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    Why do actions speak louder than words? How would you show someone you’re conscious of yourself, conscious of your own existence and that you’re not just a processor of information condensed to a machine? It’s not something you can Say, it’s not something you can Do, it’s something you can Feel and experience directly and yet only assimilate. Only approximate such an experience into the artificial construct of language, by which time it may as well be the process of a machine, as a machine can equal assimilate and approximate and yet have no connection to it whatsoever. It could be a repetition, a reenactment of consciousness as programmed into the machine by those whom really can be direct with it. If you can’t be direct with it, how can you process it into what you experience as real and into your decision making? Language is an Interface we project upon the surface of life and the greater reality and get confused that such definitive Labels, that the construct is the total reality and so we overlook and make assumptions based upon them that we then go on and ferment logical thought patterns we call Rationality. These are forms, patterns and can be measured and evaluated. Their behaviour can be Predicted - They’re a Systematisation within reality itself that when fixated on means you can’t see beyond the fixation. You can’t touch the tip of your finger with the tip of your finger. You can’t smell your own nose. Taste your own taste buds. You can’t see the lens of your own eyes that you see through... You can’t hear your own ears... Unless there’s something wrong with them. Yet, we trust these without as much examination and evaluation we give to the rest of the reality that they experience, which if they can’t be measured nor evaluated they don’t exist, by our method of traditional rationalisation and way of disregarding possible realities so a constant familiar reality can be clung onto, which at its common core is a systemisation of reality. So do your senses really exist? But if we asked a machine or a rational person of this type, what are the Forms and Patterns made of behind that of the Measurements, they can’t answer the question and instead go quite insane smashing atoms together, in a vain attempt to discover “The God Particle” and wonder why they can’t find it within the pattern and don’t wonder why it is that such experiments can be altered by them being observed and not look within themselves for such an awareness but look externally deeply within a world they’re projecting for such a state of affairs to exist, as a veil of illusion, yet deeply behind that veil of illusion they themselves are one in the same with it, yet this eludes us by the separations made by the interface. Such couldn’t be more Irrational if we tried as they’re based upon definitives out of things that are merely projections, limitations and assimilated as a mask upon reality no different to your own isolated Ego phantom self many of us have taken on as being you in your totality. This isolates you from your environment and it divides your mind into Friends and Foes, both of whom are projections of your own mind and divisions of yourself. One of which is a side you like and the other side you don’t like. This creates alliances of various aspects of consciousness whom form diametrically opposed relationships that get lost within those relationships and don’t see that themselves and their opposite parts are the same thing, via the limitations of a shadow reality they take on and become fixated in. If it’s language it has become thought, if it’s thought it’s an idea and ideas are not of this ultimate reality, they’re a construct of illusions made out of a limited version of reality we are experiencing, condensed down into tangible thought patterns which take on limitations through such a process and inevitable leave something out. By such a time, the reality is lost that you’re trying to present by this nature of condensing the reality into a Socially Understandable Construct which is based upon these illusional limitations, hiding the greater awareness of reality within its totality from being beyond your own direct experience. If your own direct experience is limited to the illusion, the labels, traditional rationality and the construct based within this reality, you’ll never see past it and never see this ultimate reality if you cling to the construct so much you believe it to be real and ultimately definitive, when it’s actually ultimately a deception of possibilities, of definitives that you then go on to accept and assume as the basis of reality within its entirety. These definitives are of course limitations, illusory lines we draw to separate, divide and regulate. These maybe necessary but it’s equally necessary we remember they’re of such illusion and limitations. Yet this is what we are constantly provoked into not remembering and taking seriously. Start 7m30s This is what makes it’s so important, the fact it can’t be condensed down into words, labels or any form of construct and actual gives it value and yet makes it so frustrating when trying to communicate it with anyone still fixated on an illusion whom can’t see beyond the own barriers they have made by the shadows of their own minds. These shadows of course, often being impregnated with social conditioning people are misdirected into being real, moreso than anything else they’ve been conditioned to ignore and so their mind is no longer their own but in and off an artificial construct which is often deceived and programmed via education. Words They’re just as illusional and hold as much meaning and purpose as action. They derive from the same world of illusion unless they take on what would be considered the “Supernatural” within