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    Mithraism is one of the cults to come out of Babylon. It was quite strong in Roman times among the soldiers and there is a possible link to Scottish Freemasonary, I've posted the article about that below this post. Some highlights, the people that practiced Mithraism were known as 'People of the handshakes' as they used secret handshakes to identify one another. Mithraism is the worship of Baal where Baal is symbolized by two columns. Bill Cooper traces the cults to Babylon as the Brotherhood Of The Snake (also known as the Brotherhood Of The Dragon), there is a picture of a Vatican Hall that looks exactly like a Snake. Can't post pictures as I was using Photobucket but they want money now, but if you Google 'Vatican room looks like a snake' it comes up. Freemasonary has been accused of having links to Mithraism before and the Freemasons have posted an article denying it. Thing is, according to the same Freemasonary site, they claim they don't know where Freemasonary originated other than to state the first lodge was established in England in 1700's. Except that wasn't the first, the first Freemasonary lodge was established in Scotland in the 1600's. Anyways, here's a Wiki link followed by some more links regarding connections to Mithraism
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    I found this particularly amusing, on the BBC News website (with my emphasis): Oooh, misinformation spreading online! But surely the BBC is not guilty of this... oh wait, it is. "Can I still live in the EU?" - Of course you f**king can, apply for a visa or work permit, or if you've lived there long enough, apply for residency or 'settled status'. "Seven things Brexit will change" - on February 1st, NOTHING will have changed. And nothing will change, not while we are in this bogus 'transition period'. Farage made his final speech yesterday, and was lambasted for waving his little Union Flag - he and his fellow Brexit Party MEPs are laughing at us all from the other side; they may no longer get to sit as MEPs, but they still get to collect their handsome salaries and expenses. You can have all the Brexit parties and celebrations you like, this is not over yet. I won't be raising a glass or partying tomorrow, we haven't left the EU until we have left the EU, no matter what these toads like Boris and Farage may tell us...
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    ....and / or experts that could actually work out how to combat and stop the virus ?
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    On July 14th 2015 CNN broadcasted this image into my home around 1:30am. Shocked by what I was seeing I grabbed my remote hit rewind and then record. I recorded it to the end and then played it. It shows a human transforming into something else. Not all of her, primarily just the one hand, her right hand. Although, her left doesn’t look too good either it just never jumps above the scrolling ticket below. Major problems with her teeth as well. I thought CNN had just given us alien disclosure on a live news feed. I was sure it would be all over the internet the following day. I thought there would be numerous youtube posts showing this transformation. Nothing. The following week, nothing, month nothing, year nothing. How is that possible when it was broadcasted around the world-viewership in the millions? Am I the only one who saw it? The only one who recorded it? That appears to be the case. If others had it it would be all over youtube, and all over forums. I’ve found no images of any kind on the internet. I have analyzed it at least a hundred times and remain in disbelief every single time I see it. I think we can agree CNN would not intentionally alter the news feed and change the hand of the highest paid journalist in the world. David is right. I've tried to reach David numerous times to get the video to him with out success, so if anyone knows how I might be able to reach him I'd appreciate it. Peace
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    NOPE! Just the kids believe that fairy tale. It's just like "kiss the frog"
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    @muir @The Apprentice can you guys take it to PM or something. two fucking pages of you to bitching and it has nothing to do with the original question. Muir as a mod you should know better.
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    This is the only guy in the world who knows the keys and the properties of the new coronavirus. The WHO organisation must find him asap! http://sourcedb.whiov.cas.cn/zw/rck/201705/t20170505_4783973.html
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    This was a half decent post until you brough your own thoughts of what you think about me and what you think I am doing here into it, you have done this now in four subjects and your beginning to become a real pain, which others can also see, this is moderation at its very worst and will by now be doing damage to the forum itself.
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    That era vanished a long time ago. It may exist in pockets here and there, but we have become a very selfish society.
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    High res: https://postimg.cc/LYH8j01y
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    I thought the same, also where are the neigbours the caring community who one over helped their freinds and closest neigbours, where has our resolve gone to, if we continue to travel in the direction we are and close anothers voice down for pointing out viable traits then we don't stand much of a chance.
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    Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. Matthew 5:48 If you can get this bit right then the doctrine of original sin is irrelevant.
