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  1. True for every ideology, but think Zionism... This reality is born out of insecurities of your beliefs, or simply because what those are doing behind those beliefs and ideals have to be done and so can't be questioned... You can't have a wrong word or criticism about Israel nor Zionism. It's immediately aquated as criticism of the whole of collective Judaism. Is their a single person of religious standing whom speaks on your behalf? Anyone that does, you may as well be living within a fascist state such as Nazi Germany, ironically, especially if that word can't be contested... You otherwise create an idol, an embodiment out of your beliefs. A symbolic representation often confused for those beliefs and ideals in and of themselves. Where the picture becomes more important than the reality, money becomes wealth and freedom slavery... But I'd ask you, does every word this - any - government speak of, represent you as an individual or group by every word and every action they commit? In fact, I'm sure for many it is quite the opposite. As almost every word and every action committed by government doesn't seek to represent the people, but instead their lobbyists, their advisors, their spin doctors, their script writers... As though they were reading the gospel truth, the word of God which can't be contested, ironically. I'm sure they'd like that, as that's the part they're playing... In many cases, it's the opposite of their actions and the things they're trying to justify that's within the greater interests of the public and what they'd really desire. Politics therefore becomes the complete inversion of the will of the public, so the will of the government is dictated to the public and as the will of the people... Those whom don't want to fight and kill one another have a mental illness? No. It's those behing these wars and imposition on those they're tring to get one another to fight, whom have that mental illness. So, they have to engineer your consent so you feel you desire this yourself. Do you imagine this has changed? They lobby for war, not peace. Money needs to become not the goal of life but instead their service and their observation. The lobby needs to not dictate nor control politics if politics isn't to continue representing; money, the bankers, the secret team, the shadow government, the Globalists infrastructure from within the hidden hand of secret societies and intelligence apparatus... War is a racket. Their is a war upon society. If nobody can see it, no one will ask questions, many won't even believe such exists beyond the bounds of your "they" within a schizophrenic delusion, which couldn't possibly exist beyond the bounds of your own mind... In the Mouth of Madness (1994) Greatest Scene | 1080p HD - your "they" within a schizophrenic delusion https://youtu.be/qWnNX5PB4Lw Joker Movie - provocative of the hunger games society I'm sure they'd like that, as that's the part they're playing... It's ironically not far from the truth, although it's a collective delusion which has given rise to this controlling infrastructure, not an individual on their own, but out of the collective synthesised insecurities of society, played like a violin via the imposition of this hidden hand, so people will seek their comfort over freedom, for the appearance of more security. Think False Flag - Propaganda... As though it is "anti-semitic" to have such "wrong words" and criticism. This sort of sentiment is spreading on an International scale, no matter if it sets an apparent overwhelming precedent, of the influence of a minority over various apparent independent governments, to the demise of the majority, because it's about protecting a Globalist political agenda/ideology whom owns and manipulates those apparent independent governments through a web of institutional corruption they don't want questioning, as such you may see their lies and deception and not fall for their propaganda, political correctness run amuck to protect politics not the people, stifle freedom of speech and expression. Their agendas of divide and rule it's to the demise and expense of the people and rise of an unquestionable political rule, whom hide behind the proposed idels of so called minorities... It's about censorship and the removal of freedom of speech, while trying to undermine the credibility of anyone whom does in fact speak out against Zionism, this agenda and showing it for what it is. A Globalist ideology, that's at the center of a web of lies which is deceiving upon religious values of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Which operates via nations politics whom are considered "the allies" through their Globalisation racket, alphabet agencies indicative of the Military Industrial Complex, whom are hell bent on creating WWIII to trigger events to set within motion the rise of this New World Order, mimicking Biblical Prophecies. So a people will accept their agenda, clinging to their mimicked, inspired various beliefs as form of safety blanket, hoping that what comes after it will be their vindication for letting it happen, clinging to ideologies which are being played to engineer their consent and thus that reaction is desired by them playing this game to the later demise of all those religious beliefs involved, in an attempt to destroy religion, to pedestalise science and technology A.I., perhaps one of the religious which will be a phoney counterpart will be resorected and pedestalised, by this synthesisation of prophecy delivered by deception and allowing this agenda to take place or even aid and abet within them carrying this out, so long as it gives the appearance of the fulfillment of ones beliefs... "Christians.In.Action." You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. Yet, exposing them, talking about them in a "negative manner" makes you antisemitic? You just need to lack empathy and be a terrorist supporting sympathiser... Ironic ain't it. As that's the part they're playing... The reality is inverted... Where you may see Irony often there's Duality being overlooked... People are at war with themselves. They have been pitted against one another by this agenda. This movie symbolic of that and trying to present this reality. Phantom Self, Mask, Face Off and Symbolically fighting themselves. You are at war with yourself, your enemy is you. Only, like you've forgot, been bamboozled and suffering from amnesia during this process of transformation, trial of tribulation...
