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    No TR is being prosecuted by the British state and quite rightly His actions are risking trials - do you want justice for the victims or do you want TER to report on the ongoing and upcoming trials - which risks them walking because the defence claim Jury is influenced When the trials are over events are reported - theres no shortage of reports despite the TR fan club claiming nobody is reporting it.
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    It's fun mate and I maybe an arse but I can also take the piss out of my own limitation....so fuck me :) I had a couple of hours free today and so.... maybe we could sell merchandise?? (I wonder what the psychology students will make of this shit lol) Some mugs (or is that me) Some T Shirts??? Or dose em up with the gatorade.... Maybe just get those students addicted to OUR media?? Get it into their heads lol.... Everywhere.... lol....sorry but sometimes I just can't help it.......soooooooo I made a quick website :) Now it may take a few hours to propagate across all the interwebs but I asked a mate to look and it came straight up on his mobile (funny as on my desktop it dont yet....but hey fuck me :) ) It is only meant to be fun so dont take offense .... or do and if you wish to nominate anyone or add to/ change text....pm me lol Which ever way....I found it funny and I bet you could brand it and some of the mass would buy it lmfao....... crazybrainspiders.com Tell me if it don't work....or if it does and offends you lol well fuck me lol :)
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    If your a regular user of this social you will have already heard of how the establishment often use subliminals which tend to stick in the sub conscious mind, here is one I have noticed and it involves the use of tv to add images that are currently in vouge in one place or another. Whilst watching the following Tv series I noticed that at 1.53 we get an audible warning in the form of a single note and then one second visual of a sky covered in trails. Is this by design or merely random, I will let you decide.
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    Long 2017 research paper here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5607572/ (I haven't looked through it to see if the pineal gland and 4g/5g is specifically mentioned). An excerpt: Some other issues covered in the research at the above link: The influence of microwave radiation on the morphology of the brain The influence of microwave radiation on electroencephalograph (EEG) data The influence of microwave radiation on postnatal development Mechanisms underlying learning and memory are damaged by microwave irradiation
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    Great video and what has been going on for millennia, Sir James Frazer in the book "The Golden Bough" talks about how the process worked in the indiginous tribes of Africa, also called Sympathetic Magic which the Shaman used on a regular basis. A few books worth reading, https://www.stmarys-ca.edu/sites/default/files/attachments/files/Totem_and_Taboo.pdf https://www.templeofearth.com/books/goldenbough.pdf I think they have perfected the programming to include what is 5G, where they are able to program the mind during sleep, WiFi and other technology can place ideas into the minds eye. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread767731/pg1
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    it depends on the context if you look at the information i posted above about the people who set up the festival and created the 'pyramid stage' you will see that the context is that they are heavily steeped in esoteric lore and I suggest have freemasonic connections
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    Hope it works better than their subs ☢️
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    No, no, no mate he ‘threw him out when he found out that Epstein was being investigated! Slightly different! Now knowing trump - what do you think his real motivation was? btw, you have also forgotten that two teenage girls have also accused trump of raping them. Btw, I find it strange how you guys keep on trying to find ‘excuses’ for trump. When it is clinton, the victims are always telling the truth- but when trump is involved, it’s funny but all the victims then are liars, maybe if you guys focus more on the TRUTH - and less on trying to protect trump from his rapist past, more progress would be made.
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    At the beginning of this thread, we were told that this is the ‘great’ Donald and he is ‘clearing’ out the pedos. and all that nonsense. we were also told that Donald hardly knew this guy! now, it seems that was all a load of bollocks, it seems!
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    More bad news for you mr. A. I know you are trying your best to pretend that trump had little or nothing to do with Mr. Epstein. But gradually all these stories are now tumbling out..... seems our two boys were very very close..... Donald trump threw a party in 1992 that was attended by 28 young women from a 'calendar girl' competition and just one guest - Jeffrey Epstein. The New York Times reports that George Houraney, a Florida-based businessman who ran American Dream Enterprise, put the event together at the behest of President Trump, and was shocked at what he saw when he arrived at Mar-a-Lago that night. 'I arranged to have some contestants fly in. At the very first party, I said, "Who’s coming tonight? I have 28 girls coming." It was him and Epstein,' said Houraney. 'I said, "Donald, this is supposed to be a party with V.I.P.s. You’re telling me it’s you and Epstein?"' That friendship would pay off years later according to Epstein, who the Times reports has told a number of people that he introduced President Trump to his now-wife Melania.........
