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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Chinese_monarchs Wikipedia removed the lifespans of the first 4 chinese emperors but luckily i saved the text and copied it in word document.They removed these lifespans and they removed Nuwa altogether.Thoughts?? Sovereign1,4,5 / Empress3 Youchao (110,000 years) Yǒucháo 有巢 – Sovereign / Emperor3 Suiren (456,000 years) Suìrén 燧人 – Sovereign4 / Emperor3 Fuxi (456,000 years) Fúxī 伏羲 – Sovereign1,4,5 / Emperor2,3 Nuwa 180,000 years Nǚwā 女媧 –
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    Hello David. Our God(s) specifically a female of our Gods species actually made the first adams and eves. However this was not their first creation. When they came to earth they were not here to conquer. Just looking for materials to help their planet survive as they were destorying their atmosphere. Traveled the entire solar system. Upon arriving on earth the planets inhabitants we call them the dinosaurs roamed the earth with other huminoid figures. They tried to reason with the dominat species but had no luck so they wiped out the dinosaurs. And decided to try their luck with the humoid figures of the planet. Eventually our Gods were spread so far out into the solar system that they could not search the whole planet alone. So they created a race exact like them. They adored their creation. You David call their creation the Annuaki. I believe the true name is Ishtar. They were made to look like serpents to protect their skin from the sun. Adored they were made to labor along side the Gods. However the intelligence and wisdom bestowed upon them had made them question the things they were being told. They eventually revolted (guess they didnt like being slaves) its roughly around this time their planet was destroyed by a race of worms (they're not worms but if you seen one) they're name has been lost however we call them the deva. The rule of the universe is live and let live. Create life but do not destroy life. When our God(s) wiped out the agreesive inhabitants of the planet it was a clear violation of that rule. Whistle blowers man. The deva came and destroyed their home planet. Its why the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter exists. Our words like devastation and devistated come from them destorying Tiamat. The Ishtar having refused to take part in anymore slave activities decided to make for there own homeland and left the city of Lemuria. They pleaded for the safety of their now home world and the deva agreed and left leaving our God(s) now homeless, very few in population only the inhabitants on earth survived. Bases on jupiter, mars, uranus saturn all destoryed and evidence of a cataclysmic event that happened right here. (Our gods are not bad for wiping out the dinosaurs just were trying to protect their home planet, just like you would do for yours) With their numbers dwindled and resources not sustainable for longevity they decide to make another race (US) this time instead of making us like the Ishtar. They give us skin like theirs instead of scaly. They learned that the Ishtae were cunning with their ability to shapeshift. They did not want to have make the same mistakes twice. Thus we were created. Adams and eves more than one pair of adams and eves as well in droves. All different skin colors as well depending upon the region of the world you worked. Now at this time the Ishtar heard about what was happening to the newly created huminoids and did not like it. However they were still that favorites up until us. We became were the new favorites. They had made us to be loyal. We never questioned anything. We had our hearts full of love and admiration for our Gods. (Look today... We still do jts just misplaced. Unguided.) The Ishtar became well there are two arguments. They became jealous that they were no longer the favorite and the other argument that they were upset that we were being used through our lack of intelligence. So the Ishtar for whatever their reason started speaking to adams and eves when they were outside the city. They would shapeshift into creatures and talk to them. There is a set of adams and eves whom were special. They served in our creators house. Now here it is good to note that not all ishtar were gone from the city. Some still admired their creators amd wanted to please them. They were told that they had to love us just as much as They now loved Us. This did not go over well with some of the Ishtar. How could they love this thing that was less superior to them (Ishtar are genetic equals to our Gods they were made that way foolishly they just look like an upright walking short nosed raptor otherwise they can do anything our god can do. Serpents are the symbol of wisdom to our Gods home planet) a Group of Ishtar started convincing the Adam and eve you know as a shape shifted verison of a snake the Gods had gathered from earth. The God(s) were connecting these snakes they gathered and connecting them to the cosmic conciousness. Snakes again being the symbol of wisdom for them. One of the Ishtar and the favorite convinced this pair of