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  1. MatchaLove

    Vemon Creature Sighting

    Not the same creature I saw, but that's what someone in my household saw but much lighter in skin tone. I saw this massive tan colored Demogorgon, but its head was much bigger in comparison. Well, in a state of partial sleep moments before you wake up, is like dream state vision -- so you can see more. With large claws. Some type of grey/mantid hybrid I have never known about before, but word has it they are brute vicious, chaotic evil. Just like the other types of reptiles that aren't allowed to leave the deep. I have no idea what the ufo was, b/c again it was the size of a sun rise but it was 2.5 hours away from the sun rise, and like the picture shows it was pitch black. I dk why the camera didn't register more of the color behind the trees.
  2. MatchaLove

    Harvey Wankstain found guilty

    He got 23 years!! As to almost in a way send a message to those that have been abused and want to come out about who owns them!!! Numerology wise, its a widely used number by Luciferians. Its just a number to us, but people in the loop or who's parents were when they were abused-- it could be a warning. Theres only millions upon millions of Epsteins to go!!!!!
  3. MatchaLove

    Support Extinction Rebellion??

    Or you can be like "Eternal Attack". Finding other means to do it. I mean, there are more obvious threats to our survival. (like Hollywood) Look as the Earth is in flames and you see the actual people waving good-bye as the rocks from a blown up Earth break off. Classic Shiva BS! Yet, they tell you socialism is the answer, while they don't hold accountable the rich people that would more then likely remain rich in a government change over. They push the unhealthy use of GMOs, plastics, synthetics, and pesticides toxins in the first place. Who is promoting the unhealthy cereals *smiley faces* and bad products put into nice little plastic bottles??? Hollywood. So, even from an "enteral attack" perspective" and a rational and mindful perspective -- the slave to Hollywood mentality has to go!!! Straight out the door!!!! What about going after big business and big pharma instead of socialism??? So, his beautiful display of mass death --- he got his record deal for sure!!!!
  4. MatchaLove

    Vemon Creature Sighting

    A closer look, you can see how it was a reddish orange color, but continue it for more then a half circle. There was more seen thru the branches afar but for some reason the camera only registered the biggest gap between the trees. Even though it was this bright reddish orange color. Something clearly as big as 65% of a sun rise in the sky that was behind these trees. It did disappear after about 20 minutes and got smaller and smaller. I could have sworn you could see more of it in the photo, b/c I saw it thru the camera digital function. I knew I should of taken more photos. lol My deck is North. 3/6/20 @ around 4.20ish It scared me a little b/c it kind of looked like those mushroom clouds before the bomb hits and you only have minutes to live. As it got smaller though. It started out clearly as big as a sunrise. But even a mushroom cloud illuminates the sky. Interesting.
  5. MatchaLove

    Oh, The State of Connecticut

    ***NEW STORY*** So much for that 14 (5) quarantine when everyone else is saying at least 30 days or more worldwide. Nice try though!!! Meanwhile, CT has only tested 14 or 15 people and we have 200 out of the blue as of the other day that are being monitored for coronavirus. That they haven't tested yet!!!! Now, its the sate of CT, so they could just be crisis actors. lol Trying to build the fear and momentum. Wouldn't you think they would be behind plastic in hospitals?? No!!! Its self quarantine, which has been said with no outbreak ever. They either came in contact with the infected, and belong in hospitals until clear, or they don't!!!! As if big pharma isn't big and violent enough, now with huge medical mistakes. Who allows 200 people to be self quarantined at the beginning of an outbreak??? So, you can infect more people??? You consolidate your chances. Now, its CT and again, they could just be crisis actors. We wont ever be able to check off the crisis actor box with the petty state of CT. https://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/at-least-200-people-in-ct-have-been-told-to-self-monitor-for-coronavirus-symptoms/2233800/ We don't have the type of medical facilities like China, a little opt ed here, as they make the supplies we need. The cost, we would run out a lot sooner of supplies (we don't make them and they aren't dirt cheap.) And already there isn't enough hospitals in the USA, and its a crisis. Of course country side China wont have that type of care, that's not what I am saying here. Its communism and they will have unlimited funding for any project they want. They have cities and buildings that sit empty!! Empty!!! So, at a moments notice they have dozens of new hospitals. What I am saying, in teh USA, we DONT have health infrastructure. Just last week, a teacher died waiting for a BED!!! and the outbreak hasnt even begun. People they die waiting in America and or they die in their homes b/c of affordability. and the rest know or rather resort to prevention. Like Garlic (the Greeks even perscribed, you cut cloves into pill pieces) and Echnecea before pills a doctor can ever give you if you have flu symptoms. Unless those don't go away and its bacterial -- those pills are important. Capitalisms versus Communism, and you can't just build new hospitals "Like that". China has the advantage of having more people, but more space for those people -- as far empty buildings are concerned. Now, back in WWII, my grandma said they would go around collecting pots and pans for ammunition. Who's to say this new -- dehumanized generation will step up, and what could they do when we are speaking of an outbreak??? It was a big deal you have donate some pans, the monetary difference would be different to todays world --- but that's donating a good amount of money for a project. If it is real in the first place. I don't mean it that way, but like Bayer taught us -- y'all know. We cant rule that out is what I am saying.
  6. MatchaLove

