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  1. Artmuzz

    UK EU Elections 2019

    It looks like Jimmy Krankie’s SNP topped the votes in Scotland. This is ludicrous. What the hell are the Scots smoking. Don’t they realise that getting ruled by the mafia in Brussels is just as bad as Westminster. I didn’t vote because there are no decent parties up here in Scotland. All the parties up here are either Pro EU or Pro UK so I didn’t bother.
  2. Yeah, I have read that book and it’s very interesting. It was that book that made me realise that what I was suffering was TMS.
  3. This is good news that more young people are quitting that toxic pile of crap Facebook. Personally, I wouldn’t touch Facebook with a barge pole as it’s bad for someone like me who suffers anxiety, depression and panic disorder. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/sep/21/does-quitting-social-media-make-you-happier-yes-say-young-people-doing-it
  4. I reckon I corrected pain I had in my lower back through thought alone. I mentioned this on this forum a few weeks ago. Anyway, I suffer from severe anxiety, depression and panic disorder and a strange thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I was suffering a bad migraine headache when I sat leaning forward on my sofa I got a severe painful cramp in my lower back. Strange thing is my migraine disappeared when I got the back pain. The back pain was the worst pain I had ever experienced and I was walking about my house in a panic in tears because the pain lasted so long. I was shaking like a leaf and the pain radiated to my lower abdomen. I had enough and phoned NHS24 where they told me they would send out paramedics. Anyway, the pain was getting worse and hours past and still no sign of the paramedics appearing. I then sat down in a comfortable position and took deep breaths and tried clearing my thoughts of negativity when sudden the pain in my lower back disappeared. I have heard of a syndrome called a TMS (Tension Myoneural Syndrome) which is the mindbody syndrome where if a person is suffering anger, anxiety or any other emotional form of stress the brain fires receptors in any part of the body to reduce blood flow and cause pain or any other symptom.
  5. Artmuzz

    PIP face to face assessment

    I just received the outcome of my PIP face to face assessment and as expected the DWP have failed to award me PIP. It's no surprise really considering I got the same assessor I got the last time who failed me. I got zero points except for one where I got 2 points but it's not enough to get the award. As before she lied in my report saying I appeared calm, relaxed and confident yet my support worker had to tell me to take deep breaths because I was in a state of panic at the assessment. I am gutted :( I would appeal but I appealed last time but tribunal failed me miserably plus I think there was a bit of corruption and lies going on with the tribunal judge. However, If I can get a well detailed letter from my support worker and therapist about how my anxiety, depression and panic disorder affects my day to day living then as might appeal this again and this time I will get a better welfare rights officer because the last one was rubbish at her job.
  6. Artmuzz

    Psychosomatic Pain

    I just read the opening chapter to the Happiness Trap and something strange happened. Just earlier when I was in town I was thinking to myself that complete perfection and happiness is nonsense and only happens in books and the movies with the endings always being "and they lived happily ever after" then when I got back home and read the opening chapter of the Happiness Trap the author mentions the same things about movies and books and the characters living happily ever after. Spooky! Anyway I will read the rest of the book as it looks good.
  7. Artmuzz

    Psychosomatic Pain

    Thanks for the advise. Yeah ive lost a tooth to psychosomatic pain too. I had severe toothache during another stressful period in my life and went to my dentist and she took x-rays but she couldn't find anything wrong with my tooth. I eventually had to get it pulled and now I realise it was all psychological.
  8. Artmuzz

    Psychosomatic Pain

    So how do you explain my migraine headache disappearing when the severe painful cramp in my lower right back came on and the painful cramp in my lower back quickly disappearing after 2 hours by me deep breathing and trying to relax? If it is a kidney stone the pain would of remained or is kidney stone pain intermittent? I’m just thinking, you could be right and it was a kidney stone and it has now got me thinking when I relaxed and took deep breaths it allowed the stone to go into my bladder hence the pain going away.
  9. Artmuzz

