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  1. So now it's lamp-post radar and "catastrophic" blue street lights. When will the bodies start piling up in Gateshead? Maybe it's already started and there's a massive cover-up. Please check on your friends and relatives who live in the area. Janet
  2. Janet W

    Who do you consider to be a genius ?

    Sorry, but my list contains mostly engineering geniuses. Philosophical, artistic and other 'Deep Thinkers' are equally valid. Ada Lovelace (mathematics) Srinivasa Ramanujan (mathematics) Hedy Lamarr (spread-spectrum communications) Cecilia Payne (astrophysicist) Charles Babbage (the Difference Engine) Michael Faraday (electricity) Heinrich Hertz (electromagnetic radiation) Brunel (civil engineering) Michael Angelo (look at his phenomenal practical inventions for the time in his museum in Venice) Alan Turing (computing) Joseph Swan (the light bulb - six months before Edison! And I bet you've never heard of him.) Plus many, many others. We tend to only be aware of those from the West. But breakthroughs in medicine and agriculture were made in the past 500 years by geniuses in other cultures, conveniently airbrushed out of our history unless you do a bit of digging. Many built upon the works of others, but some sprang up seemingly from nowhere. It seems a substantial number of these people were socially very awkward, fanatical or obsessed with their work. Possibly these days being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. Or maybe they were aliens sent to give us nudges in the right direction... Janet
  3. Thank you. Exactly right Itsjaybigjay. But Deca still thinks Steele is describing some weapon system and has not provided any independent evidence to support exactly what Steele claims. I'll make the points again just in case new followers of this thread have not read it from the start: A secret weapon would not be accessible on lamp posts for anyone to remove and examine. A secret weapon would not contain clearly visible, clearly marked components for anyone with a bit of knowledge to look up the specifications. A secret weapon would at the very least have all the components' markings obscured, and if likely to be accessible by "the enemy" would be encapsulated in some impermeable resin to hide all the circuitry. Mr Steele should use his expertise (whatever that really is) to trace out the circuit from the devices he is holding and show us that it is not just an RF operated street light. Mr Steele should connect one of these devices up to his test equipment and demonstrate what it is capable of. If Mr Steele has neither the equipment nor expertise to do this, he should hand it over to competent amateur electronics clubs for them to examine. They would love to expose the roll-out of a secret weapons system in Gateshead. Janet
  4. Yes muir. But that is not what Mr Steele is holding in his hand. While doing the ironing, my mind-controlled brain thought of a top tip to shut up the critics. If Steele connects one up to the mains, his sophisticated test equipment can show us all what these things are capable of.
  5. It can't be very sinister if neither the manufacturers nor Gateshead Council have bothered to conceal the components on those boards.
  6. No. I do not agree that there is "serious high power electronics" there for the reasons I gave before. So, to repeat myself... Not only is the antenna cut for about 750MHz and not microwaves, it is not 'beam-forming' as it is just a monopole radiator. The antenna is a strip of thin copper on a fibre-glass circuit-board substrate. Not capable of more than a few tens of watts output. And I wouldn't be surprised if it was just a receiving antenna anyway. There is no high-power semiconductor that I can see capable of generating weapons-intensity microwaves. Certainly nothing capable of 3kW. The relay marked as such is just a standard mains relay, capable of switching about 13A at 240V. It's a standard part and might only be switching 12V at 0.5A for all we know. Secret weapons-grade electronics would not just stuck on lamp posts for anyone to get hold of to examine or remove! And it certainly wouldn't be full of marked components you can look up, buy and copy to make your own microwave weapon!! This is exactly why Steele needs to get some independent analysis done. Like I said, there are plenty of people capable of understanding exactly what he has, and if it *is* a deadly weapon, well that would blow the lid off things wouldn't it? I suppose I'm trying to get some clarity here. If he really has discovered something very sinister then we should all be glad of that. Otherwise he is just muddying the water regarding the true dangers of 5G.
  7. Yes oz. I'm a paid agent. Paid in gin which has the happy effect of mind control - for *Them* it's a two for one! ;) What ever the extra electronics is for it's obviuosly not what Steele is claiming. If he really believes his story why doesn't he: 1) Use his "expert" knowledge to draw out the circuit from the boards he is holding in his hands. The very boards that have the components types actually printed on them. 2) Look up those components in the RS/Farnell/CPC/Mouser component catalogues to establish exactly what each one is capable of. 3) Get the boards independently checked over by some electronics enthusiasts. Obviously professionals are all part of the cover-up (!), but there are loads of amateur electronics clubs all over the country who would love to uncover a conspiracy to kill us all. 4) Publish the circuit and the independent findings - whether they show a weapons system, a rather clunky proximity detector or just part of the (non-lethal) 5G network. Will he do that? What do you think...?
  8. What power? Just because it has a standard mains relay rated at 3.3kW does not mean it's some sort of 3.3kW death ray! There are no other high power devices on the board. And certainly no beam-forming antennas. Not only that, but his very clear showing of a 750 MHz (not microwave) antenna indicates he doesn't know what he's talking about. If it was anywhere near the power output of a "Direct Energy Weapon" there would be a magnetron. Where is it? There's not even a high-power microwave transistor on the board! Big Clive's stuff is spot on. I often watch his videos. If you're trying to imply the Steele video electronics is proof of some weapons system, you need to get whatever Steele has acquired and get an electronics expert to look at it. It's clear Steele hasn't got any independent analysis on his videos of the circuit boards he's so worried about. Why not? What qualifications does Steele have? We still don't know. He's very good at providing pseudo science to scare the uninitiated. This is what is so peculiar. Why is he doing this? Why does he not do what Big Clive does, and carefully trace out the circuit as far as he can see from the board layout and not just point at things at random without understanding why they are rated as they are? He should get a second opinion to confirm what he's found. What high-power transistor/FET/VMOS device has he identified as the RF output component for his dangerous assessment of the board? If he can do that (and none of the devices seem to have the component IDs scarped off or obscured) he may have something to show us. But there is nothing on any of those boards that suggest it has the powerful output he is suggesting. Surely a nefarious "Direct Energy Weapon" would at least have everything encapsulated in resin so no one can examine one. But no - these things are made on standard circuit boards for anyone to examine - if they shin up a Gateshead lamp post and nick one! Come on Deca, surely even you are starting to see through this charade.
  9. Janet W

