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  1. muir

    Ideas for alternatives

    some people have reservations about the venus project because it could be another technocratic system that allows a class of technocrats to rule over everyone else what i'm personally interested in is the empowerment of common men and women around the world to be able to do all the things they need to do themselves and as part of a local community to meet all of their needs for survival whilst also meeting their fundamental human need for community and social involvement
  2. muir

    The Noahide World Order

    lol good one! and maybe he was just walking alongside jacob rothschild....why? come on give us your hilarious reason for that....
  3. muir

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    There is something to consider about sean and vancity vancity says his parents came from kenya and moved to canada. There is cause for people in kenya to be very upset with the british establishment because of colonialism. If vancity wants to speak about that aspect I would be interested to hear because I believe in the territorial sovereingty of the kenyan people If however in discussing that history he was to use the term 'the british' i would step in and say 'hold on a second vancity it isn't the british people who were behind the invasion of kenya it was the freemasonic elite who control britain' Now he might say that it was soldiery made up of british people who enforced the rule of those freemasonic elite but i would then have to point out to him how the freemasonic elite constantly recruited people who they had conquered. This is how they managed to fill their army with contingents of african soldiers, of indian sepoys, of sihks, of fijians, of gurkhas, of scottish highlanders and so on because all of these people had been defeated under the same process So what happened in the scottish highlands was that they defeated the highlanders in battle using greater firepower. Then they swept across the highlands shooting any men they saw in highland dress and raping any women they came across whilst burning the buildings that belonged to any of the highlanders that had joined the rising as well as driving the livestock that was the mainstay of the highland economy out of the highlands leaving people destitute They also forfeitted the lands of people involved in the rising. An asylum hospital in edinburgh for example was built using the funds forfeited after the 45 rising. This led to famines and then the british army came through offering people three square meals a day if they took the kings shilling. So many people joined no doubt with the intentions of sending the money they made back to their families in the highlands. They were then used as cannon fodder and bled dry in a series of imperialist wars So consider that vancity may have an axe to grind as part of an old score to settle but what i'd say to him is to not latch onto simplistic historical narratives given to him by the ID politics neo-marxist professors who are trying to make people wage war against their own countries and instead he should recognise imperialism as part of a wider freemasonic empire and that the regular people of the british isles are as much victims of that process as everyone else because the same thing was done to the english before it was done to the highland scots when the english were invaded and conquered in 1066. All of their belongings were inventorised by william the conquerors jewish administrators in the 'doomsday book' and they were taxed under the 'exchequer' set up the jewish administrators and they were organised into landless peasants under fuedalism. Sean was posting in a thread someone started about ireland and he was using the term 'the british' so i corrected him and said that it was the freemasonic elite and that the orange lodges were all freemasonic. So sean may also have an axe to grind due to past colonialist wrongs. Both vancity and seans desire to see britain be destroyed may trace back to these factors But here's the thing. I have sympathies with both the kenyan people AND the irish people i'm just cautioning them against laying the blame on their fellow workers in britain and i'm saying they should look a little deeper and see that really the whole process is being driven by the same old elite bloodlines as is the ID politics psyop to divide and rule the workers
  4. muir

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    he does it by constantly twisting what people say to try and misrepresent them; if he was an honest person at his core he would not seek to constantly do that he's fundamentally hiding something. I suggest that what he is hiding is his true ideological intentions which he seeks to mask through projecting his own hostility onto others while hiding his true intentions behind virtue signalling
  5. muir

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    you didn't listen to my post at all did you sean? it isn't just about enslaving white people no; it is about enslaving everyone but the cabal can't do that on their own so they have to factionalise the workers and then set different sections of the workers against each other and that is what identity politics is all about and ID politics is not all about race sean For example they are radicalising women against men in the orchestrated 'battle of the sexes' and they are mobilising LGBT people against what they call 'hetreronormative' people ie coupling pairs of heterosexual people. They have even set feminists against trans people! They are also working hard to set christians and muslims against each other in what they call a 'clash of civilisations' so they are driving wedges between people on lines of gender, religion, sexual preference, gender identity, race and so on Its all part of the same divide and conquer strategy sean and i have spoken about all of these aspects. Its only you who cannot get off the topic of race and trump. What you are doing is very tedious and transparent and if i can see through it others will too
  6. muir

