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    Well, that's my recent travel plans scrapped. Really can't believe how so many people fall for it. If ANY of this was even slightly legit, why now? Why make this mandatory in the middle of June (to be made mandatory on 15th of June), why not in March or April? Why can't people see this is about control, not health? I seriously wonder just how much of the George Floyd and Madeline McCann stuff is being put out there to distract us from the fact that literally, in just the last few days, our liberties have been hit mega hard. From the sex ban (is now actually illegal to make love to someone outside your own home), to Government reviews of lockdown been shifted from 3 weeks to 4 weeks, and now you must lose your identity, your face just in order to travel on public transport... But the protesters and rioters are A okay, aren't they? No law breaking going on there!... *Sigh*.
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    I normally come posting on here seeking solace. But this evening I bring good news. I live in Brighton and a couple of pubs on the beach open because they have take away licence. It started raining so we all huddled under outside umbrellas ( I was nudged and poked ...I cannot tell you how good it felt 🤣 anyway...I struck up a conversation with a random. I had noticed they had gone to bar and come back empty handed ANYWAY....I had only gone and struck up conversation with 3 ransoms who agreed with everything we are discussing here. Vibes and energy do attract. How mad is it I was drawn to these people ...and we all agreed this is why they ...whatever you want to call them do not want pubs open! Because we will all get talking and the veil is going to fall .we will be drawn to each other we will bring this down! They know this . I actually feel quite a little bit positive. They cannot separate us for ever ✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊
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    This is more aimed at people who are new to this stuff, welcome. First of all its important to understand how the human body works, our tonsils invites viruses in to create antibodies against it. That’s why kids put things in their mouths, the tonsils want to create antibodies to build up the immune system. We get ill when the immune system is weak, either through a vitamin/ mineral deficiency (lack of vitamins D from sun in winter) or we live in a toxic environment (emf radiation, gmos, toxic chemicals in chemtrails etc). This will cause us to experience symptoms when creating antibodies against the illness, a severely weak immune system will result in extreme symptoms or even death. Most of the time we will catch an illness, create the antibodies to fight it and never even know we had it, thanks to a strong immune system. We have a natural immune response system, the tonsils and gut, at no point in human evolution or design, were we meant to inject viruses into our bloodstream, but does it work? The answer is we don’t know, there is an overall lack of science when it comes to vaccines. There isn’t a single long term double blind study to show that vaccines work, or that they are safe. Plenty of medical journals say that they don’t work and that they are not safe. Vaccines are considered to have eradicated childhood diseases, another lie, most childhood diseases were eradicated because we improved our immune system through better food, water and hygiene. I’ll attach a graph at the bottom showing the decline of illnesses and when the vaccines were introduced, you’ll see vaccines played no role in the reduction of cases. Another thing the media loves to lie about is that vaccines don’t cause autism, they do! There is an epidemic in autism among young people, not old and Amish people who have no vaccines have 0 cases of autism. In America where they have the most aggressive vaccine schedule, 54% of the kids have a chronic illness. Whats causing the autism? Various neurotoxins like aluminium and mercury, plenty of medical journals and studies to prove this, but all swept under the carpet by the cdc and media. There’s even an Italian case in 2014 of a boy who got brain damage and autism from a vaccine, the court concluded that aluminium and mercury caused the brain damage. It’s been proven in a court of law. Other chemicals that can be in a vaccine are extremely dangerous and toxic, which lowers the immune system! Vaccines are also attributed to the dramatic rise in auto immune disease because the toxins from the vaccine attach to elements of our body, which the body then sees as a threat and attacks itself. The big problem we have is that vaccines are liability free products, so if anyone is damaged by a vaccine, big pharma don’t pay the compensation, the government does (tax payers) and big pharma then make money treating the damage the vaccine caused. This is why they are targeting the kids because then they become customers for life. Recently we have bill gates wanting to vaccinate the world except himself and his own kids. His vaccines have caused thousands of deaths and gbh in India and africa with vaccines he knew were dangerous as they were phased out in America before he used them. It got to the point where with the DTP vaccine, the vaccine was killing more kids than DTP itself. In Kenya they found anti fertility agents in the vaccine. All covered up by the WHO, which Gates funds. He openly says he wants to use vaccines as a method of depopulation and now wants to vaccinate us all against this covid 19, do you really think it’s a good idea to take it? This is is a quick summery on vaccines, any questions or anything to add then you are more than welcome 😊 Fantastic sources of information is learntherisk.org and dr John Bergman on YouTube/ bitchute
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    I said to the missus before Monday that we're going to get loads of people coming out now that have been sat indoors for three months - and they're going to be annoying. I've just been doing what I want when I want since the early "lockdown" scam, and tbh, I found that most people out were fine, or they wouldn't have been out anyway, I also found people in general were ok too. Only had one issue with a park ranger and a member of Tesco staff but nothing with anyone out walking their dogs having a stroll etc. I sort of had the feeling I was out with like minded folks 10/11 weeks ago at the height of the scam. Now though, all the tin foil hat wearing BBC conspiracy theorists are out in full force. This week alone I've had three people mumble under their breath when they've given me this huge wide berth and expected a thank you, which I am not going to start doing. I refuse to thank someone for being a moron. I've literally just had a woman move twenty feet away from me and stand behind a car - I just carried on walking while she was "mumbling away about a thank you would be nice etc..." I have ignored all three completely but feel I should have some witty remark ready, like "sorry, I won't thank conspiracy theorists..." or something. I generally don't react well with these kind of things so tend to keep my mouth shut and stew but they haven't annoyed me, I actually feel a bit sorry for them. I'm always very considerate when out and about but these people are part of the problem, and I will not thank them for their ignorance. Should I carry on just ignoring them, or have some remark ready for next time. Suggestions and similar experiences this week welcome.
