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  1. Hello, There are a few UK events on David's tour page. Does anyone know if David himself will be at this event in Leeds? https://www.ickonic.com/product/renegade-film-the-life-story-of-david-icke-special-cinema-screening-leeds/ Thanks
  2. Hello, I just tried to e-mail this address and it bounced back. Can you please check it?
  3. Hello, thanks for replying. I'll do this now. :)
  4. Hello all, Apologies if this is in the wrong area. A few months ago, I bought a ticket for a screening of 'Renegade' in Sunderland in Tuesday, April 9th. The event was advertised on David's website, and the tickets were sold through Ickonic, so I believe they were genuine. Anyway, all of the UK screenings of Renegade have since been removed from David's site. However, I haven't had an e-mail to say that the event has been cancelled, nor a refund. I can't find anything about this online either. Does anyone have any information on what has happened? Thank you.