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    yes when the establishment in britain say they are having 'an investigation' what they mean is that they will get their gatekeeper police to find out what information people have so that they can then work to silence those people and strategise a damage limitation approach through the corporate media where they seek to manage the perceptions of the public to make them think that the crime is lesser than it was and has now been taken care of so that they stop paying attention This is why people who have information should simply put it out online for everyone to see without announcing they have the information first
  7. muir

    The health timebomb

    Mainstream Media Coverage of LED Lights That Blind, Fry, and Spy On Us July 20, 2019 By B.N. Frank Many are promoting LED lights as “environmentally-friendly” because they supposedly use less energy. In fact, some environmentalists are really ticked off at the Trump administration because they want to exempt some of these bulbs from “green” standards. Unfortunately, just because these LED bulbs supposedly use less energy to operate doesn’t mean they are harmless – biologically or environmentally. There’s too much research that says they aren’t and warnings from the American Medical Association and other health experts have been covered extensively by the Mainstream Media (see 1, 2) and other credible sources over the years (see 1, 2, 3). Their surveillance capabilities have been reported as well. https://www.activistpost.com/2019/07/mainstream-media-coverage-of-led-lights-that-blind-fry-and-spy-on-us.html
  8. muir

    The health timebomb

    The CUMULATIVE effect from a child’s first 6 years of 60 vaccines, daily GMOs and fluoridated water Saturday, July 20, 2019 by: S.D. Wells Children today grow up in a much more toxic food and medicine “environment” than us adults did just 30 to 40 years ago. Back in the 1970s and 80s, children weren’t bombarded with dozens of vaccines during their first months of life, and conventional food wasn’t corrupt with bug-killing and weed-killing pesticides that affect cognition, development, memory, behavior, and social and motor skills. Heavy metal toxins like mercury and aluminum are easily found in today’s vaccines, including the ever-popular and deadly flu shots, that are highly recommended (even when they admit they picked the wrong viral strains) for all U.S. pregnant women and then their fragile babies at six months. Yes, the multi-jab still contains mercury, and at high levels too. Then there’s tap water that contains sodium fluoride – a byproduct of the phosphate mining industry that doubles as an insecticide. Fluoride in tap water causes lowered IQ, chronic inflammation and eventually, brittle bones and cancer. Combine that with GMOs and 60 vaccines in six years and what have you got? What’s in your baby’s “formula?” Sure hope it’s not FDA or CDC recommended. So, what’s the cumulative effect of all these toxins? Has any scientist anywhere EVER computed the totals, especially by the time a child turns seven years of age, including toxins that cross the blood-brain barrier and lodge in the brain and vital cleansing organs? That answer is no. Well, at least no medical doctor. We’ll cover Naturopathic Physicians later in this article. read on here Does your new baby have chronic gastrointestinal issues? Your pediatrician will never blame the vaccines or GMOs, even though they are either the cause or the culprit. Since the mid-1980s, Americans have been eating genetically mutated soy and corn in thousands of common food products, beverages, candy, and medicine. In 1992 the FDA declared GM foods were exactly the same (health and safety-wise) as non-GMOs, making sure no scientists ran tests otherwise to prove they were lying. Yet now science proves GMOs cause horrific health problems, including cancer tumors. It was all done for the big money payouts from lobbyists. How do we know this? A lawsuit dredged up internal memos from political appointees who were ordered by the U.S. government to promote GMOs as safe, effective, and sustainable (everything they are not). Also, in the 1990s, the CDC changed the childhood vaccine “schedule” to include more than 60 toxic jabs (many of them are part of a 2, 3 or 4-part series) before a child lives six years. This would exacerbate statistics for autism spectrum disorder, allergies, asthma, upper respiratory infections, auto-immune deficiencies, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, depression, and a host of other chronic health problems for which no M.D. would ever reveal the true root causes. Does your child have allergies? Get allergy shots – the doctors says. Got digestion problems? Take this prescription of antibiotics – the doctors says. Got autism? It’s genetic – the doctors says. Is your child hyper-active with problems focusing in school? Take chemical medications for that chemical imbalance – the doctors says. Is your child performing poorly on standardized tests in school? Have him/her take these SSRI pills – the doctors says (meds that have side effects of depression and suicide). June, 2014: Natural News Forensic Food Lab finds 25,000 times the legal maximum MERCURY content allowed in drinking water in FLU SHOTS Were you reading the fake mass media news back then, or were you reading Natural News in the summer of 2014? Vials of batch flu vaccine produced by British pharma giant GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) contained over 50 parts PER MILLION of mercury – one of the most poisonous substances known to mankind. Yes, lab tests using advanced mass spectrometry technology were run that produce incredible accuracy. Dr. David Brownstein, board-certified family physician, said he has been testing nearly every patient at his office for the past two decades and has found at least 4 out of every 5 have mercury toxicity. Heavy metal toxins are being injected into pregnant women, infants, and developing children, and these neurotoxins are being implanted directly into muscle tissue completely unabated. You know, there are doctors that test for heavy metal poisoning and other accumulating toxins. They’re called Naturopathic Physicians. Read more about this very important testing you could have run for your children’s health sake, and your own. Tune in to Vaccines.News to find out how the CDC, FDA, and AMA are purposely ignoring the cumulative effect of known toxins that invade the U.S. food and medicine supply. What the system fears most is true science and honest journalism. Sources for this article include: CDC.gov ResponsibleTechnology.org NaturalNews.com Vaccines.News TheNaturopathicMama.com https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-07-20-cumulative-effect-of-60-vaccines-gmos-fluoridated-water.html
  9. muir