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    I took a step back yesterday. No media information of any sort, including DI Forum, and I feel much better for it. I think I'll be practicing this policy more moving forward. This thread had become a stream of re-posted Facebook posts and Tweets, creating a microcosm of exactly what these institutions were designed to do....feed misinformation and whip people into a frenzy of fear, hate and aggression. In the last twelve months we've had: Extinction Rebellion.....”We'll all be dead in ten years” A Worldwide “Pandemic”......”We'll all be dead in one year” and Race Riots......”We'll all be murdered in our beds tonight” There's nothing a few sane people can do to stop these rabid, brainwashed masses from playing out their programmed roles. Society has been completely inverted, where right is wrong, good is bad, common sense is uncommon and logic is illogical. Everything has been turned on it's head and the majority of people are way past the point of salvation. Switch off your phone and your laptop and ignore the insanity. It will pan out how it will, irrespective of your input. So walk your dog or tend your garden, or whatever physical things you would normally do in a sane world, and avoid all this virtual reality world of tweets and posts by insane people. Look out for yourself and your family, and make provision for whatever you anticipate is coming. This may sound defeatist to some but the reality is that you or I are not going to be able to save the world. The world must save itself, or devour itself. All we can really do is to try and protect those close to us and continue to live our lives in the manner we deem to be correct.
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    Posted this on my facebook page. This is what I think this BLM bollocks is all about! "What is this Black Lives Matter all about? First thing is that all lives matter and there have been more whites killed by Police in the US than blacks! Then I saw a headline in the Daily Fail! Police are allowing protesters in London to defy Boris Johnson's orders! That's when it occurred to me that this has been set as per the Rockefeller / Bill Gates plan called Lock-Step! What does it say? Here's a summary: "Eventually enact Phase 2 Quarantines on an even more extreme level and blame the protesters for the cause of the larger 2nd wave. Enforce the Phase 2 quarantines on an even more extreme level increasing the penalty for defiance. Deem all travel as non-essential, increase checkpoints with military assistance. Increase tracking/tracing with mandatory apps, take over the food / fuel supply chain, create large scale shortages so that people can only get access to essential products and services if they are first given permission! Keep the Phase 2 lockdowns in place for a longer time than Phase 1 continuing to further destroy the global economy, further degrade the supply chain and further amplify the food shortages and alike".......We are in for a rough ride if people don't wake up to this crap! Oh and by the way the Lock-Step operation was written in 2010."
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    So I decided to get on the tube today to meet up with some friends at Regents Park. Very surreal experiance with numerous types of masks being showcased including welder mask styles (not even joking). On my carriage there was me and one other guy not sporting the correct attire which almost made me feel like the odd one out? Lots of BLM protesters all heading for Westminster masked up to the nines with banners etc.. It was very quiet at Regents Park with no protests and all of the people I was meeting have very simular views to most of us on here of the cabal concept. Some of the younger members had placards reading numerous things like No to NWO ,No to vaccines,No to 5g etc.. Anyway the old bill turn up doing the 'allo allo allo' number and stopped 2 of my friends in the group (one of which is black). They spun the placards around so they could not be read by the police and raised a fist at the police saying 'black lives matter'. The police actually done the same thing back and drove off whilst we all just laughed at them driving off. Would have made a great video. At least we never got the kneel down anyway. Double standards. Yeah just a bit. The breif at the station must of read..no placards unless reading BLM. The week before everyone in the group got moved on for the same thing and was not able to stand in a group with placards. They all need double sided placards for next week...You couldn't make it up!
