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  1. I enjoyed it, but Alex Jones needs to stop interrupting and putting words in Icke’s mouth
  2. No problem, friend. Overall it’s probably my favourite so far. I was so excited when I started it; especially after reading quotes from The Matrix in the prologue.
  3. Children of the Matrix contains a good dollop of out-there (as the name suggests) information. Everthing You Need to Know is relevant to what is happening in todays society and has a good mixture of themes without going into great detail about any one subject, with the exception of transgenderism from what I remember.
  4. Red Pilled

    The Answer

    What is The Matrix?
  5. Red Pilled

    The Answer

    17:30 doors open; 18:30 start- Manchester I am for Norway too. Although when I go back to buy another ticket-just to see if the event has sold out- the page only endlessly tries to load; then when I refresh the page, the Beatbase website appears-through which the tickets are sold- with no advertisement for the event.
  6. I’ve only read a few books so far. A very good introduction to his life is in Tales From the Time Loop, I can tell you that much. I’ve heard bits here and there in interviews, but that book puts everything in order and detail.
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    Is Phantom Self (Icke's book) worth bying?

    Yes. I’ve got it but haven’t read it yet. But of course it’s a yes. Hell, i’ll even buy it for you.
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    I went straight to the online store as soon as I returned home to see if there were any more events I could buy tickets for. So yes, great night, friend.
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    Lol, no. I mean opened the venue when it was first opened.
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    Bingo! Although I just discovered who opened the venue and i’m sorely disappointed...no seriously.
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    I’m rubbing my palms together in anticipation.
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    No, friend. I’m curious what part of the related texts gave you that impression. Maybe I missed something...
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    Interesting, rooey. Thanks for sharing.
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    David Ickes experience with Ted Heath

    DI doesn’t say at what point exactly Heath’s eyes went black neither, going by that video interview. Did it happen before, during, or after the scan? If during, then it must have been a split second at the most (as I take it it was anyway) , to be able to notice Heath’s eyes scanning from head to toe, and back to head; Unless he scanned very slowly. Oh the possibilities. I do enjoy these kinds of threads.
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    Google Home Smart speaker

    Sorry, quoting doesn’t want to play ball with me today