  2. At some point, the Globalists want to seize their chance within a false flag to topple The Dome of the Rock, Al-Aqsa Mosque. When this happens, a many of people will be aware of the obvious longstanding desire for the Globalists, Israel/Zionist agenda to do this and that will of course mean it's harder to accept or for them too push the idea, as some sort of accident or as a said terrorist attack by some other Islamic Group I'm sure the Zionists would love many of us to believe... As I've pointed out within previous posts, Freemasons constructed - at least started the process before making it offically much like they did with Israel in general - a Lodge within Palestine for Israel, before Israel was officially recognised, simply because obviously the Globalists where behind the formation of Israel and that means they use groups such as Freemasonry for their agendas such as this. Construction of King Solomon's Temple is a central element of Freemasonry by the Globalists whom manipulate the use of Freemasonry for Globalist ideals. Having many work towards this goal and in support of various wars to do so. Which is why Freemasonry can fund and support many wars but never seek to fund campaigns to stop those wars. Simply because those at the core of the institution has much to gain by supporting them and others are hypnotised by those ventures gained if they do support them and are successful. So its encouraged and like everyones, greed can be exploited for agendas beyond that, which are oblivious to even those whom seek to support these ventures for their self interests. Like bankrupting a nation and then moving in and buying up property, infrastructure dirt cheap and knowing full well it won't happen again and it's ok to move in because you simulated the crash so you could move in and seize that infrastructure. This was attempted following WWI in Germany. Many Jews quickly moved in on that nation - as they could live soundly here without persecution like they were receiving throughout the rest of Europe - which is swiftly airbrushed out of history and the fact they where overwhelmingly represented due to those Globalists so called Jews appearing in power. It was this which caused the outrage. Which is happening again with the Islamists in many nations to synthese WWIII. Many are buying it. Again. Simply because they don't recollect history so well because of this airbrushing of history! This happened because the Jews where being led to Germany by the hands of the Globalists so they could be abused in this way, as they had no desire to flee to Palestine so many had a reason cultivated for them.. Bet you can't guess what changed their minds? For political sensitive issues, potentially damaging or a matter of "National Security" by those nations involved, they secretly manipulate what they want and then eventually openly admit it once the infrastructure has already been implemented. Much like Globalisation in general. They get a foothold and big business in to bankrupt by aiding other third world nations. Just like the Balfour Declaration. While this was happening and being orchestrated behind the scenes, society didn't know this was in play or that by US successfully supporting and fighting in WWI, the British would give the Rothschilds Palestine for the successful influence via propaganda of the US public to recognise that fight as their fight, not a European one. The same was done by WWII and history systemically created to justify the theft of Palestine and the right of Jews to do so at the expense of another society being exterminated... The masses didn't want a war. The minority persuaded them for their own gain. This secrecy was taking place behind the scenes during both WWI and WWII. Israel was a central key and desire of the Globalists as a genuine solution to the Jewish menace. While they sell this situation as being for the benefit of the Jews, so long as they're paled faced European Jews so we can remove as many as possible to Israel and use them as a Third World War front, as the landing strip of Airstrip One for a perpetual state of war the world needs to take care and notice about... Those behind this and involved with Freemasonry at its innermost core, desires the reconstruction of King Solomon's Temple, which is often a construct of a temple of the mind, into the physical reality. You'll find this information and history within my previous link here... Jerusalem King Solomon’s Temple Zionism/Freemasonry https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?p=1062985505#post1062985505 Because of this... The likelihood is they'd want peoples attention elsewhere. Some sort of incident which can be exaggerated or that will grab peoples attention. At the same time, they'd like the public to view the Iranians as the enemy. Islamic Extremists as their enemy and this be witnessed as another mere terrorist attack. This being because Iran would be the biggest threat by way of response to this false flag deception, this demolition of The Dome of the Rock. So they'd like this to happen and keep Iran at bay and under the threat of War or potential retaliation should they get any inclinations to interfere with their plans. As Israel will like to present that this has happened within Jerusalem as an "unfortunate result" between attacks committed by Iranian backed militants which Israel need to beat off with a much bigger heavier stick than theirs "to protect Jews". While they're really behind this which put more Jews under threat by the actions of the Zionists. So as ever, its quite an Inversion. Yet, this is the single biggest reason they would need a false flag distraction that's either bigger than this incident, can justify leading to this incident or that will be used as an excuse to overshadow it while under reporting the unfortunate incident of the attack which demolished The Dome of the Rock paving way to the altar of Satan. The Globalist altar marking their domination of the Globe eventually. Aka, their New World Order Its this reason and this obvious truth that the Globalists are trying to suggest that any talk about this New World Order, which is marked symbolically as King Solomon's Temple within Jerusalem, that such is an "antisemitic trope". Not because of this clear and present reality by those whom are mimicking Christian Biblical Prophecies, trying to cultivate WWIII and deceive the beliefs of the end outcome after these actions are committed... Talking about this is Antisemitic. We should just sit back, keep calm, carry on and just let it happen. I'm sure the Globalists would like that and then when we are called up to fight their wars for them, do that also and engage within their population control tactics by killing one another... Aka Rituals of Satanic Sacrifice, helping those behind this New World Order, accomplish this task by doing their bidding, fighting their enemies we have been indoctrinated into believing as being our own enemies so this task can be accomplished. Divide And Rule It's as old as any group whom has tried to maintain a grip and control society... ZIONIST PLANS FOR GREATER ISRAEL JERUSALEM - US EMBASSY https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.flipboard.com/@danny1uk/zionist-plans-for-greater-israel-jerusalem---us-embassy-4ipu387ay Human Error Iran admits shooting down Ukrainian jet https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/01/iran-admits-unintentionally-shot-ukrainian-plane-200111040653138.html
