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  1. georgesmiley

    coronavirus mega thread

    like this?
  2. georgesmiley

    coronavirus mega thread

    Im bored to hell with this covod thing yet still look at what people post from time to time picked this pic off gab - i make no claims as to its authenticity edit I note background is not exactly same but images are very similar
  3. georgesmiley

    coronavirus mega thread

    This thread is faster than Concorde
  4. georgesmiley

    coronavirus mega thread

    Deborah Frank Feinen - tribe member - no surprise. just an observation.
  5. georgesmiley


    I enjoyed this Beatles parody about Democratic candidates economics.
  6. georgesmiley

    coronavirus mega thread

  7. georgesmiley

    coronavirus mega thread

    is hot air a symptom of pneumonia?
  8. georgesmiley

    coronavirus mega thread

    Ever wonder why the uk (and possibly other nations) response measures are half-hearted? Like maybe getting rid of elderly pension drawing people would ease the burden on the state is one thought that springs to mind. ok, i can be cynical.
  9. georgesmiley

    The Greek border situation

    so you're like rocco marciano?
  10. georgesmiley

    The Greek border situation

    I thot i was misremembering JPs earlier posts Truthspoon. Seems not. We had a guy on another forum, which you know, who did something similar.
  11. georgesmiley

    Where has Greta gone

    Greta nearly went to North Dakota as a mural but didnt quite make it. https://www.rt.com/usa/480716-greta-mural-scrapped-outcry/
  12. georgesmiley

    How to COMPLAIN about SAS anti-Scandinavian advert

    I thought it was a very well produced advert with a positive pro Scandinavian message. Did I miss something? Seriously, this ad was good at exposing the anti-white european agenda. Dare one say racist? except i hate using labels like racist anti-semite homophobe. just means to shut down thought and discussion.
  13. georgesmiley

    will brexit happen on the 31th of jan?

    Yep - globalists dont give up - still I take some comfort that we voted to leave and that may inspire more nations to leave. I do not take comfort in Boris' stance on immigration.
  14. georgesmiley

    is there an ethnic dimension to knife crime

    In today's fucked up world, it's ok to be racist - unless you are white
  15. georgesmiley


    Talk about a desperate overplaying of one's hand - just helps to make more people aware of this issue