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  1. MatchaLove

    It’s really 1950. Here’s why!!

    Think Edison versus Tesla, but worse. That's when the original movement was clouded and out numbered by other sects that then banded together and took over the entire movement to become the early stages of the Catholic Church. And it would not surprise me if there was exactly 69 days missing from the calendar. lol That's why crap like Billie Ellish becomes international music, "I am the bad guy". Shes representing every year to the 69. lol Truth Hurts, with it being an election year, they should have never had a person like that in Hollywood. Might as well make us all millionaires then. lol It exposes the system clearly and riles up the "have nots." lol I had to take a jab at Billie Ellish lol, crud music, but they made a mistake with that one with an election year coming. It shows how the occult operates and works basically. She over stepped millions of artist and good singers, and people are going to be pointing at it and it makes for dirt slinging in politics. "Look at what the Liberals brought to America". lol and their concerns are more then right. lol "Only a liberal would bring trash like that to America." "Only a liberal would mistake good singers for bad ones." "only a liberal would bring a confessed bad guy to America". lol "She wants papers and has committed crimes, only a Liberal would do that.: lol Only a liberal would do that. lol When mud is flying, its better to have that higher moral standpoint. lol A confessed criminal, only a Liberal would bring that to America and promote that. And the AMAs, people don't forget down south, they gossip, and they saw that See??? The Liberals brought that one here. lol lol Promoted her over a Church goer. lol lol jk They don't forget what they do to the black folk. The AMAs liberal funded. Yes. maam. Politics. **having too much fun with that one** lol
  2. MatchaLove

    It’s really 1950. Here’s why!!

    Now, I do believe there was a spiritual movement, but the exact dates and main figures may or may not have been apart of it. Possibly, it was just discovering that there is a Yin and Yang, and they did call themselves "The Way." Much of the knowledge that they had developed was shut down by the to be Catholic Church sect and they committed genocide on "The Way" and silenced everyone. "The Way" is an Asian term while discovering there is a yin and yang. hmmmmmm Then its mysteriously shut down by stronger sects and politics, so much they hunt down original members of this spiritual movement thru entire countries. Think how a Clinton or black web might silence someone, then who writes the history??
  3. MatchaLove

    It’s really 1950. Here’s why!!

    It would be interesting with all the symbolism and secrets coming out, if we really do have exactly 69 missing years. I do remember teachers saying, for other reasons, this is very possible. If Chirstianity was killing the pagans, the good time keepers, and Christianity's -- Ishtarism's spread took away from the more precise ways of doing things in regards to herbs and time. Casting out 9s, and you have 6. Everyone knows what 6 is reference to. The constant reminder of the Annunaki empire. Ishtarism is moon worship. lol Ishtar and her resurrecting consort. lol Jesus, also known as Horus, is known in many religions. I really don't think that the timeline fits into the facts with how it all started. I think they straight up took ancient mythology and predictions from ancient wise men, and they crafted a religion around it. Now, what would be interesting is to take who from this area and time in the world, someone like Princess Diana may be related to, and see if it matches.
  4. MatchaLove

    About Nibiru

    I wonder what they might find. Lol and i also wonder if it will be the 16th thru the 20th again. But there is something else I wanted to say, CT like NM was known back in the day for its UFO activity and because of he MIB period, it was hushed. what I noticed ufos doing, is going to these man made light structures that blink and doing their activity there, even dropping things off between these man made light structures. As to hide their existence. Some of these UFOs don’t look like they are all on the same team. Red ones and large white ones I have seen.
  5. MatchaLove

    It’s really 1950. Here’s why!!

    September 11th that they planned for decades was really 1932. The symbolism Gurus know what I mean by 1932. Raise an eyebrow at it. Lol
  6. So. Apart from much of the Bible being based off ancient myth, the Last Super characters being Ishtar and her resurrecting consort. The real identities/reincarnations (there are many and current ones) are protected/hidden, Octavia born 69bc. So, in short, we have 69 missing years and it’s really 1950. Lol
  7. MatchaLove

    About Nibiru

    So, I had this dream shall we call it, and in the dream it told me to record when paranormal activity is high in regards to Nibiru. That ended up being the 16th to the 20th of Nov. New York Standard Time. So, as the planet is revolving this thing is still out there and apparently the days of the month/year show just how close it is. Intuition, ya know, but talk about the “other side” being butt hurt over this information, I don’t know why they be so butt hurt over this. Lol Help me solve this mystery. Lol So, a whole bunch of conspiracy theorist know the location of Nibiru in the winter sky, lol. My iPhone can’t record crap from the sky, and even it did, you would have to figure out how to make them small enough to post here. They only accept small pictures. Lol But if someone has a nice camera and a YouTube channel, do it live for us please. Lol
  8. MatchaLove

    Word association thread.