  3. I think it depends upon what they find and if theres collusion like they attempted to find over Russia, if it's not limited to Trump - Conspiracy which doesn't exist, unless it's the enemy - then perhaps that can warrant a different solution than just simply moving Trump for Pence... Of course, they're not going to find Israel because they'll avoid that which has become common place without question... In any case, it's very doubtful they will remove Trump unless theres already an underlying Conspiracy to put Mike Pence into place. Which if true should have come sooner and this take place over the Russian issue and they could have easily fixed this impeachment sooner to do that. This is equally very doubtful to have much effect considering Trump is up for election at the end of the year. I'm no expert either and I don't know if Pence is moved into power will he have more time in office? I suspect he would just continue the remainder of Trumps term unless theres some sort of state emergency... It's all Smoke and Mirrors this Impeachment. They could easily revoke Trumps war powers by removing his ability over the Military completely, not just temporarily. This being because no single individual is allowed to be in control of the US political office and military at the same time. It violates the constitution and it's been continued by the Globalists since WWI. It's this violation that allows the Globalists to misuse the US Military as their war machine. Hence, they will never find nor correct it. This issue isn't limited to Trump but to all politicians and they obviously want whomever takes Trumps place to be able to illegally initiate wars whenever they please. Its shows it's a fix otherwise they'd fix the problem not Trump. The idea of Trump being killed is to inspire an outrageous, extreme response in those whom continue to support Trump. It's this which is desired more than simply removing Trump... They're using Trump to cultivate this and essentially sacrifice what has been used to idolis and represent others beliefs. As though those ideas and beliefs exist within that individual and not themselves. That is the con because such is being cultivated, it's that which is desired to inspire this sense of extremism and divide that's why the Globalists are playing it this way. As much as Brexit in the UK. The result of Brexit is desirable for me and I think it would be better to leave the EU. However, it would be ignorant to avoid the issue that this is being used to divide the nation of equal measure. As it's this they'd like to abuse. The EU in my mind is designed to occupy as many nations as possible and crash. Out of that crash, it has a knock on effect and designed to extend their boundaries from Europe to the Global Government. For this to happen, it's a problem of collapse they're stimulating like they'd simulate an economic crash.
  4. From one Globalist to another... House votes to limit Donald Trump's war powers amid Iran crisis – live The House speaker said she won’t publicly set a deadline to send the articles of impeachment while a growing chorus of lawmakers say it’s time https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/live/2020/jan/09/trump-impeachment-nancy-pelosi-democrats-us-politics-live-news-updates As stated above, never mind the situation now, one man being in control of the nations politics and military violates the US Constitution. The US can't have a Commander-in-Chief! Yet, the lie had been on and off since WWI and continued instead of being questioned, never mind objected. Without this, the Globalists couldn't use the US Military as its War Machine! So no one questions this within either side of the US political office as both sides are controlled by the same hidden hand. ^ Its all Pantomime, Smokescreen that these Globalists aren't in fact in control of the US political system completely that we are seeing this "limit" take place Is this being played as Trumps Bay of Pigs? Either do what we say or else? How dare you challenge the Globalist Cabal, of JFKs time by sacking one of their own... While Trumps being made to appear as if acting likewise with many political pawns of the Zionist persuasion being removed from his political office and the only difference is they're being replaced with new people of the same Zionist persuasion instead of a people apart from that tightly knit Globalist machine... One thing is for sure, they're synthesising this image of Trump of being up agaisnt it within a scenario like JFK only he is no JFK. But just as expendable when he is no longer of use... But his supporters believe him to be so... Why a confusion commences of musical chairs Scenarios are being created that appear to mirror this history as if by design Trump is completely embedded with the Globalists as much as any embedded journalist He's not only soft of Communism, he's "colluding with the Russians All so he can be manipulated by the Intelligence Apparatus to take a harder stance on Russia or lose credibility, in an attempt to prove no such sway exists, in a child like Retaliatory manner, rather than calling this out and not allowing it to pressure you into acting on it and thus acting in accordance to the desires of those whom use such means to pressure you into making such a decision. It's so a harder line on Russia could be cultivated that otherwise wouldn't have been desirable or as easy to explain. It's because of this desired war on Iran that a hardline on Russia is required. The arm of the Intelligence Agency whom run the media could then sway public opinion if they didn't sway the actions of a political office into acting within their favour. Trumps being made to appear as this man agaisnt such actions by this information warfare of deception, confusion, rather than that information warfare existing to attempt to confuse the issue of Trumps actions being that of the desires of the Globalist being what he actually represents. War Games This with JFK wasn't cultivated successfully but was avoided even with the apparent