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  1. jupiter12

    Off Topic And Unrelated Considerations

    and don't mess with man with a big banana ,,
  2. Somehow ,, I get the feeling your views aren't gonna change things ,, even if your intentions are good ,,
  3. Do you have any suggestions? That might make a difference ,,
  4. How can one possibly challenge a system ,, where the Elite Billionaires rule because they are so rich $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ???? Technological control is the future ,, resistance is futile ,, Any suggestions how the masses can stop this control system?
  5. jupiter12

    Off Topic And Unrelated Considerations

    Yeh ,, does it justify you calling another member 'thick' ,,?
  6. jupiter12

    Off Topic And Unrelated Considerations

    I just don't understand why twats like you have the nerve to call another forum member 'thick' ,, Is because you know everything and no one else knows anything?
  7. So ,, you know that because? You have experience with social rejects? Or is it just your opinion ,, Maybe you could start your own forum ,, ''The Beware Cats anti Social Rejects Forum' ,, ,, Could be a good one!
  8. 1. Why are you on Davids forum? 2. How are you gonna change the world? Are you gonna become a politician and change things? Or just join Davids forum and slag off the members for daring to have an opinion ,, 3. What is wrong with whining on a forum? Is it illegal ,, free speech and all that ,, if you don't like it ,don't read it.
  9. Everything you said is nothing new. Those that have read and understand Davids material know the truth. Alien ancient bloodlines actually do control the planet ,, if you can open your mind enough to see things outside of the box. The whole Total Control System being constructed around us ,, it is being built by highly paid Political actors ,, and there is a bigger picture ,,ie those that Pay the salaries of the highly paid politicians. Yep ,, it's all about Money ,, Money controls EVERYTHING ,,,, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  10. If the pay was good enough I'd consider it ,,!
  11. So ,, if alien reptilians don't control the planet ,, who does ,, ? Presidents and Politicians maybe ,, ? The Bushes ,,,, The Trumps ,, Or ,, May who resigned in May ,, (So sad ,, )
  12. Yeah ,, they woke up so much that their only interest is to check their phones every 2 minutes in case they've pulled a quick shag on a dating site ,, No control system there! Most of em are busy being distracted by sex or 'work' ,, to pay their debts ,, (Protocols of Zion ,, Keep em all busy busy busy so they don't see the prison being constructed around them.) And ,, you may try to take the piss out of Davids work and revelations in his books etc,, But not all reptilians live 'inside the moon' ,, Some live in big London houses and are filthy rich at the tax payers expense ,, ie ,, parasites ,,
  13. jupiter12

    Word association thread.

  14. jupiter12

    The 4 word game

    It looks like a