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    Get your Wilhelm Scream sound effects ready but got a letter from my council asking me if I was available for Poll Clerk work in October and November. Could be one after each other. Could be one just on either month. But it's coming. The whole circus is going to start up again. I got the email this evening. Now, if I shared it, it's got my address on and that's far too stupid even for me. But you heard it here first. Something is coming. Could be another referendum and election or just be an election on either month. Or another referendum on either month? Light the beacons. Roll the eyes. Groan "Ah, not this shit again". I just had to offload about this and this forum was the most suitable. SOMETHING. Either referendum or election is coming this autumn. Could be BOTH!!! I might agree to work for this. There's just one thing I need you to do.... TALK ME OUT OF IT!!! *waaaaah!!! *Sob!
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    have you tried starting a fire in a rain forest? good luck with that
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    By the looks of the ofcom report Jan, they are building a multi spur system that can track, listen too and follow everyone 24-7, from every room in their home, to walking down the street to driving to work and during, then back again. I know I have mentioned this many times before but the LiFi is most interesting to me, this is not just a binary broadcasting device but a reciever as well, using the LED or light spectrum out of human eyesight they can scan you wherever there is a ceiling dongle shining down and completely filling a 12 square meter room with light sensitive wave forms, beams of IR switched at light speed, it is quite obvious what they are getting us to accept. The furthest we will be away from this tech is 12 meters, short wave appliances. Even speakers will be able to listen in if the home devices are left on stand by, because people could not be bothered to reporgram things if they turn them off at night, they have had this planned all along.
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    If you were Epstein what would you have done? I know that if I was him, I’d know that these guys wouldn’t think twice about killing me. They would do it at the drop of a hat. So if I was Epstein , I would have let the big guys know that if anything did happen to me - certain information - maybe in letters or via web sites would immediately be activated - into the public domain. so, lads, if I were you, I’d pray that I remain healthy and very alive. You may in fact want to help to me ‘get away’ - somewhere nice and sunny so that I remain healthy and ALIVE!
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    yes its precicely a "double bluff" put out story A which is obviously bullshit to lead people to believe story B which is much more plausible but still bullshit, in order to cover up the truth which is story C. or it could be that "they" killed him and just dont give a fuck. Ultimately whether he is dead or alive comes down to "who he was working for ?" "what was his real agenda ?" "who arrested him and why was he arrested?" If you answer all those questions then you would know whether there was motive to remove him or to have him killed.
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    Got to say you very well may be right, its the old double bluff, put out the story that he committed suicide but make it so ridiculous everybody thinks its bull and he was murdered. In reality hes sunning himself in Israel.
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    It's a strangely racist statement.
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    Does this video help? In the late 90's I used to be able to access a wonderful European show called "Space Night" which was shots of the Earth put to Ambient music. It was late at night and wiped the floor with whatever UK TV showed overnight. But that might have just been me.
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    Thank you! It's only these and Manic Street Preachers I really follow and enjoy these days. And these
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    I think.most of us would like the living to be exposed and not just wait until they are dead and then say.oh uhhh yeh he was a diddler
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    Bet you've forgotten this one!
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    I bet your.parents wished you were gay At least you might have an excuse for being such a weakling
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    Do I detect a slight air of hate in your post crom? Is this a tad kettle calling PB.
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    "Nah, he's too high profile, surely? This is the huge domino." Well. Sheeeeee-itttt!! as the vernacular would put it. A shit still stinks after you wipe it away.
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    They probably say the same about us.
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    I'll never take part in the "Boo-ris!" stage managed as "FUCK OFF PRICK!" express it better. "ONE DAY, MY IDIOT, YOU SHALL BE THE KING" If you tell an idiot All throughout childhood They will be The King How can we pretend Surprised over all touched Ruined the second the imbecile Feels throne? The power of impaired through spite And general malicious contempt To everything out from King's important The hissing stench of the never met What secret coping retort available Whispered since birth in the garden After initial response of flat ignoring them Oh! How there is laughter! That can be understood by The King Of values antiquated daylight The King of special appoints departments Until one man battles against his own throat And the fantasy continues Because since childhood A man has been told he is The King The power of marionette principles desperate Criminals never tried onwards Kingdom's lies Of idiots towards your genocide plans Of everything The King Can find no agreeable use for And won't get back into bed Or do as The King's told Because I'm not the idiot who since childhood Told would be King destiny embrace it A lifetime of never acknowledging laughter and own expense.
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    "Don't control the interview" *Scrubs "So what problems could you have working with me" from questions when asked! That'll teach me to take inspiration from my poetry to handle social situations then!
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    usGQjN87BUA Get up it's Saturday!!
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    Soothing evening music
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    Nothing to add .... again. Noel Edmonds knows more than the average Joe Public because he almost became bankrupt because of malpractices. Why don't you just listen to video and comment on its content instead of deriding this thread. It's becoming a habit of yours.
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    Smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, and social media in general are all symptomatic of an intentional dumbing down of society until it is not unlike the big city Marxist society portrayed in The Hunger Games. The Millennial generation believe they are more informed and more awake than preceding generations, but fail to understand that they have been duped into living inside a trans-humanistic bubble controlled by the very elite establishment that they think they're immune to. You're not actually informed about anything if you live your life in a phone because all the information you're receiving is being presented to you in sensationalized headlines and soundbites. You're not grounded if you live your life in a smartphone because your brain is always in a hyoer-aroused state, waiting for the next notification to ding so you can immediately react to it, because if you don't you miss something really important, even tho 99.99% of every notification is for something that's complete unnecessary nonsense. It's all part of a trans-humanistic disease that's intentionally designed to be addictive, preying on people's desire for instant gratification no matter where they are or what they are doing. All these smartphone people, you know, the ones walking/sitting around like zombies staring at their phones, are becoming incapable of living within the moment contemplating on their own thoughts. Instead, they have become slaves to a machine. You walk around in public now and everyone looks like they have an electronic tumor growing out of their hand.
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    what i see most people who claim to be marxists doing is allowing themselves to be shoehorned into authoritarian-socialism as if that is somehow going to liberate the workers. I think its a trap
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    Do you know for sure that's why the old forum was closed???? I think you might be talking about me .... I have not shied away from pointing out that the NWO is effectively a jewish conspiracy ... that 90% of the controllers confess to being jewish ... they are in most positions of power .... british PM May .... german chancellor Merkel , branson , musk, zuckerburg , gates...all the mid level NWO ... (even though jews are less than 1% of the population) .... The top Illuminati families , Rothschilds ...even those who are not openly jewish (the European royal family and 'aristocracy') have there male children circumcised by a rabbi !!! I have also clearly said that 99% of jews know nothing of the NWO and are not involved. The fact that the NWO is jewish is obvious , but the stigmatization and legal action , against people who call this out is too overwhelming , so most are in denial ... As for race I think you are talking about the mass imigration into Europe which is clearly a NWO plan to destabilize and cause chaos ( again engineered by jews like George Soros ) You may think ( like I do ) that a world without borders is an obvious improvement .... but there is no denying the way mass immigration is occurring now is a NWO plan to cause chaos.