    Vemon Creature Sighting

    So much for that 14 (5) quarantine when everyone else is saying at least 30 days or more worldwide. Nice try though!!! Meanwhile, CT has only tested 14 or 15 people and we have 200 out of the blue as of the other day that are being monitored for coronavirus. That they haven't tested yet!!!! Now, its the sate of CT, so they could just be crisis actors. lol Trying to build the fear and momentum. Wouldn't you think they would be behind plastic in hospitals?? No!!! Its self quarantine, which has been said with no outbreak ever. They either came in contact with the infected, and belong in hospitals until clear, or they don't!!!!
  7. MatchaLove

    Vemon Creature Sighting

    Terrible quality sorry, just saw something in the sky as big as a sunrise, and I am thinking in my head "well if the sun is that high, the light of it should be completely covering the sky, well I google it and its not due until 2 hours from now. Then it slowly fades away. It was large and a orange red color, as big a normal sun rise. My balcony is facing north. I was going to ignore it, but then I haven't ever seen anything as big as this in the night sky. I literally thought it was the sunrise, but then noticed it wasn't emitting any light for the sheer size of it. Just as a size comparison of what you see thru the trees, my camera at night wont even get photos of stars and small ufos. So, for it to register the colors, I mean, this thing was BIG. This is what I saw thru the trees. In the picture, that's just part of it. So, times that by 10 or more. And below is the other apartment building. Was this Nibiru??? Kid you not it has those vibes, so its suspect.
  8. MatchaLove

    Vemon Creature Sighting

    Now, what is a little ironic in all of this, is that I survived, I eventually moved back to CT and that's when I first joined this website. So, I was one of the investigators finding out literally new things to the case on the CT hoax. We had a whole team/group effort that would find new information, but ultimately -- no matter how sloppy the hoax was, they were going to protect themselves, and not us. Now, if you know what I said above, no protection and no guns that's extra protection and that was the plan from the get go -- so they don't care about anyone with any good reputation saying anything about the hoax. lol Let alone a bunch of forum, reddit, and anonymous folks even. lol The shadows of what is accepted. lol You have to give it nick names, I never give the full name, get used to it. *They used photos of 9/10and 11 years olds from when they were 4/5. And most looked the same when they were paraded at the Super Bowl. After the fact, that's not just sloppy that's walking into one of the biggest Luciferian doctrine based AGENDAs ever made, and they aren't going to listen to any truthing about the BIGGEST part of their agenda. Q I think is new, but the 3rd party and conservative break away started largely with the guns and people realizing about it, Q didn't start anything really, and I don't know if he was originally finding information and researching, but he didn't create that movement, it broke off the CT Hoax truth and Obama and his constitutional rights violations. The scandal involving Veterans, Christians, and 3rd party members --- they didn't even hide it/they admitted to it -- and again ANOTHER scenario where people can go to jail for LIFE and it dosent happen. Pissed off people welcome, good thing they cant burn me at the stake this time. hahahaha I have constitutional rights!!! lol
  9. MatchaLove

