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  1. For those who know ....Hamas was created by Shin Bet , back in the 80's as a foil to Arafat and the Fatah movement....drive a wedge in Palestinian solidarity .... as you can see, by now it's worked well.....Fatah in west bank , Hamas in Gaza. A good example Bibi's last election campaign, days before election day, rocket attacks from Gaza, a few dead Israeli's and Bibi's winning election. Fear works wonders Mossad /Shin Bet murder Hamas leaders ?...sure , those who don't do as their told Controlled opposition , works every time...anti-Semitism in the states, look carefully you'll find the ADL
  2. nutter

    The Problem With Icke's Work...

    The problem with D.I.'s work , is that he peaked about 10 years ago....and since then he's been going around , getting paid to tell people : " I told you so "
  3. As I wrote elsewhere on another post , I suspect D.I. stumbled into the work of people like Ace Baker and Dimitri Khalezov...if he did I hope he gave them the credit they deseve....
  4. nutter

    David's new Book.

    Although I haven't read this "new" book....I suspect D.I. has stumbled upon the work of people like Ace Baker and Dimitri Khalezov , who have arrived at a much clearer understanding of 9-11....Ace baker put to rest the myth of planes and terrorists and Dimitri , well , he explained the rest....9-11 reads more like a Bond thriller than what we've been told ....including all the "limited hangouts " put out by the alternative media