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  1. jupiter12

    Will Labour win the Election?

    I don't know! We need a referendum or a poll to let the people decide!
  2. jupiter12

    Will Labour win the Election?

    Here Jeremy gets a good telling off! (Same old manta warning) It's about time this country had a change! Enough austerity and low wages and immigration and zero hour contracts and benefits cuts and homelessness and blahhhhhh! This country needs change! Hence ,, Labour will win! Ta Dah ,,
  3. jupiter12

    Poll: Who's going to win the general section?

    Mr Bean
  4. jupiter12

    Will Labour win the Election?

    Vote Labour ,, So ,, if you vote ,, it's all about damage control ,, Which 'Party' is gonna do less damage to the Planet. And ,, to add ,, I don't think it matters who you vote for ,, because the whole system is rigged ,, Yep ,, in 2019 technology can produce whatever outcome those with all the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ desire. A fake illusory system of Democratic control ,, to keep the masses happy in their compliant slavery.
  5. jupiter12


    Thanks for the advice oz ,, But ,, why would I waste energy telling some Brainwashed overpaid politician my views? When they don't give a f******* ,, Politicians are used to 'what they perceive as' naïve members of the public having a rant ,, they just do what they are paid to do ,, like the rest of the slave race ,, And ,, why are you so critical re David? Could YOU do a better job?
  6. jupiter12


    Yep ,, I agree ,, it's only ever about the money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ,, I've had the brain dead CASH HUNGRY Zombie politicians knocking my door trying to brainwash me into ticking their box! 👀 So ,, what actually are the choices? ,, Blue or Red! ie the Pendulum Game ,, Vote ,, Blue ,, and the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer ,, more food banks etc,,, Vote ,, Red ,, and the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer ,, more food banks etc ,, Why can't the Sheepies see it?
  7. jupiter12

    Music You Like

  8. jupiter12

    The Game

    Start what? Who is attacking you?
  9. jupiter12

    The Game

    Thank you for making the effort.
  10. jupiter12

    The Game

    Thanks for trying ,,
  11. jupiter12

    The Game

    I'd bring it all back in the UK ,, Head Choppers ,, etc,,
  12. jupiter12

    The Game

    Oh ,, I forgot ,, I do one thing ,, I pray to god to win the lotto ,, AND ,, I've got my eye on a nice little yacht ,,
  13. jupiter12

    The Game

    Yes ,, Just like being a loyal & devoted Christian makes you feel better ,,
  14. jupiter12

    The Game

    OK .. I gonna start a blog ,, I'm gonna change the world ,, And any motherfucker that argues will be exterminated ,,
  15. jupiter12

    The Game

    Because I don't have to ,, Or do you think you're the boss and we have to do what you say coz you're a good Religious Christian ,, ?