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  1. positiveevitisop

    My Black Helicopter Experience

    I've already confirmed through my experience that it's abnormal states which produce too much influence on reality that triggers some technology the shadow government has, which attracts their attention. Then they send aircraft of a few possible varieties. For me personally, I feel like they just don't like any possible non-human presence on the surface, and that they associate these states to this. rawr.
  2. positiveevitisop

    Spiritual Prejudice

    Without help, we can accomplish this through a complete revision of a common, modern life. Forming true bonds with other humans is the best start for telepathy, but one has to be more aware of energetic influences coming from all of life as well. Meditation, practice, reaching more consistent, aware states, ect.. This means, for most, our perception of reality needs to evolve past current, limiting views in order to be open to the experience of telepathy. Most have never experienced true telepathy, but once it is experienced and accepted, instead of denying, that experience can be served as a catalyst for future telepathic experience. Telepathy represents more than just a means of non-physical communication, it represents the connection we have to each other. As said before, connection is a lost art. People are to separated from one another in this current world. Even people living in the same homes likely don't experience a strong enough, true connection. An added note: First experiences with telepathy often induces fear. We all have inner darkness, and most humans feel the inner workings of the thoughts and feelings are always private... however experiencing telepathy shatters that. There is a feeling of awkwardness between two humans initially experiencing telepathy with one another as well, as it brings a feeling of being overly exposed. A good metaphor here would be, being fully nude in the presence of another. Evolving past the awkwardness and developing feelings of trust and acceptance paves way for a less restricted telepathic experience, and the more of these experiences they have on a consistent level, the more this becomes Natural for humans. Short answer is just to increase connection to self and surroundings.
  3. positiveevitisop

    Spiritual Prejudice

    Depends on what species you're talking about. different planets, different forms, different cultures... different food.
  4. positiveevitisop

    Are humans aliens

    Some bullies decided to clear the planet in the way of their choosing and seed humans, hence the infestation [giggles]
  5. positiveevitisop

    Spiritual Prejudice

    These are loaded inquiries, and sorry I wont play along.
  6. positiveevitisop

    Dear Channelers, Admirers, and Lovers of All Kinds

    Are you seriously responding to your own thread over and over? XD ... and whats a naturo fan?
  7. positiveevitisop

    Spiritual Prejudice

    "General consideration" comes from the mass amounts of disinformation which is heavily prevalent on the web, regarding reptilians. I'm not saying my thoughts and feelings on this subject are absolute, but I'm of reptilian consciousness and I have a very strong love, respect, dedication and connection towards all reptilian beings. I would very easily and instinctually choose to sacrifice myself for their well being and safety. I've had many many experiences with reptilian entities/consciousness/energy throughout my life, starting as a young child at the age of six, and none of these experiences could be considered negative. What I've come to understand through my experiences completely contradicts what most are saying about reptilian beings, and I tend to trust myself and my experiences . I also feel that there are qualities of reptilian beings that can very much help humanity in many different ways. One way being: This humanity is heavily separated from each other, and TRUE connection is a lost art. One thing my brothers and sisters excel at is psychic capabilities. One of which is very notable, and this is our connection to each other, and our telepathic capabilities. Humans are very capable of telepathy and beyond-physical connection to each other, and yet the current systems which are endorsed and kept alive by the shadow government, heavily suppresses these aspects of human genetics. Reptilians can help very much with rekindling this flame within humanity, which has been doused in suppression for so long. Please note, that I'm not at all claiming that all reptilians are benevolent or incapable of doing terrible things, I'm merely stating that this is not the norm for us. The good things we've done are so easily and readily ignored by those who are at least able to recognize that they exist, and frankly, this is not talked of, nor considered enough.
  8. positiveevitisop

    Are we being told the truth about the past?

    What I understand is that there is a history of reptilian beings being victimized here, that is all. As far as history goes in regards to how it is portrayed in schools, it is all edited and sugar coated and ignores certain truths when is seen fit. Don't take any portrayed history as any absolute truth.
  9. positiveevitisop

    Spiritual Prejudice

  10. positiveevitisop

    What is Satan?

