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    *man with big balls here to testify* *whats g12 do? says here it destroys everything but the fillings in their teeth. helps us pay fir the war effort. ..well shit, call it up. call up g12...shooooo..boooom...cool, whats g13 do?"
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    When I was 18, magic mushrooms were not illegal here. Now, it's some super-Felony. The only thing one had to worry about was a farmer catching you in his cow fields. Many good times were had. Some people can't handle the trip though. Weak minded they are.
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    It was done by the TPTB in cahoots with organized crime. I'd wager the City of London had a say in it too. Lyndon Johnson's, first act as President, was reversing JFK's executive order concerning the Federal Reserve while en route from Dallas. I'd say it indicates high priority. Every President since JFK has actively worked against the citizens of my Country in the favor of entities unknown. If I knew the truth, I'd have been long dispatched to Davy Jones' Locker. The joke is that every incoming President is shown a video concerning the JFK assassination which is how we explain why every single one toes the elites' line immediately if not sooner. Seriously, Hilary or Trump what kind of choice is that, really?
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    Fuck me, I've never seen such ignorance, stupidity and downright foolishness on a thread before as this. There is such a thing as electromagnetism and non-ionising radiation. In the same way as light reaches the earth, heat reaches the earth and requires no physical medium in order to transmit from source. Really, this place has been hit hard by trolls and shills in a big way, attempting to get people to sign up to their bizarre fantasies, and more sinisterly, diverting impressionable enquiring minds down a quacky trail of thought with their flat-earth style of reasoning. Beware people, the posters who do this are attempting to discredit this 'truth movement' by associating their fake viewpoints with legitimate theories.
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    Magic mushrooms might decriminalise Denver.
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    Many 'Murricans say nearly the same thing about every single one of our modern Presidents. The first thing they do at his orientation is to show him the real truth behind JFK's assassination. It has to scare the Hell out of anyone.
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    This is good news that more young people are quitting that toxic pile of crap Facebook. Personally, I wouldn’t touch Facebook with a barge pole as it’s bad for someone like me who suffers anxiety, depression and panic disorder. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/sep/21/does-quitting-social-media-make-you-happier-yes-say-young-people-doing-it
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    Moderators note can this repetition/spam stop please....
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    To see the full horror of a Masonic Bible have a look at this:
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    Clarissa !!! The two posts you've made may make sense to you .... But I don't think they will to many . If you wan't to open up a dialogue I would suggest less jargon , and less wandering around subject wise ... Imagine you are talking to someone who is new to this subject . "We're almost at full disclosure" Yes ... we may well be ... Disclosure is defined as an official announcement of the reality of ET's , perhaps an admission that governments have been interacting with them for decades . Full disclosure is defined as a complete revelation of the truth , that the cabal has an off world empire of millions of slaves abducted from Earth , bases on moon , mars and outside the solar system , has time travel , jump portals and every imaginable advanced tech you can think of ... and has been trading with 100's of different ET groups for many decades. .....
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    He was smashed on good coke for most of the campaign trail
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    Awesome. I have been contemplating growing my own.
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    I agree with Jake Morphonios view on Trump and Iran. He is saying that the Zionists know they only have Trump in office for a gauranteed 1.5 years. They will obviously try and steal the election for Trump, but it just may not work. I originally thought the Zionists would start the war with Iran AFTER Trump gets re elected. But no matter how much they try and cheat it is not gauranteed Trump gets 4 more years with the Democrats likely to fight him tooth and nail. Morphonios thinks they will try and strike while they have Trump in office so that we get stuck in that quagmire. IMO they may even try and suspend elections in 2020 if the conflct with Iran is hot enough. Trump is the greatest gift the Zionists have ever had, and they need to take advantage while they have a gauranteed 1.5 years to start war with Iran and Venezuela.