    Vemon Creature Sighting

    You cant make this stuff up. Forget about PewDiePie and his spare battery jokes for a minute, the house just passed an 8 billion dollar bill to fight coronavirus. 8 -- Infinity number, regeneration number, resurrections number, etc. *shakes head* They try and fail, just thought id let y'all in the loop finally, get it??? In the LOOP!!! You should know what the number 5 is, the 8 is that power. They could of made it ten billion!!!! Its a cover story to hide a harvest so it continually spreads without anyone knowing. It wont get that bad (don't crap your pants, it wont get close), but I am saying they are spending money for the cover story before hand. Its going to be like 2011 when I fled CT therefore what they were planning never happened, but ya know. They get me, they then take the guns -- b/c at that point it was centered around the CT hoax. They had planned me, and then taking them guns away!!!! No protection!!!! Now, the plans were at least they take the the guns and no protection from the things in this thread. blah blah blah, and I was plagued by premonitions and gangstalking I didn't understand at all at the time and I took off from CT. Then 2nd time, and the 3rd time, and the 4th time, etc. I mean, Edmund was a good sell, we have history in a past life. lol Its just getting a little old. The I'lluminati choo choo train tries so hard, but on the other hand, I don't think they can say no. lol In the loop. lol https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/coronavirus-house-passes-roughly-dollar8-billion-bipartisan-emergency-funding-deal/ar-BB10KbdF?ocid=spartanntp I don't know how many elements I have in my pocket at any given time. lol Can someone remind me please?? lol You know what that is for Christian, they take the 8 and then they take their GUNS!!! lol I am Joan of Arc to them, ya know, its the rug that would be pulled under them. They wanted your whole everything. The bible, the gun stash, the deer antlers THEY WANT back, they want your camo gear, your freezer chest, your nice jobs and everything else. The prettiest part of this story, (what culture am I in) it comes from dead Native American and Buddhist elders (maybe some are reincarnated) that DONT CUT TREES. The most annoying thing the children do. and Monsanto -- you should have long gone after their freezer chest. lol
  10. What about mental health?? Anyone who has ever needed a cat scan or knows basic psychology (have 12 college credits earned lol), knows the energy and movement of a healthy brain looks a certain way and the activity/energy is a certain way. I guess the gift of sight runs in my family and if you get it, it can be like a curse. lol I think most insightful seem to be the most depressed. lol B/c there are no filters like how normal people have, you see everything or more -- its overwhelming -- its a gift -- but in world like today, its something else. lol
  11. Now, like the day they moved my toaster around, the good ETs, this would be the application of the controlling Prism?? So, health --- the ph of the body. If you connect with say energy of balanced PH or that of a purified crystal. You don't need to go to the Great Pyramids, to connect with that energy. You don't need the most expensive crystal, b/c everything for the normal human is shared. I want the energy of organic apple cider vinegar to actualize and heal my body, better if you have some at the same time. Your expanding the power of the ingredient. So, takes a little visualization, energy work BASICS, but with practice, your whole environment is your own prism. Theres numerous possibilities to what you can do with this prism concept. I am letting this in, I am not letting that in, I am healing that, etc. Its important to eat organic, but what about people that can't afford that option?? Is there a way to make sure any possible hiccups that result in altered DNA thus cancer tumors, is there a way to heal and or block that out. What is to be said about pain management and in addition to that expanding the capacity to learn and understand??? Its all light. If something this simple or expanded on this notion could bring down the big beast Big Pharma, wouldn't that be something else???!!!
  12. So, it takes a little bit of knowledge of meditation and energy work. Anyone can learn the basics, and there are plenty of vampires in the Reiki business, so its easiest and best to learn the basics yourself. I was just told, how to stop radiation to some degree. I was told (or shown), by the higher powers. You sift out the radiation. Mind over matter. Your environment is the prism, you sift out the radiation. Some people don't get this aspect of gangstalking or understand it, the saddest of us get both. So, I decided to separate the two threads. Big revelation!!!! Now, if you can do this with just radiation, can you do it with disease, can you do with negative energy, viruses even??? I think I am on to something big, thank you Heavens!!! Now, when the military made those special hiding blankets, that are now known by hardcore truthers from that video (everyone knows -- its disclosed -- we know), lol, is this HOW they DID IT???? Now, you can do it with your mind. Can we learn more, can we just heal, can you increase light into the prism?? TO heal??? Everything is energy, so can we do the opposite?, I am sifting out radiation, so, can I increase white/crystal/amethyst light into the colors that need healing??? What about the source health??? The gut!!! And PH!!!
  13. MatchaLove

