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  1. raburgeson

    The GIovernment

    It's big. Work on it a bit. Download the one without high lights. Crop it to have less to contend with. Zoom in and out. Do some high lighting yourselves. Get one figure and it helps reveal another. Look at the already high lighted pictures and find where figures make larger figures. The arms and legs will change a bit because, new size. There is a small line between figures, it has been reduced to a transparency. It is still there. Have some fun, it's like a puzzle.
  2. raburgeson

    The GIovernment

    Look I tried to help you separate the confusion By leaving a figure black. I cropped that spot and did a couple figures in that spot. I will attach. There are 4 layers of each size of figure, as I said working from a corner you can separate a layer from the rest. There are more images in this crop than I will show you now. To divide the people they want you to find a figure and make up your mind ( if you see it again) an fight with anyone that sees something else. To the crops of the black figures.
  3. You give up when you do action and nothing happens. I made a post and gave visual information. I encouraged people to save that proof and vet it. How many people do you think downloaded it and checked the work supplied? It is one thing to give people something and another to get them to turn that into knowledge. All I did was make many hate me, they say the truth will stand on its own. We will see.
  4. raburgeson

    BASIC INCOME GUARANTEE - What's the snag?

    Hide inflation and kick the can.
  5. raburgeson

    The GIovernment

    I tried to post but got an error, something about -200. I take it the picture is to large. This will be the first I have had to modify. I thought the 911 picture was going to have to be changed. It and the rest the original has not been touched to this point. You have all changed a picture size and Photoshop is very good at keeping all perspectives of the original. Well 3rd generation. find larger figures made of 2 or more small figures. Original size was 990x1344. Think the file can still be found on NASA's site.
  6. raburgeson

    The GIovernment

    This video is full of the same art. Watch it and look for it. This is why you need to know, the programing involved is what you need to protect yourself from. You can watch something you are interested in and sub conscience can take in an entirely different story. Instead of going backwards next the 3rd generation of this art form. We have to finish this because there are so many other branches of the Goivernment to disgust.
  7. raburgeson

    The GIovernment

    Zoom in to actually see what is going on. Going back to first generation crap is kind of a waste. They are doing 3rd generation now. Clementine: https://browse.startpage.com/do/show_picture.pl?l=english&rais=1&oiu=https%3A%2F%2Fupload.wikimedia.org %2Fwikiversity%2Fen%2Fthumb%2Fa%2Faf%2FNsmoonpole.s.jpeg%2F250px- Nsmoonpole.s.jpeg&sp=9c40ba52a321254deaa4221a24adc273&t=default It is the only way I know how to straighten the link out.
  8. raburgeson

    The GIovernment

    OK, computers and dos and then win dos. Windows does have dos, after XP it was hidden but, there is still need of a disk operating system. during the time of Apollo Missions people had 8 and 16 bit computers. A square like numbered figure for character generation. Meanwhile the government had 32 and 64 bit computers. Woopie, they had them as mainframes. Good places to get pictures to check are everywhere. I got tired of trying to pick one from disk so, I did search on startpage selecting image. Clementine and Apollo 3, the links follow. Sucks first link all split up. Black and white is Clementine gray scale. https://browse.startpage.com/do/show_picture.pl?l=english&rais=1&oiu=https%3A%2F%2Fupload.wikimedia.org %2Fwikiversity%2Fen%2Fthumb%2Fa%2Faf%2FNsmoonpole.s.jpeg%2F250px-Nsmoonpole.s.jpeg&sp=9c40ba52a321254deaa4221a24adc273&t=default https://browse.startpage.com/do/show_picture.pl?l=english&rais=1&oiu=https%3A%2F %2Fwww.pittsburghmagazine.com%2Fmanonthemoon.jpg&sp=5cb7fd6248dbe506f5ed9c21ae83a108&rl=NONE&t=default
  9. raburgeson

    The GIovernment

    OK first my warning about social engineering stuff. This was a article deleted quickly after I made this post. The dark blue high light was there, they do the same thing I do to warn you. It was supposed to be a article against plastic pollution at a beach and the (rope) is supposed to be from a net. The second set is supposed to be some moon lander.
  10. raburgeson

    The GIovernment

    In 1972 Apollo missions were over. Computers were DOS at the time, Windows 1.0 was years away. When pictures were larger than the screen, they were larger vertically. I have a couple examples if you want. The art work on them was simple first generation. Very few had more than one layer. Far apart and rare sublime images did exist. You may notice the size of the Giant Plant picture optimized for Windows 95 release. We have some pictures here on the site that are replacements of the originals. These are re-released to try to hide what they have done. I will not leave that avenue open to them. If you are going to play, you're going to pay and believe me they played. In 1972 the U2 had a camera on board that took more than a 4 gigabyte picture. Why did they claim to be using a Hasselblad camera that used film that was degraded by temperatures and radiation. Imagine the U2 camera being hooked to a telescope like the 50 inch at Pittsburgh. Better resolutions could have been gotten from right here on the ground. Yes I think the military actually did spread junk out on the moon for later proofs NASA went. How come extremely large telescopes exist all around the world and only 1 or 2 people have claimed to have pictures of the landing sites? How about I take down one of the pictures from other posts that could be credibly released at the time NASA would have released them and do the picture with highlights for your viewing pleasure. I try reply to the post and did not have permissions so, I am very capable of doing it here. You people want it so you do not have to argue with people that have the facts. Well I have the facts and I'll be back with the results.
  11. raburgeson