    The health timebomb

    NHS psychologist claims poor and abused children are wrongly being labelled transgender and prescribed sex-change treatments without appropriate testing by clinicians who 'fear being labelled transphobic’ Dr Kirsty Entwistle is the first whistleblower to go public and be named over her concerns regarding treatment of children by NHS gender clinics She claims that vulnerable children being referred to Britain’s only NHS gender clinic for under-18s include those with mental health problems Dr Entwistle is one of growing number of staff from child Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) to criticise clinic’s practices Latest figures from GIDS show 2,590 children were referred last year, compared to less than 100 in 2009 By Sanchez Manning for The Mail on Sunday Published: 01:05, 21 July 2019 | Updated: 01:06, 21 July 2019 A former NHS psychologist has broken cover to claim that children are being misdiagnosed as transgender cases – with sex-abuse victims and young people living in extreme poverty among them. Dr Kirsty Entwistle is the first whistleblower to go public and be named over her concerns regarding the treatment of children by NHS gender clinics. She said ‘traumatic early experiences’ that might explain a misguided desire to swap sex are not being investigated by medical staff who fear being labelled transphobic. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7268807/NHS-psychologist-claims-poor-abused-kids-wrongly-labelled-transgender.html
  10. muir

    Fake greens and who one is

    both the rothschilds and the british royal family own shares in aluminium company rio tinto alcan
  11. muir

    Fake greens and who one is

    I haven't seen that no I am personally more worried about all the chemicals that the corporatocracy and its petro-chemical industry are pushing on the world then i am about CO2 Fluoride is a by-product of the aluminium industry and instead of disposing of it responsibly they put it in the water supply
  12. they need to see concrete physical things that they can actually see and touch and not abstract ideas and concepts use an EMG meter to show them the microwaves because until it becomes a thing they can actually see it doesn't exist
  13. muir

    Are Zionists infecting the forum?

    that's not possible because only a small portion of what i say is about trump. I'm not as obsessed about him as you are trump has certainly been israels boy but clinton would have been their girl this is how the dialectic trick has to be played though. You have to have a good cop and a bad cop So when the republicans are in power they are the bad cop who does what the rothschilds want them to do. the democrats meanwhile get to play the good cop and condemn everything the republicans do. Then when the democrats get back in they switch roles and they start doing what the rothschilds want them to do It does seem though that the republican party (probably because of its large zionist christian contingent) tend to push a more aggressive pro-rothschild foreign policy (wars in the middle east) while the democrats (probably because of their large disgruntled minorities contingent) tend to push a more aggressive pro-rothschild domestic policy (ie social engineering)
  14. muir

    Are Zionists infecting the forum?

    yup china is the test bed for all of this thanks to the trilateral commission but its rolling out here in order to get away with it though they will have to dupe at least half of the population into agreeing with it which is why the fake-left and the fake-greens are all pushing for the green new deal because they are hoping to wrap up their true intentions within a trojan horse of social justice you can't get complicity if you show your intentions are evil. You have to pretend to be good....that's how it's done
  15. muir

    Are Zionists infecting the forum?

    thanks, i'd give your post a 'like' but i have used up my quota for the day! yeah behind all the political theatre the big picture is that they are already enslaving us under their technocracy and slow killing us through a whole host of silent weapons