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    This is front-page news FFS. It's like a cult with these people. The media will get a ton of mileage out of this and teh rest of us can all go to hell in a handcart.
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    I think the question to be asked is, "Why now???" I reckon there's more to this than meets the eye...
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    Couldn't care less. Can't stand the bloke anyway, the programme he hosts or the brainless bimbo who works alongside him. And don't get me started on the 'We buy any car advert'. I once had dealings with them and they were one of the most unpleasant organisations I have ever worked with. All that said, I agree with elite re the wife and kids.They are always the ones who suffer most in these situations.
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    Well if this is a thread about dreams and nightmares, how about one that turned into both from last night? It was this huge train, paid for, owned by and playing the music of Status Quo. And I told the Status Quo inspectors (there were other trains in a queue waiting) I'd left my ticket behind on a shelf. "Well that's tragic that. Never heard that before." so they took my name down in a register of people who couldn't come along. I had "Lost ticket" written next to my name. Looked at the register and I couldn't read the names but the reasons given were "Turned out to be a nonce". So it was back to the dormitory to watch the sunrise on a beach next to a disused smelting factory. It was then I discovered I could fly. So may as well, right? Came back to the dormitory only to find they'd changed the furniture and my bed. And the biggest regret I had was I wasn't allowed on the Status Quo train. It was all I could talk about. BUT everyone I spoke to had somehow read the register, so it was "No! My entry had Lost Ticket!" shouting matches. I miss the old days of nightmares/dreams about monsters and werewolves.
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    'Every person I tell it gets a little lighter' TV presenter Phillip Schofield has revealed he is gay, after 27 years of marriage to his wife Stephanie Lowe. The 57-year-old made the announcement via a statement posted on his Instagram story. Speaking on ITV's This Morning Mr Schofield said "this was my decision" and his hand had not been forced. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/entertainment-arts-51414550/phillip-schofield-on-coming-out-as-gay-every-person-i-tell-it-gets-a-little-lighter I am sorry but how come he's decided to come out as gay now after so long? (must have been messing around in his head a lot for sure?) and I see he actually announced it on his social media to grab even more attention in the spotlight. Really feel for his poor wife and daughters what they must be going through!
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    I am coming out, but not your typical coming out scenario. lol I am coming out as a gangstalking victim on youtube!!! Where I will talk about what it is and all the extra tid bits. This is over a decade of abuse, not your normal celebration. I didn't get to enjoy my 20s. lol Now I am 31 and I am too old for the crap. Now, when "they" want to come at me, they will end up on my youtube page. I am a widely known individual they follow, big names and big people in the occult community, although I probably wont hint at that part, I will get into why they are doing this to people and how BIG the occult community is. I will also be talking about how they retaliate against good, and how most people have things done to them without even knowing. Also, whats going on with employment in America?? What companies are leeching off the spread of new occult members? What is their mentality and what makes them operate??? The first spoiler is that gangstalking 100% has to do with organized occultist. Now, you may have heard claims like mine, and never believed them. Well, but I know you know what the pyramid scheme is, right? You are just misinformed to how gigantic it is. Unbeknownst to most basics, I already am hounded like a celebrity, but not one. Think of that when a sell out celebrity crys like Billie Ellish that they are being followed and bullied by people that love them. lol I wont be telling those details on youtube, but its indeed true. Try having hundreds and thousands of people like her, on your behind and they DONT LOVE YOU!!!! Think of people like me and those they kill every time a messed up celebrity cries about signatures. Its in the writing phase. Just letting my peeps know. lol Let me know what you think. I AM FIGHTING BACK!!!! Peace!!! Homegrown in the State of CT (in the USA). Let me tell you what Connecticut is really about, and how they were able to get away with that MAJOR event involving children. Every last dirty detail. The seen and the unseen.
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    Couldn't agree with you more. The shows he hosts are tripe anyway. I certainly don't watch any of them. Most if not all of people whom present on the main television channels (BBC, ITV, Sky, etc.) are all part of the MSM deception aren't they? It's difficult for a lot of normal people in this world to get away from the MSM isn't it? How can an individual do it? Is it to just not watch certain channels/services and not listen to stations such as BBC Radio? I listen to a local community radio station nowadays that serves my area/town where I live/work, and it is run completely by volunteers as a community station on a shoestring budget. Listening to a station like this might be just the best chance of reducing any MSM deception.
