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    OK HERE IS WHAT IS HAPPENING!!! Italy and Spain have had the highest deaths so far, and climbing... How is that so under the strictest quarantine laws known to man. In Spain you can't even leave your home for air. What do Spain and Italy have in common..... They both have high life expectancy & the largest catholic populations, so 60 to 85 year olds all firm in their belief in the CHURCH and holding real wisdom gained in high quality of lifestyle, and when you get to that age, with all that leisure time you just become wise of the world. Real wisdom is the tool to defeat evil. We are moving into the age of science and technocracy... TPB have used clergymen and priests to control the masses, now that's old news... now scientists, medics, carers are the new clergymen and women, they are being touted as the people we should trust, who understand this new world we are now in (science). This explains all the global planned applauding, the emphasis on 'the new front line heros' and all the other shit we know. This would also explain why the priests and clergymen of the catholic church were able to get away with so much child abuse. Also explains the rise of cult symbolism in society, such as the soft worship of satan in rock music, pathetic tattoos that tell people you are into heavy metal music and so on.. Mind control of the masses with the fake connection to god has been a good tool, but now there are new more promising methods on the market and we are about to see just what. I am taking this all day by day, these are just my views, I do not claim they are correct, but I think it's about trying to piece these ideas to what's going on in the real world. That is all we can do. Stay connected, stay grounded and keep your eyes on your freedom. I take my hat off to these fucks. But I won't let them have it!!
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    Since some people think 5G is related to corona i place this here. Electronic smog 'is disrupting nature on a massive scale' New study blames mobile phone masts and power lines for collapse of bee colonies and decline in sparrows https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/nature/electronic-smog-is-disrupting-nature-on-a-massive-scale-921711.html?utm_source=reddit.com
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    One more time: party politics is nonsense designed to make people like you believe you have a choice and fight with the other cattle about which farmer you like best. The Tory government are doing what they're told. They have advisers, and all parties have ultimately the same advisers - economics bodies, trade unions, scientists, corporations. The script is written the politicians and political parties on the democratic paradigm of politics are just the actors. Is blowing up children a criminal act? Or are you one of these people who think if it's sanctioned on a bit of paper in parliament it makes it ok? Fuck me you people are braindead. Why are you here? Go frequent the my money supermarket forum with the rest of the slaves. And ps honour isn't Catholicism. You don't get to be a cunt but then it's ok as long as you're good for a bit. You don't get to be honourable some of the time. Honour is something that's earned, a quality, it's not a state of being.
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    DucikDuckGo funds leftist organizations that support feminism. It gives its ad revenue to the elite leftist agendas. The search results are advertisements. Don't think it is uncensored. It doesn't tell you that the search results are censored when they are censored. Try gibiru. Gibiru offers uncensored search results from google.
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    We have men and women taking their children to parades where men in yfronts covered in baby oil gyrate and dance with other sick individuals and throw their sick sexual beliefs in your face. We have doctors, media, schools, anyone under 40 and the government saying it's absolutely fine and normal if you want to chop off your genitals and take body-bending hormones because you're convinced you were born a man even though you're a woman. Anyone who refuses to swallow this bullshit is labelled, and then THEY are deemed the ill ones, the sick ones, the ones who are evil. We get told black is white and white is black and everyone nods along. Show proof of the opposite and you're cut down or people ignore it. We have wedges driven between men and women on an industrial scale through the utter poisons that are MGTOW and feminism. We have our mothers, our wives, the givers of life itself refusing to have children because they've been convinced that the only thing valuable to human existence is to pay tax. We have boys in their 40's and 50's playing video games like man-children, while their kids get brought up by homoerotic marxist 'celebrities' via their TV's. We have a use, abuse and throw away culture which is destroying habitats through litter pollution. We let aliens into our lands, to outcompete and outbreed us en masse, threatening our very existence as a race. Why would anyone want to save this disgusting society we live in? Let western 'society' die, it's a fucking disease and its death is very long overdue. Politicians aren't doing anything. Government's aren't doing anything. The people pulling their strings are the ones doing it.
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    You're right, but here's the thing: People like you have the entire internet and mainstream media and the entirety of this country's civic and political institutions all to yourselves. You can comment openly in complete safety and all the nodding donkeys will hee-haw along with you. Even though, as I suspect, the majority of ordinary people share some of our scepticism, we are in a minority in that we are willing to voice our scepticism. In doing so, we run great risks. You are merely spouting conventional views and run no risk.
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    Just ignore all the social engineering bullshit. Live your life normally. Make a big show when you're in public that you're not afraid of "catching something". Get together with friends and wlk around NOT adhering to social distancing garbage. These are all things that I am doing. I went to the grocery store, and when I went to grab a cart, there was a worker there who told me not to use that cart because she had not disinfected it yet. I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed it anyway. She got mad because I was a threat for not following the rules. I just laughed as I pushed the cart down the aisle. This is the stuff we need to. Don't wear gloves. Don't wear a mask. Don't wash your hands 20 times a day. Don't buy sanitizer. Ignore all that bullshit. We are human beings, not trained seals.
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    it's very hasbara-esque. Q admits that he sends out disinformation to apparently confuse the enemy. basically Q admits being a liar.
