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  1. jupiter12

    Humor Thread

  2. jupiter12

    Is This Website An Electronic Holding Pen And/Or A Honey Pot?

    As a disciple of Davids ,, 👀 ,, It's sometimes difficult to see how one can change the world ,, Yep ,, that holographic world dominated by elite bloodlines which control everything we holographically live in ,, because they control all the money ,, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ,, How can one wake up zombies addicted to their phones or games or that are entrenched in debt or endless hours of slave labour to make the rich richer ,, What do you think us David 'disciples' should do Chantelle? ,, I am totally bored by playing the angry Political game of pendulum swinging ,, left ,, right ,, fight fight fight ,,, Why would I wanna knock the door to complain to a highly paid Political Robot? ,, $$$$$$$ and ,, in order to eat holographic food and pay holographic bills one must earn holographic money $$$$$$$$ ,, this is not exclusive to David ,, many billions of slaves around the globe do it all the time. I have always been drawn to Davids Spiritual and Metaphysical and Scientific work. ie ,, yes the world is holographic ,, Billion and billions of nerve cells (in the eyes, skin etc,,) experience photons and molecular energy around them ,, aural visual tactile olfactory etc ,, and send electical signals to the brain (computer) which miraculously translates/decodes all this information into outer and inner 'reality' ,, but it's really a decoded load of information ,, even though it looks ,, feels and is 'real' ,, But it goes deeper (there's always a bigger picture) ,, archons reptilians etc ,, and this is where a lot of people just can't open their minds up enough.
  3. jupiter12


    One day ,, in the future ,, When the first time machine is built ,, and one can travel to anywhere at any time ,, ^^^^^^^^^^^ (note the firm grip there) Everyone will see that it's all bollocks!! Question ,, ? Does God have a time machine ,, ?
  4. jupiter12

    The First Heterosexual Pride Parade

    Ha! Yeah ,, but some of 'em love to look the same ,, (Or do they?) Nothing worse than when someone else is wearing the same hat and dress! ,,
  5. jupiter12

    The First Heterosexual Pride Parade

    Apparently ,, (so I've read) ,, some of those poorly paid soldiers had to take on extra part time work in the evenings ,, ,, Life's such a drag! ,,
  6. jupiter12

    This new forum makes me sad

    So why aren't they on Davids forum now? Or maybe they are ,, different usernames and avatars ,,
  7. jupiter12

    This new forum makes me sad

    Don't worry ,, they do tablets for everything now ,, No need to feel sad ,, (except when the dishes need washing ,,) ,,
  8. jupiter12

    Should We Tax Miserable People?

    It's a complete mystery! No one knows ,, 👀 Apparently,, only the brave would ever look up a kilt ,, And ,, there is evidence that it's all a myth ,, And ,, more of a mystery ,, what's the bag at the front about? 👀
  9. jupiter12

    Your faviorite film clips.

    clip from Ab Fab 2030 ,, 'The Movie' ,, (in German) ,, 👀 ,, (jokin' ,, a clip from the old series)
  10. jupiter12

    Humor Thread

  11. jupiter12

    Chat Room

    Future control of the Planet will use technology ,, owned by the billionaires ,, that control everything ,, The rich will get richer ,, and the human DNA will be engineered to make the perfect slave race ,,
  12. jupiter12

    Your faviorite film clips.

  13. jupiter12

    Chat Room

    An interesting thing ,, language ,, I've been bingeing (a bit) on a Netflix Russian Series called ,, 'Better Than Us' ,, Sci Fi about Robotics ,, It made me think about a few things ,, and it's (virtually) the First thing I've ever watched that needed translation ,, I always felt things get lost in translation ,, and it made me think about language ,, the Russian language almost sounds alien! ,, from an English language perspective ,, So ,, 'Better than US'' ,, hopefully not a reference to the Cold War stuff ,, (United States) ,, and ,, some things I noticed ,, 1, Every human is white. 2, Every Robot is white 3. No Muslims or Sikhs or anything ,, No ethnic clothing whatsoever ,, It begins with the productions of female of Sexbots ,, to satisfy the needs of humans. (Well the Super rich ones) ,, Then to 'emotional' 'bots' which will enable humans to retire at 50 years of age!! ,, (Let the Rich Get Richer) ,,,,! And some robots are child robots ,, But ,, it is an interesting vision of the future ,, and it's interesting to see what Russia looks like ,, And ,, some interesting references ,, ie ,, George Orwell '1984' ,, and a Jamie Oliver '2004' cookbook ,, 👀
  14. jupiter12

    Can we talk about straws?

    Um ,, could that be because it actually is a big problem ,,? Yes ,, It Is! ,, What do you suggest consumers do with all their straws ,, and other plastic trash producers dump on the public? But ,, a thread on 'straws' ,, has made me realise there is a much bigger picture! It's not just about straws ,,
  15. jupiter12

    Can we talk about straws?

    You must be quite old then! Because ,, believe it or not! 👀 ,, some people do litter! ie ,, in the 21st Century! ,,