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    wherever she goes is not good
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    Again I'm going through rather intense stressful period in my life anyway .....without the targeting give them their due they have eased up a bit over the last few weeks and just more or less monitored the situation .....or I been that focused and busy /stressed they had no need harass me (again this was in real life not anything to do with online/this forum etc ) Again needed some rest last night... and I had a lot of intense "dreams" induced or hijacked mine ... again they don't like you to rest...sort your head out and heal .... But when I woke up this morning I felt I am being tested and judged in my sleep/"dreams" which I am getting pissed of with .....AS IT NOT ME THE ONE AT FAULT DOING ANYTHING WRONG HERE....(again I am no saint and have many failings as a human being ) but its how they are doing this is totally wrong /illegal etc so trying to morally judge me in a "dream" they can go and F**k off ....its not my actions in "dreams" that need to be tested/judge ....but their real world actions and using/abuse people like this that needs to be judged and held to account for
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    Max Igan has just done a 2-hour interview on the Kev Baker Show discussing his recent 'crazy epiphany' episode. Early in the interview he mentions that he called DI soon afterwards and spoke to him for an hour and a half about the incident. Dave apparently told him it was unlike like his own experience in the early 90s and that this did sound like technological interference.
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    Very interesting. Stripping back the Biblical dressing, it sounds to me like what's going on is basically as follows: - The nature of consciousness is light - 'Demons' are aspects of consciousness in foolish rebellion against their own nature who strive to condense and freeze light in a futile bid to escape or transcend their intrinsic essence, which is ultimately doomed to be as ineffective as becoming an iceberg on an ocean and believing you've purged yourself of H2O - Anything frozen inevitably melts, meaning these demons will eventually have to confront the inexpressibly terrifying prospect of the disintegration of their own contrived, artificial natures or egos (which they view as akin to annihilation) - Since this is unavoidable, the only option available to them is to delay this outcome for as long as possible by seeking increasing states of deep freeze or material density to prolong the 'thaw' (matter is essentially just frozen light, as physicist David Bohm has pointed out) - This is achieved by spreading the freezing conditions / infecting more aspects of consciousness with addiction to the state of matter - If they can ensnare humanity in a similar state of deep freeze via transhumanism, they believe they might be able to create a 'hostage situation' or 'spiritual consensus' and bargain with 'God' to save their own sorry asses from this perceived annihilation
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    According to him, he helped the guy lying on the floor, (as there were only 3 victims & 1 serious)so I presume the victim in the video you posted from the bus would be the only choice & from what he describes in this video being near the shooting. But hes not there in that video helping the guy. Hes blatantly bullshitting. There 2 asian men, one looks like him but its not him, different coat & no glasses.
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    Or hes telling us its a cover up & theatre..🤔
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    ok i know you british are strange, but are u fucking kidding me.....a blanket. imagine......coverd with blanket in cinema typing on his 1000 pound mob phone 😂
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    most of the old buildings in towns i croatia have similar design....i always saw it as building style of the period interesting topic
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    this guy? Comedian Campaigns for Mental Health Guidelines https://www.independent.co.uk/incoming/comedian-campaigns-for-mental-health-guidelines-10423807.html Its another dark comedy..
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    Dave Chawner was a witness to the stabbing in Streatham and used his blanket to stem the blood of the alleged victim. He was on his way to the cimema and always takes a blanket with him! How many people do you know who take bedding with them to watch a movie lol. He also was conveniently a witness to the London Bridge attack about 3 months ago, which he confirms from about 7.20 into video. "It might sound a bit weird but whenever I go to the cinema I carry a blanket with me so I gave him that. The services were amazing, the police were there in seconds." He added: "I think I've become immune to this because I was caught up in the London Bridge attacks as well. I was actually on the bridge when it happened. I was doing some filming around there." Sounds like a spook to me.
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    Might explain spirit cookers going there. http://www.antarcticbiennale.com/project.html
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    Apparantly these fallen Angels are imprisoned in Antartica and are still alive.
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    Well, that is progress. And whatever to get the modern architecture out of the recesses of modern block buildings and other commie-style brutalistic buildings...
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    Yeah the Feds want his fat ass in jail lol.
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    Even if he did visit the USA, no prosecutor would dare touch him. As @northern star says, he's above the law; immune from prosecution. He could screw a whole room full of teeny-boppers and he'd walk away. Might get a bit of bad press but that's it.
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    When I first saw it I read it as 'I con nick'. I must be slightly dyslexic. It's an interesting idea and I'm intrigued to see if people will spend money on something that has so far been free.
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    The People´s Voice, mark 2? Mark 1 was a flop.
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    Hello I posted in the wrong bit and rambled on about waking up. meant to do it here. ps I was meditating on a nudist beach. My first time hahaha! look where it brought me x that'll teach me to read David Icke books and meditate on the third blimmin eye whilst flaunting all to an underwhelmed public
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    I understand now. Using Dave Chawner as a witness was a message. He's appeared on the BBC programme FAKE NEWS.
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    If you value your privacy & sanity avoid Edinburgh between now and Sunday night this week (week ending Sun 9th Feb). The rugby match between Scotland & England is on this weekend (Saturday evening at Murrayfield). So because of that, Princess Anne and her "entourage" will be in the city. Also add in that about 40-50% of the sold tickets for the match are all state sector. So it lends a very strange & disturbing atmosphere. If you do have to travel to Edinburgh this weekend, dont take your smartphone with you & avoid crowded areas. Expect surveillance & expect headaches due to the use of the regional H.A.A.R.P in the wider area.
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    David was THE instrumental person in my full awakening back in 2000 when I would go into Borders on my lunch breaks and read The Biggest Secret...then 911 happened and I was sold. People used to call me crazy for telling them about what was in that book but I didn't care. Now he is pretty much mainstream. One of the cofounders of our company also was in a awakened group here in the US back in the early 90s and they brought David out to speak along with other pioneers like G Edward Griffin. They were raided by the FBI and had to close shop. Anyways, stoked to be here! We do a weekly live stream focusing on alternative medicine, science and technology. I'll share stuff here when it is relevant.