    Psychosomatic Pain

    I suffer from anxiety and depression and panic disorder for a long time and I have been going through a lot of stress and anxiety recently worse than I have ever had it and one morning last week I woke up with a bad migraine headache in my left forehead and pain my eye.Anyway, by the afternoon while suffering a migraine headache I was leaning forward on the sofa looking at my iPad when suddenly I got severe painful cramp in the right side of my lower back which drove me crazy as the pain was unbearable. The pain radiated to my lower abdomen around my bowels. The strange thing is when I got the sudden back pain my migraine headache disappeared.The cramping pain in my back was unbearable and it was the worst pain I have ever experienced as it was making me tense, shivery and feeling sick. My mouth was also dry and I was gagging in the bathroom. I had enough that I phoned NHS 24 and they booked paramedics to visit me. However, after 2 hours of the excruciating pain it suddenly disappeared when a I sat down and tried hard to relax and meditate. I am convinced that this was nothing more than psychosomatic pain due to the anxiety and stress I’m suffering. There is a mind body syndrome called Tension Myoneural Syndrome as researched by Dr Sarno and what it involves is that through suppressed anger, emotional stress and anxiety the brain switches on the pain receptors to parts of the body by reducing blood flow to distract from the anxiety feeling.
  10. I am looking at buying body analyser scales to check my weight and BMI and bone density but I’m not sure if they are safe to use because they apparently use a tiny electrical impulse through the body to calculate BMI, body weight, body fat, body water and muscle mass and some of them also calculate bone density and I am paranoid that the tiny electrical impulse could cause health problems. Please advise.
  11. Artmuzz

    Employment And Jobs You've Had

    I’m currently unemployed and claiming ESA benefits because I suffer from severe anxiety, depression and panic disorder. Anyway, my life in employment has ranged from being like I am in the bowels of hell to being on a Benny Hill and Laurel and Hardy sketch. I remember one job I had working in a garage and I was a complete nervous wreck. One time I was under a car with my boss while he was welding underneath and I was equipped with a fire extinguisher in case of any fires. He suddenly burnt himself and yelled in pain which panicked me and through panic I ended up spraying the fire extinguisher over him to his bemusement. He got up covered in foam and threatened to sack me. Another incident involved working in a hotel restaurant where I was serving businessmen and women silver service. Every waiter was doing the silver service properly except me who was trying to balance potatoes on a spoon when serving on their plates. The end result was potatoes and veg getting dropped on the table to the bemusement (or amusement) of the guests. I was a complete nervous wreck and the manageress seen this and told me to go home. There have been many other incidents like something out of Benny Hill and Laurel and Hardy. The worst jobs I have had have been working in factories which have had horrendous working conditions. I was a temp worker for one factory packing magazines and I was a hard worker working all the overtime they asked but I got nothing in return as I was the first one paid off while some of the other workers were kept on even though they were lazy bastards who used to take time off to go to the toilets smoking pot. In the end my depression and anxiety got worse and I had no option but to claim sickness benefit.
  12. Artmuzz

    PIP face to face assessment

    I’ve already appealed in the past and failed miserably. It was like being at an interrogation and the panel were horrible. The tribunal actually recorded my last appeal and when I asked for a statement of reason they only sent me the written statement of reason and lied that they lost the audio recording to cover their backs. So if this goes to an appeal again then it could go the same way because I am such a nervous wreck at those appeals and I cannot explain myself to them that they just look at old unrelated medical evidence which in return gives them the decision not to award me PIP. It’s all a shambles.
  13. Artmuzz

    PIP face to face assessment

    Do you mean the still the same problem as in assessors still telling lies in reports?
  14. Artmuzz

    PIP face to face assessment

    Last year I miserably failed my appeal at a tribunal for PIP. A few months ago I reapplied for PIP and made a new claim. Just this week I attended the face to face PIP assessment and my support worker attended with me. Unfortunately, I got the same PIP assessor that I got last year who lied on my assessment report and I fear she might lie again. When I was at my assessment my support worker had to constantly tell me to relax and take deep breaths as I was freaking out while I was telling the assessor how my anxiety and panic disorder affects my life. Like the last time, the assessor appeared sympathetic and friendly but I won't let that fool me because I have my suspicions she will lie again and state in the report that I appear calm at the assessment. If she does lie in the report is there any way I can file a complaint to the DWP? I took an portable audio recorder with me and recorded the assessment just in case.
  15. Artmuzz

    Brexit wont happen March 29th ?

    What I don't understand about Brexit is the SNP's fight for the UK to remain in the EU. Doesn't Sturgeon aka wee Jimmy Krankie realise that with the UK leaving the EU then Scotland has a better chance of independence. As a Scot, personally I would prefer Scotland as a proper independent country on its own out of the EU and UK. However, Sturgeon and a lot of the SNP supporters seem to love the EU mafia which contradicts what they are supposed to stand for which is independence.