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  1. Janet W

    Flat Earth !

    Definitely fake news lad - unless there are two!
  2. Janet W

    Flat Earth !

    And isn't there some sort of Jump-Room-Space-Portal-to-Mars thingy at Croydon Station in the new underpass? Well that's what I heard anyway.
  3. Janet W

    Flat Earth !

    You're new here aren't you? There are some right nutters on this forum and you're wasting your time presenting them with critical thinking, proof or logic. These folks are allowed to vote and breed. Terrifying isn't it? Yet they walk amongst us...
  4. Janet W

    Flat Earth !

    Yeah that's right. They found two German WWII Messerschmitt aircraft on the Moon and NASA hushed it all up! Honest. Because my uncle's neighbor's son's boyfriend works at NASA and he found The Secret File.
  5. Janet W

    Samoa measles outbreak.

    Apparently there was an inexcusable error when preparing a measles vaccination and this killed two babies. Of course that was pounced on by the anti vaxxers (who now want to be rebranded "vaccine risk aware") as proof of the killer vaccines. Many have since died because the concerned parents didn't vaccinate after the initial deaths. Never mind. Probably all a hoax and the grieving parents are all "crisis actors" and no one died or even got ill. Move along now. It's all fake news whipped up by Big Pharma.
  6. How is Google censoring this? It's out there if you look as you have found. The UK's media has a lack of interest in many things. I don't think European winter snow and power cuts are very high on any UK news editor's list.
  7. The baddies would need some decent and well-placed high explosive to take a power station off line. But finding the right switching centres might have a significant effect with a much smaller bang. But the point is that since the 1930s we've had a National Grid for a very good reason. It's a grid. Line breaks can be re-routed, that's the whole point. But mucking about with viruses in the network, switching substations on and off, or switching on 100,000 domestic electric storage radiators all at once via 5G (when that becomes possible) is much more worrying. It will likely bring down the grid - for those who don't know. That puts all this "5G is going to fry our brains" nonsense into perspective. The trouble is the halfwits that peddle much of this stuff don't understand the unpublished details. It's hacking into the network that will cause chaos - with or without 5G.
  8. There are key nodes in the power grid, phone/data networks, underground fuel pipelines to airports/air bases that are protected for obvious reasons. The bad guys know exactly where to plant a couple of bombs and bring the country to its knees. These locations are either heavily protected or hidden. Nothing sinister I don't think, just the PTB taking sensible precautions - as far as they can.
  9. Considering the complexity and state of the UK's power distribution network I'm surprised there aren't more local blackouts. Just ask someone who works at UK Power Networks! But I remember living in a village near Rugeley in the 60s when we'd get power failures every month or two! And almost certainly during a thunderstorm when the 11kV lines and/or transformers got a strike. That was five decades before HAARP and unless you have evidence, there's no need to blame HAARP now. Just think - why and how would they bother to beam their rays onto Ravenhill electricity substation in south Wales...?
  10. Maybe HAARP is secretly being used to slow global warming, and someone miscalculated. I don't remember big snow storms before HAARP. Does anyone?
  11. Janet W

    Are there any genuine Flat Earth believers here?

    Feel free to laugh at mine. I usually sob following any humilliation while doing the ironing.
  12. Janet W

    Are there any genuine Flat Earth believers here?

    Well apparently it was taught in schools that the Earth was flat in 1900. And probably not just Portsmouth and probably more recently too. But your point is...? What, that a 1900 newspaper clipping is evidence? You shouldn't believe everything you read in the papers. But you already knew that didn't you? Remember, this was before powered flight, long-distance radio communication, orbiting satellites (oh yes they do!). I think you might need a bit more evidence, like explaining eclipses and sunrise/sunsets for a start.
  13. Janet W

    Are there any genuine Flat Earth believers here?

    'Course we are. But why?
  14. Janet W

    Are there any genuine Flat Earth believers here?

    Yes, maybe it was started and continues to be kept alive by counter-intel, but let's face it, there are a scarily large number of nutters who take it all in and run with it. We're doomed I tell you. Doomed!
  15. Janet W

    Are there any genuine Flat Earth believers here?

    Has a FE Believer ever described how the sun/moon appear to move below the horizon? How it can be daylight or complete darkness for weeks at a time near the poles, yet the sun still rises and sets elsewhere? Just try to attempt to explain mid-winter 24-hour darkness over the north pole if the sun is always rotating above the flat Earth. How are these really clear, observable facts explained on the FE model - anybody care to try...? They just blow the whole stupid idea away. Yet still it persists. These folks are a 4d short of half a crown!