this reality, then such may seem beyond the bounds of this illusion and by their very being expose an illusion or a hidden power and still out of which, those whom observe will try to hold even more meaning and purpose to those words and actions they’d consider of supernatural/divine origin. It’s this seriousness that blinds so many from the truth. It’s sincerity of thought, action and feeling which exposes it. But for the love of God don’t take it seriously... Your actions have the ability to alter your illusion - it’s important to remember that it is still just an illusion - for the better or the worse and aren’t always for the greater good you’d imagine they’d be. At one end of this illusion we would have a Homeless person dying of hunger in a world of plenty and at the other a Simon Cowell whom has more than enough but still doesn’t feel fulfilled by the more that he has. These Tips are Two Ends of the exact same Extreme. One side maybe stunted into doing nothing and feeling helpless about their situation. The other side maybe compelled to continue the game of illusion, not wanting to admit and face the truth that it’s not got them where they expected to be and they feel no different, but the show must go on and what’s being looked for may still come in the future... The truth is the thing being missed is within what you’re doing and if you don’t find it their you want anywhere else, as it doesn’t come later. You can get this from the chase but if you don’t do the chase to enjoy it and to get somewhere, you’ve been deceived and are deceiving yourself... It comes now or never and if you’re not happy doing it and continually carry on doing it expecting it will get you somewhere you’ve been fooled by a system of thought, no different to the homeless person whom has been left out in the cold because so many of us have become entangled and bamboozled by this very same system, being projected by a controllers whom doesn’t gives a damn about neither and is an illusion in and off itself leading to knowhere as we chase Ghosts of reality while the reality itself gets missed. The illusion only cares about its self limitations it has taken on as definitive, our brains aren’t wired up correctly. Out of this mess our energies are wasted and powers usurped by those whom have conditioned humanity into accepting such a reality, purely so they can be controlled and their energetic light bodies effectively be leeched into feeding negative realms and creating an equally negative outcome for those whom have been conditioned into this cycle back in our own limited expression of reality, feeding our own state of suffering. It’s that show which must go on if this level of control via deception is to continue. So long as you keep on deceiving yourself and become fixated and fooled by this game the longer you deserve to be fooled by it as you’re only fooling yourself and developing a distaste for those whom oppose it, by the cultivation of a lack of empathy for those within a system based upon a social hierarchy of game play you believe to be real, yourself to be above by the process of a machine that is imposed upon this ultimate reality. This system limits opportunities for those whom don’t play by its rules. Those that do it provides opportunities to them whom it has limited from others. The idea that this is Grand, a system of Honour and Respect is the great illusion and biggest ego trip going at one end of the scale, beyond the trip of actual “getting rid of your ego” which is at the other end of the scale of these extremes... Sometimes it’s better to Do nothing. Knowledge will teach you how to act. Wisdom will teach you if and when you should or shouldn’t. Too many people are caught up doing something, so long as it’s something it doesn’t matter what it is. Often action without awareness but repetitive cycles and they believe this doing something ultimately defines them and will lead somewhere, where intentionality is degraded or completely devoid. Your Thoughts define your Actions Your Emotions are usually a blanket of self expression that evokes from your experiences and how they affect you. This is being exploited by Political Correctness and the encouragement to feel offended, tying people into the illusion and encouraging them to cling to it. These are often not a reflection of your feelings but an exploitation and confusion between the conditioning of your brain to the artificial construct and so can be misdirected upon the surface of experience we get caught up within. This is why they can be exploited via Virtual Reality Simulations... Your Actions are a reflection of your Thoughts and Emotions or else you’re not within a harmony with yourself and your being. Even these we condense down and don’t always follow them all the way through but they can eventually manifest which is why it’s important to be aware of this as it’s where misdirection can occur if we are not aware of this. It’s this which has us busying ourselves within a game of deception and illusion and can have a system become our minds, taking on our intentionality, where we do and don’t know the full picture of what we’re involved within. Compartmentalisation Your Feelings when fully experienced are a more direct deeper connection with a greater potential of existence and this greater reality, only they’re degraded and assimilated of equal measure as being Irrational by the Traditional Rationality we have as though they’re not necessary and are an obstacle to overcome, be ignored and not let them alter what we have limited as life, as our reality that gives rise to a limited construct as being the totality of life and human existence. The problem being by way of the traditional rationality, feelings are hard to measure, evaluate and systematically impose. Like falling in Love, this