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  1. JackJohnson

    Video Games

    Adventure/puzzle/visual nove typel games can be good for your mind. I dare for anyone to say that Professor Layton games aren't a boon for the logical mind. Pretty much the same goes for Phoenix Wright and Zero Escape series'.
  2. JackJohnson

    my experiences as a targeted individual of gang stalking

    Bunch of lowlives, the lot of them. Flying monkeys, soulless golems, pretty much every single one of 'em. They should be tracked down, have their dirty laundry aired and then have them be sent to electric chair, post haste.
  3. JackJohnson

    Books by T.Szasz - Where's best to start?

    Well, would have expected a little more. His bibliography covers over 20 books. But thanks, I guess?
  4. Heya, I've recently started researching corruption of psychiatry, and it seems Thomas Szasz is my best bet when it comes to dissident voices about it. The problem is that Szasz has published a lot of books and I've got no clue where to start. Can anyone give me a clue as to where to start? Thanks,https://uk.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=ddc&hsimp=yhs-linuxmint&type=__alt__ddc_linuxmint_com&p=psychiatry+institutionalized+corruption
  5. We don't often hear much about what goes in countries other than our own, when it comes to issues about freedom of speech. I'd like to to say a few things. Ilja Janitskin was the founder of MV-lehti(literally WTF-magazine), which originally published half-random, often at least slightly conspiracy slanted news and articles. Things started to change in 2015, especially during migrant crisis and the magazine started to publicize the happenings around the incident, namely things that the local mass media refused to report. The website got a massive popularity boost, and it started to publicize articles about local corruption and mainstream media's two-facedness, among other things. Eventually the websites discussion platform, based on FB plugin was hit, and they had to stop using it. After that the website went through several revisions. And eventually, after some years, Janitskin, who was living in Andorra due to attempts to arrest him on trumped up charges...was forcefully extradited by the politicized police, back to Finland in spring of 2018. He got sentenced 1 year and 10 months, but a a complaint was lodged to higher court. He then went through abuse in Finnish detention center, being denied his cancer medications for his disease that started back in 2017. With the magazine being in different hands, the style of news changed a bit also. And while the news were still released, but the release of controversial ones started to diminish, quite heavily too. The website was mostly ran by volunteers or people that were paid some small sums and it heavily used information and clues gotten from readers and citizens journalists. He died a few days ago in his home, due to level 4 intestinal cancer, at age of 42. The trial for his supposed crimes was still on at the time his death, and he was under home arrest. Many things can be said of him and his life, but never the less, May he rest in peace. News of his passing in English https://finlandtoday.fi/founder-of-mv-lehti-ilja-janitksin-42-has-died/ News of his passing in Finnish https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-11197567 in English, from Wayback Machine now that the website appears to be gone https://web.archive.org/web/20180906121235/https://mvlehti.net/2018/04/25/alleged-crimes-of-ilja-janitskin/
  6. JackJohnson

