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  1. - Epstein and Robert Maxwell (mossad agents) were Hierophant high priests both got 200million for "investment" both wanted to breed like rats, Ghislaine found epstein to replaced her father as epstein was working as mossad agent at the time, what Epstein is doing is role/job of high satanic priest (Hierophant), someone is recruiting the next "billionaire" from nowhere as we speak, they are always nobodys from average background. Courts, Goverment, Royal family will do nothing, courts are for us not them, they are allowed to take your children and fck the life out of them its their evil given right, they play by the laws of moloch and hold their courts at Bohemian Grove. Poor Ghislaine maxwell daddy was given 200 million by Bosnian President to invest (even though has never invested or had company that does in his life) and when daddy died in 1991, her ex pedophile/boyfriend (cant be her boyfriend as pedos only like children) also happens to be given 200 million (by wexner in 1991) to invest in a company thats never invested anything else before or since, poor women what a horrific year she had two men very close to her being gifted 200 million, tragic coincidence' of course being given millions to invest could happen to anyone. So we wont bother asking any questions shes just lost her "boyfriend" after all and gone into mourning. As a note Jefferys dad Seymour G. Epstein also died 1991. Lock your kids up because they ARE coming for them and theres not a darn thing you can do about it ! May the Lord Jesus Christ look after us all especialy the children above all else xxx See this painting that crowley did https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/spiritofthings/aleister-crowley-1/6483620 check these two pics out better comparison - its NOT fancy dress as notice NOONE else is dressed up they all in suits notice maxwells hat exactly the same as hat in crowleys painting looking like a Hierophant- https://www.shutterstock.com/editorial/image-editorial/malcolm-forbes-70th-birthday-celebrations-at-palais-mendoub-tangier-morocco-2-aug-1989-9789684y thats Robert Maxwell https://www.shutterstock.com/editorial/image-editorial/aleister-crowley-london-britain-7391916a thats Crowley, can be mistaken for Robert Maxwell. Google Hierophant, they just love teaching/sciences and mentoring and giving relationship advice Epstein holds court on a throne with two beautiful women each side (pillars), amongst other things they give and arrange marriage relationship advice (just like saville did with charles and dianna, not so strange a thing to do when you know saville was a Hierophant and it was his job to give advice to them as a priest), hence prince andrew best friends with epstein, like saville was to charles, and why epstein gave money to fergie its his JOB hes andys mentor and priest after robert maxwell died, if this isnt telling you i dont know what will. There is no stigma on these people once exposed they are worshipped by presidents, royaltie and elite they are satanic PRIESTS and revered and honoured above all else they all know about the children and give as presants etc to each other. .....and we have all seen the pics of saville dressed in his numerous satanic priest garb looking like crowleys Hierophant, even giving a sermon in a church they really are that blatant and in your face, This robe is similar to sundial on epsteins island its only weird to us lookling from outside in at saville giving reltionship advice to the future king and queen of england its not to them, its a part of his role/job as a Hierophant priest toaly normal to them. He was also best buddies with Mountbatten who i suspect he took over from to mentor charles. . https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/07/how-jeffrey-epstein-worked-wall-street quote - "Kusnan went to Epstein’s townhouse and was ushered into a little room by a butler. There, Kusnan saw Epstein sitting atop a “raised platform, like a throne, with two strikingly gorgeous young Eastern European women standing beside the chair.” ..................where a business deal then took place by FAX worth millions !!!! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/theroyalfamily/11325163/Prince-Andrew-scandal-His-past-controversies-in-pictures.html Price Andrew has been pictured on several occasions with women dressed as above at different times at parties, i cant find the other picture at the min. See picture below from eyes wide shut, i think we know whats going on now along with epstein and robert maxwell and Ghislaine maxwell. now i wonder where Stanley Kubrick got the idea for characters....... nicole kidman (fergie red hair) and tom (prince andrew) picture above of andrew could be tom on the set himself its that close ! But i wonder if thats Andy Pandy as UK trade Envoy stepping onto the red carpet to be led by that women into the back room where his best mate Epstein waits to have a "chat" with him sat on his throne dressed like that, for Andy to do yet another voluntary trade deal for UK, this https://giphy.com/gifs/tom-cruise-eyes-wide-shut-poor-mans-3d-10ChEAWJg3KAa4 Ow always Jewish and very very, very RICH with the exception of Andy but then again hes royalty and do we really know what they are. Presidents flying to private islands without security detail (thats a major big thing) secret deals without victims knowing that break the law of the land by people that we know know better and are suppose to be the best in the country and top of there game, they abide by their laws to stick together and protect each other they dont care and it doesnt matter breaking rules and laws as do NOT and never have applied to them, these solictors prosecutors judges presidents royaltie celebrities etc answer to the Hierophant ONLY...maybe im mad but makes perfect sense to me. No doubt Naomi Campbells role is to recruit fantastic tall models for the parties !..just a thought listed on wiki - But of course Naomi being waken in the middle of the night and given "blood dimonds" from trained guerrilla fighter Charles McArthur Ghankay Taylorm, who was sacked in May 1983 for embezzling an estimated $1,000,000 and sending the funds to an American bank account ? ................wait a min - In August 1981, Epstein founded his own consulting firm, Intercontinental Assets Group Inc. which assisted clients in recovering stolen money from fraudulent brokers and lawyers. Epstein described his work at this time as being a high-level bounty hunter. He told friends that he worked sometimes as a consultant for governments and the very wealthy to recover embezzled funds.....ummmmm i wonder !!!! Meanwhile back in gloomy UK, most of Robert Maxwells ex employees have retired now on state pension because Robert Maxwell embezzelled 440million from pension fund, shame ghislaine didnt know epstein then (convientently) as protecting embezzled funds is EXACTLY what epstein alledges he did for a living, as these pensioner are now broke on state pension barely surviving, BBC taken away free TV license, free bus pass has restrictions and heating allowances cut for them, best they can hope and pray for is a trained guerrilla fighter Charles turning up in middle night with dimonds for them, stranger things ARE happening !. They really do like to take FULL advantage of children and elderly. ghislaine is firmly in the middle, daddy fcked over your grand parrents and epstein well we know what he was doing.............. and where is poor little ghislaine ?. The Hierophant high priestess, is probably sipping tea with the other Queen at Buckingham Palace laughing about Andrews close call, while yet another runaway goes missing in london never to be seen again and another old person dies of Hypothermia this winter, ow well one less OAP for Queenie to send a bday card too that wont reach 100 unlike her. Ow and now man hunt on for ghislaine and they diverting attention further by selling a story Andrew and Fergie back together rekindled relationship this week at balmoral castle with queen and prince phillips blessing !....but im sure it was Epsteins dying wish as Hierophant to andrew to see Andy and Fergie back together his last job, alls well that ends well in the House of Windsor, and Epsteins final mission accomplished ! Yawn, its straight out of a unpublished Dickens novel, of runaways, children, OAP;s, the poor and rich, a divorce and will end with re marriage of Andrew and Fergie the ever lasting happy royal fairy tale of TRUE love and wealth. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/9692123/prince-andrew-fergie-rekindled-relationship-queen-balmoral/