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    This guy worked for the King...they opened a whole can of worms here. The media changed their tune quick, when you get down to the nittygritty. Slavery in history is a fact of life tho with all countries & civilisations. I dont believe you can single out caucasians alone. Jews are responsible for a massive part of the slave trade. But also serfs in Feudal Britain & Landlordism needs to be addressed first before we get to slavery. We are the original colonies. Convicts sent to Australia were also slaves & were white. Specially Irish. Its a complicated topic some blacks who have never been physically slaved in their lives seem to think they have the monopoly on. I do believe blacks in America after apartheid have been deliberately left in dire poverty, no doubt. But the democrats are not their saviour thats for sure. Blacks & whites in Detroit & all over the US live in third world condition, whilst billions get sent to Israel every year. Wise up & see these Hollywood Jews & their media are not your friends & using you. They wont coz al their black heroes & leaders are just as corrupt. The biggest joke right now tho is..weve all had all our basic human rights taken away from us overnight for a fake pandemic & none of these leftist clowns complained, but bought into it lock stock. Thats the only thing thats buggin me right now about all this BLM Antifa bullshit. They talk about slavery but are total fucking mentally slaved themselves! They are programed drones the lot of em & the 1% are loving them doing their bidding for them. End Choir rant.
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    I'm a veteran protester. Since the anti-apartheid demonstrations in the 1980's, the anti-capitalists in the 90's, all the anti-war protests of the 20's and even the one against removing the Education Maintenance Allowance, which financially supported students. The only one I missed was the Poll Tax riot, but if I learned anything from years of demonstrating, it is that they are futile, achieve nothing and are orchestrated by TPTB to diffuse resistance. Every time, riot police provoke retaliation, by either kettling the crowd, so they have to push back and then, batons can start swinging, or as in this case, they charge the crowd on horseback. It is provocation and makes excellent “bad press” for the people's righteous cause. I have been kettled on Oxford Street and at Whitehall, where we were permitted to leave the protest, one at a time, through a police cordon. The only protest I would join now, is anti-vax. But black youths in London have been getting profiled, harrassed, assaulted and murdered by the MET for a very long time, their greivances are genuine. Here are a few of the victims off the top of my head, Colin Roach, Christopher Alder, Kebba Jobe, Sean Rigg, Mark Duggan, Frederico Da Costa and Rashan Charles, who all died at the hands of police officers, none of whom were ever charged or convicted. The Masons close ranks and lie for each other.
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    I think everyone here knows all sides involved in these protests are acquiescing to cabal manipulation. The sad thing is they don't realise it because they're full of trauma and are unhappy with their lives. The disillusioned are such easy targets for the cabal to use for the bullshit agenda. The best resistance is to just not give a shit about any of this manufactured nonsense.
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    Just don't buy Netflix. If enough people stopped paying money to them, they might think twice about being self-appointed arbiters of what we can and cannot watch.
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    I’ve noticed something creepy and insidious about Face Masks. When I’m out and about, in the supermarket or wherever, the Unmasked people will, now and again, look at me and smile, and raise eyebrows, or some other little gesture. I’ll smile back, and then we’ll go on our way. There’ll be some brief eye contact. - A positive communication cycle between two passing strangers, lasting a second or two. These small connections make me feel human and One with my fellow travellers through this world. A feeling of Solidarity passes between us. However, with the MASKED people, there’s no eye contact, smiles, or anything. If I try to get eye contact with them they studiously look away, quickly turn their head the other way. I can’t get any natural human connection with them. Its like those who wear masks have NO DESIRE to connect or bond with others while out and about.
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    I'm going to mail this to everyone responsible for ''Education' - the Ministers, Commisioners, Chairmen, Ofsted, whoever... With regards to the “new abnormal” in schools, where children are being taught to fear their peers, incase they spread an alleged contagion, which they are neither susceptible to nor carry, it amounts to child abuse. To be isolated in 'boxes' and unable to demonstrate natural human behaviour, such as hugging, is cruelty. To be made to engage in OCD hand-washing, for a disease they do not have, is punishing. To be deprived of the tools of learning, books, toys, sports and social interaction, defeats the purpose of schooling. As a qualified Teaching Assistant, a fundemental part of my job was to “safeguard” children from physical, mental, sexual and emotional abuse and to build up their self-esteem. To quote the Laming Report, “Every Child Matters” and their well-being is paramount. The enjoyment of good mental health, staying safe, being protected from harm and neglect, enjoying and achieving, getting the most out of life, are but hollow platitudes, if the role of teachers now, is to impart as much psychological damage as possible.