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    Phillip Schofield has always been part of the MSM deception. He was primed to do this interview with Cameron about homosexual pederasts in Parliament. Schofield knows the score. He knows homosexual politicians have raped young boys. Do you see accusations against politicians raping young girls? NO. So I conclude the paedophilia is being carried out by elite homosexual men raping young boys. Paedophilia: Cameron shifts blame, warns of ''witch hunt'' against GAY people And yesterday we learned the next tipped homosexual First Minister of Scotland was grooming a 16 year old boy .
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    For what it's worth, I always thought that he was gay! Like the lead singer of Judas Priest, when he came out a few years ago.....all that leather gear, come on, it was obvious! Used to look like fucking Frankie Goes To Hollywood!
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    lf they can target people based on online 'behaviour, attitude and views' then l'd guess it wouldn't only be focused on FB. Everyone has a digital footprint.
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    Hello everyone. I am new to this forum. Interesting thread, thanks for the information.
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    well considering the solar cult is dominant and also considering the confusion between saturn and the sun as the object of worship this phenomenon would be sacred to the solar cults, however if this is a new phenomenon the (sun) solar cults probably havent previously had the experience to integrate it into their cultural practice no egyptian hieroglyphs , seems like the type of thing those fellas would notice if the Upper Egyptians had the experience however the Obelisk would sort of be the perfect structure to witness the phenomenon
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    Start when the are young and engender them with an interest in reading and books with trips to libraries and bookshops where they can still be found and keep a shelf reserved for books in their rooms. Use language intelligently, constructively, fluently and with humour. Delay letting them get their hands on technology as far as is possible and don't brain wash them with your own ideas. All this will require a bit of self discipline by the parents for at least 10 years for some children.
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    Very creepy too. There was a theory at one time that Jack the Ripper was a royal and that he was confined for the rest of his life in Glamis Castle; a favour for Queen Victoria that was later called in by the Bowes-Lyon family... http://falsificationofhistory.co.uk/false-history/jack-the-ripper-prince-eddy-lord-randolph-spencer-churchill-and-the-queen-mother-2/
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    this reminds me of a thread someone started on the old forum that asked people about a random symbol which turned out to be a symbol for a laser the thread starter explained as much on another forum for freemasons which you can view here where the clown who started the thread mocks people at the old forum who speculated about the symbol.....there are some pretty sad individuals out there and if that guy was a freemason then he's not exactly a credit to the lodge is he but those are the kind of games getting played out there... http://staffs.proboards.com/thread/7560/hilarious-thread-forums-symbol-solved
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    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/tracywang/2020/02/05/billionaire-philanthropist-bill-gates-announces-100-million-commitment-to-fight-coronavirus-global-health-crisis/amp/ bill gates donates another $100 mil for coronavirus, $60 mil will go towards vaccines, treatment etc... in other news, grass is green!
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    You can drill down into your dreams to get enough information to understand then. Before you got to sleep, think about your dreams and what you think they mean, and look for answers that make sense to you.
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    if everything that's in the bible and book of enoch is correct...
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    You're looking for information to explain what certain dreams mean?
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    We have found some unscrupulous people on eBay selling single FFP2 masks for £12.99 EACH. One of our suppliers informed us today that the reason they have run out of stock is because Chinese people have been setting up UK businesses and buying these masks in bulk, not to give away to family or friends or to send back to China, but to sell them on eBay at huge mark ups. They're even blatantly advertising them as 'Coronavirus masks' and stating that they are 'World Health Organisation approved'. As a comparison, we were selling packs of ten of these same masks for around £30.
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    I think the perspective you are speaking about there is one from outside of the conspiracy outside of the conspiracy there are people on the left and the right who genuinly believe in what they are doing but if you go higher up then it is a conspiracy what you call 'capitalist' forces are really the same people who have subverted capitalism by creating central banks and then bailing out the banks after the 2008 crisis They have created giant cartels which they now claim are 'too big to fails' which they protect from anti-trust laws by capturing government. Those very same people are the same people behind fabianism and marxism and they put the bolsheviks into power and then they put the nazis into power and then they created monopoly capitalism in the USA and the end goal was never to maximise profits. The end game is to grab all power and resources so that they can then impose a technocracy on the world marxist social engineering is all part of remoulding society to fit it to be compliant slaves of that globalised technocracy. So no they are not really 'capitalists' in the sense that they are anti-competition. they are authoritarians looking to centralise power in their hands and they see capitalism as a means to that end along with marxism In fact zbigneu bzrezinksi saw marxism as a stepping stone to what he called the 'technotronic era' and he was writing that way back in the 1970's so they've been pursuing this for a long time
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