    Masonic references in Japanese Media

    Looks like I can't edit the starting post. Would have made for a bit more coherence, but no biggie, let's continue. After looking at more playthroughs of the games, it's official: this game series is literally batsh!t insane. It's chock full of masonic and mind control references. Also it's propably not needed, but here's a Massive Spoiler Warning anyways. Continuing from DR1. One of the students, Mondo Oowada, is listed as the Ultimate Biker Gang Leader. His gang's name is "Crazy Diamonds". Reference to masonic diamond shape. Maybe someone would know if there's any particular symbolism on the gang's flag emblem? As happens to every "blackened", they all receive their punishment aka. execution. Mondo's execution has the swirling black and white themed swirling spiral in the beginning (reference to mind control). The swirling spiral of mind control/demonic possession makes other appearances during the games as well. The execution's name is "Motorcycle Cage of Death". The tiger heads are propably a nod to the oldest and well known Japanese baseball team called Hanshin Tigers. Which brings us to my next point... Another student is known by the name Leon Kuwata, the Ultimate Baseball Star. Those that are informed about freemasonry know that baseball as a sport was invented by freemasons. As a way to distract the proles. Curiously, in the game, he actually wants to quit baseball to become a proper guitarist. He is also the first person who gets executed. His execution is called "A Million Fungoes" or as in English version, "1000 Blows. As Monokuma's ironic punishments go, he is pummeled with hundreds of baseballs until dead. Next stop, Dangan Ronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. Here are a few more plot points. The first game's antagonists main mission was to spread despair all over the world. As such, the killing games and everything in it are broadcast throughout the world, unbeknowst to the main characters until far end of the game. The outer world lies in ruins after "the Tragedy", aka. massive unrest and destruction initiated by Monokuma or his alter ego Junko Enoshima and her group of Ultimate Despair. In reaction to this, and in secret, the "good guys" in Hope's Peak Academy seek to create an Ultimate Hope, a person of such immense talent and character who could lead the world against the Ultimate Despair. A sorts of eugenics project and mind control project, if you will. However after all they did, the process had left the sole test subject, Izuru Kamukura, without emotions, essentially stripping him of his humanity. And thus, causing him to side with the Ultimate Despair. And of course, Monokuma is present in all 4 games in one form or another, so Junko is usually someway involved too. The spinoff Another Episode happens somewhere between games 1 and 2. It begins with a an amnesiac girl named Komaru Naegi, a sister to Makoto Naegi, aka. the protagonist of the first game. She is locked into her apartment, with no way method of escape, and no knowledge of what's happening. Eventually a Monokuma robot arrives, destroys the front door and tries to kill Komaru, but Komaru gets saved by a mysterious man(Togami from the first game) and Komaru manages escapes the building. After failing to get help from a nearby restaurant(of which staff and customers are woefully uninformed what's going on), the Monokuma robots attack and slaughter everyone in it, save for Komaru. We are then shortly introduced to Warriors of Hope, a group of 5 preteen children, whose main mission is to wage war against Demons aka. adults. And they just happen to control the Monokumas. The first thing we see of them, is them playing with a dead corpse of a news anchor. Fast forwarding a bit, we are eventually introduced to the background of some of the Warriors of Hope. We see implied what some of them went through, and why some of them are so messed up. Here's a glimpse of Kotoko's hellish childhood. To Be Continued...
  7. Well, that is progress. And whatever to get the modern architecture out of the recesses of modern block buildings and other commie-style brutalistic buildings...
  8. JackJohnson

    High level freemasonry

    The form reminds me of Ouroboros. Also, from my Fennoscandian sources, it would seem the Lucifer revelation comes at least partially in at either 30th or 31st degree. Though the final confirmation comes on 33th degree.
  9. JackJohnson


    Maybe give us a primer and your thoughts on the subject? People would be more willing to respond then...
  10. JackJohnson

    Masonic references in Japanese Media

    Uuuh, is there a hide or spoiler tag available here?
  11. JackJohnson

    Masonic references in Japanese Media

    I'll have to refresh my memory a bit, but I'll try to focus actual symbology and references instead of shock factor(since DR has quite a bit of that).
  12. JackJohnson

    Masonic references in Japanese Media

    True. However in the game the eye bearing the lightning symbol is shown to flash up at times and at least once it's shown to hide a camera lens.
  13. I thought I'd make a small thread regarding masonic reference in Japanese media and video games. First up, Danganronpa series is a pretty blatant example. The series in question is a murder mystery visual novel involving a bunch of high school students and killer robot bear. The series has multiple games, and several manga and animation adaptations, beginning from 2010. To start off, the bad guy, Monokuma: Pretty obvious black and white theme here. Also note the lightning and left eye symbology. The first game starts off with a guy getting propelled into space, and then coming crashing down to earth. The stars and the circle of the moon here bear resemblance to the glass artwork inside the Grand Lodge of Japan. I'm not absolutely sure if the blue planet with yellow outer rim is the full moon or sun. Propably the sun. The Saturn symbology should be obvious though. The checkerboard pattern is prevalent throughout the series. Even the class trials that are held are usually held in deep underground chambers, where the floor is checkerboard patterned. Then there's the conclusion of each class trial. When the culprit, or the "blackened" is revealed. Reference to blackballing? The thing that Monokuma is trying to bestow on the student's of Hope's Peak Academy is chaos, or more accurately, "despair". Kinda stretching it here, but possible reference to the motto "Ordo ab Chao? I have to note here that the series gets more messed up with each entry. A lot of the gore is somewhat toned down by the pink blood, but still, messed up. This is from the first episode 1 and 1st chapter of the game and anime. There's actually a part where a side character named Sonia Nevermind gushes about freemasonry, like how it makes her "heart pound"(DR2). There's also bunch of other symbolism. As for example, related to mind control, like Wizard of Oz (DR2). Then there's the soundtracks of at least Dangan Ronpa 1 and 2. Some of the songs are named like "Class Trial - Solar Edition" and "New World Order. That's it for today, hope to add more when I've got time.
  14. Hxh is an interesting case and has all sorts of strange bits around it. I also found another logo with the sigil:
  15. What about Hunter x Hunter?