland and wales and the isles for that matter. Non of which can happen while we are under the thumb of the EU. We need out of the EU first then we can start to deal with out own ruling elite.
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    You seem to be actually preferring to remain a part of the EU. Don't you think it would be better to break from the EU, especially given all the many positive arguments for Brexit that David has given?
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    Overpopulation is a myth. Over-concentration is the problem and it is deliberately being mistaken for a lack of space and resources. Everyone on the planet could fit in the state of Texas with a population density no greater than modern Tokyo. They want you to think it's a people problem to make you subconsciously support the murder of billions of your fellow humans if they ever decide to flip that switch. If you're a Christian, you probably don't believe in or care about karma. As long as you're upstairs with Daddy, fuck the sinners and the unevangelized, right? You're making the biggest mistake of your life if you think that way.
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    You are correct We haven't all ways had freedom of speech because it is not a gift from a kindly god it is something we have to fight for in every generation and as soon as people drop the ball and begin to self censor themselves that only allows all forms of tyranny to carry on being tyrannical so you either stand up for it and demand the right to be heard or you whimper off with your tail between your legs and have your spirit crushed while you are manifest on Earth and also the notion of freedom of conscience and freedom of expression embody freedom of speech however there are and all ways have been limitations correct but no freedom of speech ? well that entirely depends on your strength of character doesn't it and how far into the future you are able to see
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    Time to pull the plug on the thing. It's all political votes and not down the actual artists talent (or lack of it) who wins.
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    Hey ( sorry for my english it is my second language, but this is my experience ), a few years ago i had a mental breakdown and couldn't act normal for example say stuff i would never say, and ended up in a mental hospital. I was unaware of any reptilians or other evolved creatures we never heard about in the mainstream media, and felt like something was controlling my mind. There was a guy there ( Now everything is clearer, and im more aware about something is not right in our world) that he was obviously the leader of the group preying on humans in there, and he was trying to intimidate me by standing very close to me and showed me his brown slit eyes. I didnt feel anything no fear or emotion, i would really be suprised if it would happen right now, but i didnt feel a thing when it happenend at that time. Also very strange is that 2 old friends came in that mental hospital both at the same time both dont know eachother, one of them was beat up and just stayed in his room. So that was the first day at the mental hospital. Second day was in the weekends, and it was 1 PM. I was awake drawing something on paper. And heard a guy say, no i dont wanna go. My window was open, it was summer so it wasn't cold. 15 min later I suddenly hear a loud machine with a spinning saw. You know the sound, and something was being sawed in half and i could smell human fecies in periods of the sawing sound. And there is nothing surrounding the mental hospital, only gates. So that is strange. So afther the weekends there came a french guy in and didn't speak our language ( dutch ). He was really confused and everytime he went upstairs to his room he toke a butter knife with him like he felt unsafe. Next day he escaped because a gate was not fully closed by construction ( the mental hospital was new and gates where not fully complete ). The police captured him and he was put in a isolation cell. Afther a few hours some coffin like box came rolling true the main living room where the TV was, and smelled like a Toilet spray to cover up a smell. And the french man was not seen again. Alot more happenend, but these where the highlights.
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    Cameron reveals his passion for Zionism - As if we didn’t F**king Know War Racketeering in the Middle East for them violating International Law carrying out International Zionists War Crimes! ‘“I’M a Zionist – I believe in a Jewish homeland,” British prime minister from 2010-2016 David Cameron proudly declared to rousing applause by an audience of 1500 at UIA NSW’s general division gala at Sydney’s ICC on February 24, and to another large turnout in Melbourne two nights later. In a razor-sharp speech, Cameron tackled pressing issues from Islamist extremism and Holocaust denial to “virulent antisemitism” rearing its head within Britain’s Labour Party. Revealing what inspired his path towards becoming one of Britain’s most committed pro-Israel leaders, Cameron said it wasn’t finding out in adulthood that his grandmother’s grandfather was a German Jew, but rather learning about the horrors of the Holocaust as an inquisitive child, and visiting Israel for the first time upon becoming leader of the British Conservative Party, discovering a “miracle country”. “As a parent, I took my children to the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin and it was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, explaining to them what happened in Europe not that long ago,” Cameron said.’ https://www.jewishnews.net.au/cameron-reveals-his-passion-for-zionism/86822 Click the Links unable to embed; Israel in Palestine http://sendvid.com/pg8ibcoe Inspiring Hate and Divison Everywhere and then being the divine light that brings Order, meaning control. Which side will you pick? That’s what you’re being forced into an Us Versus Them Mentality of division of a game of two halves, both sides of which they control... It’s all about Control. Anywhere and anything that beggars belief that these internationalists could be carrying out and are actually doing no matter the consequences, can always be understood if you ask yourself only one question... Does the cost of these actions equate to more Control if they’re true? If so, often they’re happening and are true no matter what values are lost because of them being imposed. At the very least they should be looked at more closely and not dismissed before being challenged as is often the case so people don’t see this International effort and agenda. David Cameron: I'll fix human rights 'mess' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-33134338 David Cameron's ignorance over Magna Carta and Rule Britannia exposed David Cameron was quizzed by American talkshow host David Letterman about the UK’s relationship with Ireland, the economy and the success of the Olympics on Wednesday night. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9571852/David-Camerons-ignorance-over-Magna-Carta-and-Rule-Britannia-exposed.html Fury as David Cameron 'hijacks' Magna Carta anniversary to urge scrapping of Human Rights Act https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/fury-david-cameron-hijacks-magna-5887433 Magna Carta's Meaning Was A Mystery To Prime Minister David Cameron Three Years Ago https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/06/15/david-cameron-magna-carta-agenda_n_7585078.html Theres a clear and common enemy of the truth and of humanity. They’re the ones trying to divide you, split you in two and play us off against one another. Particularly of interest to this International Zionist Model is Nationalism Versus Islam Islam and Nationalism - Divide and Rule - Greece - International Chaos https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=320345 Freemasonry and King Solomon’s Temple International Zionist Objective https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=322299 Jerusalem King Solomon’s Temple Zionism/Freemasonryhttps://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=320118 7m41 David Icke Comment Icke Intro EU - Zionism - Trump http://sendvid.com/4hlv84i1 Brexit, What Brexit? It didn’t happen and it ain’t going to happen... Enter False Flag Terrorist Attack at your disposal in synchronicity including Britain and other European Nations to create a Common Cause/Unification. Solution - Enter a European Army which we will very much become involved within and put Brexit on the back burner Cameron 'Russia's actions pose a grave danger to rest of Europe' http://sendvid.com/1rkuks7q Older posts on these issues from the old David Icke Forum... Russia Meddling in Brexit - In US election Deceptionhttps://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=322662Trump - Syria - UKIP - Murdoch - “Deep State”https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=321483EU Brexit Prediction if not a Certainty...https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=322328EU/NATO Unification - Globalists Armyhttps://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=319975The True Violations of the Logan Acthttps://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=315719 Probe into Russian coordination - UKIP Brexit Deceptions of Democracy https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=323347 It ain’t going to happen because we have this inflated “anti-Semitic” hysteria and the common threat and unity of a deception of so called “Islamic Extremism” Which is largely Zionists Extremism whom claim to work on behalf of all Jews for the agenda of an International Zionist Agenda. The same Russian nonsense of Donald Trump, the control of his political office is going to be associated with a Russian backing/hijacking of Brexit and the promotion of “Fake News” via Social Media etc demanding another referendum as I’ve suggested before. Yet much like the “Islamic Extremist” threat, the same International Zionists are of course behind this deception and propaganda in order to Design Geopolitical Affairs their way... Click the links, New Forum won’t pull them or embed them YouTube constantly removes them! PNAC David Icke http://sendvid.com/xhk1j483 http://sendvid.com/paah2gkn Activism charges under terrorism laws How long will you stay silent? https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=322671 Puppet Slave of the Rothschild International Zionists. That’s all he is doing that’s all he is representing. The Lobby Runs, Owns and Controls International Politics and shuts people up and out whom threaten that System. Then they laugh in your face and the Greatest Extremists in the World tell you they’re Removing Extremism from the World by way of Terror, Fear, Intimidation, War and Censorship...
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    I agree with your analysis. Although I would not call myself a Tommy Robinson 'fan', I have taken the time to watch some of his earlier videos, as well as read his autobiography "Enemy Of The State". While I believe that he started out with the best of intentions, it is becoming clearer to me now that 'something changed', and he is no doubt being used as a 'puppet' to push an agenda that his paymasters want pushing. Divide and conquer, as has already been stated. What riles me is the 'begging for money' scam, which is typical Rebel Media behaviour, and something Ezra Levant has trained him well in. Tommy is no doubt still receiving funding from his hidden 'benefactors' yet is appealing to his mainly working-class supporters (who probably barely have any disposable income to throw away) to help 'support' him, by funding his lavish lifestyle. Throughout the week leading up to his Facebook 'ban', Tommy Robinson was putting out videos and posts urging people to sign up to his 'new site' so he could 'stay in touch', almost as if he knew Facebook were going to ban him, he even stated on several occasions that this was going to happen. I also notice he's gone very quiet about wanting to join UKIP, I suspect that was also some kind of plot to split UKIP members (more divide-and-rule), and it also gave Nigel Farage an excuse to leave, and notice how Farage has now joined a 'new' Brexit Party? Which is also urging people to go to a website and hand over their name and email address with no promise of anything in return. Anyway, the same group of rich Zionist elites are playing 'divide-and-rule' and controlling both sides. It's exactly how David Icke himself describes how to rig a football match. Satire: https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/media/im-being-silenced-by-media-says-tommy-robinson-in-every-newspaper-20190226182950
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    Hi just found this New Site ! Isnt Diego Garcia where MH370 is supposed to have ended up ? remember loads of chat at the time Plane went missing. WILL WE EVER KNOW ? !!!
