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    What really is a concern is the way that this so called pandemic has been orchestrated. The lack of immediate autopsy and hystological analysis to present a reliable source of causation. The absence of any reliable evidence proving isolation and characterisation of the so called pathogenic virus conforming to a gold standard equating to Koch's postulates. The subsequent doubt on any accuracy conferred by any testing method rtPCR or anti-body since these are both dependant on isolation. The lack of any clear delineation between mortalities caused from and by the so called virus other than the presence of co-morbidities. (see above points) The majority of mortalities falling above a certain age range, near end of life. The bias of Gov and media and the censorship of any contrarian view from established professional experts in the field. The subversion of any democratic process other that authoritarianism, hence the lockdown. While all this is occupying our minds what are they doing? Rolling out infrastructure has been my estimation so far and after looking at the video just posted by @Nobby Noboddy above (many thanks), while writing this he has provided further clue to the answer! So far they have been modifying our behaviour quite drastically to accept all the restrictions imposed. They have used fear to do this and they are now rolling out a Block Chain based AI control system to tag, track and record all systems of human endeavour. Notibly Food. Control Food chains - Ultimate Control!
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    It's just more 'identity-politics' driven division tactics. ALL LIVES MATTER, stop treating people differently because of the colour of their skin. Black lives matter White lives matter Chinese lives matter Arab lives matter etc etc We are ALL human beings, and we need to stop letting ourselves play off against each other. The irony is that it is mostly the same people calling for 'diversity' and for people to 'come together' who are encouraging these identity groups to marginalise themselves and to be painted as 'victims' in need of help and support against their 'oppressors'. The truth is that we are ALL being oppressed, but these blinkered people can't see it.
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    I composed this letter to send to all the politicians in the Scottish Parliament and Westminster. Feel free to copy and paste! With regards to the government's Draconian mandate, making face masks compulsory on public transport, it is not within their remit to tell people what accessories they must wear, how far they can walk and in what direction, who they can meet and where, or what length our hair should be! Let me give you an elementary science lesson. Human beings were designed, flawlessly, by the Creator, to breathe in fresh oxygen and breathe out toxic carbon dioxide, which in turn, is absorbed by plant life and photosynthesised back into oxygen. Masks dangerously impede this process. Already, two healthy children in China have died from asphyxiation, by being compelled to wear mask during P.E. lessons. Perhaps Sturgeon admires this manifesto as it is applied in Communist China, but this is a Democracy, where the people have the right to self-determination and liberty. The repercussions of impaired breathing, in terms of health, far outweight the desire to control an alleged virus, which has mild symptoms, or none at all and a 99.5% recovery rate. Sadly it is the elderly who will suffer most and not from “Covid” but from being stifled at the height of summer. Threre are also other factors to consider, such as my local bus driver who gets overheated wearing a face mask for the duration of his shift and told me it causes his glasses to steam up. That reduces his visibility while driving and puts himself and his passengers at risk. An unacceptible situation. I wore a face covering for ten minutes and was left gasping for air! Therefore, I urge you to do the job you are paid for and represent the best interests of your constituents, rather than blindly follow 'guidelines' which are unlawful, detrimental to physical and mental well-being, and downright ludicrous.
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    I don"t know what your perception is A great many posts are recording the hatred being directed against white people. I hope you don't think that is the same thing as us hating blacks though. For myself, I have anger towards the blacks, whites and everybody else either engineering this, or letting themselves be used as puppets to wreak havoc. Equally, I have nothing but positive feelings towards blacks, whites and everybody else who are being targeted by the evil and their willing puppets. The only division that matters is good V evil.
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    Christopher Langan has an IQ between 195-210 & has been described by journalists as one of America’s smartest men... Like an old chess player that shall not be named, Christopher is a “noticer”.