    The GIovernment

    Mockingbird Media next, (alphabet news), They work in conjunction with search engines. Coverups and propaganda are their primary functions. As instance I type in 911 image search and get pages of Porches. So I type 911 again and get all these horrible suggestions like attack and so on. So I type in 911 NY and get some results. Telling you the exact search so you can go pick this stuff up. I have to downsize one so please do check my work. First is it there and second I am hoping you find figures from another layer on your own. You only need find one and you are on your way.
  12. raburgeson

    The GIovernment

    Never noticed I miss spelled Goivernment in the title, or if you would prefer Goy-vernment. My apologies!
  13. raburgeson

    The GIovernment

    Don't get mad, educate yourself, do save the original image and work on it. There is a lot of gross stuff on these. Right side up the main image is lions sneaking through the bush at you. Scientists would bring back some predator or useless failed species. What we really need is bees to pollinate crops. That is if you find food for consumption a need. If brains were gunpowder they would not have enough to blow their nose. I have a lot more but, giant plants will keep you busy for years. Learn this so when they give you fear porn or lies you know it at a glance. There is a lot of it out there and they are posting every day.
  14. raburgeson

    The GIovernment

    In case you don't get it the failed rocket launch exhaust is the ghost of Einstein walking with a halo over his head that contains a nice little orgy that goes all the way to the rocket. The giant planets picture, the original is there that has no high lighted art for you to work on. Save file as and work on it yourselves. There are so many layers on this you won't find it all. Everything they tell you is the opposite, no child left behind is really every child left behind. Michelle Obama was busy teaching the children communism with their lunches. The propaganda mill was teaching them to be queer. NASA - from it's inception it was brought forth with the lie, belongs to the civilian arm of the government. Well, it is painfully obvious that there is no civilian arm of the government so later they changed that to a civilian project. This is another lie. There is no transparency, the military continually rates the data within the alphabet agency. I do not hear an outcry against Gary Mckinnon by the civilian population. Instead he would be welcomed as a international visitor. But, let's go beyond censorship here. I said in another post that you have to be there and collect the data. That always applies and let's take a quick look at someone that was there and his observations. Talking about Richard C. Hoagland and Dark Matter. Not an exact quote but what he said was paperclip scientists were moved into NASA. When the Russians launched Sputnik the US government realized that the space programs were being sabotaged by these scientists and they were moved out to NASA. The military space program continued. This was also desirable because NAZI scientists were working well in other projects, projects for MK-Ultra and Intelligence agencies. The corruption in these areas have no equal anywhere else on Earth. https://youtu.be/uz9gSJT_pus Now here we split on why this was done. I say it was a win, win situation. Just because they did not perform here, they might if they went somewhere else. They now sabotage the civilian efforts to go into space, fits their agenda. So now the space program can be summed as this. It takes an incredible amount of cash to build large dangerous machines and there is no other way. This time I am on a mission because I was pissed off by someone here. I showed some of the stuff in the pictures on the old site, they are still in my folder there but, I'm now willing to post the pictures that show there sublime content contains every type of smut found on the net. Just come in and argue with me one time and see what I have. Any government that has a program like MK-Ultra is rotten to the core. I have downloaded pictures from NASA in the past, thousands. Don't ever say it's not fake and I notice they now try to cover their butts with a copyright. That will not work for 2 reasons, educational and reporting a crime. They came out with there are 40 planets/planetoids in our solar system. People are still fighting about there may be a planet 10/X/Nubaru. Google Earth images, They do not have a satellite. More lies from NASA/In-Q-Tel. The Blue Marble, video on youtube showing how they used the stamping tool to many times on the clouds, that is just the tip of the iceberg. The video: giant tick on the moon and other google moon glitches.flv. Sure they passed the blame to google that is using NASA images. This video is not on the net anymore but, I have it and it is small enough to put on this site. It is only 2.78 megabytes. The point is I was there watching and downloading and studying. When I figured out what NASA was doing I got disgusted, I quit and now I sound the alarm because my BS meter went off. Full disclosure now, and I will not back down. There would be no need to hack and there would be no sensitive data gotten from a transparent civilian computer. All the files would be open for viewing and there would be no security ratings. Everyone in the civilian world says, cool what did you find McKinnon. NASA is just a cannon fodder front for the DOD that has been lying by omission. I will get around to the DOD, DARPA, North American Space Command, Department of Energy and all the other alphabet agencies. Thousands of videos on the net have addressed these problems and no one is listening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3-K0n0WGuQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn8BF2WBH6E Time to lay some attachments on you!