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    https://www.truthspoon.com/2017/02/killer-kabbalah-gang-stalkers-of.html Killer Kabbalah: Gang-Stalkers of the Apocalypse. Sounds like the start of a cheesy horror movie except this is real... The Kabbalah is a psychopath factory. It creates psychopaths and schizophrenics. It is not some mere harmless spiritual mummery which causes no harm to those who practice it, it is not something like meditation which leads to a sense of inner peace and inner calm. And, above all, it is not a dusty religious relic, left over from centuries of lost Gods, and brought to day like some kind of charming ethnic museum curiosity. It is alive and it is extremely dangerous. The Hungry Kabbalah Snake The Kabbalah is ALIVE, and what is more it is not, as the outsider might believe, something contained within a book which might be read for wisdom and some vague mystical enlightenment. We need only look at the type of people who publicly claim to be following the Kabbalah. Of course we have Madonna, the demon OAP pop crone who fingers herself in public. In a normal person this would usually require community service or a short spell in a psychiatric facility. But Kabbalah pop-crones are allowed a little leeway, since they are part of the insider-club who make the rules. The red Kabbalah bracelet had been spotted being worn by his Satanic Majesty’s servant Mick Jagger, classless and confused Paris Hilton, Demi Moore, Rihanna, Leonardo Dicaprio, ‘Mad’ Miley Cyrus, Barmy Brittney Spears, Victims of the Kabbalah. All vapid and bonkers. The red string supposedly protects the wearer from the evil-eye, much like the bulchuk nazar worn in Turkey, or the hand of Fatima in Morocco. The red string is an example of both idolatry and necromancy since it is woven around the tomb of Jacob’s wife Rachel and lengths of it are apparently cut off and serve as talismans. It is believed that Rachel’s departed spirit has the power to protect those wearing the red string. Kabbalah in reality is not in any sense, learned, or rather, experienced, through reading. The purpose of any written matter on the Kabbalah is solely for initiates to share their understanding of the process they experienced. One cannot learn the Kabbalah from studying texts, it is an experiential discipline. Of course, I can tell you what Kabbalah is, but what difference does that make? It is the difference between telling someone about classical music, giving them a speech full of fascinating information about Beethoven, trumpets and minims, and someone listening to the music. Listening to music is the direct experience. Reading about Kabbalah is not the direct experience of Kabbalah, it is like reading a book about a piece of music, then expecting to have some understanding of that tune. It is really hard to describe what Kabbalah is because it is unique and very far removed from what most people consider their experience of life. In his book The Palm Tree of Deborah, Shelomo Alfassa describes the attainment of the highest level of the tree of life, Kether or Crown. Kabbalah, Union with.... “It does not raise nor exalt itself upwards; on the contrary, it descends to look downwards at all times. For this there are two reasons. The first is that it ashamed to gaze at its Source, but the Cause of its emanation looks continually into it to give goodness to it while it looks down to those beneath.” Immediately one notices this idea of being ‘ashamed’ at the source, the source is ‘God’ so if one is ashamed how does one draw closer to God. Instead this talk of ‘shame’ suggests estrangement from God and evoke the fall of man in the Garden of Eden being reenacted where Adam and this is the first sign to God that Adam has transgressed his law and obeyed the serpent. It can be no coincidence that the serpent is a stylistic representation of the journey up the Kabbalic tree of life, and the word snake in the Hebrew Old Testament is Nachash which also means occult. In Genesis 2 it says ‘but they were not ashamed’. Then after the fall Adam could not be found by God so God calls to Adam “Where are you?” and Adam answers “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked so I hid.” There are also some puzzling commentaries which could be interpreted in strange ways and lead to further strange ideologies. “..In the Almighty’s sight the repentant sinner has a higher status than the man who has never sinned. This is the meaning of the rabbinic teaching that in the place where the penitent stands the perfectly righteous cannot stand (Ber. 34b). The reason for this has been expounded by