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  1. serpentine

    Peterborough byelection

    Like the holes that occasionally open up along the M25 police are currently looking in to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7lQZMr3tYs Would be nice after their investigations to announce that they've better things to do with their time than to police legislation that is hopelessly flawed both in concept and in practise in a system where very few seats actually decide the party in government and where results can be easily manipulated with minimal effort.
  2. serpentine

    Brexit wont happen March 29th ?

    It's an option but first to heal "the divisions" caused by failure to deliver the result of the referendum and "the divisions" caused by governmental policies and political parties over the last few decades as they signed up to ever more globalist treaties there is a pressing need to root out and crush whiney undemocratic remainers and the msm. 😛
  3. serpentine

    LGBTQIA Fans of David Icke and others

    The government has delayed implemention of the new syllabus that was due to start September 2019 and included compulsory education of the subject matter of the thread title amongst others at primary school level. Whole scale parental rebellion at the start of a new school year is not desirable. Some schools have already started implementing it and are using material that is being sent to them by third party groups and organisations. The lure of free teaching material is being used as a foot in the door along with any direct lobbying of ministers who seem particularly susceptible to the big guns of the private healthcare industry who would be a major beneficiary of any extra surgical and aftercare work on young people. The reprivatisation of all of the education system is probably a long term goal and the maintenance of centralised government data bases on young children including their ethnic origins that is well underway might be a stepping stone for other purposes.
  4. serpentine

    LGBTQIA Fans of David Icke and others

    Have we established who is actually responsible for what is being taught in UK schools and how it is being taught ?
  5. serpentine

    Old David icke form has disappeared ....

    Many were of course but the effect of continually patrolling the forum with one of more groups/indiviuals determined on a course of action to damage the outlook of the forum and by their actions encouraging other misguided members to copycat such activity does actually take it's toll along with having to continually deal with any number of reports that come from genuine and concerned members. The old Dawkins forum (with a much bigger active player base) with even more contentious viewpoints was destroyed by such activity. which undermines and replaces any rational discussion with direct abuse. As mentioned back in the thread 200 bots a day are still registering with it and of course anyone can rejoin this new forum. It's a preference to let moderators do their job bearing in mind the last person who directed abuse at me in an off hand way was by some nameless member of the Luton Outlaws forums (unmoderated) who had his team kept in the top tier of non league football for 5 years as a result.and in an equally. offhand way I might add.
  6. serpentine

    Old David icke form has disappeared ....

    It's still there and the bots are still registering membership at about the rate of 200 a day. Will that break the forum eventually? Perhaps access has just been blocked in your region of the world.
  7. serpentine

    Are Zionists infecting the forum?

    One should certainly be watchful sometimes about having ones ip address logged when visiting some sites. The title of the thread certainly sits comfortably with the prosecuters question "Have you stopped beating your wife yet? Answer yes or no!" There is of course a big difference between being wrong and being insincere.
  8. In a way yes because the information release is released for a purpose. The US intelligence agencies also recently put out a tender for individuals/companies/other organisations to predict events/the future. One doesn't have be gifted to surmise that there are people at the top on Earth who accept they are right out of their depth and not just in a military response way but a "gifted person" could look at pictures of real UFO's and divine their intentions/purpose perhaps. The authorities probably already have people doing that directed to UFO's as continuing work of past remote viewing projects. A species likely to develop space travel might well come to the attention of other advanced species ones. Humans take it for granted that they place infrastructure below cliffs likely to erode and repair them with concrete whan they do and quibble over the colour when they paint it. This sort of behaviour might be considered extremely alarming to intelligent spacefaring species. So that they may be here to keep us quarantined in the Solar System could be quite a reasonable deduction and explanation as to their intentions.
  9. One could certainly run with the idea that the aliens are here to maintain a quarantine...... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/06/13/council-accused-corporate-vandalism-sandstone-cliffs-painted/
  10. Not an avid reader of monotheistic texts written by humanoids here but it might be towards the end sandwiched between "the abomination before God" bit and the "final judgement." 🌞
  11. The continuous rewriting of school syallabi is a multibillion pound for profit scam by exam boards, book publishers, educational suppliers et al, is driven by politicians (who are themselves products of the system) and is the bane of teachers who burn themselves out long before retirement age what with all the other responsibilities that have been heaped upon them.
  12. serpentine

    Questions On David Icke Theories

    A short answer to that (and maybe the funniest one) would be to examine what books are on the bookshelf when David makes his next video.
  13. People remember D-Day but often forget the storm that came up the channel in the 3rd week of June that year which wrecked one artificial "Mulberry" harbour and damaged the other that were so critical to success and keeping the allied forces in supply there.
  14. serpentine

    Brexit and the BBC

    Unfortunately this is very true and to cap it all Ofcom is biased too particularly when it comes to the more serious matter of broadcasting of propaganda supporting "terrorists" reporting of foreigh wars.
  15. serpentine

    Questions On David Icke Theories

    Two answers to that would be firstly even if someone definitively knew the answers to those valid concerns would they put them in print to be read by all that may visit the forum. Secondly, bearing in mind very little of what humanity has inflicted on itself and on the world whilst clinging to it's exceptionalist views (see Georgia stone reference above ) could be considered as sensible, spend 30 years analysing that first and mix in the immense amount of lying, secrecy, deception and manipulation that goes on then maybe understand why David writes and says and goes about things the way he does.