  9. MatchaLove

    Skinwalker Ranch & Human Experimentation

    To be short with this post, I saw this creature and researched it. Along with the Moth Man incidents. Both have UFO activity involved by some of the witnesses. I think I made this conclusion at the old site. Seeing these things outside certain points, are rare. Now, devils pyramids are on land too, it would be interesting if we got that map and posted a picture of it.
  10. MatchaLove

    Skinwalker Ranch & Human Experimentation

    The original description of the creature I posted on the old site when it happened years back. I am not sure if I said grey or brown fur, but I think it was brownish or both. i think it wanted to eat my mother. Lol or body snatch her. She’s not one to be intuitive at all, so as the sun was setting in the summer, she started to feel this presence that creeped her out or was sizing her up, then 8 hours later this event happened. It’s weird. Shortly before the event, I got sick, and got out of the car to go sit on the other side of the fire on a chair underneath a blanket. The picnic table blocked his view of me a little too. now, some people were calling it a dog/wolf hybrid, which still doesn’t explain the gallop and being able to do that with 3 legs, the speed, and no sound. And my ole lady sensed something with intuition, it doesn’t explain that either. Lol lol since I am the one that no doubt usually senses, seees, or hears something before it happens. I have no doubt this creature, whatever it was, had plans to attack my mother, because she sensed it coming. havent been camping since. 😂 😆 Coming from someone that has the AT (Appellation trail) on their bucket list. Lol
  11. MatchaLove

    Skinwalker Ranch & Human Experimentation

    Now, if the greys have something to do with these portals that’s been my theory, and they may also have something to do with Nibiru as many of us know. moving along, long story short, I read into symbolism and such, and although I like the new Star Trek films, I couldn’t help but notice they went to save a primitive planet called Niniru X, and they were instructed NOT to. The movie starts this way, so it’s important, right? Which is one hundred percent has to do with the greys and Niburu X symbolism. meaning save the planet, the Heavens/God/Federation of Light/anyone good, told you NOT to. Simple symbolism/concept there. I have to bring back my Area 51 meets Hollywood thread. I took it down because it hurts a lot of rich egos, lol, and I was working at the time. I’m not now, lol. I just recently had a hack and someone with my password was saying illegal things, and the police were called. Might not bring that one back, but I will connect the dots here. Lol
  12. MatchaLove

    Skinwalker Ranch & Human Experimentation

    This one had a hunched back and brownish hide, but ya know what??? Greys are the ancient fallen race of infamous geneticist. They cannot create out of nothing and have issues over the loss of their inner creation/energy, but are said to be ancient relatives of the Creator Beings. Not the actual Creators themselves. Now, we know this about the reptilians that they can constantly update a body with flesh and organs, but it’s not something I knew about with greys. As what’s left of them is mainly machine and robots, but being infamous ancient ancient geneticist they would want to still keep some of their flesh memory alive, and supposedly they have been using other races by mass genocide and experimentation to achieve these goals. They would have records of ancient dna, and you know what’s weird as I type this, one of the dreams I had the night I saw the mystery wolf creature and haven’t had since then, was the greys with animals and even early types of humans in cages. The types will all hair, why would they need specimens that old? What is the purpose? They could have a genetic bank hording problem. Lol They have more then just a sperm bank or two. Lol Now, the most infamous thing about them is the ufo ships they have, that were shown in many SiFi movies, the giant jellies that can eat ANYTHING. They can even change or edit beings, but have been using this Creator ancient technology for life extension, millions upon millions of years beyond expiration. Your talking something more Evil then the Catholic Church, a giant floating stomach that is so evil it has to live in complete darkness, and they do only come out during “harvest”. The Creator Beings are billions old, but down the line had cousins and break offs, extinctions, bc all good things come to an end ln physical bodies on this plane. i say infamous because they have tried to kill so many planets and have done so, apparently the American government that cut a deal with them for technology, didn’t get that memo. If your planet is hiding these parasite (bc that’s what they are now) it’s an issue with other ETs. Like we all have a case of JellyRitus, like an std, and no one good wants to come around us. Lol lol Easily identified by Grey spots and foaming of the mouth. Lol jk
  13. MatchaLove

    Skinwalker Ranch & Human Experimentation

    Btw, when I mentioned it hesitated, it turned around in a 360, and was thinking about it. It did this pause and spin a couple times. Then It took off with no sound whatsoever being that close to it and at horse speed it moved away. With a gallop, almost old man walk just came to mind. And that’s how someone else described it. It’s gallop/run thing, just awkward. It was contemplating a commotion, everyone knows they can take down a couple females without a gun. Lol Commotion, detection is the intuitive word of this event. Even recordings, and commotion stuff. I had this tall grey experience with my cousin when we were kids, and what she saw was first a skunk, then a deer, then i was like “aright I’ll look over because those animals are different sizes and colors, you sound crazy, is what I was thinking in my head”. And this large tall white grey was crouching and it began to get up and walk. It was faces us crouching, then turns and walks the other way.
  14. MatchaLove

    Skinwalker Ranch & Human Experimentation

    Interesting , I sensed this lake was a Goddess point or important to Native Americans, and we caught cool spiritual purple auras in the photos that we took, and it’s actually despite my horror story above, was very peaceful and beautiful feeling. I do Reiki, so it was intense healing/happy energy almost. So, maybe they are taking advantage of ancient points of interest??? why this seemingly demonic creature was attracted to this point, I dont know. You would think it would repel them easily.