the Rabbis in the chapter ‘He Who Builds,’ where it is stated that the letter He is shaped like an exedra (Is a Greek word for exedra was a covered place in front of a house but open to the outside) so that whomsoever wishes to go astray may do so. That is to say, the world was created by means of the letter He and the Holy One, Blessed is He, created the world wide open in the direction of sin and evil. As the exedra, the world is not fully enclosed but is broken open towards the direction of evil (Sabbath). Consequently, he who wishes to go astray need not turn in those directions where there is no sin and iniquity by which to enter in the province of the Outside Ones. But the He is open at the top left-hand corner so that if the sinner repents he can be received back there….This is why the righteous cannot stand in the place of the penitents. For the latter have not entered by the door of the righteous, but they have tormented themselves, ascending through the upper door…They have therefore ascended until they stand in the spiritual degree of He – namely, the fifth palace of the Garden of Eden, which is the roof of the He, while the righteous have entered at the opening of the He at the entrance of the exedra.” This suggestion that a repentant sinner is more valuable to god than a righteous man draws parallels to Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep, but the Kabbalah specifically exalts the sinner which, in the legalistic mind of the Rabbinical authority must conceivably indicate that sin itself serves a purpose and has a value in helping to allow a person to draw nearer to God. This is perhaps what we might understand by the Freemasonic system being described as a ‘peculiar system of morality’. Kabballah as Mental Illness Again, reading from the Kabbalah Experience, we find the following passage about the cessation of perception of time experienced by the initiate into the Kaballistic mysteries. The Kabbalah is explained in a series of question and answers: “What about the lack of perception of time? It’s hard to understand the lack of sensation of time. But ‘time’ in spirituality is no more than the changing of emotions.” According to The Kabballah Experience by Michael Laitman, “a great part of the Kabbalist’s journey is spent in the worlds of ABYA (Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, Assiya), where the Kabbalist gradually turns intended and unintended sins into virtues, and thus justifies the works of the creator and His guidance." What is particularly alarming about the Kabbalah is this idea of turning SIN into VIRTUE, which in turn apparently justifies and does credit to God. This is a common recurring theme in many secret cults from around the world. Whether the Assassins, where ‘Nothing is true and everything is permitted’ or the OTO’s mantra of ‘do what thou wilt’ being the whole of the law, that somehow there is no such thing as sin. We notice time and time again the idea that to the ‘elect’ or chosen ones, there is no sin and they can behave exactly as they wish without any consequences. It is obvious to anyone that such a doctrine is the doctrine of the devil because the law of cause and effect states clearly that all actions have consequences. From my experience of Freemasonry, by which I mean the repeated attempts to draw me into the system at various locations around the world, from a government training course in France, to a Japanese cultural exchange centre, to a teacher training programme in the UK to a Cultural centre in Casablanca run by the US department of State. At all of these institutions around the world I have had attempts to draw me into a parallel world which all those around me were part of, and the hints and allusions which were shown to me suggested that in this environment there was the unpleasant presence of sexual activity with underage children. Of course, they aren’t stupid enough to directly make this explicit, instead they set up situations where young girls are made available while there are people around wearing Masonic rings or making Masonic allusions. I understand that the purpose Freemasonic paedophilia serves is to be able to use blackmail to control those who are initiated into Freemasonry with sexual intercourse with a minor, but also this sin could be justified within the context of the Kabbalah because this person has now committed a sin, and should he repent, then he will have more spiritual value than the man who had never engaged in paedophilia or murder, or any one of the activities which Freemasons are involved in to some degree. This is a fundamental and