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  1. Just quietly, the OP has his pants around his ankles sniggering at anyone who gets sucked into responding.
  2. size of light

    Urgent New information on this Forum

    What the fuck am I supposed to do Oz - pray or panic?! 😮
  3. I'm not talking about 'people I disagree with', I mean genuine piss-takers like Reinhold and Tetragrammaton who are posting mock sincere comments and threads to wind people up and waste their time for their own shits and giggles. Some 'Stockholm syndrome' useful idiot will probably show up here soon and start an argument with me about this, defending them, but they're just dumb or blind. So keep it in mind. Probably a good sign overall if numbnuts like this are starting to think the place is worthy of trying to derail again like they did in the old days.
  4. Who do you think may have been 'suicided by the cabal'? Shit or get off the pot, you attention-seeking loon.
  5. size of light

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    I can barely get anyone (read: absolutely no one) here actively interested in the UFO disclosure process currently unfolding, so it's no surprise that some people also don't see the bigger picture when it comes to Trump.
  6. size of light

    meet up

    @ink Forget the forum - set up a Crazy Brain Spiders livestream podcast and I'm there.
  7. size of light

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    Disagree. The 'distraction' is noise generated by the guilty losing their shit because he actually got elected.
  8. size of light

    when did you question reality and what started it?

    Age 6 when I kept borrowing 'World's Greatest Mysteries' from my school library to the point where my teacher asked my parents if 'everything was alright at home?' EDIT: Actually this didn't quite pop my conspiracy-cherry and the teacher was probably more right than she could imagine, as I had a waking 'abduction experience' when I was about 4, involving a home invasion by two classical alien greys and an approx. 7-foot cloaked 'mantid' supervisor. I totally get why nobody should believe this, as although I know it was real and also happens to others, I never really believe anyone else's similar stories when I hear them. It's a bit like listening to someone tell you about a dream they had (which this unequivocally wasn't) - interesting and important only to the person recounting the experience. A few years after this happened, I used to go outside every Saturday morning after the cartoons were done and do pretend (?!) transmissions to aliens on Mars, giving weekly updates on what was happening on Earth. ...Maybe that last bit was just because I was watching too much Mork and Mindy at the time. 😂
  9. size of light

    David Ickes experience with Ted Heath

    I pitched an idea to Karl Pilkington on Facebook a couple of years ago for a new TV Show called 'Karl Pilkington's Weird Globe' (the round head thing, geddit?) in which he traveled about investigating paranormal phenomena. He liked the idea but said he was too lazy to get off his arse and travel anymore, so if I could bring the weird stuff to his doorstep, he'd think about it. So I suggested to him an episode where we get Derren Brown to hypnotise him to forget what's about to happen, then dress two midgets up in black clothes and black contact lenses, and have them knock on his door late at night begging to come in. 🤣
  10. size of light

    meet up

    Example below. Check out the chat replay on the right-hand side to see how much cash keeps rolling in over the 3-hour discussion.
  11. size of light

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    The fact that you put me on ignore a few days ago and then brag that nobody responds to you makes you look like both a coward and a moron.
  12. size of light

    meet up

    Somebody figure out a way to do a youtube livestream where we can regularly argue about stuff as a group and monetise it. It's amazing how many people donate money to those things in the chatroom.
  13. size of light

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    Yeah, and this amounts to: - Trump seen at a party 27 years ago talking to a guy he admits he knew at the time - " like everybody in Palm Beach knew him" - and did until he had a falling out with him 15 years ago. - Trump apparently pointing out hot chicks to a guy he knew at the time. Neither of those things are controversial or constitute a shred of evidence that Trump was somehow involved in sex-trafficking. SHOW ME A SHRED OF EVIDENCE THAT TRUMP WAS INVOLVED IN SEX-TRAFFICKING AND I'LL REVISE MY POSITION. - Unless you can't, and all this is just smoke-and-mirrors bullshit created my deranged leftist ideologues shamefully diverting attention away from the real criminal sex-trafficking networks to score more character-assasination points against their 'Big Racist Meanie' nemesis.