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  1. jupiter12

    Is this normal? Employers asking intrusive questions.

    The only thing one can do at interviews if one wants the job ,, is ,,,,,,,,,, comply! ie ,, lie and just say what they wanna hear ,, like any intelligent person would do!! ,, Tell em' you're at the end of your phone 24/7 ,, always available for overtime ,, will do anything for the boss blahh blahh! Worked for me ,, then when you get the job ,, just be yourself! and make the best of it!
  2. And ,, the BIG questions no one in the public arena ever seems to ask! WHY are so many people getting cancer ,, ie 1 in 2. ,, (Well , they probably do but the Media would NEVER cover it) And ,, why are hospitals always so busy? Why are so many people ill? Health and Safety! ,, πŸ‘€ ,, Why are A&E Departments always so busy ,, overcrowded ,, why are so many people doing stupid things? Why are there so many car crashes? and bike accidents? Why are foodbanks having to supplement the diet of the poor and homeless? ANSWER = The rich control the planet ,, and exploit the poor and sick to make more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ,, for themselves. How do they do it? Non consensual medication/additives to the food and water chain ,, monosodium glutamate ,, fluoride ,, saccharin ,, genetically modified food ,, keep the masses distracted by work and debt and keep em' dumbed down ,,,,,,!
  3. I don't believe any statistics anymore ,,! When they do the next Brexit vote it will be engineered fake c**p ,, πŸ‘€ Polls mean nothing! But ,, I did find one pie chart that was 100% true!
  4. Great video exposing the truth about Big Pharma! and it's goal to get richer for it's investors! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ David suggested that cancer is caused by a fungus/fungal infection ,, and I'd go along with this. ''Cryptococcus neoformans is a fungus that lives in the environment throughout the world. People can become infected with C. neoformans after breathing in the microscopic fungus, although most people who are exposed to the fungus never get sick from it'' Fungal cryptococcus neoformans can cause meningitis ,, a potentially fatal disease. It's not just bacteria, viruses and prions killing the masses. I remember reading research from the past that found those with weakened immune systems were dying from fungal infections ,, eg,, Candidia which dissolves animal flesh as part of the breakdown system of nature. And,, some people that died from HIV had massive fungal infections! Did the doctors ever give them anti fungal treatments ,, or focus on bacterial/viral. Anti fungal agents exist in nature ,, plants vs fungal destruction ,, eg ,, coconut water/coconut milk, garlic, and also pharmacy manufactured products ,, fluconazole etc,, It does make you feel a bit defeated when the masses trust doctors and allow them give and test horrendous treatments which just prop up the pharmacy industry. If/When a cure for cancer did emerge! ie ,, a cure for all cancers ,, It's game over for all the Investor Billionaires getting their $$$$$$ money from sickness re cancer. But I did recently watch the new series on Netflix about Donald Trump,, and one thing that I remember he said was ,, 'If I don't get what I want I just wait for the bad times'' ,, And all the new advances are just game playing experiments going nowhere imo ,, eg Chimeric antigen receptor T cells (also known as CAR T cells) are T cells that have been genetically engineered to produce an artificial T-cell receptor for use in immunotherapy.[1]
  5. jupiter12

    Flu scare mongering has begun in the media today

    Captain! it's the same agenda year after year ,, Force the masses the get the flu vaccine ,, which contains substances only know at the top levels of manufacture ,, and convince ALL Doctors and healthcare workers that it is totally safe! Ha! And if a mere mortal dares to question a Doctor about the safety of the vaccine!! Doctors will tell you they know everything and you should trust them coz you know nothing ,, And ,, in the bigger picture ,, The NWO/Illuminati gain more control over the human race and get even richer ,, $$$$ ,,
  6. jupiter12

    Urgent New information on this Forum

    oz ,, don't panic ,, its your canine DNA taking over ,, Dog's get it all the time ,, One up ,, Two up ,, One up ,, This poor dogs flappers went up and down so much his owners had to tape them ,,
  7. jupiter12

    Is this normal? Employers asking intrusive questions.