attempts to misrepresent communications with the Russians that was no doubt the same Intel meddling trying to cultivate that war by deception. If Trump was in a similar situation as the Cuban Missile Crisis a many people would likely be goners as dictated by those within; a secret society, with secret oaths and secret proceedings, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy, which threatens every man and woman, that lies primarily upon covert means, for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, of intimidation instead of free choice, gorillas by night, instead of armies by day, it is a system which has inscripted vast human and material resources... They put Trump into public office. They're not being exposed by Trump. He is a part of that system Just as they have put many before Trump and since the time of JFK, into public office. The only difference is that they have a people whom would otherwise be against Globalist goals and objectives, in support of them by this deception out of what is this persona of Trump being similar to that of a historical interpretation of JFK. This is being bred deliberately. Should a Trump Assassination take place, we would only have an ever more extreme sense of resolve by those whom support Trump. It would be the perfect mechanism for Civil War. It's likely to come later down the line when they've used Trump to accomplish as much as they can get away with. What we're seeing now appears lite in comparison and scripted following a process, protocol offering the illusion of protection from the use of the Military as though this starts and ends with Trump. For the Globalist Cult, the president is as much as scapegoat, a patsy for their plans as any Lee Harvey Oswalds... In the wings that LBJ is now Mike Pence. There's a very real danger of a many people being fooled by this type of incident, should it happen and it not be seen as a deception and a sacrificial offering of one of their own puppets whom became expendable. Instead, they will see him as a martyr and buy the extremism and division that would undoubtedly be cultivated out of this. That would become even more difficult to believe and accept by those whom otherwise buy the deception to create that sense of extremism and cultivating that divide which can easily breed Civil War... I suggest in this manner Trump is like a lamb for the slaughter unbeknownst to him this situation he has been put in. I wonder whom is within the background? Maybe time will tell...
  5. That's the idea it seems. It's all motivated around Zionist agendas. Imagine this for a moment. You go to a party, a friend or even a friend of a friend. You're not invited. You're politely asked to leave. You demand that you want to stay. Still you're asked to leave because you weren't invited. ... You go home. You collect some petrol, a knife a gun if you have one... You go back and demand to stay, or else you'll start lashing out at people, cutting them, or shooting them and starting fires... This in our civilised society would and quite rightly, would be seen as the actions of someone mentally deranged and perhaps on the verge of a psychotic breakdown or something... This is the actions of the US in the Middle East, particularly here with Iraq. Only they're worse because they use technological weapons of war that they have at their disposal and violate international laws to stay at a party they were never invited and have been asked many times to leave but the more they're asked the more they lash out. They may even pretend to to home but then they quickly come back.. They've killed someone whom helped clear Iraq of terrorists, originally armed and trained by the US Intelligence Apparatus to justify their presence. They made up all the BS about WMD. The problem is this person doing this and actually helping Iraq is equally considered a terrorist by the US as these wars are about regime change not fighting so called terrorists theyve armed and trained in these regions to justify their presence... It doesn't help their spin of them being the liberators as they want to forge the new image of Iraq by their regime change. As they do Syria, Iran also, as they armed and trained those likewise in Afghanistan... All these terrorists the US are chasing are terrorists they've created to justify their presence, even in reality or fake by deception. Look at North Korea even... Their nuclear capabilities only exist because of parts the US sold them! Iran has intervened and that was appropriate and accept by Iraq where as the presence of the US isn't desired by Iraq, whom on mass mourned the death of Qassem Suleimani in both Iraq and Iran... Would this be the case if he had been the terrorist suppressor we have described to that originally justified US presence in Iraq? It stinks and they would be jumping for joy by this liberation by the US as they desire it! That's why any remote mention of this news carries with it, "death to America" chanting as attempts to frame all those present as potential terrorists. It's a fraud! It couldn't be anymore deceptive Anyone would have an anger towards a US Government that is behind this! Iran Iraq The atrocities he had been accused of are as the WMD. They're all repeating the same message of him being the direct result of death among US and British Troops. Evidence? They have none. As far as I can understand he was responsible for arranging the killing of terrorists armed and trained by the US to act covertly in the region. I'm not saying he is a good guy. I'm saying the force agaisnt him, Iraq, Iran is a complete deception orchestrated to justify Zionist Geopolitical Agendas. This is what they care about not the people, not the so called death of US or British Troops. That's population control and they desire the death of more by their actions. It's a complete deception! Just as they have in Syria and then blame Assad of doing likewise. I'm reminded of the fake photos of liberation exaggerated by the US liberation above of all those apparently jumping for joy at the sight when in reality very few people where present and yet then they desired exaggerating the fact of many people celebrating the actions of the US... Yet the media hasn't given this attention of both Iraq and Iran mourning the death of Qassem Suleimani? Why? Because it doesn't help US - Globalist - narrative and people will be questioning their presence in the region and may even demand they get the hell out of there as Trump originally said he was going to do campaigning to get into public office! Yet, the Trump supporters justify supporting whatever he does, as they're groomed into supporting him as a child is groomed into pedophilia and believe it's a good idea when it's the Engineering of their Consent!
