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    Dave Chawner was a witness to the stabbing in Streatham and used his blanket to stem the blood of the alleged victim. He was on his way to the cimema and always takes a blanket with him! How many people do you know who take bedding with them to watch a movie lol. He also was conveniently a witness to the London Bridge attack about 3 months ago, which he confirms from about 7.20 into video. "It might sound a bit weird but whenever I go to the cinema I carry a blanket with me so I gave him that. The services were amazing, the police were there in seconds." He added: "I think I've become immune to this because I was caught up in the London Bridge attacks as well. I was actually on the bridge when it happened. I was doing some filming around there." Sounds like a spook to me.
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    this guy? Comedian Campaigns for Mental Health Guidelines https://www.independent.co.uk/incoming/comedian-campaigns-for-mental-health-guidelines-10423807.html Its another dark comedy..
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    Well, that is progress. And whatever to get the modern architecture out of the recesses of modern block buildings and other commie-style brutalistic buildings...
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    https://www.architecturalrecord.com/articles/14466-will-the-white-house-order-new-federal-architecture-to-be-classical#AIA Small victory if it goes ahead. People will probably say it's oppressive looking though. Surely it's better than this shite: Good video on the importance of beauty:
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    Yeah, I've seen the fang-effect on other people before and never known what to make of it. Again, nicely spotted. As far as Trump getting where he is, I suspect it's because he was close to his uncle Dr. John Trump, who apparently had access to Tesla's papers and was also the protege of Vannevar Bush, who was intimately connected to the UFO secret. In my view, Trump is the figurehead of another faction opposed to the Bush/Clinton cabal that has access to tech secrets they don't possess and this has allowed them to leverage themselves to power. Could be wrong, of course, but the above combined with the sheer vitriol of the demoncrats and the mainstream media towards Trump makes me think it's too simplistic to label both sides as the same when it comes to his presidency. Either way, there's undoubtedly much, much more going on behind the scenes than we know. Did you know Trump has a letter from Richard Nixon from about 1987 predicting that if he ran for office he would win? This prediction seems to be - or was possibly - based on the advice of 'White House psychic' Jean Dixon, who Nixon and other presidents apparently consulted on important matters. I'll keep an open mind on him being reptilian...perhaps he's one of the better ones! :P
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    The perfect biological weapon if you wanted to attack china and its economy. Did the "bats" know this? Quote We also noticed that the only Asian donor (male) has a much higher ACE2-expressing cell ratio than white and African American donors (2.50% vs. 0.47% of all cells). This might explain the observation that the new Coronavirus pandemic and previous SARS-Cov pandemic are concentrated in the Asian area.
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    Wuhan coronavirus targets asians? 2019-nCov was reported to share the same receptor, Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), with SARS-Cov. Here based on the public database and the state-of-the-art single-cell RNA-Seq technique, we analyzed the ACE2 RNA expression profile in the normal human lungs. The result indicates that the ACE2 virus receptor expression is concentrated in a small population of type II alveolar cells (AT2). Surprisingly, we found that this population of ACE2-expressing AT2 also highly expressed many other genes that positively regulating viral reproduction and transmission. A comparison between eight individual samples demonstrated that the Asian male one has an extremely large number of ACE2-expressing cells in the lung. https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.01.26.919985v1
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    I am coming out, but not your typical coming out scenario. lol I am coming out as a gangstalking victim on youtube!!! Where I will talk about what it is and all the extra tid bits. This is over a decade of abuse, not your normal celebration. I didn't get to enjoy my 20s. lol Now I am 31 and I am too old for the crap. Now, when "they" want to come at me, they will end up on my youtube page. I am a widely known individual they follow, big names and big people in the occult community, although I probably wont hint at that part, I will get into why they are doing this to people and how BIG the occult community is. I will also be talking about how they retaliate against good, and how most people have things done to them without even knowing. Also, whats going on with employment in America?? What companies are leeching off the spread of new occult members? What is their mentality and what makes them operate??? The first spoiler is that gangstalking 100% has to do with organized occultist. Now, you may have heard claims like mine, and never believed them. Well, but I know you know what the pyramid scheme is, right? You are just misinformed to how gigantic it is. Unbeknownst to most basics, I already am hounded like a celebrity, but not one. Think of that when a sell out celebrity crys like Billie Ellish that they are being followed and bullied by people that love them. lol I wont be telling those details on youtube, but its indeed true. Try having hundreds and thousands of people like her, on your behind and they DONT LOVE YOU!!!! Think of people like me and those they kill every time a messed up celebrity cries about signatures. Its in the writing phase. Just letting my peeps know. lol Let me know what you think. I AM FIGHTING BACK!!!! Peace!!! Homegrown in the State of CT (in the USA). Let me tell you what Connecticut is really about, and how they were able to get away with that MAJOR event involving children. Every last dirty detail. The seen and the unseen.