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    The elites have hated Rome for millennia. Lots of clergymen have sold out and accepted their 30 pieces of silver, especially since Loyola. Things got really bad with Francis though, the first Jesuit Pope, but I don't believe all of Christendom is in on some NWO plot. This should have been a warning to Catholics to get out of her (the Vatican) once Francis began his reign. On a slightly related note, I wonder if this American pastor is actually standing against the government or just trying to make Christians look bad again.
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    The mask thing is like a glitch in the fucking matrix tbh If the justification for the mass transformation of social order is a virus that is spreading via an infected persons respiratory system who doesnt even.know they fucking have it then a face mask will help slow down the rate of infection and at least provide some protection The advice being given by the Chief Medical Officer of Canada is in my opinion contradictory in nature Even down to playing along with the idea it was a " low risk " to everyone So why are gatherings of people cancelled ? Why are schools closed and shops shut ? How come they have declared themselves able to enforce home arrest ? Is the virus just crawling up peoples ass while they stand around ? No its supposed to come along on water droplets from breath and coughing or sneezing or even wiping your nose with your hand and then picking up a phone ...... from mucus in the respiratory system But dont bother with a mask ? Lofl
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    How about you educate yourself, instead of buying into this false mass hysteria You can read on the GOVERNMENT website how it is no longer HCID ie no more infectious than a normal flu therefore due low mortality rates it has been downgraded from serious, plus many epidemiologist have come out to criticise this lockdown...you choose to be ignorant...it is not forced upon you https://www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid#status-of-covid-19 you will see list of highly infectious and dangerous diseases on that page of which covid 19 is NOT one
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    I'm not saying you're wrong, but the whole "the press is against him so he must be a good guy" is the same thing people say about Trump. They don't consider that it's possibly negative reinforcement. Too much dialectic bs at play. I'm not sure about Jeremy to be honest though. He used to speak out against the EU for example, but then buckled under pressure from fellow party members.
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    Deep state skullduggery again The British Crown and the CIA are the largest drug cartel in the world Good luck with that
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    About the Chinese and the 21 million phone numbers stopping doesnt mean 21 million died. Think about this, UK has closed down over a million small to medium business for an unknown period of time. What will be the first things they will get rid off, other than laying off staff. They will stop all business expenses including phones as they wont want to be paying for them. People that are self employed might also get rid of a phone so that they are not paying out for two when no work coming in. I do believe something is being in hidden in China but i dont think millions and millions died from this virus. Not sure about the 5G, i know its dodgy and it could probably kill a lot of people but not 21 million in a few weeks? Surely not? There are already a lot of 5g antenna's in the UK, not sure if they are switched on yet though? I was looking today as i live near a mast to see if that had been done but luckily no i live in the back of beyond and will probably be one of the last towns to get it.
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    I second that.....yes shit for brains. zArk what are you even doing on this forum? Why don’t you go brown nose to your political masters or whoever you are shilling for.
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    Ask yourself why the news is there and you'll get your answer. And no, it's not so people are 'informed'.
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    Yeah the google one especially - amazon one day (maybe in the not too distance future) once they've monopolised the entire world and put small honest businesses - out of business - amazon will be the ones 'letting' you have your small ration of food for the week 'IF' you been a good boy or girl, and 'if' you've had your vaccinations. I've been talking about cancelling my account with them too recently - prime is a load of old bollocks, "but it makes it all so easy" my friends say. I say "no, we're all lazy, just because it says prime on the tin it doesn't mean delivery is free, and quick, the delivery price is still squeezed in the overall price minus a small percentage which is part of the £80 per year you pay for it". These utter bastards know what they're doing. "but if you cancel you'll lose all the videos we bought!" "who gives a fuck all the movies are shit anyway" Fuck Amazon and the rest of the facist bully boys. Yes, most defiantely get an old style phone, they're so much easier to fit in your pocket than these brick sized mini computers/microwaves that we presently use. And it means our balls aren't getting fried as much - probably (if you're a fella) I've got to stop ranting Fluke - I'm saying all this but yet to carry it through myself. I'm going to bloody well do it too. Good luck to you.
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    Two people I know have told me today that they know of people who have died due to the virus - boths in their 40s. A friend of mine also knows somebody (who is elderly) who is critically ill with the virus and not expected to live. Whilst I remain in no doubt that the virus is part of some massive agenda and that there are hugely manipulated statistics along with artificially inflated coding of the virus, it's not like I can ask questions of the people I know to find out more. I think it would be rather insensitive to ask if the testing was for COVID-19 specifically or coronavirus, and if the person who died had underlying health conditions. And this is where the controllers have us - emotional blackmail.
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    JFK seemed to be against a certain nation bleeding America dry, but what has Trump done? Made them stronger than ever.
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    There is no brexit brexit was dragged out for years and now it has been put on hold due to the coronavirus there has been no brexit
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    possibly a bunch of alien ships could come a long and take the most crazy away with them. that could help
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    [youtube] [/youtube] Discovered him only recently, Stringbean... Here's a very good article about him, his life and how he was brutally murdered together with his wife in '73.... https://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2007/06/murder_in_the_k.html