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    Plenty of street drugs have that effect. Alex does love a bit of fear porn doesn't he :)
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    The Randy Old Duke of York admits: "I have stayed in a number of his (Epstein's) residences." Yet, he claims that at no stage did he "see, witness or suspect any behaviour of the sort that subsequently led to his arrest and conviction," but guests describe "chairs upholstered in leopard print, a twice life-sized sculpture of a naked African warrior, and a framed picture of a woman holding an opium pipe and caressing a lion skin. In addition to photographs of pals like paedo Woody Allen, Bill Clinton, and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, the Times reported a “life-size female doll hanging from a chandelier.” In addition to “hundreds—and perhaps thousands—of sexually suggestive photographs of fully- or partially-nude females,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Alex Rossmiller revealed in a filing, that the house also contained a massage table with sex toys and lubricant. Is Prince Andrew visually impaired?
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    I don’t know any reptile Eu supporters on this forum but I do know there are a lot of reptile Uk supporters on here. Maybe you should ask them: how they can be against one reptilian creation, the Eu - but be fully in favour of another reptilian creation the Uk? And tell me: do you think your new, old reptilian rulers will give a fuck about the poor kids. they have ruled the Uk for centuries and never did - SO WHY WILL THEY NOW.
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    An ancient story that has been going on since "civilisations" began! The elite have no real love for each other- they just band together to get the riches they crave but will dob each other in when it suits them. Look what they did in the middle ages and Tudor times- sending their former "friends" to the scaffold, torturing them on the rack etc. One can hardly expect such evil immoral creatures to give a sh*t about Joe Average working a minimum waged job.
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    yeah I like that and that is what I practice. Making my own stuff as much as possible.
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    yep and one of the main reasons he's hated by the zio-jewish elite. its tricky branding him the usual antisemite
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    Where does this information come from ??? your own mind ??? I wish I could say something positive about the #1 post ... But it's all gibberish non sense ... Dangerous dis-info designed to make us stand down ... Don't you think we would have noticed if "The Saturn-Moon control grid has finally been dismantled " ??? Nothing much has changed ... My world view is close to that of Karl Mollison , see this thread .... https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/923-karl-mollison-channeler-extraordinaire/ We are in a very dangerous position , the controlling ETs have a very firm grip here , the only solution is to call upon the Divine realm to sen assistance
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    Missed out on the original referendum back in the 70's by a few months so patiently waited for the next one in 2016. On the subject of feeding people Europe with it's temperate climate most countries there have been quite successful in feeding their populations in the last 100 years something that has not always been the case in prior centuries. I do remember the original iterations of the EU project amassing huge surpluses of grain and such and paying large sums to actually store them whilst at the same time some countires were suffering from droughts and starvations yet for some reasson it wasn't possible to ship these surpluses out to save lives.
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    Another one of my faviorite films of this family run outfit who are actually still in bussiness today, the old boy only died a couple of years ago, filmed in the 80's,
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    Not a single answer from the mad, extreme Brexiters. Even now they are beginning to realize that it’s all bollocks. Just a family fight among the Elite over the family possessions ...I.e. who owns what ....and who wants what.....
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    He hates it because he knows that I am also of mixed race, as my skin colour shows in my video's, so I know what its like to be seen and called an odd bod by my former army work mates, but it did not stop me from loving them like brothers and thriving by the second in my creativeness today. He needs to face what he has done and start living as was intended, and stop playing the victim for his real life choices, before it consumes him for good. I have trained taught many different colours and races in my field in the past from the four corners of the planet and never once been called a supremicist before.
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    That is their whole agenda, to stop viable debate using purility and beligenance set to max.
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    Again you seem totally confused. And lost. Anyway, God bless your queen. And say hello to your new , old rulers! Make sure you do what you are told now. Don’t give them any trouble. Remember your oath of allegiance and obedience to their figure head, Queen!
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    Just READ that. this idiot thinks he is the same as the reptile elite who run the UK!!!! He thinks he has THE SAME RIGHTS AS THE REPTILE QUEEN OF ENGLAND! he then talks about.......WAIT FOR IT ‘unelected power office’. Would this be the same reptile queen who is UNELECTED - and who you MUST swear allegiance to !! And mr A thinks he is the same as her! That the Law sees him as the same as the Queen even though the Queen is actually above the law! SURELY THIS IS THE MOST STUPID POST EVER WRITTEN HERE! And people wonder why most people think Brexiters are stupid!
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    a parody of number six, jeeze confused garbage displaying a lack of knowledge between sovereign and subject
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    You are not a citizen. You are a subject who MUST swear allegiance to your reptile overload!! as I said: Your new (Old) prison wardens are probably worse than our prison wardens.  Enjoy them. be sure and let us know how you get on with them.....
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    the utter shite some people write and the complete denial some people engage when reading the facts brainwashed by the corporate tyranny i have the common law, the magna carta and court of record. the poor sods on the continent are subjected to the law. the people who voted in the referendum are the heros, not the gobshites at parliament who passed the buck to the people and then flipped their lid when the people decided contrary to their personal duties
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    Prince Andrew's problem is that he may well be innocent of actual paedophilia, but like many of the minor royals, he's caught up in a whirl of A list socialising which inevitably involves rubbing shoulders with rock stars, models, actors, high flying financiers and the like, which involves sex and drugs and nefarious activities. And everyone knows it. While he may not have been involved in criminal activity, just his very proximity to that world makes him guilty by association when it comes to Epstein, because there's no way he had no idea of what was going on. Its not like he's an ordinary person - he has guards and security and PR which most people dont have, checking out those who come into his orbit, even if he was unaware of it himself, which is highly unlikely. He clearly over-ruled his advisers in order to benefit financially and sexually and socially from Epstein. Suddenly becoming this holier than thou respectable character who had no idea what was going on is a load of tosh. He is making the most of the glamour being a royal offers, yet wont take any of the responsibility when he flouts and abuses those privileges. The best thing he could do is laugh and say he took full advantage of Epstein's "hospitality", which is the truth. And show himself for what he really is, a spoilt, arrogant playboy, as he's fooling nobody. And thats the real world of royalty, paid for by the public purse, and the Epstein case is the result of privilege and arrogance without any kind of accountability.
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    I remember thinking back at the time, that Epstein wasn't going to last 2 days before "hanging himself". That's how they "off" a lot of people read-in to the underground global elite criminal network of drug, human, and gun smuggling that's been going on for generations. Just google how many people have been found hung from hotel doorknobs or shower heads that were classified as suicides. They know how to shut people up and get away with it because they've been doing it for centuries. They also know how gullible and lacking in intellectual curiosity most people are. They make up the most unbelievable stories and give the scripts to the mainstream news who disseminates it to the masses like mind-numbing pablum, and the masses read it, shrug their shoulders and go on about their day. Virtually all of our world history going back the last 15,000 years is complete fiction written by the self-serving people at the top who control the information and how its distributed.
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    good one! I'll maybe start that thread tonight when i have more time
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    Ran out of like again .... shit concept to have within a forum .... Your post make me smile thank you
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    The problem with D.I.'s work , is that he peaked about 10 years ago....and since then he's been going around , getting paid to tell people : " I told you so "
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    The trouble is that many people who think that they are "woke" are in fact merely sleepwalking. Look at the poor deluded people who believed every word out of the mouth of Carl Beech. What about all of the deluded "Flat-Earthers" who swallow every nonsensical word they are told on YouTube? They genuinely think they are "woke" when clearly they are completely and utterly subdued by religion: the opium of the people.