potentially very alarming religious precept. It might also serve to explain the strange system of the Freemasons and the present problem of the modern world. Gang Stalkers The website Judiaciaryreport.com has an article about a lady Phiona Davis, apparently being a victim of mental abuse after becoming involved in Madonna’s Kabbalah centre in London. The website claims that Davis was conned out of 2 million pounds and was spied upon in her home with hidden cameras and illegal telephone wire-tapping. They then made it known to Phiona Davis at meetings what they knew about her. This is the key focus of the phenomenon known as 'Gang Stalking', to drive the victim to madness and despair, which, in their system, is the initiation to Kether and so called 'union' with God. The website doesn’t quite understand why they did this and is under the belief this was all in order to obtain money from Ms Davis, in fact the whole experience led to Fiona Davis becoming schizophrenic. Which was the intention of the whole Kabbalah experience all along. Putting the MAD into Madonna. http://www.judiciaryreport.com/kabbalah.htm Fashion student Phiona Davis reportedly confirmed to police that she had been attending Madonna Kabbalah centre in London and told police she was being ‘controlled’ and people from the Kabbalah centre were walking around her flat. A few months later she killed telephone salesman Keith Fernandez by stabbing him 58 times at her home in Green Lanes North London reportedly saying “God done good, for this is done through God.” The next day she killed her grandmother Mary Skerritt by stabbing her 130 times. She then tried to set fire to the flat. She then went outside the flat in Stoke Newington saying “I am God, I am the benevolent one, burn the demons inside her.” “You can arrest me but you can’t punish me. Only God can punish me.” She was also seen holding her arms out saying “I am the Messiah.” Later at Stoke Newington police station she attempted to strangle herself and smeared crosses on the wall in blood and excrement. She shouted at the police, “I am the messiah and the King of Kings. I will forgive you all.” She reportedly told the police she thought her former boyfriend Keith Fernandez was a robot and her grandmother was the devil. She was sent to Broadmoor and can be released only with the express consent of the home secretary. The sheer quantity of Kabbalah victims and other victims of mind control who must be in permanent residence at Broodmoor and Jimmy Savile’s well known magic pass to access all made me curious. These people were all involved in a millennial old secret initiatory programme whose end results are said to be a mystical union with God. What is curious is that whenever some of these people achieve this ‘mystical union’ they are under the deluded belief that they are indeed somehow, connected to God or Jesus, but it’s always some kind of murderous dark satire.Maybe the force they were connected to were not God but something else, something which wishes nothing but ill to mankind then in the Kabbalah has shown that it achieves these goals. The Beast of Broadmoor. Could they actually be in touch with some evil force? Could schizophrenia be mistakenly regarded by the Kabbalah practitoners as some method of achieving contact with these forces which they consider ‘God’? If so then what if Savile, himself said to be an occult wizard, were visiting Broadmoor secure mental health facility, in order to make contact with these beings which had broken through the portal of the victims damaged schizoid consciousness? Other high profile Kabbalists have also suffered from mental breakdowns Anat, Yaron, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, and Jackass TV star Steve O. http://www.judiciaryreport.com/lindsay_lohan_in_psychiatric_wing_of_ucla.htm The purpose of Kabbalah is precisely to induce schizophrenic illness. This is the attainment of Kether and ‘union’ with God. Hence when Phiona Davis reported comments to police and firefighters that she was God/the messiah. In her delusion. As reported by Phiona Davis some month prior to her murdering two people, she was being covertly monitored. She was involved in ‘The Game’ of the Kabbalah and was being hunted, followed, spied on and harassed, just like in the David Fincher movie The Game. This is what the film is about, it is about experiencing the Kabbalah and this can only be done with an extensive and well organized group of people creating an ‘experience’ for another person. In the film the Michael Douglas character even shoots his own brother and it is made to seem that he has killed