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  1. There is seldom just one answer; most things are multifaceted. 1. He is, up to a certain point, protected by higher powers. 2. Ridicule is our greatest protection. You can say anything if you are not worried about how you appear to others. 3. The so-called elites consider themselves to be beyond any form of control by Joe Public. 4. I am not sure whether they have to do so under some form of Cosmic Law, or whether they are just so damned arrogant that they are certain that they will never be called to account, or whether they are letting their own familiars know what to expect, but they have an almost unbreakable habit of announcing what they are going to do, just before they do it. It is possible to negate this if you immediately manufacture a thought-form of the opposite nature, and I suspect that Mr Icke does this, out of habit, almost at a subliminal level. 5. A lot of us would send Mr Icke any juicy bits of information if we got hold of it, so I wonder if he has been able to obtain some evidence in the past which is so overwhelming in its' nature, that anyone attempting to confront him has been unable to continue with their blackmail or bribery.