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  1. kj35


    Spaz lives matter 🤡
  2. kj35

    (much needed) HUMOUR THREAD

    I'd buy that too !! Ps the like I just gave you turned you into 777 likes...put the lottery on !
  3. kj35

    Are young people losing their marbles??

    Thing is we won't take them for granted again. Theyve underestimated the strength of the human spirit.
  4. kj35

    Your favourite quotes

    Too many of us buy things we don't need, with money we don't have, to impress people we don't like . Credited to various
  5. kj35

    Are young people losing their marbles??

    If it's her first baby she's probably still in shock that no matter what you think beforehand, life just doesn't continue as it did before you gave birth with the baby 'fitting in ' couple that with the rotten circumstances she's given birth in during this lock down she's probably just desperate for some normality. That must have been crushing for her x it's not fair. She should be able just to go to a bl##dy shop and buy a sodding t shirt ..poor love
  6. kj35

    George Floyd Pig state/psyop? ​🐷

    I'm sure he can speak English as well, but the point is if I moved to another country (which I'm seriously considering) it's because I prefer their way of life and I'll fit into it not the other way around. and if that means speaking their different language as much as possible then so be it. I get he's showing inclusivity for the Bangladesh community but that actually excludes all the other Indian languages (forgetting the Irish!!) so is inherently isolationist in itself. He's standing up for Muslim Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and excluding everyone else. It's not for us to insist they speak English to us when we're abroad but us brits do just exactly that. I'm always really embarrassed in Spain to see English people who live there not even make an effort. I'm not talking holidays I mean ex pats. Sorry two points in one post. To summarise. HIM racist sh!thead BRITS careful we don't throw stones in glass houses
  7. kj35

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    Cash not being accepted in Homebase
  8. A pig A hot penguin An asteroid A clock set at 4 mins to midnight A volcano A solar flare A nuclear bomb Lovely viruses Dead ducks... Note the cat in gas mask. They're coming after your pets folks They tried with dogs with corona and quickly learnt that certainly in UK that would not wash. So if they get rid of cats all this disgruntled cat owners will gang up and side against dog owners I love my dogs
  9. God. Those pictures in the background
  10. kj35

    If you're female and you die,

    I would. It about three weeks though x
  11. kj35

    If you're female and you die,

    It's not limited to homosexuality though. They are trying to teach sex education in hetero relationships too
  12. kj35

    If you're female and you die,

    The male maths teacher who routinely made my son stand with his face to the wall throughout classes and bullied him (until we found out and created hell) is now a Mrs. 'She ' says she was sacked for transitioning. I beg to differ
  13. kj35

    If you're female and you die,

    No more likes. When they're reinstated you get the lot.