him, before attempting suicide by throwing himself from a tall building, however within the context of the story all of this has been carefully stage managed and the gun used was firing blanks and the glass ceiling Douglas’ character smashed through was safety glass. Tragically however, such events happen in the real world and they are not stunts or illusions. In fact a key moment in the film has Douglas’ character saying ‘How do I know what’s real?’ and this is just the kind of liquid reality experience which the Kabbalah gang stalking experience can induce, perhaps up to a certain point ones experience and grasp on what is real becomes so tenuous that you kill people who you believe are not real, whether they are robots or demons. Such accidents, even if not intentional within the Kabbalah experience, are nonetheless fairly common. The Movie poster suggests the development of mental disturbance, and this is precisely the effect of the transformative effect of the Kabbalah which is 'taught' using a similar personally invasive procedure. Freemasonry and Kabbalah. The origin of the three degrees of Freemasonry come from the Kabbalah in addition to the Trinity of the Roman Catholic church. “There are three degrees, yet each is independent even though they are one, connected into one and do not separate one from the other. Come and see all the plants – NAMELY THE SFIROT – and all these candles – NAMELY THE SFIROT OF MALCHUT KNOWN AS THE FIERY LIGHTS – shine and blaze. All are watered and blessed from that river that continually flows, NAMELY BINAH, in which everything is included, AS ALL MOCHEM STEM FROM IT, and the sum of everything is within it. This river is called the mother of the Garden of Eden, DENOTING MALCHUT, AS BINAH IS REFERRED TO AS MOTHER (HEBREW. EM, ALEPH MEM), AS IT IS WRITTEN, “IF (HEBREW. IM, ALEPH, MEM) YOU CRY AFTER BINAH” (MISHLEI 2:3), being higher than the Garden. IT IS CALLED MOTHER, because EDEN, DENOTING CHOCHMAH, joins with it and does not leave it. For this reason, all the springs OF MOCHIN come out, draw FROM IT and water all sides, BOTH TO THE RIGHT OR TO THE LEFT, and open doors within it. Hence, there is Mercy coming from it, DENOTING THE CENTRAL COLUMN and Mercy opened in it AS THE BEGINNING OF THE OPENING OF THE CENTRAL COLUMN, WHICH RECONCILES AND JOINS RIGHT WITH LEFT BEING THE PERFECTION OF EVERYTHING, STARTS AT BINAH. Here, within the Zohar, the early Catholic Church and Freemasonry are seeing evidence of a common cult which is what the Freemasons call ‘the true religion’ and is effectively the same old Pagan cult since time began. Here we have the Kabbalah and the tree of life. Malchuth is at the bottom of the tree of life, and this corresponds to the sacral or root chakra, located at the base of the spine. The central column of the tree of life is the human spinal cord and the reference to the right and the left refer to the hemispheres of the brain. Indeed, when the Kabbalah enlightenment is achieved, then one experiences what has become known as synchronization of the hemispheres of the brain, or hemi-sync as it has become popularly known by people like Robert Monroe. Kabbalah is a transformative process which acts upon the human energy centres through the ‘the tree of life’ as they term it, to radically create a transformation in consciousness. The Tree of Life is the human vertebrae. The human vertebrae is made of 33 bones. This immediately gives the meaning of the 33 degrees of Freemasonry. Each degree symbolically advances through each stage in The Tree of Life, advancing the energies through the whole of the spinal column in order to arrive finally, at the crown. Skull and 33 Bones The Fruit of climbing up the Tree of Life on the back of the serpent is total estrangement from God, but total spiritual connection to Satan and the whole spiritual hierarchy of billions upon countless billions of lost souls and predatory spiritual beings looking to absorb some warm living human energy. Our minds have developed in such a way that our soul and mind are separated. During the day of course, our mind has full reign, while at night our soul is allowed to roam the infinite inner highways and byways of infinite consciousness. The Kabbalah, as is mentioned in the Zohar, aims to unite both the left and right paths and hemispheres of the brain. The two pillars or the Freemasonic lodge, Boaz and Joachim are based on the stations of the Kabbalah, Gerbuarh and Chessed and indeed, Solomon’s Temple itself, since it was built by a Phoenician Canaanite Hiram Abiff, was likely a physical representation of the Kabbalah, and