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    Not quite our Mason friend surviving 3 terror attacks but getting there GR. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3505243/It-s-blessing-God-s-alive-American-Mormon-injured-brush-terrorism-Brussels-surviving-Boston-bombing-Paris-attacks.html
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    Yeah, l lived in Brighton too a couple of times. l saw Chris in his truck lots. He's great fun.. l stayed in Second Avenue off the coast towards Hove and also had the top room in the top flat in a beautiful building right near 7 Dials...fantastic views :O)
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    The coop reducing cancer causing preservative by 60% by why not eliminate it altogether? CO-OP REDUCES NITRITES ACROSS ALL OWN-LABEL BACON RANGE IN UK RETAILER FIRST MOVE 27 January 2020 Co-op is to reduce the amount of nitrites, a type of preservative, used in its own-label British bacon range by 60 percent, in a major UK retailer first move. Nitrites, which are used to cure bacon, will be reduced by 60 percent across 24 fresh, British Co-op lines – and in all its ranges, including its premium tier. This includes back and streaky bacon, medallions and bacon chops as well as lardons. The retailer-leading development in Co-op’s own label bacon range will come at no additional cost to consumers. The reduced nitrite bacon will first launch in stores with 11 core lines in January 2020, followed by 13 premium lines later in 2020. Co-op sells tens of millions packets of bacon a year and the range remains a top performing category for the convenience retailer. Traditionally, nitrites are added to cure bacon – without these it would simply be classified as salty pork. Nitrites are required for preservation and also to produce the typical characteristics of flavour, taste and colour of bacon. Breige Donaghy, director of delicious food at Co-op, said: “As a responsible retailer, we look for ways to make real change to help our members and customers to make even better choices when shopping in our stores. We’ve listened to what our shoppers want and followed guidance from leading experts in the industry to address the concerns around the amount of nitrites that are required to create cured meats, such as bacon. “By working closely with our supplier, Tulip, we’ve been able to reduce the amount of nitrites by 60 per cent without compromising preservation and still delivering a great quality product. We will continue to listen to our customers and stay committed to making the highest quality products across Co-op’s total own brand ranges.” https://www.co-operative.coop/media/news-releases/co-op-reduces-nitrites-across-all-own-label-bacon-range-in-uk-retailer
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    The grand solar minimum, which starts this year, will last for 33 years. https://www.ibtimes.com/scientist-warns-mini-ice-age-sun-hibernates-during-solar-minimum-2915068 According to Valentina Zharkhova, a professor at Northumbria University’s department of mathematics, physics and electrical engineering, the Sun is about to enter a Grand Solar Minimum this year, which is like an extended version of the solar minimum. Instead of lasting for only a couple of years, the Grand Solar Minimum could extend for 33 years. When this happens, the professor said Earth could experience a global drop in temperature by one degrees Celsius, which is already enough to cause severe weather conditions. “The Sun is approaching a hibernation period,” she said according to Express. “Less sunspots will be formed on the solar surface and thus less energy and radiation will be emitted towards the planets and the Earth.” “The reduction in temperature will result in cold weathers on Earth, wet and cold summers, cold and wet winters,” she added. “We will possibly get big frosts as is happening now in Canada where they see [temperatures] of -50C.”
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    Watched the Matrix 1 again last night. Couldn't help but notice in the opening scene, the room where they try to apprehend Trinity is '303'...
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    Really cool picture It definitely has significance and some sort of 'energy or power', that l'd guess can be used either way...
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    You couldn't pay me 100K to take one of those death shots...prob nano bots in them now interfacing with some monitoring tech... Germ Theory is a hoax based on junk science of Louis Pasteur and his big pharma proteges. Go out and get sun, clean air, get in nature, stay active and don't eat their shit and you will be good!
