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  1. nutter

    David ickes new platform Ickonic

    Just remember there's david icke and then there's DAVID ICKE inc .... IKONIC ....streaming revenue platform....no longer a cottage industry
  2. So I read your review and it seems to concur with what others have said , but i think the last paragraph says it best : "How you interpret it is thus ultimately up to you, but I definitely find it beneficial to read such heterodox and contrarian perspectives and ideas such as those by David Icke to broaden one’s horizon and to become a more reflected thinker, and thus recommend to read his works with this end in mind. Reality isn’t what it seems, so reading a wide variety of different perspectives and ideas provides one with more of a context to how one can interpret reality in various ways, and reason out what seems to be the most realistic and practical ideas to adopt as convictions. Think critically; challenge authority; free your mind " ....di's book is but one interpretation of the 9-11- events...he asks a lot of questions , but he remains " stuck" in conspiracy mode....does he consider the fact that there were no planes or terrorists that collapsed the Twins or the Pentagon ??...one needs to look at the technical aspects of what happened on that day , to understand...and as to motive and Agenda, laying it at the feet of some 18th century psychopaths isn't the answer....I suspect di veered off into the weeds on this one....
  4. By now it's all code to him....he has to step lightly....calling the perps sabbatean frankists achieves that.....constant use of the word Satan, because he's primarily playing to a christian audience....as for me sabbatean frankists is just double speak for freemasonry, they're the only ones who could of pulled off 9-11......Zionists/ israelis/ jews were involved but only as facilitators ( if Mike Harari were alive today , for sure he could confirm that )....other factions were involved. 9-11 was a huge , complicated undertaking, that required years of planning.
  5. nutter

    Final days ??

    I've been watching this YT Channel for several months now, it's called Final days , it's put together by a woman whose taking FAA camera feeds from Alaska and northern Canada....what she's seeing is unusual , some of it can be accounted for by lens flare, but not all . here's an example :https://youtu.be/lnRFe3IhFME as you can see she's using contrast to highlight the view, what's going on ??.... Here's another one : https://youtu.be/TXSQ-A2Ufwo , there are probably 20 or 30 of these videos she's done . Bear in mind when watching , this woman has a heavy Christian bias, hence the term Final days......
  6. 20 years ago DI did an extensive interview with Arizona Wilder , since then this has surfaced on Facebook : "Unfortunately, in 1998 the last time I was kidnapped and worked over i.e. given huge amounts of electric shock by unknown perpetrators, (which resulted in a hospitalization) I did not realize that I was being “prepared” i.e. programmed, for an interview with David Icke, a former sportscaster turned conspiracy publicist in order to perpetrate The System’s media lie and program. That interview took place within 5 months of the last episode, and individuals “magically” appeared in my life to connect me with David Icke. During this “interview” I was instructed not to motion or gesture with my hands by David Icke. As well, the decision was made that I could not wear my glasses; so I was unable to see as well." and also this : "I no longer (for many years) condone the use of material I made while involuntarily programmed especially for the David Icke video. His material is not today and has never been my experience nor was the concept of "shape-shifting reptilians" something that I experienced as an unwilling victim at rituals. I was programmed specifically for David Icke's interview as well as the following Conspiracy Con meeting in San Jose, CA. etc., and David Icke as well as Brian Desborough both knew that I had been programmed to respond this way when they made the video. In fact, the ring shown in the video was used to certify to Brian Desborough and David Icke that I had been programmed with preset answers and was to be used for this video."....anyone know the backstory to these comments ??
  7. nutter


    Chernobyl.....the cause , a mini nuke placed under the reactor and detonated.....this wasn't an accident, but designed primarily to destabilize the then Soviet Union. .....the answer to that lies with the Russian 12th Directorate....put another way , mini nukes by nature are constructed from Plutonium not Uranium, complicated and sophisticated technology is required, U.S. and Israel would be the most likely locations for construction and assembly....
  8. nutter

    Building 7 Collapse Report released 3.9.19

    Huh ?....Bldg 7 suffered the same fate as the Twins....Nukes placed in zero boxes under the foundations...in fact there's a zero box under the UN building and the Sears tower right now, it's the only way to demo these structures.
  9. nutter


    Chernobyl.....the cause , a mini nuke placed under the reactor and detonated.....this wasn't an accident, but designed primarily to destabilize the then Soviet Union.
  10. For those who know ....Hamas was created by Shin Bet , back in the 80's as a foil to Arafat and the Fatah movement....drive a wedge in Palestinian solidarity .... as you can see, by now it's worked well.....Fatah in west bank , Hamas in Gaza. A good example Bibi's last election campaign, days before election day, rocket attacks from Gaza, a few dead Israeli's and Bibi's winning election. Fear works wonders Mossad /Shin Bet murder Hamas leaders ?...sure , those who don't do as their told Controlled opposition , works every time...anti-Semitism in the states, look carefully you'll find the ADL
  11. nutter

    The Problem With Icke's Work...

    The problem with D.I.'s work , is that he peaked about 10 years ago....and since then he's been going around , getting paid to tell people : " I told you so "
  12. As I wrote elsewhere on another post , I suspect D.I. stumbled into the work of people like Ace Baker and Dimitri Khalezov...if he did I hope he gave them the credit they deseve....
  13. nutter

    David's new Book.

    Although I haven't read this "new" book....I suspect D.I. has stumbled upon the work of people like Ace Baker and Dimitri Khalezov , who have arrived at a much clearer understanding of 9-11....Ace baker put to rest the myth of planes and terrorists and Dimitri , well , he explained the rest....9-11 reads more like a Bond thriller than what we've been told ....including all the "limited hangouts " put out by the alternative media