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  1. size of light

    The Egyptian Helicopter

    I think we can agree it looks like a helicopter. The only reason it's even an issue is because that disturbs some people. We're not having this discussion about a depiction of a vase or a palm tree and entertaining ridiculous, convoluted explanations about it being one image overlaid on another to create those illusions solely because academia doesn't get nervous when people see those things.
  2. size of light

    The Egyptian Helicopter

    I think you're putting the cart ahead of the horse and creating a strawman argument in your head that you would have to have evidence for a helicopter-building infrastructure in Ancient Egypt before you can accept what you're seeing. If you're not comfortable with the idea of 'gods' manifesting advanced technology to humans all throughout history (which has been happening in an unbroken line right up until the present day with the UFO phenomena) then you could always just view it as a record of something a pharaoh or priest viewed in an altered state of consciousness. Again, this happens right up until the present day when people take hallucinogenic drugs and see all sorts of exotic technology they can barely comprehend. I could care less about the how or what or the proving that it's a nuts-and-bolts helicopter, than I do about the blatant, wilful ignorance of the hive-mind herd who titter and pretend that what they're seeing in front of their own eyes isn't there because it hasn't been officially-sanctioned by 'authorities'.
  3. size of light

    The Egyptian Helicopter

    Good. Now go one step further and figure out that what you're seeing with your own eyes is real and stop glancing sideways waiting for an 'expert' to give you permission.
  4. It's alright. There's no aggravation here.
  5. See, that wasn't so hard, was it?
  6. In this ass-backwards world, what I'm saying probably does sound miserable. People LITERALLY sacrificed their lives in the past dreaming of a time when others could have the freedom to talk openly like we can here now. And what do people do? Squat in the bushes watching and feigning weakness, or fucking around on Facebook posting photos of what they''re going to jam up their asses for dinner. Yeah, I get it, it's all a big joke in this post-modernist 'who gives a fuck?' nightmare reality.
  7. Getting tired of people who act like they're too frail to handle internet confrontation and use that as an excuse to cower in the shadows. Good luck handling death if you can't even mentally manage words on a screen.
  8. Or more pro-active posting and less voyeuristic whining to 'Mommy' about what other people say. Until further notice this place is a rare BLANK FUCKING SLATE to say whatever you want to say... ..and almost everybody is a coward hiding in the shadows. It's shameful and you all deserve your future imprisonment.
  9. size of light

    The Egyptian Helicopter

    English tip: Might be a good idea to use the word 'allegedly' instead of 'apparently' in the future when you don't really know what the hell you're talking about and are just parroting things you think you should agree with.
  10. Bunch of cowards - especially all the old forum members going back over a decade. Plain and simple.
  11. The reason they keep winning all throughout history is because the VAST MAJORITY of people are TOO FUCKING IGNORE-ANT to see that you're an ACTUAL TROLL/SHILL of the establishment status quo and not just a 'witty opinion dissenter' in every thread you post in. I know you know and you know I know etc. I've made the point here and anyone can move forward from it. If I can ever be arsed coming back to this thread and you were weren't too cowardly to argue the point, it would be EFFORTLESS to make you look even more bitter and stupid.
  12. size of light

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    Pages upon pages since I last came here that nobody else will EVER be mental enough to bother reading and so many bright minds still falling into the trap of draining your finite heartbeats arguing with 2 or 3 lonely, deranged fuckwits that are trolling you while you think you're trolling them. Jesus Christ, get a life! EDIT: This is a perfect example of the joke about arguing on the internet being like competing in the Special Olympics: Even if you win and you're still fucking retarded!
  13. Just quietly, the OP has his pants around his ankles sniggering at anyone who gets sucked into responding.
  14. size of light

    Urgent New information on this Forum

    What the fuck am I supposed to do Oz - pray or panic?! 😮
  15. Stands back in amazement!