Adams and eves to injest this food that the God were feeding the snakes. Thus disapointing our God. We could not hide our new knowledge we could think clearly. The Ishtar believe you should cover up if your gonna mate and be in their pressence. That's completely your choice. Cast out. Alone. On our own. We are the decendants of those adams and those eves. Anyways at this time we still live with our God he was teaching us about energies and how to feed off of the energies of things around you and gravating towards those energies you feel. It was around this time the Deva came back. Adam and Eve ate connected to the conciousness. Thus creating new intelligence in the cosmic conciousness of the universe. They were furious. Since this is not our Gods planet they cannot physically destroy it as this planet belongs to both humans and Ishtar. Our Gods are technically imprisoned by the deva for breaking the law twice. Along with the Ishtar that convinced Adam and Eve! I say this because you must have seen an ishtar at some point to preach on T.V. you teach love. That energy is peace. Please stop preaching about the multiverse. There are only dimensions no multiple universe. It's not possible. Signed A
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    My bold - Firstly, I'm in the camp that Epstein may not be dead - putting that aside - his interest in science, his genetic database company, eugenics and cryogenic preservation, his plan to seed the human race with his DNA by impregnating women at his vast New Mexico ranch, the millions of dollars he gave to Universities and MIT (as the one who cant be named) to study these things, his interest in genetic engineering and artificial intelligence - transhumanism - the list goes on .. Considering he was sorting out his will days before he 'died' - why then, was he cremated and placed in a cemetery next to his parents - instead of his whole body being put in a cryogenics chamber. Doesn't make sense to me. I bet that box in the wall is empty. And, I dont see a space next to Epstein and his parents for the brother.
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    You bet, the implication is that since these devices have a bunch of built in features for convenience, that makes them "smart". I think people inherently understand that this doesn't literally mean that these devices are intelligent, or clever, but it's effect is subliminal and with repetition it becomes part of idea behind continuing to use and rely on these things. "I'D BE LOST WITHOUT MY PHONE" I just cringe when I hear that. I understand it's mostly rhetorical, but still... Can't find the nearest restaurant, can't remember a telephone number without speed dial, can't figure out directions from a paper map, on and on. The smart devices and their conveniences are rendering people unable to solve simple problems by themselves. The newer generations of children who have a tablet and/or a phone to play with to keep them "distracted" (see also not engaging with people, asking questions, being kids...) , are going to be totally reliant on devices for everything. That is the big wet dream of the ruling class, to just be able to plant suggestion on a device, and we will respond to it, rather than us inputting info and having the device respond to OUR commands. Tv was such a one way version of this, the phone at least gives the illusion of voluntary interaction. The devices are already dictating terms to a lot of people. NO ONE believes that the TV is a mind control device, not really. In theory... possibly. In practice? No. They certainly aren't going to accept that a device that they can take photos with, browse the web, text the friends, turn off the AC, find directions.... is actually controlling them and making them part of hive mind control. It's an ego thing. They use the phone, not the other way around. Their minds are free..... but just a second please as they abruptly turn away as their phone beeps or vibrates, because they HAVE to respond to this text......
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    Yeah, because people carry them around with them everywhere, and a majority of people seem to spend most of their time staring at them obsessively.
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    I've always thought that especially about the females. Can you imagine what you'd have thought about your grandmother if she was elderly and covered in tattoos? Nobody is going to want to take care of them.
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    It got so weird that I thought people would eventually begin doing things like cutting off extraneous body parts; tip of a nose, ear lobes, tips of fingers, toes.... that kind of thing. So the next time you pick up your Starbucks order, there will be some young man with the ear spacers, dark tattoos all over his neck and arms, piercings everywhere, missing tips of his baby fingers, goofy hipster hairstyle, man bun and beard, and the most convincing "I don't give a fuck" attitude you've ever seen. And he looks really, really fucking stupid. But not nearly as stupid as he's going to look 20 years from now.