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    And from that it follows that the SSP (Secret Space Program) is all real , (I knew it was anyway .....) He channeled Elena Kapulnik's oversoul ... endorsed everything she said , and basically confirmed , 'Yes there is an SSP , with millions of humans , many slaves , living off world controlled by the cabal' , and the cabal (rothschilds etc) are controlled by malevolent ETs ..... The phrase that sticks in my mind from that channeling is "Make Work" ... The SSP with all it's fantastic tech and space ships miles long , is simply 'make work' to keep talented humans occupied , thinking they're doing something important and useful and distracted from their true soul missions... Elena's oversoul said ALL the ET's we know of and come in contact with are malevolent , that must include the Nordics , Simon Parke's Mantids and Correy Goode's Blue Avians . Re visiting Karl's library again I see he's channeled everyone imaginable ...Al Bieleik , Einstien , William Thompkins, Kubrick , Pol pot ...I don't know where to start!
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    About 10 years ago my wife and I had a chance meeting with a scientist that worked for the CSIRO ,the bastion of scientific inquiry in Australia. He told me that even though he had worked as a scientist for the last 20 years he was unable to obtain a housing loan from a bank because he had to re-apply for his job every 12 months, he was also told what he had to study and his tenure was performance based. My question would be how can you have genuine scientific inquiry under those conditions
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    Apparently them and savile run a huge a paedo ring for the elite, even from Broadmoor!
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    I do think certain posters still have an allegience to Clinton or Trump, left, right, left right ... the deceptive march carries on. This story goes way beyond party politics. I'm sure there are occult elite people involved in all of this and in so many other places, Hollywood etc ... but the truth won't out. It's alleged girls as young as 14 were used and photographed. I suggest boys also, because the Epstein black book included male homosexuals.
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    Wasn't Trump named as one of the men who enjoyed Epstein's hospitality?
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    you Trump sycophants are something else. Trump aint doing shit. Trump is boys with Epstein, they partied together. There are even allegations that both Trump and Epstein raped a 15 year old. The girl came forward but was ultimately threatened and had to drop her case. This was the same time the Trump gang pushed the "Pizzagate" fraud as a cover to hide Trump's rape allegations. Epstein got a sweetheart deal, and Trump rewarded the Prosecutor (Alexander Acosta) who gave him that deal with a cabinet position. Yeah Trump sure is fighting the Pedos. SMDH. Trump supporter Alan Dershowitz was even on Epstein's legal team, and he is also involved in the whole Lolita express. These criminals are all working together. Also people who think Trump has anything to do with this arrest are just foolish. Epstein was arrested by Federal prosecutors out of Manhattan. If I am not mistaken these are the same people who are investigating Trump himself. Trump trolls are the biggest fools.
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    He works for Rebel media, which is run by Zionist Neocons. He is a professional provocateur, paid for by the deep state. Only idiots follow this guy. The level of discourse on this forum is at a terribly low level right now to be honest.
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    what has the world come to when people descend on this forum to defend a racist Zionist tool. Good job. I mean of all the people to defend, a Zionist shill. No wonder this world is so fucked up.
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    They are not doing a very good job then. How many years are they at it? 40 -50? And Britian is still over around 90% British white according to national census. we need to stop this illusion that the Cabal or whatever name you call them are totally all powerful. They are not. Probably no more than 200 ‘families’. you are right that “We're Lucky we have people prepared to go to jail over this ‘ but not violent louts like Robinson and his crew. you don’t solve problem by getting rid of one bad lot and replacing them with another group of violent ignorant louts. and as we saw from the recent election, despite all the publicity this guy gets ( amazing when you think about it??) he has virtually little or no support from the general public.
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    Only a racist idiot like you could come to a conclusion like that. but who’s surprised? Here’s an ideas for you: for normal people, it is possible to condemn evil Muslim rapists and violent fascist thugs like Robinson . bty, why don’t you use his REAL name?
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    No YOU need to apologize to yourself for being suckered into such a pessimistic out look ...no one s going to have chips in their heads ...Snap out of it ... The future is ours , and we create it by our beliefs and expectations ... You have become part of the problem by using your mental powers to dream a nightmare into reality
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    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7018811/A-9bn-lie-Blood-testing-company-boss-Elizabeth-Holmes-faces-20-years-bars.html i take it she must be on to something.
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    What went wrong with her firm was we're 50 years or more away from having micro-technology sophisticated enough to do what she was trying to do and she hid this for months from investors who were pouring many millions of dollars into her company. Everyone in the company had to sign a NDA so they could make sure nothing about their problems would get out.