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    So I thought some of you.might be interested in this There are a number of very high profile social media accounts on Facebook In the following link , due to a bug , it has been possible to establish who is the account who actually edits and runs the Facebook page http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/239229337 Now scroll down and you can see that Greta Trollbergs page is actually admin by her own father Anonymous FB page is admin by a Faziz Ahmed And so on .. Then someone reveals via the bug who is admin of Hillary Clintons official FB page Its admin by someone called Jerry McReptile and his avatar is a reptilian head lol I mean call me old fashioned but ..... God help us
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    Buckingham Palace fears Sussexes could go public with damaging accusations if plans are thwarted https://www.telegraph.co.uk/royal-family/2020/01/12/buckingham-palace-fears-sussexes-could-go-public-damaging-accusations/
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    biggest problem is the staff, who are willing to crawl through fire in order to help the patients. the staff work the job because they are more than the job. they help people due to an inbuilt caring attitude they get abused by the bosses. used and abused generally this is a feminine attribute found in the majority of hospital / health care staff honest to f , how these nurses work the district or work the wards with patients dying in front of them..... they deserve a pension at 45 for their toil but my point is their best attributes are their achilles heel in their mind they cannot give the finger to their bosses and down tools because the patients must be treated
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    ah shutupayourface! Israeli intel helped US carry out strike that killed Iran’s Soleimani — report Information provided by Jewish state confirmed that Quds Force leader was at Baghdad airport before missile strike, NBC News reports By TOI staff 12 January 2020, 8:15 am Israel helped the United States in the operation that resulted in the killing of Qassem Soleimani, the powerful head of Iran’s elite Quds Force, a US report said over the weekend. According to an NBC News report late Friday, the Jewish state was involved in the January 3 operation, handing the Americans key intelligence details. The information helped confirm intelligence provided by informants at a Syrian airport that Soleimani had been on a nighttime flight from Damascus to Baghdad, the report said, quoting two sources with direct knowledge of the operation and other US officials briefed on it. Pompeo phoned Netanyahu on January 1, ostensibly to thank him for Israel’s support in efforts to combat Iran and after the attack on the US embassy in Iraq. https://www.timesofisrael.com/israeli-intel-helped-us-carry-out-strike-that-killed-irans-soleimani-report/
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    Just to be clear, we're talking about big tits, right? In my experience, naturally big-titted birds tend to either get fat to hide them or get Marilyn Monroe tattoos on their shoulders and become hardcore ditzy bimbos to play up their mammary abnormalities. It would probably be the same with guys with inordinately large penises too if it was socially-acceptable to publicly display their oversized genitalia to easily impressed dumbfucks.
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    Not really. The Canadians were all people of Iranian descent and the reason they were travelling to Kiev was because they would transit there for a flight on to Canada. There are few ways out of Iran to the west. Turkish Airlines is one, but their safety record is not exactly stellar, so I imagine people saw Ukraine International as a safer (and possibly cheaper) alternative.
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    (EDIT: Please note the below is a spontaneous, vitriolic rant against Doctor Who fans in general and is not intended as a specific attack on any given forum member) I haven't watched Doctor Who since about 1984 when it featured that woolly-haired cockhead Tom Baker and I had to watch the scarfed twat for the last five minutes or so every night before The Goodies came on. After watching a few vacuum cleaner/cardboard 'Daleks' bump into furniture threatening to rule the universe back then I can't believe this keeps going and that people are still interested in this lame garbage 35 years later What the fuck is wrong with people? I'm glad your minds are being willingly controlled by this ridiculous, always-unwatchable horseshit. Stick your elaborate 'Doctor Who mythology' up your stupid asses and grow up. You're going to die sooner than you expect and every moment you waste thinking about Doctor fucking Who is going to do the opposite of help.