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    I would suggest the gateway opened when they offered government rebates so everyone could get a TV. That remains the greatest mind control device ever invented. It is awesome in it's scope. That being said, the smartphones are far more effective than a TV. Those high intensity screens, and mixture of non ionizing and ionizing radiation they emit is really messing with people in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual way. It's an impressive accomplishment, and it's painful to see people just consumed by these things. Luckily, people just need to turn them off and leave them off for them to not be effective anymore. Just choose not to use it. I've never owned one. As for what the BBC is saying... stop paying attention to the BBC. I know it seems crazy, but just stop paying attention to the TV and media, they are desperately throwing anything at people to keep them tuning in, so just reject it. Don't partake, it is that easy. There's apparently a federal election in Canada, where I live. I heard folks talking about it just yesterday like it meant something, I was cleaning out my Yahoo mail spam folder and they will pop up a video news pane after it's empty, and I saw Trump, he's mired in some new made for TV drama that everyone seems to be interested in too. Impeachment or something? I'm sure it's great entertainment and elicits the required, pre- programmed emotional response. People are far too used to having their emotions regulated and controlled by entertainment, and it makes them unable to cope with the realities of life when they happen.
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    Why did they remove that specifically? They left everything else intact.
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    Welcome to it! My experiences of being aware have not necessarily all been positive, but I wouldn't change anything, this is my experience, my "life". Everyone is hypnotized by the media and the not very smart phones in their hands. TV was one hell of an invention but they took it to a new level with the phones. Good luck, pick your spots, realize the world is what you want it to be..... I get such great enjoyment riding my bicycle on a trail and pass by those out "enjoying themselves", they pass you by, look straight ahead, uncomfortable with eye contact... and then I pass that one or two people that look right at you with a smile and nod, say "Hey!", and I find myself just giddy with it. Nothing needs to be said sometimes, words can get in the way. Good luck with your journey, a clue is we aren't natural beings, we did not come from monkeys. We are created by something because primates wouldn't go to work. AND, these things are all around us and they manipulate us but we can't see them. We have built in "governors" that prevent us from seeing certain things, or having too wide of a bandwidth. But don't despair... :), we are infused with the same energy that everything else that's alive has, and we have earned a right to be here. It's not going to take much to elevate -- stop watching TV, throw away your smart phone -- and ignore the media. WW3 won't happen for you if you aren't paying attention, Trump has always been a corrupt asshole, North Korea and Russia haven't killed anyone despite YEARS of threats, etc. Fill your head with positive things and manifest a positive reality. Let the folks who live inside a phone and fear everything it tells them have at it. They are addicts, you can't trust 'em. Say a word they don't like, and a lot of them will destroy you and your Twitter account. :D
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    Feeling quite strongly like I've been asleep, woken by consciousness deliberately and purposefully. I remember being a baby in my pram and being fascinated by my arms and body and being excited to be here. I can describe the people looking in my pram and wondering distinctly why they were talking baby language to me, lots of other stories like this too which my mother confirmed happened. I'd taught myself to read by 3 and was tested by scientists at university of Manchester who were called in by my day nursery - at a loss what to do with me - this was the 60's. I was recommended to be moved into a private facility for tutoring but my single mum had no means to get me there or no means to pay for it..thankfully. Then stuff and life kicked in. Some horrors like everyone, Some good stuff too - we all have a story I think. Then this. So odd, Looking at my profile it says I joined here 24th August whereas I pin my wakening to 15/09 so clearly something was happening. Just learning to be patient to see what comes next
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    When i was young i didn't understand the significance of this conversation
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    Continuation of this https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=319144 thread at the Old Forum. The 9/11 Media Fakery PsyOp Fraud Communitarianism = End of Common Law = Complete Beehive Slavery to Globalist Douchebags – Lark in Texas September Clues – (2008) – Simon Shack September Clues (Addendum) - (2013) – Simon Shack The 9-11 VicSim Report (2009) – Infamous 80 page pdf covering every last faked and simulated 9-11 “victim” (VIC SIM) https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=224648 https://archive.org/details/@negentropic Brian Staveley and James Sloan on the "how" of the 9-11 Media-Fakery PsyOp Terence McKenna: The Misunderstanding of Your Life Trauma-based Mind-Control & the Mechanics of Self-Sabotage Here's where all the banned books are
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    his real job is to make transhumanisam a positive in the eyes of the masses.......his ownership of some companys in the silicon valley proves it
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    Continuation of this Thread at the Old Forum: https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=319144