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    They knew people were going to die on that day. 96 is an occult number they use. The Owl and days of the week are important to them. This was pre planned murder. I was at the game and seen everything happen. The number 33 is used in one of the video clips. also Duckenfeild is a freemason. from a certain angle the clock at the ground has occult properties looks like a pryramid and Eye. Time is very important to the illuminati. People report a force moving the forward very quickly.
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    In today's fucked up world, it's ok to be racist - unless you are white
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    It is the standard tactic to shout racist for the last 30 years, to intimidate people to keep their mouths shut about population replacement, but it does not work anymore. Come to London and see the multicultural paradise with knife crime and murders through the roof. It is you who is ridiculous and at best blind to what is happening.
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    Just like now, the 2009 announcements were coming out of the World Health Organization and the CDC; the germ was a virus; it was spreading; travelers were carrying it; people were being tested at airports; the source of the germ seemed to be animal-to-human transmission; deaths were being reported; fear was rising. People were saying, THIS IS THE BIG ONE. Other people were saying: THIS IS A WEAPONIZED VIRUS ALTERED IN A BIOWAR LAB. Just like now. ... Attkisson: The implications of the story were even worse than that. We discovered through our FOI efforts that before the CDC mysteriously stopped counting Swine Flu cases, they had learned that almost none of the cases they had counted as Swine Flu was, in fact, Swine Flu or any sort of flu at all! ... With the CDC keeping the true Swine Flu stats secret, it meant that many in the public took and gave their children an experimental vaccine that may not have been necessary. https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/01/25/new-china-virus-swine-flu-hoax-history-matters/
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    I’m noticing there’s an increase in new comers to the forum, welcome! I topic that’s hard to understand of David Ickes is the reptilians. Here is some great resources for anyone interested. I would start with this 12 min video to get familiar with the reptilian concept: Then there is a 6.5 hr interview with Credo Mutwa and David Icke. Credo goes into the Zulu history, the Chitauri (Reptilians) and more including his alien abduction story which includes coming across grey aliens, a tall grey, a weird golden metallic golden robot and a Nordic (tall white). This is phenomenal for anyone interested but I had to watch it in parts, I don’t have 6 hours free in one go sadly 😁 Credo Mutwa does a long interview with Rick Martin and covers a lot of what he talks about with David Icke but does include extra information for anyone interested, again a very good read. Part 1: http://www.metatech.org/wp/aliens/reptilians-africa-zulu-shaman-elder-credo-mutwa-alien-abduction-reptilians-1/ Part 2: http://www.metatech.org/wp/aliens/reptilians-africa-zulu-shaman-elder-credo-mutwa-alien-abduction-reptilians-2/ Overall this will fill in so many gaps for you on ancient history, stories are very consistent around the ancient world, religions have twisted these stories into a religion as a method of divide and conquer. For anyone religious Credo does believe in a god but these fake gods, the reptilians are trying to keep us suppressed from it. Enjoy and any questions we will do our best to answer 😁 I’m sure other members have great sources of info too!
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    Even Jesus said- "Why do you call me perfect? Only God is perfect"
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    She did pull on his arm hard and it probably hurt him, so that's why he got angry. Both were aggressive.
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    Can you imagine how John Paul II would have handled it? I can't imagine John Paul would've been so rough with anyone. On the other hand, that lady was super agressive. She yanked the arm of a 82 year old man, hard. Can't really blame pope Francis for slapping her hand.
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    I always figured it was an abundance of Saturn symbols (which are everywhere) coupled with the Universal Law of Attraction drowning the region in negative energies. I know to some people that is probably hard to believe. I didn't until my wife and I began to have the shared experiences of being attacked by the inorganic beings sometimes referred to as Archons. Psychic attacks can cause you to experience levels of insanity you didn't know were possible. We were targeted and apparently a great source of irritation for them that they would manifest in certain scenarios. It was frightening. Anyway, the symbols of Saturn from the 6-pointed "Star of David" to the Black Cube of Saturn (such as in Mecca) are everywhere in the Middle East. I honestly believe it is part responsible for the insanity (which lends itself to continual fighting) we sometimes see in that entire region.
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    Reptilian beings have been heavily misconstrued by many. Galactic politics involving races that have a zero tolerance for reptilians, and coalitions of reptilian races themselves (among other allied races), has summoned the overseers of this sector. Reptilians will no longer be victims of senseless discrimination and betrayal, and the history of this planet will not be forgotten. That along with the current state of the planet will be taken into consideration, and those that acted with destructive intent from the beginning will be approached.
