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  1. serpentine

    Fake moon landings !

    Like the runner they practised, practised, tested, tested all they could before the actual record breaking run. Even then for Apollo 11 the alarms went off, the navigation was off and a finger hovered over the abort button right till the last moment. The later missions had their fair share of problems but the haul of rocks was brought back which told them much but not enough, When they return in the next decade they will try to get deep dust core samples like they take ice and mud core samples here on Earth. It will be again right on the limits of human technology and will mean risking lives again.
  2. serpentine

    Flat Earth !

    Most of this fringe stuff was dealt with as infinitum in the previous forum. Feel free to login and trawl through the old posts which were raked together like old dead leaves and left to compost at the bottom of the forum list several Autumns ago. https://forum.davidicke.com/forumdisplay.php?f=107
  3. serpentine

    Irrational Thought for the Day

    i like to think that here in the UK that we are still tolerant of eccentrics. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7762267/40-homes-Columbus-Ohio-evacuated-homemade-NUCLEAR-REACTOR-burns-owner.html
  4. History is littered with failed tribes, failed tribal confederations, failed city states and failed nation states snd failed empires. Reasons are varied but the important point is they don't fail all at the same time. The baton of civilisation is passed on, sometimes very shakily, in an almost evolutionary way. Evolution isn't a fairy tale where no one ever gets hurt. Whoever gave you that idea?
  5. serpentine

    Is the Sun conscious.

    Two years in the life of the Sun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5QeyztIIT8 The transience of human existence.
  6. As I said elsewhere whatever the reason for theses events they are the history of the land and should be remembered. And whilst human politics and power may be a prime mover today in the past it was the flow and ebb of solar activity that drove overpopulation and then migration as the threat of starvation loomed. Modern technology and superior farming practices allows mitigation of these effects but making a country dependent on imports to feed it's population in a solar downturn makes that country politcally vulnerable. Much of the nonsensical war making in recent decades should be seen in that light. Governments are well aware of the current solar downturn but have been somewhat caught out by the speed of change. China for example have been storing immense amounts of produce and securing future food supplies with foreign contracts. If they get it wrong many millions could die.
  7. serpentine

    Poll: Who's going to win the general section?

    Brexit has been delayed by the outright lying to the electorate by elements in both parties in the 2017 election to respect the result of the 2016 referendum whilst having no intention to do so. Who do these people own their allegiance too? Will they get their come uppance next week at the polls? A hung parliament will again suit their aims to delay and obfuscate.
  8. serpentine

    Fake moon landings !

    It's a matter of physics and straightforward problem solving. The unavoidable use of computers links both Apollo (see AGC Apollo thread) and today's missions.
  9. serpentine


    Not a particularly savoury topic of mine but the provenance of the primary candidates isn't a concern. Boris inspite of his occasional bluster has the sharper mind (if you've ever watched any of his Meetings as Mayor surrounded by lefties) and will speak it more freely which may drop him in it metaphorically from time to time but at least it's an honest trait. Corbyn on the other nand has allowed himself overtime to be pushed into an corner leaving many of the electorate feeling votes for Labour are votes for an unknown quantity and an uncertain future. Hell and the Thames might well freeze over before either party actually respects the result of the 2016 referendum which was for all of the UK to leave the EU (if you've forgotten). Which reminds me to have a word with someone. 🌞.
  10. serpentine


    Can't speak for the rest of the world but here in the UK they are desperate to keep the two party system oppositional system of government (based on first past the post voting) in Westminster going and rather than change it they will inexorable break British society instead. Stir in the SNP/Europhile globalists etc and it's a very nasty cocktail to swallow for most normal people. But if the electorate remembers the expedient lies from recent elections, doesn't get sidetracked and as a whole gets it's act together whether the weather be foul or fair on the day the remain camp should get soundly beaten.
  11. serpentine

    Another attack in London

    Here's Jeff Taylor "putting flesh on the bone" of the wider aspects of the incident bearing in mind the UK goes to the polls once again in the next few days.
  12. serpentine

    Another attack in London

    One thing after another! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7750565/Diane-Abbotts-son-28-arrested-attack-police-officers.html At the very least the officer should show off the bitten appendage to the worthies in Parliament but hopefully the situation should stop short of open hostilities this time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_of_Jenkins%27_Ear
  13. serpentine

    New YouTube rules and old videos

    Partially yes and there are some very well monitored internet sites including gaming ones specifically for children out there. Going down the road of infantilizing billions of adults, young and old in the name of protecting the kids, is an attempt to completely control the agenda. Any parents by definition should be carefully watching what their kids are up to on and off the internet and blocking access to particular websites from particular devices goes without saying especially when government agencies are using mass surveillance and honey traps on it's population at all times.
  14. serpentine

    London Bridge Incident

    Richie Allen has covered it extensively.
  15. serpentine

    London Bridge Incident

    Two questions to ask (if they haven't been already):- 1) When was the meeting in the Fishmonger's Hall first scheduled? 2)Was suspect coralled to go to the bridge?