  6. You don't. It's a lie and fabricated ain't it. The only logical scenario where that occurs is if you have a no fly zone and automated equipment to shoot down anything that passes overhead without discrimination. I suspect its hocus pocus. They know many of us will see through these lies beating the drums of war. So deliver it and play it down. Say it was an accident. How do they know it was an accident compared to deliberate? They don't. Yet if it sits ok and people accept it, maybe it will be spun as it was deliberate later with intent. Another thing also being ignored, - those said to be - on the plane aren't just Canadian to try and justify a war that's how its predominantly being delivered as it's being spun, misleadingly, they're said to be dual citizens of Iran and Canada. They're Iranians with Canadian Citizenship that was destined to travel to Ukraine. So hocus pocus deception is at play and its obvious! We aren't shown any evidence just told one thing or another to justify Geopolitical agendas. Intelligence suggests... We haven't got any... So we will make up some BS... Like WMD, Gulf Of Tonkin incident (compare it to recent attacks said to be carried out by Iran), Chemical Attack in Syria committed by Assad, White Helmets Deception based on "intelligence", Communists killed JFK, 9/11 was conducted by Islamic Extremists... We can trust these people? Why now? They're still up to their old games of deception to justify War!
  7. As we can see... They're beating the drums of war! Why not use Canada? Maybe people are more likely to believe it over the US? Intelligence suggests... We haven't got any... Iran plane crash: Evidence suggests missile downed jet - Trudeau Evidence suggests an Iranian missile brought down a Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed near Tehran, possibly in error, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has said. https://f7td5.app.goo.gl/VcP3sZ About 4 mins in...
  8. As we can see... They're beating the drums of war! Why not use Canada? Maybe people are more likely to believe it over the US? Intelligence suggests... We haven't got any... Iran plane crash: Evidence suggests missile downed jet - Trudeau Evidence suggests an Iranian missile brought down a Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed near Tehran, possibly in error, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has said. https://f7td5.app.goo.gl/VcP3sZ
  9. As we can see... They're beating the drums of war! Why not use Canada? Maybe people are more likely to believe it over the US? Intelligence suggests... We haven't got any... Iran plane crash: Evidence suggests missile downed jet - Trudeau Evidence suggests an Iranian missile brought down a Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed near Tehran, possibly in error, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has said. https://f7td5.app.goo.gl/VcP3sZ
  10. As we can see... They're beating the drums of war! Why not use Canada? Maybe people are more likely to believe it over the US? Intelligence suggests... We haven't got any... Iran plane crash: Evidence suggests missile downed jet - Trudeau Evidence suggests an Iranian missile brought down a Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed near Tehran, possibly in error, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has said. https://f7td5.app.goo.gl/VcP3sZ
  11. Adolf Hitler Against New World Order What people are saying nowadays about the Globalists, a lot if it was previously said by Adolf Hitler and for contrast sake if nothing else, worth listening. This of course being why anyone whom states the obvious about this Globalist Cult are Nazis I'm sure. As they don't want you listening to it or communicating it. They want history removed. https://sendvid.com/8v42svqt This a few years ago was on YouTube Not anymore... Adolf Hitler Talking About Palestine https://archive.org/details/AdolfHitlerTalkingAboutPalestine_201611 It's of course of great significance today.