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    Whatever. The take home message here is to stop roadside littering that creates bushfires and that it would be PISS-EASY for the powers that be to generate infernos wherever they please to serve their climate change agenda by simply angling and directing high-powered parabolic mirrors from space. We're not talking about 'exotic beam weaponry' or fucking Star Trek here. Jesus Christ. Sure, you could have agency goons on the ground zipping around creating grassfires or you can just strategically angle a lens already hovering there 22 miles up in the sky. Yeah, yeah, 'lightning strikes'. I've been living in the bush for 40-plus years and I've never seen lightning ever set fire to a tree apart from the apparent aftermath where it has instantly and flamelessly charred it to the core. We're back to talking about the nature of reality as if it can ever be understood in algorithms or 'string theory' or 'quantum physics' when all you really need is a clear mind and a basket with three fucking oranges. "How did we get back onto chimp testicle news?"
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    Yes, same tried and tested modus operandi! Isn't it amazing how Iranian chants of "death to America" after Suleimani's assassination changed overnight to "death to the liars" after the Ukraine plane was downed and now their ire is aimed at the Ayatollah instead of Trump, who is claiming to be "on their side."
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    they don't have any similarity,any... the lines are drawn randomly and we are "told" which part/section is which the comparation is useless from start because left object was/is damaged heavily,photos are from different angels ect. its a bluff
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    too many enemies here to even contemplate a meet up - you guys must be suicidal. think of the secret photos and recorded conversations that would happen - with possible consequences to your lives.
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    many of us want our country to be a success and through going about their business every day most people are doing just that. those people don't need any example from the royals. They just get on with things
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    There's not a lot out there to be bothered with. Unthinking drones shuffling around barely conscious of what they're doing.
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    i think if you want to play the finger pointing game you should at least dig deeper when you do that you find that the conquistadors were largely marrano (crypto) jews linked to the knights templar network and as i said when you look at the colonisation of north america you really have to consider the role of the freemasons and their vision for a new atlantis eg bacons book 'the new atlantis' to blame all of that on 'christianity' just doesn't cut the mustard
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    1) Suffering is a part of this world atm, according to the Bible its due to sin. You have to accept that in your philosophical outlook of the world. Clearly the Bible forbids sins against children as well as causing a child to sin. It would make more sense if you were concerned about what happened to these people after they die. 2) What do you mean by "condone". God does not support pedos or the elite. The elite is obvious, the BIble in OT and NT is against rich people and people who cause people to sin, which is very obviously what the elites are doing. The elites are anti Christian, that should be obvious with any research. As for pedophilia, the OT laws were strict when it comes to sexuality. They were stricter for women than men, but since marrying other tribes people was generally forbidden men had large restrictions as well by proxy. Pedophillia wasn't outright outlawed, but sex with a woman was controlled via her parents, and the vast majority of parents weren't gonna let pedophilia happen. 3) The marrying the rapist thing is mainly a problem for those that don't operate by the mentality that a woman bears responsibility for her actions as well, and that false rape accusations can and do happen. Im not condoning rape, however the laws regarding rape partially made it so that women and their parents would need to guard where they went and who they went out with, similar to how Islam requires chaperones for women, although this wasn't directly stated. This also encouraged women to be betrothed to men at a relatively early age, as women who were raped when engaged would not have that burden on them, and their rapist would get death penalty. Also, the marrying the rapist thing came with the perk of the rapist not being allowed to divorce the wife no matter what, which was ahead of standard marriages. This all clearly seems sexist to people nowadays, and Id say it was somewhat, but people saying this do not understand the nature of a woman's free sexuality and how it is not conducive to a healthy society, as it essentially promotes heavy sexual capitalism in the dating market (the top guys get all the women, along with other issues). Also, women did not have to go and die and war. 4) Give specific examples to what Catholics did. Also, just because they were Catholic, doesn't mean they were good Christians. Christians have a moral standard to abide by, and also if you go by a works based salvation as well as the belief that God still will test someone who was born into their faith, this applies to those Catholics as well. 5) There were plenty of wars fought in general all throughout history, whether for various idols or just over beliefs and resources. This is another unfortunate fact of this world.