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    Not wanting to derail your thread, but you did mention the excellent video of the American Embassy by the blogger Sam which I watched a few weeks back. From 11 minutes and 10 seconds he comes across a giant foot sculpture with a ring in the middle, and says more or less, what's that all about. One comment on Youtube says "The foot with the ring in it ... is it a ... pedo-ring? " Back on topic. Although I support Brexit, the consequences will mean the UK will have even closer ties to USA, which worries me (whatever puppet party is in power in the USA)
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    One in seven scientists say colleagues fake data From Times Online June 4, 2009 One in seven scientists say colleagues fake data Hannah Devlin Faking scientific data and failing to report commercial conflicts of interest are far more prevalent than previously thought, a study suggests. One in seven scientists says that they are aware of colleagues having seriously breached acceptable conduct by inventing results. And around 46 per cent say that they have observed fellow scientists engage in “questionable practices”, such as presenting data selectively or changing the conclusions of a study in response to pressure from a funding source. However, when scientists were asked about their own behaviour only 2 per cent admitted to having faked results. Daniele Fanelli, of the University of Edinburgh, who carried out the investigation, believes that high-profile cases such as that of Hwang Woo-Suk, the South Korean scientist disgraced for fabricating human stem cell data, are less unusual than is generally assumed. “Increasing evidence suggests that known frauds are just the tip of the iceberg and that many cases are never discovered,” he said. Related Links * Plastic Fantastic by Eugenie Samuel Reich * Drug company 'failed to disclose death rates' * Shamed scientist created world’s first ‘virgin birth’ The findings, published in the peer-reviewed journal PLoS One, are based on a review of 21 scientific misconduct surveys carried out between 1986 and 2005. The results paint a picture of a profession in which dishonesty and misrepresentation are widespread. In all the surveys people were asked about both their own research practices and those of colleagues. Misconduct was divided into two categories: fabrication, the actual invention of data; and lesser breaches that went under the heading “questionable practices”. These included dropping data points based on a “gut feeling” and failing to publish data that contradict one’s previous research. The discrepancy between the number of scientists owning up to misconduct and those having been observed by colleagues is likely to be in part due to fears over anonymity, Dr Fanelli suggests. “Anyone who has ever falsified research is probably unwilling to reveal it despite all guarantees of anonymity.” The study predicts that the 2 per cent figure, although higher than most previous estimates, is still likely to be conservative. Another explanation for the differences between the self-report results and colleague-report results could be that people consider themselves to be more moral than others. In a marginal case, people might characterise their colleagues’ behaviour as misconduct more readily than they would their own. The study included scientists from a range of disciplines. Misconduct was far more frequently admitted by medical or pharmacological researchers than others, supporting fears that the field of medical research is being biased by commercial interests. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/new...cle6425036.ece
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    Yes I know. Take Birmingham as one example where "refugee" familes are given priortiy over single British citizens who may have contributed all their lves into the system, but now find themselves in dire straits, and are at the bottom of the waiting list for council housing. Tommy Robinson is not a journalist. He´s being paid for by Israel. Does that sit well with you, that a foreign country is funding him?
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    This is My one concern of if we do actually manage to Brexit and leave Europe. we will be drawn closer to the US, we'll leave being dictated too by one undemocratic entity only to be Dictated to by another.
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    Renaming it 'New World Ordervision' might give the game away...
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    So the BBC trying to put a sexual assault allegation on him isn't trying to destroy his life? You sound bigoted if anything. I couldn't stand the man in 2011 when he was with edl they certainly came across and attracted unsavory characters a lot of them uneducated angry and let down by the establishment. Critisism of Islam does not make one a bigot. If you can find and post any evidence of tommy robinson being racist, being bigoted, I'll be pleased to change my view but it seems to me he isn't. Regardless of your opinion of the man, what's In that documentary should concern people. And look what's just happened to david icke with his visa. Icke's next. He spoke about it 10 years ago about how they are going to ban conspiracy theories it's actually happening. I actually thought it was nonsense when he said that. Unfortunately 10 years later and icke was right.
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    Not really they are giving him publicity. All publicity is good for those in the public eye. He’s an asset. Untouchable. He’s also a nasty bigoted cunt.
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    All set up by the British empire for such conflict ... splitting Kashmir