    Vemon Creature Sighting

    A Pie is a CIRCLE. Pew --- DIE --- Pie. What type of circle??? hmmmmm what type of Pew????? Oh, but his spare battery/car part jokes. Its interesting that not only his name but he made many jokes amongst his fellow occultist about it. (only they will know what say a CIRCLE is, the CIRCLE, or a SPARE BATTERY, V or 5 aint a drug, GOLD aint the kind you pay bills with). So, the spare battery is the GIRL facing the bull, the sun character. I mean, imagine --- watching that --- and you have a million other things going on in your life. They have gangstalked you for 2 states, they sabotage you at min wage jobs, try to get you hurt, try to poison you, etc. You are now radiated by radiation for 3 years straight, its painful and feels like your in a microwave, and you don't want to ever make a single friend to save them b/c the "illuminati will get to them to turn on you AND you DONT want to see ANOTHER person ruined from the inside", all this going on in your life and you have to "pretend" to be normal. Plus, your house is like Poltergeist as these things coming OUT of CERN come towards what they want as their conduits or occultist make up ways to get you to give up, torture route -- not marry which is the easiest b/c I don't touch dark souls or occultist -- I know instantly for 15 years now or so if I meet one. You say, "let it go". Now, you turn on the computer ---- and you see this. All the while you have to remain peaceful and doing your clearing exercises and pretend that you don't notice. At one point I was a functional humble worker, quick and to the point, but if you wanted to start a normal conversation off from work -- I would completely have shakes and stutter a lot b/c the amount of the size of the psychic/physical attacks had effected my speech so much. I had degreased to the speech development from when I was maybe 12 at one point, and before I was gangstalked full time I had completed 2 FULL years of college and 63 credits -- couldn't afford to go back though. I have survived and healed all of this. Not letting it go. (circle of life)
  14. MatchaLove

    Vemon Creature Sighting

    95 strikes, what does that mean??? So, was it the Great Spirit part or the saving the Easter Island tree cutting cult nut jobs, that's not anything different then what a Boomer will tell you, lol Haters.!!!??? I cant get that visual out of my head, so I am going to quit crying. I don't have no time for that. lol I think I am on a literal strike system right now. So, ya know...….. i'll talk simple things, the usual. I had a melt down, maybe not a big one (maybe that parts a joke lol), but I said somethings I had planned to die with. I am sorry for telling you the truth. ITs too much even for myself sometimes. I didn't want anything to do with it -- at least for accepting the fact --- for 15 years, and apparently I am on a strike system. lol That visual of what I just saw, the tan thing, turned me into Little Sarah again on the Prairie. Gotta do some internal detox just to try purge cleanse the visual of how ugly and scary that thing was. 94 strikes. Lucky number. About to use some strikes just for PewDiePie, lol. hehehehehe. Revenge in the name of Odin.
  15. MatchaLove

    Vemon Creature Sighting

    Now, we know with a virus pandemic story, some of us have to keep our guard way up. Its the cover story and the cover up for something different. However, keeping my guard up, I have a book stack on Buddhism I have to tackle. Stay vigilant, but also stay alive. It makes sense that new creature is a mantid/hybrid mantid. In Stargate Atlantis, the mantid hybrid's were the most feared opponents. So, the ones that aren't allowed to even walk out of the underground are the most darkest as well, they have apatites.I guess it kind of looked like a demogorgan (from Stanger Things) but it was tan, and the head was much larger. I've seen everything under the sun, and this is the ugliest I have seen. I know not fear. lol but its intense. On a good note, like the full reptiles, they cant roam the surface and will be taken out.