the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. In the Schwaller du Lubicz book ‘Le Miracle Egyptian’ the author uses specific diagrams including measurements of floor plans of the Temple of Luxor to who how the layout of the Temple is based on the human body, starting from the feet all the way to the top of the head. And one could hypothesize that the activity in the temple was connected to the operation of a transformative process on the human mind, achieved through the specific energy point of the body. This is what the Kabbalah is, except it had no physical temple in which these transformation are wrought. It uses very different and quite extraordinary techniques and methods. We no longer live in an age when people can be secreted away to stone temples and locked inside to undergo initiatory trials and experiences. Instead these trials and initiatory experiences must take place out in the open, but secretly and unsuspected by people who are not specifically part of the programme. Hollywood Initiatory Ordeals There are many Hollywood films which allude to these initiatory experiences which are undertaken in secret, not within specialized buildings but at large in the world we all share side by side. The David Fincher film The Game, along with the David Fincher film Fight Club, both tell the story of an initiatory ordeal unfolding in the outside world, unsuspected to the world at large and known only to those specific agencies involved in the action. Films such as Jacob’s Ladder, which is a Biblical reference which tells the story of how Jacob, the future patriarch of Israel, saw a ladder reaching into heaven. Which also reminds me of the song Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, a band with well known OTO connection through the occultist Jimmy Page and his fondness for Aleister Crowley and Scottish loch-side property. Whenever we hear about Stairways we can assume the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah is being referenced, due to the progressive nature of the Kabbalah which one advances along until the ultimate stage is revealed, beyond the abyss to reach the Ain Soph. Jacob’s Ladder VS Stairway to Heaven The Kabbalistic Tree of Life seems to have two paths which can be used to progress, the initiate can either This is referenced in the song Stairway to Heaven: “Yes there are two paths you can go by, But in the long run, There’s still time to change the road you’re on.” This connects with the idea of the Masonic black and white chequerboard since whether you travel on the black squares or the whites squares, you still advance in the same direction. This is a reference to the Kabbalah, there are two main poles of the Kabbalah but in fact there are 32 paths which represent every possible combination of traversing the sephiroth from the bottom of the tree of life to the top. For many years there were 32 degrees in Freemasonry The path of pain and the path of light. The human race has currently been enrolled by their deranged secret leaders onto the path of pain, we had no choice in the matter, the decision was made a long long time ago, a date lost in prehistory, though some may date it to the fall of Man in the garden of Eden, if such a thing literally happened. However whether Eden was a real place and Adam and Eve literally existed they are an apt metaphor for the inherent confusion in the human race and its repeated weakness and inability to make the right decisions. But then perhaps, we have an enemy ranged against us who is powerful, invisible and wholly merciless, against these ‘powers and principalities in high places’ what can we do except hope that in our day to day lives we can stay wise, and maybe seek God's help or whatever force you can call on to combat the very devil in our midst.
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    that's a lie there are constant posts about central banking, the city of london, the freemasonic network, the corporate socialists, the royal family etc YOU JUST DON'T LISTEN
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    I knew it would happen but I’m gutted, was hoping it would all come out. I’m fed up of people saying how wonderful the royal family is, if only they knew...
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    Epstein just ''suicided'' Why am I not surprised !!!!! The minute it touches the british ''royals'' I don't have more details for now, just heard on T.V. he had ''commited'' suicide
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    It may be the top-selling fashion magazine in the world but it sure makes for lousy toilet paper.
