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  1. serpentine

    Assange arrested

    If one's whistle blowing is reliant on the msm then anyone putting their head over the parapet will get politicized whether they like it or not.
  2. serpentine

    Is the Sun conscious.

    He is in his mid seventies and can explain a line of reasoning better than most. The first half of the talk is firm ground and he's spoken of it before but the second half is a bit shakey and new hence the glancing to his hastily written notes on the back of an envelope and slight hesitancy there probably as a result of subliminally hearing the wicker sided ox cart outside being revved up to take him away to a place of burning. A better line to finish on might be a discussion of how humanity/governments would cope if the Sun did announce it was conscious. 😎
  3. serpentine

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    I'm not a child shuttling awkwardly between two parents that arn't talking to each other but.... ...... the post was a link to the 5th April vid from this user https://www.youtube.com/user/prepare333/videos Needless to say I don't fall into either of the two groups mentioned.
  4. serpentine

    A new party is born and ready for bussiness

    Plenty of time for UKIP and the Brexit party to do deals on candidates. See how the opinion polls play out over the next few weeks. Expediency is the name of the game and the game is removing Labour and the Tories from the board.
  5. serpentine

    Brexit wont happen March 29th ?

    Update from the English Democrats website. https://www.englishdemocrats.party/blog Would be very funny indeed if the judges pronounced that the UK had indeed left the EU on the 29th March whilst the PM is halfway up a Welsh mountain on her annual hols.
  6. serpentine

    Counter terrorism and border act

    There is a problem with this and that is that people working in security, intelligence and the government are not above the law. This means that when MP's and ministers start spouting off about terrorist groups and foreign governments who may or may not be supporting terrorism and giving them the oxygen of publicity they need to get Parliaments backing for foreign interventions and wars then someone has broken the the law in acquiring that knowledge. By ignoring that the government are instigating one law for the people and one law for themselves. Where will that end?
  7. serpentine

    Off topic trolling

    In the original thread you trolled I was going to comment about the modularity of the design of those craft in this case mainly because the set/prop designers had to make several dozen of them for the series but it's a principle that works full scale too.
  8. serpentine

    USA Weather

    Spring well underway here with blossom on the trees,returning birds nesting and noticeable warmth from the Sun Meanwhile tornado season is well underway down South in the USA https://youtu.be/9sfW8gWmTmw?t=932 With James Spann and crew giving live updates, expert knowledge and sound advice overnight on Saturday/Sunday.
  9. serpentine

    The SpaceX thread

    The theme of wealthy entrepreneurs backed by brilliant scientists, engineers and technologists venturing into space is a well explored one in the scifi genre but beyond the two manned missions from Boeing and SpaceX due this year where success is vital for any further manned missions to the Moon there is the need to engineer complete modular systems that can orbit Earth like the ISS, or orbit the Moon or Mars or take up and maintain positions at a Lagrange point. They don't have to be rocket shaped for this! Reusable rocket stages are vital in keep costs down for any such enterprise and modular systems that can be quickly assembled or reconfigured in space are also highly desirable but that's a long term thing as the unwholesome effects of extended exposure outside Earth's magnetosphere and the effects of bacterial growth have yet to be countered.
  10. serpentine

    Assange arrested

    These events bring to mind that great Ealing comedy of a man so focussed on the thing he is doing that all too late he realises he's surrounded by enemies. https://youtu.be/RC8q1QSkE3M
  11. serpentine

    The Apollo landings - explain this

    I remember it just like I was there.
  12. serpentine

    Mother weeps at airport

    Ermm how else can we post here? Some of us grew up without the internet, still don't use mobile phone, apps or mobile or online banking, still use cash and contactless cards,, don't use any social media (recognizing it for what it was at it's inception) and for some of us 99% of our posting activity in the last 7 years has been solely on the David Icke forums. I don't watch TV but do listen to radio and other stuff on occasion via the internet but only because my other interests allow it. Apart from joining a reclusive religious order high in the mountains what more do you want?
  13. serpentine

    Mother weeps at airport

    The NHS spends a lot of time and resources dealing with negative aspects of drug use and with it not being legal here it's not been legal for drug companies to examine it's medicinal properties at the level in which other medicines are researched. The case was discussed in Parliament today. Radio 4 Today in Parliament podcasts. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qtqd/episodes/downloads - 08/04 episode 14 minutes 20 seconds in.
  14. serpentine

    USA Weather

    Up to 2 more feet of snow in some parts of the Rockies as the front moves East. Very difficult to get the full picture of the damage in Nebraska and surrounding states into a short video but here's a good attempt as the response continues.