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  1. georgesmiley


    There are no candidates of my choice to vote for.I might come round if UK adopted PR.
  2. There will be many vying for the title - many.
  3. If you buy into this immigration thing it means you are all white supremacists Just let nature take it's course. Joking aside i hope i remain alive long enough to see the push back against what is happening to European nations with immigration and also those founded by Europeans. Please don't call me a white supremacist - as if i give a fuck.
  4. I'll start with Orla Brady as Lady Stark rather than Michelle Fairley in Game of Thrones
  5. georgesmiley

    Why Voting Labour is a vote for Personal Slavery

    I'm not voting this time and i encourage anyone who sees thru the false pardigm of (((democracy)) to also refrain. Imagine if the turnout dropped below 50% (maybe it already has but i didnt research it) - how could those s(elected) mps calim to have a mandate not that they respect the mandate now with higher turnouts. I did vote last time to kick the snp (aka the scottish globohomo party) out of my constituency and it worked. I doubt they have a chance this time.
  6. georgesmiley

    The Cold Thread

    there is a german saying that wood heats you 3 times - when you saw it, when you chop it and when you burn it.
  7. georgesmiley

    The Cold Thread

    havent heated yet - may give in for christmas and new year unless the cats rebel and force me to give in before that. My trick is wearing lots of layers and using thermal blankets over my legs when sat at the pc. my toes are a bit chilly. would love to get a stoneware hot water bottle as cats' claws dont mix well with rubber ones
  8. georgesmiley

    11,000 scientists declare climate change emergency

    wait till the figure reaches 6 million scientists
  9. georgesmiley

    The Talmud and its origins

    so much anti-judaic sentiment - why? what? me worry? who won the war? (answer: it hasnt ended)
  10. georgesmiley

    Where has Greta gone

    How dare she.
  11. georgesmiley

    Brexit what will happen on October 31st?

    I can only hope but suspect the worst (ie no brexit yet) - as i am no prophet, i really havent a clue
  12. georgesmiley

    What is gender?

    I went for male female hermaphrodite because i havent been fully reprogrammed to the the modern view.
  13. georgesmiley

    Trump Impeachment Thread

    In the most recent Tim Kelly podcast which discussed the concept of ZOG - co host Joe Atwill suggested using the terms ZIR (Zionism is racist) or ZIG (zionism is genocide) as more accurate.
  14. georgesmiley

    Is it REALLY The Sabbatean Frankists?

    Certainly the sabbateans were a deranged group, but you must consider that they grew out of one of the abrahamic religions which, in many of its texts, exalt themselves over the rest of the expression of humanity and expressly predict that the non-group members who co-habit the earth with them will be their slaves. or servants if your feeling kindly.
  15. georgesmiley

    Greta Thunburg

    she is jealous of (((global warming))) because she she isnt hot, and despite climate having cycles, never will be.