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    Aristotle wrote extensively on the effect of creating what he called factions inside a nation He gave examples from his own history and his own present day to show that what inevitably happens is that factions create civil war Ive been reading a lot of Aristotle lately and if you.go and read his musings on a homogenous nation and also his insight into how tyrants govern the place you would be forgiven for thinking someone took all of his worse case scenarios and went ahead and implemented them It turns into a.competition for resources between different factions and inevitably one of them ends up getting sick of the competition and ..... Conflict happens it isnt allways the host who initiaties this conflict In fact often its one of the smaller more aggressive factions Makes.you realize that no matter the advances in technology that man can repeat the worst parts of his history over and over again no matter how many warnings are made loud and clear
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    if you increase the population and they are not all taxpayers then you increase the strain on public services yes fund healthcare abroad. I doubt our foreign aid is going to anything nearly that useful though. its probably going on vaccines which will end up compromising peoples immune systems that's not what we have been seeing bare in mind that mass immigration is only part of the scheme. Another part of the scheme is identity politics which then teaches people to have a race consciousness so that everyone becomes agitated and divided yes i think that as the country crumbles more and more people of all skin colours will begin to question how many people yo can reasonably cram into these small islands
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    That's quite a big generalisation, and grossly incorrect. I dread to ask, but have you got evidence for your assertion? The UK is predominantly white (around 85%) so it stands to reason that most crime is actually committed by white people, therefore if police are investigating less crime, the majority of that crime will be committed by white people. I fully admit that minorities, especially black minorities from foreign countries, are disproportionately more likely to commit violent crime, but most crime in the UK is committed by white people simply because white people are the majority.
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    ascorbic acid (synthetic vit c) is only the outer shell of the vit c molecule. bit like eating an eggshell and saying eggs are good for u. this is the best i have found www.amazon.co.uk/WholeVit-Vitamin-Bioflavonoids-30-vegecaps/dp/B00A27CU9U
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    No such thing as coincidence as everything is connected to everything else. It's difficult with a finite brain to understand everything. Whisky helps. I think extinsion rebellion is a problem for all governments police secret service because it removes all the divide and conquer that all other organizations are shoved into. Like a virus across the world hope it spreads.
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    Flat Earth eh? It's just presented with enough "questions" to keep people interested, but not nearly enough answers. It ultimately has their believers not being able to carry on too much of a debate because their proof is thin. This shit was proven false, oh about 500 years ago? And it was heresy at the time to suggest the Earth was round. The maps used to show epic, Lovecraft style monsters on the "edges". I'm so glad that some of this has come full circle..... bad pun intended. However the flat earth idea does raise some questions and that is; Do we really have accurate maps and representations of the whole planet? Is there more to this planet than we know, more areas? We know our maps, but the map we currently use is based on a model from the 16th century. We accept it as a literal representation of our planet. For all we know there are regions that are off limits to us that are contained within no-fly zones, and that commercial or private flight paths are created to not include these possible, unknown areas. I'm not talking about a whole other massive continent, there wouldn't have to be. But there could be areas of land , islands what have you, that aren't on our maps because we aren't supposed to know about them. NASA admits that the pictures that they show us of our Earth are not actual they are composite computer generations. It's kind of bizarre that they are reluctant to show the actual planet to us in full scope. This is one of the things that "supports" flat earth. "They won't show us the Earth because it's flat and covered by a giant dome"..... Maybe they don't show us because there is more to the picture than meets the eye, and there is more than we've been led to believe.
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    Classic. Classic2. Whoever wrote that got it just spot on.
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    And there-in is the message of what many old creators have often shared, and that isour futures depend upon the thing we create, and we always live and die by the things we make.
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    The second one isn't strictly allowable, because you have a spurious number at the end (15) and that implies inclusion in the sequence.