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    I have never heard of Robbie Williams before this thread, and at first I thought maybe BeachComber meant Robin Williams who in my humble opinion was suicided because of his possible knowledge of Pizzagate, but it could have actually been legitimate suicide since I had read that he battled alcohol and drug abuse for years. BUT, allegedly he was found hanging by a door knob, which is a signature hit by the cabal to people who they believe are a liability to spill the beans as many celebrities (ordinary people in my eyes) have been found suicided by that hanging from a door knob method. I studied Pizzagate years ago before the term "Pizzagate" even hit the youtube airwaves, back around 2016 I believe. Around 2015 months before the word Pizzagate popped up on youtube I had been down the rabbit hole listening to Ted Gunderson, a former FBI director retired talking about ritual sacrifice, which led me to Johnny Gosch and his mother Maureen I think is her name, which led me to the documentary Conspiracy of Silence. If you really want to know what Pizzagate is all about I would start there at Conspiracy of Silence but fair warning it is a very dark topic. Then after that someone else made another documentary called, An Open Secret which focused on the pedos in Hollywood, not all of them, only a few who had ties to Disney's Mickey Mouse Club or Nikeloden I think. And maybe linked to the guy who directed or produced some of the marvel super hero movies, Bryan Singer I think. I had found Phil Schneider around the same time, and it hadn't clicked yet when he talked about the missing children and "adrenochrome" but then a year later after I had been down the rabbit hole and not come up for air it seemed is when a bright spot lightturned on and I put all of it together. Another link was Corey Feldman, one of the interviews he did, he was wearing a red and white shirt, were he said pedophilia is and always will be Hollywood's biggest problem. Then I remembered the show that him and Corey Haim had on MTV I think called the Corey's where Haim and him got into it one day and Haim said, ok you want to talk truth, let's talk about how I was getting abused, raped, and you did nothing to help me. Feldman's reply was, I was being raped too. Well, Haim died a few years after that show ended. So then later in that interview of Feldman where is is wearing the red and white shirt, he also mentioned that one of the major abusers is a "Hollywood mogul" and he can't say who it is, probably cause he would have been suicided shortly after. But then more info began surfacing, more people dropping hints and one of them was Steven Speilberg, and he directed Goonies I think, as well as a bunch of other movies back there where there were a lot of those kids around and on set. Then there was Speilberg's link to Heather O'Rourke, you don't want to know what happened to her, poor child, it is so terrible, and those involved need to f'king burn for that, but of course they will go free because those in Hollywood are pussified scumbags who won't give up their material lifestyle to do the right thing, which is why I am enjoying watching CA burn, literally too when those "wild" fires were lit years ago, and I'm enjoying watching the rioters tear it apart, sad to say, I shouldn't feel good about it but there is so much corruption and so many kids hurt in that state and town. So fast forward a few years and then Isaac Kappy speaks out about Seth Green and Speilberg and many others, including Tom Hanks I think. Oh, tom hanks, guy is a douchebag. I have seen a video of him with his daughter upon stage at one of those child pageant shows and he is exclaiming, "sexy baby sexy baby!". Like really buddy she's a child she's not sexy. *facepalm. Someone made a documentary about child abuse in the Netherlands called, Zandvoort, File of Shame. IMO these people are all linked one way or another, but what is important to point out is this, there are TWO factions for missing children, the satanic pedo's, and the alien abductions, but aliens also abduct adults, seems I've found mostly women who have spoke out about this, and even some women who said that they went to the doctor and had tests run only to find out that that had eggs missing! If I can remember or find that interview I will post it in the alien thread. Here is Isaac Kappy talking about Hollywood if you haven't already seen him. He ended up suicided shortly after this video, like a week or two, in Arizona. And then a week or two after his death, tom hanks was there taking a photo of the site mocking and laughing at Kappy's death. The fact that all these pedo's are still free, to me is clear evidence that the US judicial system is a pile of fraudulent shite. If there was any justice in the "justice" system, money wouldn't be able to buy freedom of those who are clearly mixed up in some bad behavior. Not sure why whoever uploaded this particular vid put that beginning in there of the movie Enemy of the State, but whatever. It's actually a great movie but never the less, here is the video that got Isaac Kappy killed. https://youtu.be/UpN-aLVwZ3U
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    This forum is racist, because the background is white.
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    If your a single bloke and you want to meet women just get a puppy and take it for a walk,if you don't have one ,borrow your neighbor's or even rent one . We have just acquired a new puppy and weather I'm with my wife or by myself ,when I take it for a walk you would be surprised how many women come up and say how cute or what a cutie, my answer is always the same weather my wife is there or not , THANKS VERY MUCH BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE DOG, it's always a conversation starter and the fact that I'm as ugly as a hat full of shit doesn't seem to matter . Just a suggestion ,give it a go what have you got to loose
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    I'm 48 have no kids and totally given up on human beings. I really wonder what to do. I'm a bit tired of all my neighbours building extensions and incessant angle grinders and whatever. Just never ends. I'd like to go somewhere quiet and live cheaply and simply, I'm really not interested. But where ? Best bet I have is going to N.India in some lost and unpopular towns or pilgrimmage towns like Gangotri and settling in. Or walking into a monastery or ashram - which is not idea I suppose, but at least it's quiet and organised - I guess they make you do things. Anywhere else? Possibly somewhere in Egypt might work. Nepal is quiet and cheap it's true but difficult travelling. Don't know anything about Central Asia, it could be empty for all I know or not.