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    The Kiss Ass (kissinger associates) Asian powerhouse board member is Sir Y. K. Kan of Hong Kong, who represents four old money Chinese families that control the Bank of East Asia. Kiss Ass client BNL’s P-2 Freemason roots can be traced back to Banca Commerciale d‘Italia, where P-2 was founded. The bank’s Swiss subsidiary Banca de la Svizzera bought 7% of Lehman Brothers in the mid-1970’s. The Lehman family made their fortune running guns to Confederate forces while smuggling southern British opium family plantation cotton to the Union. When Lehman Brothers client Enron collapsed, UBS Warburg swooped in to seize Enron OnLine for $0. https://hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com/2017/08/23/kiss-ass/ There are 8 families who control china called 'the immortals' and they are networked with the western illuminati families The Octagon Of Oligarchy: Meet China's "Eight Immortals" - An Infographic by Tyler Durden Wed, 12/26/2012 - 20:39 America may have the Octogenarian (Oracle) of Omaha but China has the Octagon of Oligarchy: an octet of the families that run the world's (still) fastest growing, marginal economy, which by extension likely makes them the eight most powerful families in the world. So powerful, that Bloomberg has just released a series not only mapping out the various linkages and profiling said families but has appropriately dubbed them the "Eight Immortals." In doing so it has revealed "the origins of princelings, an elite class that has been able to amass wealth and influence, and exploit opportunities unavailable to most Chinese. Bloomberg tracked 103 people – descendants including children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and their respective spouses. The Immortals, now all dead, are revered in communist lore as revolutionary fighters who led China’s economic opening after Mao Zedong’s death. The identities and business dealings of these families are often cloaked in secrecy because of state censorship and complex corporate webs. To document them, Bloomberg scoured thousands of pages of corporate filings, property records, official websites and archives, and conducted dozens of interviews from China to the United States, where many were educated and have at times made their homes. To read the related stories click here and here. For those who can not be bothered to read the fascinating in depth series which will likely see Bloomberg blocked in China once again for the next several days, here is the full infographic breakdown: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2012-12-26/octagon-oligarchy-meet-chinas-eight-immortals-infographic
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    lets face it if the power cuts were genuine you can say goodbye to the electric car revolution...dead in the water..if they cant cope now,no chance chance with say 5million cars being charged through the grid...i wont be selling my old trannie in a hurry..lol!
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    A frequency is a vibration They are measured by Hertz One Hertz is one cycle of vibration per second This diagram is of a sixty hertz vibration Being 60 cycles of vibration per second
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    sean you just did exactly what i said you'd do which is repeat your point its all you do. You just repeat the same point over and over again while ignoring what people here are saying to you your question was answered by both me and itsjaybigjay. We don't support the crown and the elites institutions. To us our country is the land, its people and its culture. It is not the fuedal and banking system that has imposed itself on the land and its people A child could understand this sean. There really is no way this could be put into simpler terms for you The EU is an outgrowth of the fuedal elites who created the monarchies across europe and the freemasonic lodges across the world. It is those elites who took the UK into the EU. By leaving the EU we are not saying we support the british crown nor the central bank of england. We are saying that we reject their move to centralise their power even more into a european superstate. My posts above contain a wealth of information about that network of people who created the EU. Those are the people you are supporting if you continue to be a broken record then don't be surprised if people pull you up on it. For you to then accuse them of being patronising when they expose your constant tactic of repeating the same point over and over to bury the informative posts of others is shabby behaviour
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    this is not an indictment on David Icke But the vast majority of "conspiracy theories" have been given to us by the elites themselves. The conspiracy culture is largely a product of the fascist radical right wing in America, going back to John Birch Society propaganda, and basically Nazi propaganda before that. That is where much of this stuff comes from. David Icke and a large number of researchers have simply used the sources and research of these John Birch Society assets, and parrot many of the same talking points. That's why many conspiracy researchers all have the same basic themes about "world government" "CFR and Trilateral commission" "gun confiscation" "Globalism and the UN" These are all JBS talking points, and everyone just parrots the same memes and narratives over and over without really checking the information out. The JBS was deeply racist, so of course you are going to have a whole bunch of racism baked into all of these "conspiracy theories" and we see today is that the "conspiracy theories" have been weaponized to support Donald Trump and his racist agenda. This stuff has been in the works for over 100 years. The elites have always planned to weaponize conspiracy culture to use to further their agendas. They weaponize elements of truth, but then these small elements of truth become a massive deception, and then the "conspiracy theorist" can easily be manipulated, WHICH WE SEE TODAY. Around 2013 on the old forum I predicted how the elites would use weaponized conspiracy theory culture to create a fascist mass movement. I saw the writing on the wall when Alex Jones (who I used to listen to daily for 5 years) started going off on racist tirades against immigrants and muslims. Suddenly he was no longer talking about muslim patsies for false flags, but "the West being under attack from Islam" 2016 my predictions came true as Donald Trump was elected with a large portion of the conspiracy crowd amongst his base of support with Mr. Conspiracy himself, Alex Jones leading the way. David Icke initially called out this scam which was good. But then I noticed he is really starting to push a lot of the Alex Jones, Donald Trump, and JBS talking points about "Islam" and "mass immigration" and then he called Tucker Carlson a "proper journalist" Icke has never once talked about the CNP, who not surprisingly finances Tucker's website. Plenty of JBS talking points though.