    Employers do ask some strange questions! One that I remember was ''Would you have a problem being told what to do by older women'',, πŸ‘€ I said ,,''Nahh! No prob'' Then ,, after two days of being told to make the tea all the time I was off! zooooom fast! ,,,,,,
  8. jupiter12

    Humor Thread

  9. jupiter12

    Flu scare mongering has begun in the media today

    Flu jab time ,, yep ,, even in summertime ,,
  10. jupiter12

    Flu scare mongering has begun in the media today

    I can't believe in the year 2019 ,, that they don't just add all the toxic junk to the food chain ,, Maybe DNA altering crap actually requires injection ,, or does it?
  11. jupiter12

    meet up

    I heard about one of those meetups ,, where the old forum mod's offered to drive members to the train station ,, then their car fell apart, sure sounds funny ,, Myself ,, I'd be very sceptical about a meet up ,, some scary doods out there! On the old forum there was one called M***** ,, Who would make Darth Vader look nice ,, s I just enjoy the books and videos and venues David does. And of course the forum! And,, what do people talk about at meetups and skype chats etc ,,,,,, Moan moan moan moan moan moan ,,,,,,,,,, to infinity and beyond ,,,,,,,,, and nothing changes! I like moaning on forums! 😎
  12. jupiter12

    Has anyone seen the sun this month?

    Tomasz ,, ''And for the start of the working week'', it's gonna be warm to cool with a chance of drizzle''
  13. jupiter12

    Mental Health and the New Age Movement

    The elite require a load of compliant drones to make the Rich Richer. Therefore everyone that has a pulse has to slave every available hour just to survive and stand still. ie Pay all the debts and feed the family ,, and run the car and,,,,,,,,, Those that cannot work will be scrutinised by the Government funded agencies that decide who will be funded to live ''or not' ,, (ie made homeless) ,, The elites fund Infinite distractions via the media and Social Media keep the zombies asleep ,, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ,, Why is Mental Health a big issue now Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm! πŸ‘€ ,, Oh yeh! So Big Pharma can pay Doctors to medicate the depressed masses with anti psychotic meds ,, To ,, Make Big Pharma even richer! win win for the rich!
  14. jupiter12

    Bacon as a weapon as mass destruction

    I recently watched a Horizon (documentary BBC) ,, all about Mad Cow Disease. A (then) new and serious cross species disease from the 90's. So ,, basically ,, the farmers with the consent of the Government and other 'health' authorities ,, were allowed to feed HERBIVORES (Cows) with the crushed and pulped remains of other animals including cows. This was made from brains, spinal chords,and all the rest of unusable bovine and other 'waste' industry products. Cows eating cows! Then they wondered why Mad Cow Disease spread and entered the Feline and other animal including Human Food chain. Just to add here, at the end of the documentary, it was discovered that a group of African Natives which were Cannibals, suffered the same fate. A neurological fatal disease. So ,, to cut it short ,, loads of people died from CJD (human version) ,, and it has been discovered that CJD, being a Prion organism ,, can incubate undetected for 50 years. So when the next generation that ate bovine burgers etc ,,,,, in the 90's start dying ,, will the Government do another big cover up? And ,, there is no cure ,,,,! And ,, bacon ,, like other processed foods is carcinogenic because of the sodium nitrates used as preservatives ,, as now accepted by the WHO ,, quote ,, ''Manufacturers add nitrates and nitrites to foods such as cured sandwich meats, bacon, salami or sausages to give them color and to prolong their shelf life. When added to processed foods in this way, both nitrates and nitrites can form nitrosamines in the body, which can increase your risk of developing cancer.''
  15. jupiter12

    British Culture

    Britishness is all about Mary Poppins and Big Ben ,, Ding Dong ,,,, Mainly Mary Poppins tho' ,, And not forgetting the best British thing ever ,, Fish & Chips ,,,,,,,,