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    If they did the same thing for the flu that they have done with Covid, adding every symptom that comes along no matter how rare, without even testing to see if those symptoms might actually be caused by something else or a secondary issue, the symptom list for flu would look exactly like Covid - because Covid is the flu and it has always been the flu. If they had not invented corona test kits we would have had a normal flu season and nothing that has happened would have happened. Millions of people wouldm have gotten sick, which happens every year. Thousands of people would have died, which happens every year. And no one would have said a thing. It would not have a been story. The media would have ignored it. This is a fact. I believe, the fraud around test kits was how the entire scam was designed at Event 201. They knew they needed a key ingredient to prop the entire scam up and the fraudulent test kits was what they came up with. They knew the masses would trust the test kits for the same reason they trust vaccines and all of the other toxic poisons and fraud that comes out of mainstream medicine. All they need to fake a 2nd wave is just employ millions of test kits all around the country, force through mandate that many high profile people have to get tested, and of course, since the test results are mostly asymptomatic false positives, it will look exactly like a virus is spreading again when it is not. I just read that the PGA is now mandating all of the golfers, caddies, and all of the supporting staff be required to get tested with one of these test kits before they're allowed on any PGA golf course. Their reasoning is that 7 golfers tested positive at the last event. They even said that all 7 had no symptoms. These morons actually are so clueless they're unable to see that the reason no one has any symptoms is because no one is infected. They just stupidly assume that a positive result means you're infected because they are incapable of thinking for themselves. And that's exactly how the fraud is being perpetrated on the world. Remember back in early March at the beginning of everything, even before the test kits had been distributed everywhere, CNN and MSNBC already had their bullhorns outs proclaiming that Corona was special because people with no symptoms were highly infectious carriers that would be walking around and infecting everyone. This was a complete lie that they made because they knew all the way back then the test kits were garbage. But, because the masses have latched onto the news media like it's the mesmerizing Pied Piper, they still believe this nonsense today, even though there is not a shred of evidence that this is true. The test kits are the key to everything. Without them we would have no pandemic.
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    I don't give a fuck..... sick of trannie this and trannie that. I wish we could all just shut up about the trannies. It's like everyone's obsessed with them. For the record, no I don't think she's a trannie, she's just a slightly masculine woman. Some people like that. Some women like feminine men some men like masculine women. Who gives a fuck?
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    4 doctors I talked about don't believe it. Sure there are many who believe this corona thing but there are also a lot of doctors who do not believe it. They can't say this in public because they would lose their jobs.
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    Thanks to Max Igan for the link to this pdf concerning 'masked science' via his latest YT video. The flyers can be printed off and handed out to people. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0brp94bu3g5bv1v/MASKED SCIENCE.pdf?dl=0
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    My thoughts are, the greed-mongering PTB haven't done enough polluting the ground and the air, they're next going to take on the night sky, filling with all manner of flashing, strobing satellite trains and whatever other obnoxious light pollution they can think up. The Milky Way I used to stare at for hours late at night while laying on the picnic table in my parents backyard is soon going to be gone forever to us. I believe staring up at the pristine heavens is a sublimely grounding exercise, and they want to take that away from us. Yeah, I'm a cynical old geezer.
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    They can plan it all they want but this so called "second wave" in the latter half of the year is going to fall flat on it's face. Too much of the truth about this scamdemic will be out by then and too many people will defy lockdowns and other limitations. They pulverized everyone with shock and a deluge of fear porn this time around but the element of surprise, a growing collective awareness and people's simple desire to return to the habits of a lifetime will over ride all the "new normal" bullshit. There are always the fearful sheeple out there who will be compliant but the tide is turning and the scenes I see around the country of people on beaches and just getting on with their lives shows there are enough out there who aren't going to buy the lies a second time.
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    This is exactly where they're getting all the "new cases" and how they'll create a 2nd wave. Combined with test kits that have 80% false positives, they can make it look like half the country is ill with something when no one is actually sick with anything other than a cold or allergy. It's what they have been doing all along from the very beginning. I live in the US, and the fraud here is much worse than anywhere else. They are literally putting Covid on the chart of everyone in the hospitals and they're ramping up the use of test kits all over the country and calling every positive a "new case of Covid". It's obscene what is going on.
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    Power tripping freak got promoted when she should be deported. She has buried herself, she just doesnt know it yet.
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    Today's bounty Swiss chard curly kale little gem lettuce parsley and mint
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    I am enjoying the positivity of the Q movement even if it fails to live up to expectations.
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    Is it racist if you simply don't give a fuck either way?