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    You have to ask the question... WHY is there a coin shortage? There wasn't last week so that says to me that someone has deliberately taken millions of coins out of circulation and it's been done for a reason... and not because it might be "infected." If you look at the current backdrop of the Federal Reserve printing BILLIONS to provide liquidity then that means there is more money in the system not less... The only conclusion has to be the push to the CASHLESS SOCIETY as stated above by 2020Member - all in plain sight!
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    I'm the most peaceful person you would ever want to meet. Unless you come into my space and want to take what I have, or shut my mouth, or take away my thoughts and beliefs, and then I will attack you with everything I have. I don't care what you believe, what your skin color is, what you have, what you think, just don't try to force your shit onto me and we will be fine neighbors.
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    Yeah it's her first. She's coping well, she has a good partner, her sister lives close, her "in-laws" drop in regularly, and I'm in contact every day and drop up every fortnight or so. Unfortunately she's estranged from her mother (both girls are) for a number of years now and that would've been a help for her, but it is what it is. She took the decision to take a long career break so she could be with the child right up to school age because she believes that's more important. The only thing she wishes for is that all this crap would end so she could mix with other new mothers in a "mother & toddler" type setting (trade notes and experiences type thing) It just shows how the covid scam has affected peoples lives in so many small ways as well as all the big stuff.
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    My advice is do not shop at places that assume you are diseased Do not give them the pleasure I walked right back out of at least a dozen places lately because someone yelled at me to get out as " too many people in here " Bye then !!
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    If it's her first baby she's probably still in shock that no matter what you think beforehand, life just doesn't continue as it did before you gave birth with the baby 'fitting in ' couple that with the rotten circumstances she's given birth in during this lock down she's probably just desperate for some normality. That must have been crushing for her x it's not fair. She should be able just to go to a bl##dy shop and buy a sodding t shirt ..poor love
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    Chat room would be good. Also A return of the sin bin/time out I think would be a good idea. Gives members time to cool down instead of getting banned or spamming good threads with bullshit arguing. That is all.
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    Just as I say that, Tatiana Koffman posted this 35 mins ago. It's all so tiresome. U.S. Moves Closer To Digital Dollar https://www.forbes.com/sites/tatianakoffman/2020/07/01/senate-moves-closer-to-digital-dollar/#22ae0c457279
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    I agree, but it's not really a conclusion at this point, the coming of the digital dollar is staring us in our faces. If people can't see the push towards a cashless society then there is no saving them. Good luck with that digital dollar, morons
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    How do you convince someone who believes in conspiracies like this corona stuff and wearing a face nappy prevents infections, come on, who are the sane ones here lol...It's fricking hilarious...
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    Crow777 Crowhouse Higherside Chats And for entity/crypt stuff Where did the road go Strange Familiars
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    Test run on Liecester followed by all other cities and boroughs throughout the country. There is no where to run and hide in the World. Billy boy said at the start he was going after the travelling community and the nomads of the World. When you know they are going to be chasing down goat herders in Botswana you know your 3 bed semi in the suburbs aint much of a hiding place! It's all been planned for a very loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. I just hope they get what they all deserve in this life or the next.
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    and TBH I think the majority of homosexuals would agree that taking such topics into schools is the work of child predators who are wearing the mask of homosexual tolerance Its not necessarily a gay agenda that is pushing this stuff into schools Its child molesters
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    This is exactly right . Yes some woman are looking for the money and the lifestyle but there are many who are not looking for Jack the Lad but for someone who will look after them and any children they have together. And some men are not looking for a shallow super model but for a lady who will look after them and any children that they may have .
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    It's called minimalism, its quite appealing, things have evolved too fast, everything is so synthetic that you miss out on the finer things in life, I swear give me a cave, a forest, a bow and arrow, take my kids hunting for food, sit round the fire and eat, quality time man, that's what life should be about, all this concrete matrix is too synthetic.
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    Does anybody think this isn't a part of it. They on the top are way smarter then we are. They have plans for everything. If we figured plan A out,they have already plan B and C and so on. We think we know put what we know is a drop in the ocean.
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    Staircase that's Not very Covid-19 friendly.
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    You appear not to have the ability to read. Vegetarians always demand perfect peace, but carrots do not want to be eaten be vegetarians ... vegetables hate vegetarians and they secret poisons to discourage people from eating them. But carry on dreaming about "perfect peace" or "perfect evil" ... because they you don't have to make the wheels of your brain turn.
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    This planet is not all about love and light. Anger has its uses.
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    I think the idea is that you have to be "peaceful and sedate all the time", while the people in charge "do whatever they want". I'm a great believer in peace. But not even the major religions and scriptures tell you to "just sit there peacefully while others eat your lunch and torch your house".
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    Yes, I’ve been having this problem since the forum attack! I've written a couple of posts I’ve given up all hope of posting until the forum is eventually fixed, if it ever will be or we have a new one in place. It’s really been pissing me off and has meant I’ve been distancing myself from posting - I guess they where successful in their mission, those whom attacked the forum. But, you simply can’t post content on this forum atm, at least the last time I tried. You can only really post clear text, it’s hit and miss on images and hyperlinks. It’s really nothing to do with your content at this stage, it’s just blanket banning and restrictions on posting until normal service is restored. Please, for the love of God don’t tell me this is the “New Normal”?