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    Oh how true this statement is. In fact I find most of the "awake" community to be the polar opposite. They may be wise to one or two things you dont get from MSM but then they are completely deluded and brainwashed by other forms of elite propaganda.
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    When you get through the great things like diversity and freedom of expression, quirky non-Aryan stereotypes (for the high end fashion world) and appreciation for women of all colours, you hit the brick wall of Meghan being married into a family that represents the most controlling, racist hierarchy on earth and Vogue is one of its most powerful and controlling shop windows. She is part of the richest dynasties and hierarchies that could solve world poverty overnight, really liberate the women on the cover and so many women, and and still have enough wealth to live in opulence for the rest of their lives. Until she addresses these points she isnt doing anything revolutionary or different, just dressing it up in a different colour to entertain the elite and make them feel smug through virtue signalling. If she and the royals really cared they could change this shit, and the world, overnight.
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    "Research" is not just sitting in a little room posting excerpts form wikipedia, youtube and the Daily Mail. Proper research is getting up off your bum and going to libraries and Newspaper archives and bookshops and actually doing something.
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    the people behind the petro-chemical companies that are selling us all of their petroleum based products are the same people telling us that we need to transition to a new technocratic society (that they will control) in order to save ourselves from manmade CO2 Why Big Oil Conquered The World
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    he's not a victim. no one forced him to be here and behave in such a shitty manner
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    I was following his arguments in many threads. They became difficult to follow when the moderator deleted some of them. The dog piling was really awful, but he struggled through it. I know that the thing that annoyed him the most was when he would construct a 200 word response but if it was too illuminating it would be instantly deleted. Shame!
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    i think its more appropriate to say....."we have to know..." i think "believes" are for people who "don't know"
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    how can you win a debate when nothing short of a signed confession by the conspirators would end the debate in your favour? heck even if rupert was provided with a signed confession by the cabal he'd just double down and say we had obtained it through foul means or something the guy was implacable so it wasn't a debate. It was just him spitting in peoples faces
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    Rupert was systematically dog piled every time he made a good point. If people could not defeat him in normal debate then it was all hands on deck stamp your feet bang your fists shout out your lungs drown out his message at all costs. Eventually his points became irrefutable. He HAD to be silenced, and he was.
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    we are trying to expose a conspiracy to cull the global population and enslave the survivors under a lockdown technocratic gulag operated by satanic pedophiles we have bigger fish to fry then rupert
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    OMG....solowrist!!!! Stop looking through my windows! That's the episode I just watched last night! ??????? lol I wouldn't want to play a drinking game for each time someone says.... erm....er.... rooster suction :) I would be so drunk so very quickly lol and, after watching this series, I think that I may end up with some form of tourette's syndrome .... you know down the shops and at any small thing just blurt it out ( in the manner of the Chinese guy Woo) :) SOOOOOOOOO VERY DRUNK LOL....
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    Note the forked tounge sidewalk that comes from where the mouth would be to the hall of governance.