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  1. jupiter12

    Humor Thread

  2. jupiter12

    Do you personally know someone with COVID-19?

    Yeah ,, just what I've ben saying ,, coronavirus is a group of the common cold viruses ,, So if covid-19 is a new virus ,, How and Why were so many millions of covid 19 testing kits made available for general release ,, ? IMO ,, there is no covid -19 test ,, only a coronavirus test ,, ie ,, the common cold virus ,,
  3. jupiter12


    oz ,, you live in Thai paradise with coconut and banana trees in abundance ,, all around you ,, Why do you still participate in Davids forum ,,? You ran away from the slave control system coz of all your $$$$$$$$$$$ ,, gold and silver ,, hopefully you will be safe ,,
  4. jupiter12


    Next time I go to the beach ,, I will tell the enslavement officers trying to control me to f*** off ,,
  5. jupiter12

    Coronavirus cure

    No doubt info re cures will be suppressed ,, Anti Viral Meds used to control HIV have proven to be a cure ,, as well as others ,, Have they found a cure for the coronavirus? Australian researchers claim two existing drugs could 'cure' COVID-19 after patients they tested responded 'very well' to treatment https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8115879/COVID-19-Australian-researchers-CURE-coronavirus.html link ^
  6. jupiter12

    coronavirus mega thread

    So ,, thousands of people die from serious pre existing severe medical conditions ,, (nothing new there) ,, Then they get tested for the common cold virus ,, ie ,, coronavirus ,, and the results show positive ,, BUT ,, how many of them tested positive for covid-19? and died from it? Bring in the New Wold Order Police state ,,
  7. jupiter12

    coronavirus mega thread

    The media seems to report deaths from coronavirus ,, but I thought corona virus was in a group of viruses including the common cold! covid19 is the assigned name from this new virus ,, we are told ,, So ,, why don't the media use the correct terminology? Maybe the coronavirus test is only for the common cold ,, ! ,,
  8. jupiter12

    coronavirus mega thread

    I saw a post earlier about all the plastic shields in supermarkets suddenly becoming available ,, Amazin' ,, Magicked from nowhere ,, Um ,, these things usually take years to design and manufacture ,,
  9. jupiter12

    coronavirus mega thread

    Xander you've pulled ,, ❤️
  10. jupiter12

    Humor Thread

    BREAKING NEWS The Government is about to make Corona humor illegal
  11. jupiter12

    coronavirus mega thread

    H G WELLS ,, So ,, Aliens invade Earth ,, and destroy humans ,, Then ,, Viruses ,, the invisible enemy destroy the aliens ,, So it's all down to biological warfare Mr Wells!! maybe ,,
  12. jupiter12

    coronavirus mega thread

    It's all in the eye of the beholder ,,
  13. jupiter12

    coronavirus mega thread

    It's like the human race has been blinded ,, Some of the past authors seem to have had crystal balls ,,
  14. jupiter12

    coronavirus mega thread

    From the things I've seen ,, some people are acting like the police ,, and are so entrenched they love their control system ,, And some people are waking up to the bigger picture ,, It's all so Orwellian ,,
  15. jupiter12

    coronavirus mega thread

    So much media and political global attention focused on one virus! What happened to caring for the cancer epidemic and annual influenza epidemic and rta epidemic ,,? And all those moaning crying acting like 2 year old nurses used as agents to control and manipulate people ,, Like Dawn ,, the nurse that went viral ,, (who is now isolating) ,, AND ,, Looking into the crystal ball ,, What if Corona 19 mutates into covid 20 ,, then 21 ,,!👀 and 22 and 23 ,, Would the Government New World Order Militarised Police state go on forever? AND ,, What if covid 19 mutates into The Andromeda Strain ,, We must prepare for a Brave New World ,, (Order) ,,