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  1. serpentine

    Putin is not who you think he is

    If they are , and replacing passenger planes full of fake passengers with tanks full of chemicals then by the look's of this map it's "a piss poor effort really" as Richie Benaud would say, compared with the US and the EU. https://www.flightradar24.com/24.91,3.95/3
  2. serpentine

    Rise of the VZC's

    There possibly should be laws against people financing irrational vendettas against farmers for whatever purpose. As explained by the very rational Ice Age Farmer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZZb0ELJkgE
  3. serpentine

    Parliament should Legislate to Block Prorogation

    With long established protocols in lieu of a wrtten constitution here in the UK it's just as serious when Parliament breaks them. By which I mean is when the interaction between Her Majesties government/ Her Majesties opposition which have been conducted over centuries (reflected in the seating arrangements in parliament) breaks down and cliques within parties on either side of the House collude to thwart the will of the People and the aims of government may be considered just as serious and in this case has preceded any government response. Charles the First was executed on the orders of Parliament for a variety of reasons but one of the top reasons was conspiring to bring foreign armies to Britain to achieve his aims. Treasonous May has apparently recently signed a treaty that will allow just the same thing.if serious civil disorder or war breaks out here.
  4. serpentine

    To cost a country without a foul ending..

    Creeping globalisation! Why stop at one country? Even trade isn't lost. It's just altered and shuffled about to make countries dependent on each other. A country that produces lots of food, has energy and could be independent in that respect? Tinker with prices and subsidies so that it's economic to trade food across large distances and multiple borders. Fill it up with migrants who will also need feeding and ban the use of energy sources that the country is rich in. etc
  5. serpentine

    Israeli Election "Too Close To Call" apparently...

    Too close to call is msm code for "The results are being fiddled".
  6. serpentine

    Is the Sun conscious.

    Correction needed there: In the second pass of it's spirographic descent the probe had a cme fired on the left side as it came round that side then passed betwixed Sun and Earth and later with the same active area tracking it round the Sun then fired a cme at it as it receeded on the right side as we look at Her.
  7. Two suspected spies from the Five Eyes Regimes arrested in the Eastern Approaches.* https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7454431/British-Australian-blogger-boyfriend-face-Iranian-jail-time.html One wonders how two young Russians with keen interests in the finer points of Medieval English church architecture in particular locations and drone flying would be treated. *One for obscure reference buffs.
  8. serpentine

    dr. joseph chiappalone is scaring me

    There is nothing wrong with that if one is sincere but these days it is indicative of a restricted two dimensional mode of perception/thinking or at least at mode of thinking that is missing an extra dimension. We forget that people before us struggled to represent perspective ( the dimension of depth) and before manned flight we struggled with the perception of height and even now the way we interact with the world our minds interact with it as if it were a screen. Using the human experience as a measure of the world and using creatures from the natural world as representations of our minds inner workings is again thinking about things in a way that is short of a dimension.
  9. serpentine

    General Election and No Brexit ?

    "He claims that the acceptance of the Lisbon Treaty, the EU’s constitution, means that solemn oaths taken by key members of The Crown including Queen Elizabeth have been compromised." Taken from the latest news article section here. https://www.davidicke.com/article/552528/lord-claims-queen-may-abdicate-unless-lisbon-treaty-wiped-away
  10. serpentine

    USA wants to liberate Hungary

    Well with the gravitas of the BBC world service well and truly damaged by decades of pro EU and anti brexit propaganda another station on the dial might at least bring some light relief to listeners teetering on the edge of civilization.
  11. serpentine

    'Grab Bag' Campaign, UK

    Most areas of Britain don't need to worry about this. Of those that do risk of flooding is probably the main cause and that will be in areas that have been flooded before. Other weather phenomenon like hurricanes are not so much of a problem here unless you live in one of the new builds.
  12. serpentine

    Is the Sun conscious.

    With reference to previous mention of asking the Sun to show conscious awareness perhaps by interacting with the Probe launched last year. Well the Parker probe made it's third scheduled close pass of the Sun just recently. In the first She fired two small cme's on the far side at it and during the second the cme's went to the right and left as we view the Sun at an approaching and receding probe. There were incidental huffs and puffs around at that time that time. For the third pass the logging shows She was both quiet before and after the pass in this solar minimum period before the next cycle starts. August: http://sidc.oma.be/cactus/catalog/LASCO/2_5_0/qkl/2019/08/latestCMEs.html Cme007: http://sidc.oma.be/cactus/catalog/LASCO/2_5_0/qkl/2019/08/CME0007/CME.html September: http://sidc.oma.be/cactus/catalog/LASCO/2_5_0/qkl/2019/09/latestCMEs.html Cme001: http://sidc.oma.be/cactus/catalog/LASCO/2_5_0/qkl/2019/09/CME0001/CME.html One should qualify that data by saying the Lasco2 instrument resides on the SOHO craft at a Lagrange point between Earth and Sun and the data received and Cactus logging of it is fully automated. So there may be errors but it's very unlikely for 2 to occur in quick succession. Such small cme's are not all related to Sunspots though one fired up a few days later and then diminished. The wsa-enlil website that had the position of the probe marked as well as cmes doesn't always work nor logs the smaller cme's' but the probe position can be cross referenced with this orbit timeline (in HD to read the dates) which hasn't changed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdRsH4kdhHM The probe carries a small amount of fuel to automatically keep the shield Sun facing. Constant cme's aimed at it may over time exhaust that reserve before mission ends. Information coming out from the project on status and data processing is sparse. All these interactions have so far avoided going on to strike the Earth which could be also indicative of awareness. The only confirmatory data of these events are some other satellites and from the probe itself which will reach it's mission end in 2025 which should be be solar maximum for the next cycle. Of course the mission aims are based on current accepted science of the Sun having a nuclear core. They have not yet explained how the various Sun cycles are interacting with this core or the nature of the corona and some have suggested that the probe will fall short of being in the right place to log the required data. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1N3J_X5hD8M Mind you if it get's to 2025 and all they have to show for it is some great pics and the knowledge that the Sun fires cme's whenever the probe gets close that will do fine.
  13. serpentine

    USA Weather

    Dorian did indeed fire up to category five level with gusts up to 225 mph and in some places reshaping the very coastline. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Rnz9MhVdOU The primary instigator at the scene framed by Garrett Black in a hurricane hunter plane https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EDaKZWVXoAEIRhC.jpg ... released and balanced the full spectrum of required elements (space weather, stored solar energy in the waters and atmospheric pressure systems to keep Dorian over the Bahamas for two solid days before it letting it move sedately off towards the US mainland.
  14. serpentine

    General Election and No Brexit ?

    From events yesterday evening it seems Parliament is now occupied by a Speaker and other (Right Honorable) Members who have broken their solemn oaths of allegiance they gave when first becoming an MP. Sinn Fein members take such oath making very seriously and won't take up their seats accordingly. If the situation is unchallenged then the government has been overthrown in a coup and the people of this country are in peril.
  15. serpentine

    Why do EU enthusiasts ...

    As a political pantomime it is but however a country is run and whoever claims to be running it there is best practice in running it smoothly for as long as possible. Isn't there? Sequentially signing up to treaties that have wrought fundamental changes to the UK could have at any time been punctuated by referenda and achieved with the consent of the people. At any time. At ANY time. The pantomime is due to the flawed system of governance.