    How does nanotechnology work?

    The brain has various AC waveforms, but I'm not qualified to say if this is relevant to your question or not. Too many people here just make stuff up. Ask an expert. A brain surgeon for example.
  10. Janet W

    How does nanotechnology work?

    People forget or don't even know that almost everything operates on DC inside. This PC, all the circuits in your TV, a microwave oven, everything! (Well modern motors in washing machines and vacuum cleaners won't last long on 240 DC!) Anything generating light or heat will work equally well on either - or did before electronics got involved. Although domestic electronics (radios, TVs , amplifiers) of the 1930s to 1960s was designed to operate equally well on either AC or DC mains supply, and my old radios and TVs still do!
  11. The genocide starts in Gateshead - apparently. (Why Gateshead?) (He's still banging on about a standard 3.3kW relay, and describing the 750 MHz strip-line quarter-wave antenna as Direct Energy Weapon. What's he up to?)
  12. Maybe someone who is trans could supply some informed opinion into this thread? I know two trans women. It takes years before any treatment starts - in the UK anyway. You don't just turn up and get hormone treatment and the ops. Everyone concerned has to completely understand what is involved, counselling, living as a woman (in these cases) for at least 18 months before any treatment. And I don't know where the idea came from that kids' parents' can just go ahead on their children's behalf. Janet
  13. Janet W

    How does nanotechnology work?

    The engineering reasons for 50/60Hz are not fakeable. It's just a matter of trying different frequencies, looking at the measurements and analysing the data - no aliens required. The TV flicker rate is a direct consequence of the mains frequency. Not so relevant now with modern electronics, but if you didn't lock the TV time base to the mains frequency you'd get horrendous vision effects without complex TV power supplies. And the weaker the signal the worse the effects. Of course all this could be avoided with DC mains, but that brings up a whole lot of other much more complex problems.
  14. Janet W

    How does nanotechnology work?

    Yes. You are correct. One of the reasons AC mains is 50Hz or 60Hz is because the electricity was primarily used for lighting. Lower frequency meant the thermal inertia of the filament gave visible flicker, and higher meant greater transmission loss. It was all a compromise with the technology of the day, including the speed of steam turbines and gearing! Some conspiritard told me with a straight face that it was chosen (in the late 1800s!) as the ideal mind-control frequency...
  15. Janet W

    How does nanotechnology work?

    Smoothing not required, although some of the fancy ones do have full-wave rectification, smoothing and sometimes even voltage stabilization. I stand (partially) corrected. Anyway, cheap ones here: https://www.electricaltechnology.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/230-V-AC-Main-Operated-LED-Powerfull-NIGHT-LAMP-Circuit-Diagram-http-www.electricaltechnology-org.jpg