can be experienced but not systematically reimposed upon any two people of any choosing, it can’t be systematically repeated. This is what makes it a problem and an obstacle to overcome by any artificial system. Such is why it is degraded and undervalued... Spontaneity is the most genuine form of being, although that comes from somewhere out of all of these states. The most desirable for anyone would be a complete harmony of your being within all aspects of yourself working within cooperation. Trusting your instincts without the obstacle of the traditional rational systematic thought patterns. This state of being isn’t and can’t be managed by a predictable systematic experience, although everything is done by this system of control so people get in their own way and question everything before cooperating with themselves and are effectively to stunt and remove spontaneity and define self limitations and obstacles to ones state of being. Deeply looking at all of these within and of yourself may expose a fraud if you dare examine yourself and your experience. The feeling of a hoax and a fraud can be the very thing that stops you from looking as it can make you and your initial experience a very uncomfortable one. This is rarely something anyone goes out of their way and do, it can spontaneously happen. This maybe ultimately up to yourself, but this harmony can be out of balance due to a conditioning of your mind. A Hypnotisation. It’s this which needs to come undone and be checked if you’re to be one with yourself. Or else you’ll spend forever chasing your own arse, your knowledge and actions believing it to be progress when you’ll always end up right back where you started, in the same system, along the way chasing phantoms, recreating yourself in something else you believe to be real but ultimately feels the same way as you do now doing the chasing expecting to get something or somewhere that never comes because you’ve missed the point of this experience, you’ve been deceived by a hypnotisation. This is the feeling of a hoax which has been played upon you. You’ll see it now or never. It can only begin by being experienced not believed. Faith is letting go of your conditioned reality. Belief is that doing so will be for the greater good. Fate is not for us to attempt to control, yet our evolution is being systematised and planned for us by a system if we don’t do this ourselves... But this should only be invoked by yourself and nothing else and the trust and authority be of yourself and your experience beyond the veil to be witnessed. The conditioned reality is so, as we are being imposed upon us a system of limitations of thought by way of an illusive reality of doing much to get nowhere, speaking much about it that means nothing, all so we will be deceived by the chase in a pursuit of self imposed purpose and giving meaning to a form of existence that has none and so we continue to chase it in the hope that doing so, it will give rise to this purpose and meaning we wish to impose upon this illusion we believe to be real and the only possible reality that continues to imprison us by chasing it, yet we believe we are escaping it by doing so... While we are caught up doing all of this and not acknowledging the deception, we are then having this reality constructed so we can be controlled more and have our minds taken away from us by this imposition of illusive limitations of reality, as though it’s the only reality and those doing this fear more and more losing that control as people start to wake up to this state of affairs. Survival is this pursuit and confusion over perceiving this ultimate reality, from behind the veil of this symbolic imposition, as otherwise you’ll find yourself living just to survive while attempting to give this pursuit purpose and meaning, until you eventually die anyway and what was the point of that? Your life of survival inevitably led to death anyway and your life became nothing more than the existence of any other animal on the planet, yet you was caught up with living to survive and surviving to live and so life itself passed you by... You was deceived by the way you dressed it up and thought it something more and something else. Yet it’s this game you’re playing, blinding you from seeing beyond it to the greater reality that has given rise for this limitation within it from being possible. You need to shift your point of self awareness which comes by seeing past the limitations of this artificial construct, seeing past the illusion you’ve held up as being real and the only reality possible. It’s not, it’s defined by your limitations or else exposed as it is. You can chip away at rock to guide it into your self imposed image. Or you can chip away at rock to guide it into what’s always been their. This change is made by a Point of Attention and Understanding, out of which breeds Wisdom. It’s up to you what you cultivate... Your mind needs to be in a state of surprise and awe at life or else it’s conditioned and living within the conformity of a ridged system of belief in which it already expects a certain reality, as it has become accustomed to it by way of culture, assumption and repetition which has blinded you from the magic of life which by such a system you now take for granted and so no longer see that magic. You believe magic doesn’t exist because you believe in an illusion... You may see that the quote and this comment above appear to be in contradiction and yet they’re not. They’re the realisation of a double bind as both are equally true... Intellectual practices change throughout the ages, dictated by the cultural norms of the time. Wisdom is without time, formula or bounds. It can only be experienced directly, whereas intellectual certificates are freely available to the highest bidder...
