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  1. Members ,, please stop all the angry rants ,, some people are easily offended ,,
  2. No ,, I forgot ,, please remind us all why you love Davids work and books and seminars so much ,, ❤️ And why you couldn't join the forum fast enough when you saw the light ,,!
  3. So ,, what is it about Davids Seminars and Books you love so much? 💓 What made you join his forum?
  4. I believe that everything David has ever said and written about is 100% true. I can see why some people struggle with the conflictions in the mass of sometimes overwhelming information. I don't have any answers! Why would I? I'm on Davids forum as a member too! But ,, I had loads of spiritual and other real life experience that made me question the true nature of reality and ask questions and seek answers ,,
  5. jupiter12

    I want this t shirt

    Excellent ,, hope you wear it a lot ,,
  6. On the physical level ,, the elites DO have a lot of power ,, because they control ,, MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ,, Re what you said about lack of discussion of what David talks about ,, How many sub sections and threads would be enough ,, ? On the Spiritual level ,, we create our reality but in my experience many other forces come into play ,, to make the illusory holographic reality we experience ,, what it is! David exposes the elite billionaire bloodlines controlling the planet ,, as well as the Spiritual and holographic nature of reality ,, as well as loads of other stuff ,, And ,, it's a good platform to express how you feel (as long as you aren't a troll or shill) ,, There must be plenty of websites for those that don't align with Davids stuff to moan and groan to infinity to each other! ,,
  7. Skills and knowledge and physical energy are exactly what the Masonic brigade want! ie ,, trained pre programmed slaves ready to go and earn money and work for the rich £££££ $$$$$$,, to make the rich richer ,, If you happen to be rich ,, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ,, you will be fine ,, BUT ,, so far they can't control human free thinking ,, yet ,, BUT ,, with the planned microchipping agenda ,, they will try ,, (are trying) ,, Just as David has always said ,, they want a total control system ,, a control system of 100% compliant slaves. Slaves dependent on MONEY ,, The enforcing agent of the control system ,,
  8. I think the forum is fine! and is of high quality ,, AND ,, how would you suggest 'normal 'regular poor slaves' form a rebellion against the Satanic ,, Masonic ,, Illuminati ,, Billionaires? Because I thought money controls everything! And re the incoming techno control system ,, I can see it's on the way ,, unlike most of the sleeping sheeple zombies! happy in their servitude and slavery ,,
  9. jupiter12

    I want this t shirt

    So many T Shirts ,, so little time ,, 😎 It's a good way to wear your message and express yourself! ,, 😉
  10. jupiter12

    My life as a Gargolan species on Earth

    Gargon ,, isn't that near Fargon and Fartron ,, ! On Earth we now have many hybrid species ,, But ,, the most prolific are the ones called the Labradoodles,,
  11. jupiter12

    My life as a Gargolan species on Earth

    Maybe you know Lord Gremlin from the Planet Gremloticus ,,
  12. jupiter12

    My life as a Gargolan species on Earth

  13. jupiter12

    My life as a Gargolan species on Earth

    We're all ears ,, Hopefully it's not all bad news ,, too much negative stuff around right now!
  14. jupiter12

    My life as a Gargolan species on Earth

    Don't worry ,, Davids forum is the place to ask for help ,,! And I can see you need some! ,,