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    as this thread mentions the bbc.
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    Here's some accounts from South Eastern Australia for you. I recently, December last year, filmed yellow flying lights hovering over and moving around a highway road house and adjacent residential housing. Unfortunately the film I made with my cheap camera did not pick up the lights as well as I would have liked. The lights as I said were yellow, shined like stars glowing, were within 100 meters of the ground type of height, and moved either side of the highway, and even alternated to a smaller red light while moving. There was at least 3 or 4 glowing flying objects. I have seen these same flying yellow lights over the past few years, and once even chanced upon one which had in fact landed next to a residential house on the side of the highway, whence doing so I slowed down in my car, as I did the object moved upwards, then diagonally, as I turned the wrong way around on the highway, drove up the road and crossed over to the appropriate lane, chasing the object, which moved to an altitude of perhaps 500 meters, and moved away at approximately 500-600 kilometers per hour. A bit like a light aircraft. It left the vicinity moving in a west north west direction. I recently within the last few months got out of my car in the town I live in outside Melbourne Australia, and stopping to turn and lock the car remotely saw again a flying yellow light, which was some kilometer or two away, glowing it moved diagonally up, and as it moved it caught my attention. I then stopped, rather unsurprised did a "Live long and prosper" "star-trek" hand signal facing that part of the sky, and the object appearing to have continued moving diagonally from where I first saw it, flashed yellow, by which I presume it was moving away into the sky continually yet I could not see it at night. I hope you like these accounts, why not share an account of your own of any U.F.O. sightings! Peace out!
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    I don't know what folks here think of Richard D Hall and his Richplanet TV shows, I only discovered him recently thanks to this forum and have been watching some of his earlier shows and films. Interestingly, his latest show was apparently censored by Youtube so he's had to upload this one to Vimeo instead. Mostly filmed at the Birmingham stop on his recent tour, he offers his thoughts on Brexit, some follow up to his recent Jo Cox film, and then offers some alternative insight into the 2017 Manchester terror attack. Parts 2 and 3 are also available to watch on Vimeo as well as at the Richplanet website. https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=269&part=1&gen=99 Was the Manchester terror attack a staged hoax? I'll leave that to you to decide. He may be right, he may be wrong, but I do welcome Richard's style of 'investigative journalism' and asking those questions that the mainstream media dare not ask, because all they do is parrot the 'official narrative' which has most likely been provided by those who actually organised the incident.
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    There was no normal reason for Boris Johnson to miss tonights political debate on channel 4. However..... Tomorrow (Mon 17th jun) is a Full Moon. It reaches its peak at 8.31 am GMT. Moon is in Capricorn. Unusually there are no other conjunctions for the 17th. Which leads into Tues 18th where he has his debate in front of the TV cameras on the BBC. He is avoiding public contact between now and tues. so it suggests some sort of initiation/ritual he is going to be put through. It should be noted that in spite of any heavy glamours cast over Johnson by ritual, when he steps into 10 Downing Street he will be subject to the Downing Street Injection. And the "gizmos" that they are going to install to protect Johnson ,wont amount to shit in the scheme of things. So Mr Johnson you want power? Take it. Take. It. All.
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    When the media extensively covers a story like this and the Prime Minister and politicians weigh in ... it makes me suspicious. Melania "Gey"monat's nose was broken. What do others think of this photo? She has no blood on her hands .... surely it would be a natural instinct to touch the nose and stop the bleeding. Who took the photo?
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    I'm not sure what the current law is regarding minors. Can the press name them and publish their photos? Mail article says, " Five teenagers aged between 15 and 18 have been charged with robbery and aggravated grievous bodily harm. All five have been bailed until early July."
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    And once again with the useless straw man argument. Nobody....absolutely nobody with a brain has claimed steel melted. But guess what....the temperature that significantly weakens steel was easily achieved. And further the damn OP which you have ignored shows quite clearly that the bowing of floors around the impact points caused the initial building breakage and its subsequent drop. No it hasn't. This is a moronic claim that ignores evidence showing the building pulling in from bowed floors. Thermite could never do such a thing and you would need tons of the bleeding stuff! There were no demolitions. On such an enormous building...charges would have to be massive and would be audible to the entire city! No. But massive chunks of burning building hit it. Bollocks. The reverse is true. Those dumbass "gubment perps" couldn't keep such a massive secret!! Let alone pull all that off. They had trouble with a simple break in and a blow job! Bollocks. The people who did it were toast. The people who planned it were killed. Your claim is the ultimate circular reasoning. I shall ignore the bullshit trufer video and the ludicrous "the joos dunnit" pish.