  12. WAR The Skulls - Skull and Bones It’s escalating. After Donald Trump ordered the killing of an Iranian military leader, Iran has retaliated by bombing two American air bases. Tensions between the US and Iran are at boiling point. Right now, Boris Johnson is under pressure to give Trump the UK’s full support. He’ll be hosting crisis meetings and getting military briefings. It’s a crucial moment. A huge wave of pressure could stop Boris Johnson from following Trump into another war in the Middle East. In two days over 80,000 people have signed a petition calling for peace and no UK involvement in the conflict. But to really make an impact, more of us need to speak out - before it’s too late. So, if you don’t want to follow Trump into war will you add your name to the petition? Last time we followed America into war hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed and hundreds of British soldiers lost their lives. 38 Degrees was set up after that war - so all of us can make our voices heard, and stop the government from rushing into war Without Public Support! Will you tell Boris Johnson to rule out any military action in the Middle East today? It only takes 30 seconds Thanks for being involved Don’t drag the UK into Trump’s War with Iran https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/don-t-drag-the-uk-into-trump-s-war-with-iran?bucket=email-blast-8_1_2020_trump_iran_kick_flt&utm_campaign=blast2020-01-08&utm_medium=email&utm_source=email#signature-form We sign it to show symbolically we are against this war not in a manner as if we believe it's going to have any real bearing otherwise you've truly lost it and have no clue what's going on here. Which I'll further try to describe and provide some links people maybe interest in... Many of us here, will be aware that this war is a Globalist War It isn't a US War. If the US is involved in these matters it's because of the same powers behind the UK Establishment This is what makes these powers an International Agenda, a Globalist Agenda The people behind this war and the use of the US Military Machine are behind the UK Political System. It isn't how its framed even here by way of petition and demanding our leaders don't act within these interests against the public they're presented as representing and exploiting in this and many other manners. They don't represent us but represent a Globalist Cartel, an international cult whom have their center of attention on War by any means. The center of attention currently being around Zionism, Israel and the flag of religious prophecy being fulfilled, shining out of Jerusalem as being the glory of God by a Power structure whom owns the world and is therefore the "throne of God". Planned to be symbolically represented as King Solomon's Temple! Even if that means while the one hand paves the way for war, their other hand may even condemn such action until the time is right for them to openly admit, we have no choice but to support this war now that we didn't want to support, due to the unquestionable atrocities that to even speculate upon and ask those questions, makes you a terrorist sympathiser, justifier, a Nazi, Antisemitic, or at worst a terrorist yourself and an extremist whom shouldn't be given a platform or be hauled away to a prison cell or institution with no due process... ^This I tried to explain in my previous posts here Just as this cock sucker of Satan, previously tried to justify, laying the groundwork... Does this not ring any bells? Is it getting through to anyone? They're Great Deceivers They're fighting Zionist Wars against interests that threaten Zionist core values and ideals within expanding their scope of interests until those ideals reach a Global sphere of influence, which those behind this cult dominate without any equivocal alternative, because they hold the monopoly on the core assets they use to own and control the World! The Alphabet Agencies are behind the push of MSM to engineer the content of the masses into their agendas. This is now within subversive so called "alternative media" and especially QAnon. So you'll be against a Globalist Deep State but within support of Trump. You'll be within a Double Bind - Double Think - state of Cognitive Dissonance of which you can't see the Forrest for all the Trees. That's what the infowar is inspired to create... Some of those supposedly exposing an Infowar are behind that very Infowar of which they preach... Namely, condensed down to the New World Order that is most definitely an "antisemitic trope", so you'll be deceived into thinking Jews are behind it... That's the idea, that's the plan, its biblical... While on the other hand, you'll be convinced of your salvation by way of vindication of your faith, Christian Beliefs by what appears to be the fulfilment of Biblical Prophecy and not the systematic deception by mad men trying to pervert the beliefs of others, while exploiting others faith... Trump: 'I Have Done More For Christianity Than Jesus' https://babylonbee.com/news/trump-i-have-done-more-for-christianity-than-jesus ^ Satire - yet apt to a reality by his supporters whom have idolised him as their messiah, look at the Zionists, the extremist Evangelical "Christians" whom desire the course of action Trump is making? Trump Retweets Meme That Jesus Likes Him Better Than Obama. Critics Raise Holy Hell. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/trump-obama-jesus-christ-meme_n_5e06db0ec5b6b5a713ae5dc0 These actions seek to pedestalise this faith by the Globalist Cult, that exist at the core of deception from behind the central core of the Vatican from where these interests seep out and even their own actions of one hand are covered up and suppressed with the other, as though they're genuinely opposite entities at work. Like the mainstream appearance of LaVeyan Satanism. It wouldn't exist if not for Christianity and is more a place of anti-Christian sentiment rather than the evil of what we would otherwise brand Satanic. Embracing the "negative" or wrong action which leads to the appearance of hypocrisy that Christians denounce or pretend doesn't exist, but often are caught up within to which they feel guilty bound due to their beliefs and their actions being opposed. Therefore they can be exploited by their guilt and fear. LaVeyan Satanism embraces those actions and desires them, "natural inclinations" that are otherwise suppressed by Christian Doctrine, in an attempt to remove that hypocrisy they see within Christian doctrine by having a belief that's often diametrically opposed to the actions of many Christians as they see it. Rather than true Satanism of Evil, otherwise belonging to this Globalist Death Cult. LaVeyan Satanism could be said to be the other hand of Christianity as both are necessary for either to exist. Both lend credence to one another. Real Evil is guarded behind a shroud of secrecy and