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    The funniest thing I saw today ,we went for a walk down the coast along a path that follows a river, which was more than a hundred mt across, around the corner comes this fellow paddling a kayak in the middle of the river with a mask on , I just burst out laughing, I was told in no uncertain terms by the misses to shut up and don't say anything
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    This is truly fucked up: THE TRANSPOR|T SECRETARY GRANT SHAPPS has just said: Wearing facemasks is compulsory from 15th June and you will face fines if you don't do it. The chairman of network rail "does not forsee railworkers having to police the new rules" This is about people being sensible - people do what they're asked as long as what they're asked to do is sensible" Which isn't is it? I mean - wearing face masks is not sensible - even the dickheads at W.H.O say it isn't. He also said: "people who don't comply will be fined - but young children will be exempt". FUCK OFF -ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the W.H.O have said that wearing face masks is not effective: The only people who have to wear a mask is those who are sick or showing symptoms, or are caring for people with coranavirus. Nobody else needs to wear a mask and 'experts' have given several reason why NOONE else nneds to wear a mask.
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    Hey guys, Just popping this petition I made here, to stop mandatory face masks on public transport in the UK, sign and share please, we need as much support as possible to take further action. I know a lot of you think petitions don't do much, but we have another motive behind this. Thank you! https://www.thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/181/262/966/stop-mandatory-face-masks-on-public-transport-in-the-uk/
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    Clap = (on a Thursday Dance = ( nurses told to dance for camera Kneel = ( support black deaths Before all that wear a gag = to stop conversation = puppets don't speak. We may as well be attatched to strings. What's next?
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    You don't belong on this site you shill. You are a student of bollocks.
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    It's Communism folks..... It never ends well. But that's not the intention.....the intention is to destroy the country. It's an infection designed to deliberately destroy and murder as many people and as much of their history, culture and tradition as possible. There can be only one......and most of us know who that is.
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    I think I can speak on this from the point of view of someone who has been to the "other side". I didn't go all the way through to the tunnel so to speak, because I was met by two "people" who told me they are two of my "spirit guides". When this happened, it took me a while to realize that all of our communication over there was a kind of telepathy where you can hear people speak to you with their mind, and you answer back with your mind. I did not get the sense at all that there was anything like what is commonly called Hell, a place where Sinners are punished or whatever. I certainly did not see any "down elevator" taking people to burning lava pits to be burned over and over for all of eternity. What I got was a sense that you will have to go through a life review, where you see yourself through the eyes, mind and heart of everyone you slighted or hurt during your physical life, and that this process will be very emotionally painful for you, and that is how you learn. This happened to me in 2005, when I was the athletically fittest of my life, even though I was 45 years old. I had gotten into competitive cycling, not knowing I had a congenital heart defect. I was more than halfway through my training for the upcoming racing season when I had a severe heart attack while out on my bike and pushing very hard that day. I was lucky I was with friends who caught up with me when I was laying on the ground in pain along side the road. My wife was on her bike with us and she called an ambulance that arrived in less than 4 minutes. Long story short, I had something very rare happen, and it was something that very few people survive. I had an emergency heart bypass that night and during the surgery, because my spirit-self did not want to stick around and experience my chest being cut open, I left my body and I was immediately met by those two beings who told me I was going to be ok, but before I went back they needed to educate me on some things. They "transported" me to a place that looked like a grade school classroom. I sat in one of the little desks as they proceeded to teach me what they needed to teach me, including I got the proverbial download that is typical of what happens to many NDE people, where I temporarily knew everything about everything. I literally knew the answer to every question I'd ever had about why the world is so fucked up and unjust and corrupt. Of course, I didn't get to keep all of that knowledge when I came back (because that would be cheating), but I still have bits and pieces of much of it. Even 15 years later, I'll occasionally see or hear something that will trigger a new memory of something I learned over there, and it lets me add another piece to the puzzle I have been building since that happened to me. There are not many people like David Icke in the world. I can tell all of you, because I know this now, that this man speaks the truth. Often times, when I hear him speak, he will say something that I am sure 95% of people would never believe, but I immediately know that what he's saying is true because it will trigger a memory I didn't know I had and I will be like "Oh my god, he's exactly right. I know this because I saw it for myself when I was on the other side and temporarily knew everything." I could go on and on. The above is only 5% of what I could say about my experience "over there", but it's very personal to me.
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    I was absolutely livid when I heard this last night – utter nonsense from a government that now seems hell-bent on pushing through a series of measures to: 1. Scare the public and ramp up the fear 2. Keep the virus narrative at the forefront of public consciousness until they can impose mandatory vaccination 3. Introduce as many “temporary” draconian laws to divide the public, screw the economy further and control the population. 4. Take as many steps as they can to further the imposition of a dystopian fascist police state. It’s heartening to see the outrage on here and I hope enough of the NPC’s wake up before it’s too late... as far as the mask suggestions go my choice of wording on the front would be obvious... “THIS IS FASCISM”