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    They recorded it all in written format on the post mission reports for every bloody mission. The tapes were superfluous and the data is totally useless for a mission to even land in the identical spot. Different orientation, launch window, Lunar injection burn ...everything. This is what ignorant people do. They find something that they think is important and fail miserably because it isn't.
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    I suppose if you are dumb enough to believe this....then a stupid video which offers no proof whatsoever will work for you. The exiting water causes the reactive force in the opposite direction. The section with the hover drone is merely creating more pressure below to create lift.....a totally different thing entirely. Your video maker is an imbecile.
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    So you are saying Europe doesnt want our commerce post Brexit? Do you think Mercedes and Audi are going stop selling cars in Britain post Brexit? You are attaching emotions to business deals..not a good combination. Business is business, and politics is bull shiv. Money walks and politics talks. Im sure the hard border can be negotiated and the Euro citizens rights too, post Brexit. It can and it will, it just trade and treatise, run of the mill business dealings for the past 6000 years!
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    Firstly: I'm not your buddy. Secondly: I come from a place where people can read written English and comprehend it. If you read what I wrote you would understand that I referred specifically to using violence to defend oneself against women who were using violence against oneself. If you're not willing to defend yourself against violence then that's your prerogative. I, on the other hand, will defend myself against any form of physical violence directed against me. Who said I am looking for an excuse? If things happened the way the women said it happened then those responsible should be punished. If, on the other hand, the woman referred to as Chris actually got violent first and provoked the men then she got what she deserved. Even her girlfriend describes seeing her as "fighting with the men", so she must have been using violence against the men, which portrays the story in a different light. I don't condone unprovoked attacks or bullying, but we only know half of the story which is coming from the alleged victims. I will reserve any form of judgement until I hear both sides and see the video evidence.
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    You can fuck off strummer we have faught enough wars for Isreali interests
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    Fires can spread courtesy of cabling ducts - carpeting - wooden stairs - dust dirt rubbish - and indirectly by heat transference Dont forget the whole concept of fire safety in tower blocks is that the fire is contained in an apartment or on a floor for 30 - 60 minutes before it spreads - either by heat or materials finally succumbing. Most things are fire retardent not fire proof - Fire proofing / retardent materials also often emit toxic fumes so theres a trade off between not allowing the fire to spread and not poisoning everyone and yes of course cost - If for example Fire proof and non toxic sees your sofa cost 35000 pounds there's a point its unaffordable / uneconomic. At Grenfell the renovations and cladding - negated the system fire breaks On 911 - The initial impacts covered several floors - Burning debris could have potentially directly entered several more (jet fuel could have sprayed into the air ducts for example) - The fires burned for several hours so the 30mins / 60 mins fire delay was exceeded - then you have the fact the impact would have adversely affected numerous fire breaks. A fire left unattended at Grenfel without the cladding would have eventually spread throughout the block - theres examples of this- Its no surprise that this happened at the twin towers Building 7 of course was struck on several floors by burning debris which enabled tis fire to spread
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    The god's foresook us, left us to rot. The criminals in charge have lost the plot. The fight begins and their heads will roll. Now human slavery has taken its toll. Fear not and rejoice for the time is at hand For all our kindred to reclaim our land And reclaim our fortunes, lives and fates The ruling elite have brought death to their gates They beg and plead as the tidal mob roars Down come the walls, the windows and doors The blood of the masters paints the town red We will never stop until the last one is dead And when it's all over and freedom is gained Let us never again be fooled or enslaved Let us always remember the war was won And live together in peace and as one.
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    Not that I can speak for anyone else except myself, I would say that 'Brexiteers' as you refer to them, consider themselves 'victims' because there was a referendum and their choice 'won' the vote. And the country is still in the EU, yet post march 29th 2019 it seems leaving the EU 'without a deal' has been 'outlawed' and thus written into law against the will of the people. I would think they have a sound basis for feeling victimised considering the circumstances..as I would if remain had won the vote and and the country then left the EU against the will of the people. Its not about which side you are on, the fact is this government and parliament, and the the monarch have both neglected their position power and the ancient unequivocal rule of law. This is about democracy and the will of the masses being subverted by a group of people who are acting against the law in their own selfish interests.
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    its the side effects of the flu jab that causes problems. chest infections and respiratory problems.
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    You are probably being gang-stalked. That is not unusual. Pay closer attention during the daytime.