    Perhaps include a quote, because I'm not seeing what new-age-style comment(s) you might be referring to. I too, have always been annoyed by those who ignore negative things in life, but don't think that this type of thinking is limited to only new-age thinkers. This way of thinking has dominated a large part of humanity, and it comes from the desire to escape a particular reality. The only death magix I've ever conducted, and continue to conduct, is the act of alleviating death energy backlogs. Most backlogs would be already alleviated if the life that produced it had connections, assuming it wasn't one of those horrible lives and deaths consisting of only entrapment, torture and rape, ect.. The thing is, I've always ran into backlogs produced by human deaths which held no real reason for existing. While alive, these particular existences had connections and those that played the role of loving them, yet they produced a backlog anyway, why so? This is because that even though they went through some sort of pain or anguish enough to produce this backlog, they had nobody in their lives that they were connected to that was willing to take in the reality of what actually happened to them. Due to it being too painful, they chose to ignore this reality and pretend as though it never really happened to this person that they supposedly loved, and this allowed the backlog to Naturally form and stay. This kind of thinking has nothing to do with new age thinking, and everything to do with escapism. Reptilian love! <3
  11. positiveevitisop

    What is Satan?

    The only connection I can make with the OP and Size of Light's responses, is that the idea of satan is like a dream creation, that once aware of it has no effect over the person who once allowed such concepts to haunt them. I am only guessing here. I am a master of my own dreamspace, I understand how it works.
  12. positiveevitisop

    My Black Helicopter Experience

    I've heard of this before, it's interesting.
  13. positiveevitisop

    Reptilian forum thread / Where'd it go?

    I understand that this is a theory you subscribe to, but I'm unable to give you details of my own experience that would be somehow congruent with your theory. Although I am aligned with, and identify with reptilian consciousness, and of a specific reptilian collective, I don't use this knowledge of myself to deny that I'm in this body. I am in a human body and subject/limited to it's influence. However, I've had too many experiences in this lifetime which ended up drawing me to the conclusion of my own lineage with reptilian consciousness, to deny that lineage. I have a very strong respect and love towards all reptilian beings, and although I am still unclear (dont have enough experience with) about earth's history, I still have an inclination of the existence of beings who have a strong distaste towards all reptilian beings, and that there is a history of reptilians being victimized in this area for what I consider to be, very bad reasons. What I do know is that there is a very watchful eye coming from a coalition of reptilian beings(among other allied races) that oversee what they consider their own territory within the sector, and that they understand and know of the history of this planet, and are making current Earthly and human affairs their business. I've rationalized that my existence in this body has a lot to do with this.
  14. positiveevitisop

    Reptilian forum thread / Where'd it go?

    I don't know what you're talking about. All I know is what I've experienced thus far in this life as well as other existences. If you want to know more about my story, refer to my shortened bio about my past. https://www.warmstars.net/index.php?/forums/topic/22-a-summary-of-my-traumatizing-past-and-the-resulting-spiritual-outcome/
  15. positiveevitisop

    Post A Poem Thread

    Numbness… Please Set Me Free -------- All the pain I see, All the pain I am, I felt you so well, But now I lay numb. I still feel you so, As I did for so many years, But as I feel you now, I'm unable to shed my tears. I just lay numb, I just lay drooling in pain My muscles I can barely feel, My emotions have turned hard as steel. I now realize... that liquid that used to run down my eyes, had actually made me feel so very alive. and now it doesn't seem to matter if I live or die. I wish to hinder any future lives, and permanently close my eyes. And so, I just lay numb, unable to feel my pain. I stand motionless and drained in a sea of black rain. My emotions I can barely feel. My tears are no longer real. ------------- I fought so hard, against forces too big to conceive, and now my energy is depleted, to where I can hardly believe, that I cannot fight such a weak force within myself. How frail I have become. I just lay numb, silently begging Nature for mercy. I will not accept any human healing energy, because prejudice makes it obvious, That I'm not worth the effort, if we listen to the audience. I do not desire any outside healing energy at conception, My reptilian brothers and sisters will be the only exception. I thought that being ostracized, had given me the strength to rise, But now I succumb to your prejudice, and I accept that I will always be despised. I guess we all feel that I'm ready to die. I'm just so tired, I'm just so numb. I don't even have enough energy to try. Nature has pressured me so, and overestimated my strength. Too many obstacles of too great a length. The fight is too much, the challenge is too great. I'm just so tired, the numbness only gets worse by the day. I ask myself, "Should my soul not exist, or should it stay?" "If I was born again, would I breathe, or would I decay?" "Why has Nature condemned me, what price do I have to pay?" -------------- I thought the discovery of my Reptilian self, Would help me not to feel so down, But now I feel I'm incriminating my family, Guilt and shame makes me feel I will drown. I genuinely love my Reptilian brothers and sisters, And I truly desire to be surrounded by my kin, But now I feel I'm only a blister, Which only serves as a nuisance on my family's skin. I now lay numb, doubting my own merit, And I lay as still as a tree. Nature... have mercy on me, Numbness... please set me free.