initiation... In other words, you can't have a Christ without an Antichrist. So, the Antichrist becomes desirable. The two need one another just as much as a battery needs a negative and positive terminal, opposites, to exist as a battery and be used as energy. Both coexist or neither. The deception being you can have one without the other and is if your core values only represent one to the demise of the other and not the demise of your own core values, which don't work without one another anymore than a battery, or having an inside without and outside, an up without a down. Until you're perpetuated into action because of the presentation of this injustice, while this deception exists where that perpetuation of outrage to injustice is actually cultivated by design, it is desired rather than it being a state of affairs where a real sense of injustice demands a people standing up and expose it. It is the sense of injustice cultivated which is exploited as being genuine while those doing it and exposing it are one in the same. Like almost killing someone and then coming to their rescue as the hero as though it wasn't your fault to begin with. Anymore than a persons sense of hope or faith can equally be exploited in this manner... Islam and Nationalism - Divide and Rule - Greece - International Chaos https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=320345 It is exactly the same with the suppression of National core Values and Culture for the pedestalisation of Islamic Culture and Values. So eventually a mass of people will see this deception and clear injustice, the suppression of host nations values and culture until they're inspired into action against this injustice. Think someone like minded as Tommy Robinson for example is designed and cultivated to inspire this sense, this outlet of this cultivated frustration. This being planned, arranged and pedestalised by those actually carrying out that injustice in the first instance. Anyone whom has read my posts previously will know I have stated many times this Globalist Cult wish to pit an extreme cultivation of Nationalism against Islam for Globalist Goals and the demise of Nationalism. They of course do this and cultivate it to destroy the image they're presenting themselves as and not themselves. Shortly after moving behind the other idolised victim this Cult is intent on destroying, to pedestalise their own beliefs as vindication to the destruction of a would be disconnected entity, that only collapsed due to their beliefs being correct and not by the same people seeking to invert and pervert the institutions of others, exactly so their beliefs can be pedistalised and shown as the ultimate truth and the only path to salvation, leading individuals like lambs to the slaughter because they're right back under the thumb of the Great Deceivers. This was perpetued by the Sabbatean movement 1666, by those whom seeked to pedestalise Christianity and send Judaism to its demise as though this was Jewish and not a deliberate Inversion to push an agenda central to Cult whom has its roots within Christianity even though it equally seeks to deceive based upon Christian doctrine. Just as that of Zionism is likewise to the deliberate Inversion and demise of Judaism by the Globalist Cult behind it. Then later by the Frankists to the demise of the Jews and infiltration of Islam for the same end and purpose. This is how they're the Great Deceivers! Anymore than Saudi Arabia is Islamic. Israel is Jewish. It's a deception by this Globalist Cult! They have both been infiltrated by the same Cult working towards the same ends! Think of it as the Greatest False Flag ever perpetrated, so you'll support those whom actually committed it to the demise of those whom apparently committed it whom become the victims by their deception and they get you into falsely supporting an attack on their enemies, the victim of deception! While they always get away safely while those they're targeting as a result of the deception get slaughtered. This has happened time and time again throughout history... US - UK Governments The illusion is they're to appear as two separate entities thanks to political theatre, pantomime and script reading charlatans, presenting themselves and their stance as being from a place other than where their interests predominantly lie. Until eventually, after all the BS has been spouted, their actions will show where their true interests lie and they will try justifying the very thing they had previously stated they were against! This is exposed time and time again as hypocrisy within politics as it happens all to often! Orwellian Inversion Existed before 1984 or 1949... The book was just an elaboration on that deception which already existed but many didn't see either their own Duality. Or they deliberately lied and didn't care. Some other research within this respect... Pentagon Warmongers Double-Down, Deploying 6 Nuclear Bombers to Persian Gulf After escalating tensions in the region by attacking facilities and leaders from both Iraq and Iran, war hawks in Washington DC are now doubling-down on their World War III rhetoric by deploying six nuclear-enabled long-range B52 bombers to the contested British territorial island of Diego Garcia located in the Indian Ocean. https://21stcenturywire.com/2020/01/07/pentagon-warmongers-double-down-deploy-6-nuclear-bombers-to-persian-gulf/
  13. ^ Trumps Orwellian inversion . We started a War to avoid a War... Or Full... Sunday 5th January - Subscribers Dot-Connector - Iran, Grandma Pig, Suicide, Michael Moore, Cyprus Rape, Grooming Gangs & More... https://www.ickonic.com/Videos/Watch/177 Think... Terrorist - Monster - Justification of the state acting as a terrorist - monster Individualism - Recluse - Isolated - Removed by globalist city honeycomb trap "feeding the beast" Cognitive Dissonance - Removal of Context as to why the difference maybe necessary, like the black and white nature of policing removes circumstance of why you may hold what appears as two differing opinions but in reality, the difference is based on that context which has been removed by this practice - Putting you within a double bind - Catch 22 Situation Pre-Crime - Removal of anyone considered extreme considered as aTerrorist by the state before any wrong doing Facial Recognition - all-seeing eye on the world watching you - systems of surveillance - SMART Technology Spying on YOU! Globalists - Zionists - state political ideology disguised as Religion beyond reproach or else you're a monster-terrorist Anti-Semitic - Censorship Not saying any of the above? Political Correctness = Newspeak Most definetly Anti-Semitic = Monster - Terrorist as they're guilty of Pre-Crime as they desire the death of all Jews even if Jewish = Self Hating Jew Self Hating = Hating the state - the system This can't be allowed, the state, the system can't be exposed for what it is...