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    Oh it’s crazy what could be going on, is the theory that demons and aliens are the same thing, just different energetic information? And the elite what are they? Are they full reptilians showing a human hologram or are they a hybrid like the nephalim which are possessed by a reptilian consciousness which in its true form, is a reptilian?
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    One of the first of the legendary Grandmasters of Freemasonry was King Solomon, from whom Haile Selassie claimed direct descent. Haile Selassie and Marcus Garvey were both Freemasons and it is no surprise that Freemasonry has been an influence on Rastafarianism. Freemasonry has also strongly influenced Haitian Vodou.
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    the Ethiopians claim that the Ark of the Covenant is in their country they also claim that the Queen of Sheba was from Ethiopian origin and had a child from King Solomon - this child founded their Royal bloodline
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    How very rude this person is. But that's ok....he's team conspiracaaaay and of course he has been "provoked"(though not by me!). OFF TOPIC SHIT! Everything in that plagiarised repeated shite has been covered and addressed in the main thread. I will however have a quiet little snigger at Mr. Fizzix…. The incredibly dumb claim of somebody who "relies" on physics but doesn't quite get how it works. The only thing that needs to give way, is the single floor that the falling section hits first. That chunk of building is very, very heavy. When it starts falling - let's say the section is 50,000 tons(10%) - after it has fallen just 4m the kinetic energy is off the scale. It is now at 1,961,330,000 Joules! After 8m it has grown in mass by 8m of building which I shall ignore - it now has 3,922,660,000 Joules. How about after 30m and it has doubled in mass(guess) 14,709,975,000 Joules!! That is one hell of a battering ram and I have ignored the extra mass which has its own accumulative rate of kinetic energy at each single point. At 60m we can add the first 30m calc to an additional 60m calc.45,000,000,000 Joules. A 60m average falling car would have 1.5 million Joules. As the mass above falls, it gathers momentum and increases its kinetic energy as it gathers more speed and accumulates the mass of pulverised floors. What pulverises one floor may indeed be resisted by a lower floor(hypothetically), but the same mass is now vastly more and vastly increased in kinetic energy. Why a bowling ball? Why not a baseball? Do you think it conjures up a faster fall? The WTC7 collapsed at free fall for 2 seconds - there was somewhat of a delay whilst the internal section below the penthouse clearly gave way first. The rest of the drop was not at freefall. Even so, it's a red herring. If the lower supports give way because the transfer of load is too high, it's going to look like a CD anyway. Take your off topic ignorance to the main thread. Read it first, as you are way behind the curve!
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    NASA wasn't 'infiltrated' as it was run by nazis and CIA from its very beginning the nazis were brought over after world war 2 as part of 'operation paperclip' to work on the US missile/rocket programmes
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    I used to be manic-depressive or as they ( the pharmaceutical industry and their lackeys ,the shrinks and their helpers ,the psychiatric nurses and the pharmacies ) call it now : Bi-polar disorder ! But at the age of 59 , 2 years ago , I studied my " disease " and came to the conclusion that a lot depended on my diet and I started eating a plant-based or vegan diet and I started to feel better and my thinking got clearer and I understood my psychosis and I gradually took less and less pharmaceutical "medicine" ( which I learned had many side-effects like diabetes and bad eye-sight which I already had ! Eating vegan not only improved my health , physically and mentally but also made me more emphatic and compassionate towards animals and other human beings ! I don't judge people who continue eating meat and dairy ( vegetarians think they help combat cruelty towards animals but milkcows have extreme terrible lives , only 2 years whilst a cow usually lives to twenty years and milkcows get artificially inseminated and as soon as the calf is born they take their child-calf away which makes the cow depressed and they suffer because of the loss of their offspring and after two years they are so heavy they can hardly stand up and are cruelly murdered for our lust for meat and milk which is very unhealthy and is the cause of heart disease , cancer , diabetes and the cluttering of fat in our arteries ! I am 61 now and am fitter than when I was 50 , many physical and mental problems are a thing of the past and eating a plant-based diet and on top taking some vitamins have changed my life for the better and more and more people do the same , every new vegan means a few lless animals abused and slaughtered for our perverted pleasure ! ( I used to be addicted to cheese and found out that there is a sort of opioid in cheese which addicts people , that is why pizzas and french fries dipped in cheese are so popular and why in the west and the eastern countries where western diets are more and more fashionable like Mc Donalds , Coca Cola , Kentucky Fried Chicken , Pizza Hut more and more people are morbidly OBESE ! I WOKE UP AND I FEEL GREAT !