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    GOAT - Let it Burn Not sure why the story is on a kids website, but here you go; https://www.cbc.ca/kidscbc2/the-feed/the-strange-legend-of-the-swedish-yule-goat Super band - Latest release;
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    I was wondering if this track would appear here......if not l was going to post it :O)
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    Donald Trump wants the USA to be the first to collect and examine Sun Rocks.. .
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    There's many ways.....one is upload it to wetransfer(.)com It requires 2 email addresses........the sender and a receiver. You could send it to yourself if you have more than 1 email address. Once it is finished uploading you will receive an email from wetransfer confirming such. In that email will be a code / hyperlink which can be copied / pasted and shared anywhere.. No-one would see your email address or anyone elses BTW. Then anyone interested on this thread could download and watch :O) (wetransfer up to 2GB is free)
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    The source is not credible, neither in the moon rocks or anything else in space. This stuff has not been debunked. You have a religion and others are pointing that out. The government even lies to itself, check out how many lies have been told to Congress by management of other sectors of government. Alright now I just went off topic but, it proves my point beyond doubt. Sorry about the documentary that you probably can't find. I have it it is 462 megabytes and 3:00:01 hours long. I don't know jow to give it to you all.
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    Here is the point. https://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/BeyondThePhotography/ImageDetective/wiki/wiki.pl?topic=Questions/General https://www.truthcontrol.com/forum/nasa-caught-deleting-data-mars-curiosity-rover-images They have been doing this a long time. If any image becomes an embarrassment to their coverups they delete it. So, you will not find many proofs on the net. I recommend a documentary, " Everything You Know About NASA is Wrong ".
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    Some human babies are born with tails, which doesn't sound very intelligently-designed to me!
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    A touch of humour - I wrote this around 7 years ago: "Be loud, be proud, and full of glee, where e'er you go, let your wind blow free! So 'toot your horn' and 'keep it breezy',who cares it makes the neighbours queasy? For we all know it doesn't matter if curtains flap and windows shatter! The only thing I beg of you, is: 'Be a sport, DON'T 'follow through!' "
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    What’s all this ‘tearing apart’ mean? Why are you so so angry all the time? If youre so convinced about of all of this why are so desperate for validation from others?
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    Censorship, remember that alien species are more secret than the hydrogen bomb. David talks the talk and it is scaring the hell out of them.
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    Regardless the moon is not what you think. Do you know how many vehicles have been spotted flying across the surface. Fact is the surface is banded. I don't attribute these vehicles to aliens by the way. Earth based military craft are my guess. I swear to you I seen a launch from the moon one night. It was so fast, I had a camera hanging from my neck and I touched the pouch that holds it by the time it was no longer visible. It was red and fast like a spark leaving a weld puddle. It traveled 5 times the visual thickness of the moon in about half a second. That thing seemed to be going the traveling speed instantly at take off. I was going to pick up my wife that gets off at 3:00 AM an looked at the moon wishing I could get a good shot of it. Chemtrail snot defuses light and all we get is a white blur. Defused all contrast is gone. So, no one has gotten a good picture of the moon.
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