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    Reptilians? Who are they? Where did they come from? or Who are the Semites and what does the term "race" really mean? Here is a slightly different explanation you may have never heard of before: The term "race" actually means: vibratory rate and refers exclusively to the "inner being of man (SOUL)! Three original human races created by God live on planet earth. 1. AFRIANS 2. ASIANS 3. ARYANS The AFRIANS (Negros) are the indigenous human beings of planet earth, they are the hierachy of the monotonous creatures of the planet. Their physical bodys are perceived as black-skinned with large round dark eyes and a flat broad nose. Their hair is black, finely curled, they are equiped with a simple fife-sense dual bio-computer (mind), their race (vibratory rate) resonates with the lower frequency of the electromagnetic lightfield of planet earth, they feed on negative energy. The ASIANS (Japanese) are strangers on planet earth, they are refugees and came from planet mars and maldek after the great nuclear catastrophe in space (when planet maldek exploded in a nuclear meltdown und many alien people had to flee their home planets. Planet maldek, known today as the asteroid belt orbiting the sun). They settled on planet earth in the northeast and east, their physical bodys are perceived as white, their eyes are dark und slanted, their noses are pointed and short, their hair is black, long and straight, they are equiped with a highly complex six-sense dual bio-computer (mind). Their race (vibratory rate) resonates with the upper frequencies of the electromagnetic lightfield of planet earth, they are able to adapt to higher frequencies and feed on positive energy. They helped stabilize the planet earth as they have placed the magnetic moon. Many have left this planet earth again and settled on the system of orion. The ARYANS (Teutonians) also are strangers on planet earth, they came from Venus. They too were refugees after the great nuclear disaster in space when mars and venus were no longer habitable. They settled in the near east and in the northwest on planet earth. Their physical bodys are perceived as white, their eyes are light (blue, green or silver-grey) and have a slightly upward almond shape, their noses are pointed and long, often slightly hook-shaped (aquiline noses) and their hair is blonde to dark-blonde, long and straight. They are equiped wit a highly complex six-sense dual bio-computer (mind), their race (vibratory rate) resonates with the upper frequencies of the electromagnetic lightfield of planet earth, they are able to adapt to higher frequencies and feed on positive energy. They helped save the planet earth by neutralizing the nuclear fallout, they built the pyramids and sealed the radioactive mass. Many have left planet earth again and settled on other solar systems (e.g. Proxima Centauri). On earth they maintain a base just beyond the eternal ice of Antarctica. The REPTILIANS AND SEMITES But then our solar system moved into a period of darkness (shift of an age) behind the galactic arm of the milky way galaxy. It was then when the dark beings out of dakness (the humanoid reptilians) appeared and attempted to settle and to reproduce on this planet. But their genetics were too weak and they descended into the dark underworld, they exist on the lowest frequency and feed exclusively on negative energy (fear and terror of animals and humans), they kidnapped many people and programmed their magnetic minds with their own criminal thoughts and rituals, they caused the genetic mixing of the different types of people with each other and thus created the SEMITES (collective description for linguistically related people (etnic groups) without racial uniformity (mixed breeds). Since then, they dominate and abuse many people, they control their dark power via the magnetic mind of these mixed human slaves and them forgot who and what they really are. Many believe that they are their bodies, others believe that they are their minds and some even believe that they are their cars. The AFRIANS, the ASIANS and the ARYANS are three root-races and are part of the divine creation, they were all programmed with a divine "basic program" (DNS) the divine law. This law was with them from the beginning and prohibited mixig these genes. But this divine law was broken when the SEMITES came into being. That was the beginning of the great calamity on this planet earth, the people mutated into emotionless, insensitive monsters, the distorted and torn DNA caused people to err and they lost their understanding of God. Today, over two thirds of all humanity are SEMITES (mixed breeds), none is the same as the other, each individual has a little more or less genes from this or the other of the three root breeds and certain "clones" are even adulterated with reptilian genes. Therefore, there is no such thing as a jewish, christian, muslim, hindu, budist or whatever race, those are but only religious, political or whatever ideologies or associations, just as there is no such thing as a german or turkish race nor a chinese , indian or arabic race! Only by their works will you recognize them! Makes you think, doesn't it? Your Free Info