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    It appears there are different levels of free speech, The tolerance of abusive language on social media is something for the site owners to control, are trolls free to abuse their targets? (Personally when I've been trolled I point out that their abusive rubbish says a lot more about them than me) ,, Then there's the big freedom of speech, ie the ability/freedom to talk about and expose global control and NWO agenda and police corruption in a police state etc,,,, I've watched enough stuff now to see the big picture of silencing those that are brave enough to expose the Billionaires control agenda to ,,,,, 'Control Everything' ,, I'm starting to really like Katie Hopkins. Who is very outspoken against the migrant Muslim invasion and the consequences of being called a racist if you dare to question it or ask questions ,, like Tommy Robinson who was imprisoned,, (She did a great interview with him on yt). But ,, I would say to katie ,, who keeps asking (and rightly so) ,, why do Muslims always choose to come to Christian countries? Why do Christian countries bomb innocent civilians in Muslim countries and expect the migrating millions to like the Christian countries? and feel no sense of retaliatory action ,, But ,, the bigger picture,, as explained perfectly in Davids books ,, it all started with 9 11 ,, The beginning of the Religious war! and 'Terrorism' ,, A deliberately constructed event.
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    The power behind corbyn is the MOMENTUM group which is owned by jewish millionaire ZIONIST jon lansman. Jon lansman works with the zionist jewish labour movement to control the discourse on the left he has called for the FULL adoption of the international definition of anti-semitism so that people cannot say that the israeli state is a racist endevour. He has also called for an end to 'conspiracy theories' from labour members ie he doesn't want anyone discussing jewish power eg the influence of people like the rothschilds In fact momentum released a video clip on their facebook page speaking specifically about the rothschilds and trying to play down their influence throughout history. Meanwhile the labour party continues to purge any people who question zionist excesses or the role of jewish power in global affairs. Undercover al jazeera documentaries recently proved the role of jewish power in US and UK politics so no one should be under any illusion about that. Labour is clearly being steered by zionists. It should really rename itself the 'rothschild-communism (and zionism)' party so that its membership could make a more informed decision about what it is they are actually supporting Labour Party investigates Electronic Intifada journalist Ali Abunimah From the Editors 11 March 2019 Labour has initiated disciplinary proceedings against Asa Winstanley, a reporter with The Electronic Intifada who is also a member of the UK’s main opposition party. The first person to report on this publicly was a journalist from the Jewish Chronicle, a right-wing newspaper with a stridently anti-Palestinian record. New: It is understood that Asa Winstanley is suspended from Labour Party pending investigation. — Rosa Doherty (@Rosa_Doherty) March 7, 2019 Winstanley wasn’t aware of this until seeing the Tweet. He then checked his email account and saw a letter from the Labour Party informing him of an “investigation” into several of his tweets critical of Israel and its official ideology, Zionism. The paper published an article which contained Winstanley’s personal information. Winstanley has lodged a formal complaint with the Labour Party for a serious data protection breach and is considering referring the matter to the police. Because a journalist was informed of Winstanley’s private matters, the Labour Party may be in breach of its legal obligations to protect a member’s sensitive data. Leaking such personal data may be a criminal offense under the UK’s Data Protection Act of 2018. https://electronicintifada.net/blogs/ali-abunimah/labour-party-investigates-electronic-intifada-journalist
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    Yeah, 'dehydration' sounds cute and romantic, but it is actually 'strangulation' from lack of fluid that causes the painful death. In some business models, forums need to die like a strangulated calf. You had thousands upon thousands of people willing to stand by your side, but because they didn't choose to kneel at your feet, you decided to strangle that calf. Not interested in hearing from some failed assclown pretending to be you with a fake username taking the piss out of every single forum user as if it is an annoying chore to undertake between shopping for wristbands and plectrums. It is disgraceful that you have never interacted with this forum and says SO MUCH MORE ABOUT YOU THAN ANY SMARMY, REPETITIVE, EGO-INFLATING YOUTUBE VIDEO ever will.