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    Nice one G t F ... But videoing it is the last thing you want to do ... We Believe You! ...We Believe it happened ! They want your attention .... When the have your attention they mesmerize you into the Illusion of their great power .... No one can deny a military helicopter has the power to blow your whole house away so it is Intimidation ... You must train yourself to ignore it , just as you would a fly in your room , which distracts your meditations and focus from Your chosen issue ... Of course it's a sign you're doing something right and they see you as a threat .... Asking Creator to make you and your work invisible to malevolent forces should stop the helicopters and other 'demons' (distractions) .
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    Greatest musical performance of all-time. Wait for the appearance of Third Shatner:
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    This doc is insane, I thought ide seen it all.
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    I do find it funny that one member has voted for .... "I have no individual conceptions of my life and only wish to serve my master. "
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    That is likely closest to the truth than anything else we had heard from the media and the polititians. They obviously knew exactly what the new virus will be like. And the outbreak only a few miles from China's only high security bio lab that worked with the coronavirus is almost as conveniently close to a biolab as the Novichok was in Salisbury.
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    On the physical level ,, the elites DO have a lot of power ,, because they control ,, MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ,, Re what you said about lack of discussion of what David talks about ,, How many sub sections and threads would be enough ,, ? On the Spiritual level ,, we create our reality but in my experience many other forces come into play ,, to make the illusory holographic reality we experience ,, what it is! David exposes the elite billionaire bloodlines controlling the planet ,, as well as the Spiritual and holographic nature of reality ,, as well as loads of other stuff ,, And ,, it's a good platform to express how you feel (as long as you aren't a troll or shill) ,, There must be plenty of websites for those that don't align with Davids stuff to moan and groan to infinity to each other! ,,
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    As icke says, the Elite, and the world around us is simply a reflection of our thoughts and feelings. The power to change lies within us - not the dark forces or their agenda. Thats is why I say there is very little talk of ickes actual ideas on this forum. Maybe that is one of the weaknesses of the forum. people want good news. They want to know what the solution to all the problems we have. and ickes solution is very unique - and it is what makes him stand out from virtually all other writers. He says the power lies within us. we have all the power. And the elite very very little So icke’s worldview is actually very positive : we need a revolution in human consciousness. And to not bother too much with the elite and why they do.
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    Fears UK's new 5G network could 'lower sperm counts and sterilise young men' EXCLUSIVE: Scientists and academics are among those concerned about the high-speed network's electro-magnetic radiation having a harmful effect on young men's reproductive systems By Sophie Bateman 18:36, 2 FEB 2020 Updated12:08, 3 FEB 2020 There are fears that increased levels of radiation in the UK as 5G coverage spreads across the country could seriously impact human fertility levels. The rollout of the high-speed network, which was launched in Britain in May last year, has sparked protests from those who believe higher levels of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) in the atmosphere are dangerous and 5G's potential health effects need to be tested. A letter presented to Downing Street last week urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to open an inquiry into "establishing the true impact of wireless communication systems on the health of the UK population". "We are extremely concerned by the vulnerability of our young and very young people to the harmful effects of pulsed RF radiation," read the letter which was handed over along with two petitions, one of which was signed by 268 physicians and scientists. "Study upon study is showing that this non-ionising radiation is causing oxidative DNA damage in cellular systems and this may be particularly harmful to the reproductive system of young boys, adolescents and young men." Sperm counts among British men have fallen by 29% in the last decade. Multiple international studies have found a link between increased mobile phone use and a drop in both the quantity and quality of sperm. A 2016 review by the Society for Reproduction and Fertility reported that of 27 studies investigating the effects of mobile phone EMR on the male reproductive system, 21 resulted in negative consequences of exposure. In a 2018 article called 'Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health' which was published in the journal Environmental Research, Dr Martin Pall from Washington State University cites a 1997 experiment with chilling results. Two pairs of young mice were placed into cages with different levels of exposure to a functioning antenna, although the exposure levels at both sites were well within safety guidelines. The pair in the cage with a higher exposure level produced one litter of smaller than normal babies, a second litter with fewer than normal babies, and demonstrated infertility or very low fertility from this point on. The pair exposed to a lower level of EMR produced four litters with fewer numbers of babies each time, before they became completely infertile. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/fears-uks-new-5g-network-21415777