  14. Yep likely because somewhere in this mess that they're cultivating, they can get away with a greater false flag incident they couldn't get away with without cultivating this tit for tat child like gut response atmosphere they'd assume it's easier for a wider public audience to swallow, then people maybe questioning and confused over what's actually happening is it or isn't it a false flag... Like the Gulf of Tonkin incident which was likely repeated recently and blamed on Iran just not exaggerated to previous lengths. Something which is harder to contest unless you're aware of these long standing agendas and desires. They seem to be doing all they can to inspire a genuine response by Iran which can be seized upon and exploited, while no doubt alongside their own propaganda and Simulation of events to misrepresent and exaggerate for Geopolitical effect. Think more like Pearl Harbour for that kind of strategy. The problem is, they've done it all before now and people are becoming more aware of these exploitation. The problem is, not enough people and still so many are easily fooled by these misrepresentations that they even have to question the reality of if theres actually a chance these events are simply to be seized upon for political point scoring and Geopolitics Research Zionism and their influence and that answer will become very transparent and these realities predictable
  15. Hmm... Well, even if it's made to appear that Israel "doesn't want any of Trumps madness", they do. They have for a long time, this is the only reason these events are continuing and happening via the shadows of successive governance. They of course have the same mutual agendas based upon "The Lobby". Two parties can always agree upon War the racket and allowing undeclared illegal wars to commence without contest. Israel simply don't want the flack, nor repercussions. Then when Iran attacks Israel as a result of these actions, Israel are the good guys, not beating the drums of war nor funding Trumps madness, "which they do not support"... US foreign policy is a Zionist foreign policy bought and paid for They're acting via an external entity like a "shell company" to appear blameless and spout the political doublespeak to obscure this obvious reality. Whitewashing their war racket until shit hits the fan and you'll see how Israel act rather than their rhetoric. Like hearing Trump wants out the Middle East according to his rhetoric and look at his actions now? There's only one guarantee... The continuation of Zionist ideals and agendas. All else is an attempt to obscure this fact, this reality. Which QAnon attempt to great effect among those fooled that these circumstances lay beyond the bounds of Globalist objectives. They simply justify the unthinkable on behalf of an alphabet intel apparatus whom engineer the consent of Trump supporters deceptively, by simply educating supporters in advance of what they're going to do in coded scripts. Without the context or bigger picture of why the events are actually happening? But those in "the know" in advanced feel all chuffed about knowing before others whom wait to hear via the media. Simply knowing what's happening in advanced isn't some great feat. Them telling you the news script they do know in advanced before shuffling it off to the media before it becomes common consensus! Instead, you should be asking the greater ramifications of why such is happening in the first place? Your time would be better spent here... It would be funny if the reality wasn't so grim and this didn't fool so many whom have a need and deep desire to support Trump largely based upon an equally cultivated hatred and accepting the reality, "they have been had" for so long. This reality seems hard for some to face? Why? The DoD Doc was simply propaganda, a deliberate intentional "leak" that if you believed the US cares about Iraq sovereignty you need your head testing and the shit between you're ears cleaning out! They simply desire the introduction of a Globalist political system they fully control as in all nations, then they can give that apparent "sovereignty" back to the people they had previously seized from them via their illegal, 19 year still undeclared war violating a whole host of international laws, that if even one of which their enemies where even suspected of being guilty, we would have another war tomorrow... So anyone appearing to contest their new infrastructure can be internationally branded and condemned as terrorists and dictators by the "allies" because they challenged that globalist rule via deception presented as democracy, as they challenge the infrastructure they have introduced via this war and their raping of a nation of it's sovereignty and natural resources described as "trade" to begin with. Maintaining the balance of a "superpower" Their hypocrisy again knows no bounds. Such a document leak was designed to pave the road of history with a phoney sense of diplomacy that in reality was to be passed from one hand of the Globalists to the other hand of the Globalists. Think the British Empire, the US, the Rothschild's and the original Balfour Declaration... A phoney sense of history and diplomacy created by the Globalists. In other words, think Israel, think Zionism... If it wasn't for this, the US wouldn't have any interest here. Its "against their better judgement"! Iran launches rocket attacks at airbase in Iraq https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-51028954 Also posted here...