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  1. oz93666

    Escalation with Iran

    Don't be silly .... they can't ALL shapeshift , but they had an extra dose of rep DNA , That's why 'god' forbade them breeding with outsiders ...and so over thousands of years , this particularly ruthless bloodline has been preserved , separate from the rest ... when you have that jewish genetic inheritance combined with the right mindset ... then your shape can shift ... that's one theory anyway ..... Look at what this forum, this thread , has become !!! 11 pages of focusing attention on WAR .... expecting WAR ... You are war mongers ..all of you who post here... you get what you focus on Other top threads are.... "Lesbians on a bus "....."rockets can't work in space " ..... ," GLBTALIQ..." ....... I give up "
  2. This thread raises good points , but they have been muddled together , and there are miss-understandings .... Going into space does not mean zero gravity ! ...Greys and others are not floating around inside their space craft !! lol .... They have artificial gravity , adjustable to whatever level they like , their craft have anti-grav propulsion this same tech can be used to create gravity .... Whistle-blowers from the SSP describe floor plating , covering whole areas , in bases on the moon and elsewhere , it runs on electricity, creates gravity to the level required , can be switched on and off ..... However leaving your home planet for extended periods of time is another mater , this will certainly screw you up in other ways .... As mentioned , the main use for zero g (and for drugs like marijuana and ecstasy ) will be in love making , this will transform sex into Magick . ... Since humans currently have no idea how to perform sex in gravity , this is all a moot point ... the way forward is perfection in asanas (Yoga) ... once this is achieved , Earthly sex is transformed , and the advantages of zero g become obvious. I'm not going to argue against the theory that greys and others became pasty faced and deformed from zero g ... it's a valuable Myth which stands as a warning to humanity against dwelling among the stars too long .
  3. oz93666

    Renegade film

    I'm well aware of Davids views on trump ... but he's virtually alone on this in the truth community ... but in unison with every NWO pupped and stooge and all the rothschild controlled media All the indications were , before he took office , that he was a loose cannon , independent , certainly not one of the NWO ,but berhaps Brainwashed a little by the Zionists .... What has he done ??? Almost single handedly scuppered the climate change swindle .... made a stand against mass immigration in the US and Europe .... Put an end to war in Syria and elsewhere .... And now he's made a clear statement on censorship , pushing back NWO zuckerburg ... Perhaps he hasn't done much , but there are other dynamics involved . Americans are very jingoistic people , trump has to have insane hawks around, as a voice to satisfy this demand from some of the public , but talk is all it is.
  4. oz93666

    Renegade film

    That's a very important video above .....Quote ..... "The Trump Administration is Fighting for Free Speech on line"... Certainly Trump and Icke are Renegades ... they are on the same side , fighting the system , rebelling against the NWO
  5. Detecting tunnels and chambers by changes in electrical ground resistance is a well established technique ... it requires inserting probes into the ground at many points .... Obviously Hrvoje did not get permition to do this around the sphinx ... He implies in the video he used the hand held device shown at 0:10 in the video ... I don't know how this is possible , his explanation does not make sense ... this is probably why he did not get a warm response from Egyptologists who had already detected tunnels and chambers in the same area with established techniques .. .. So everybody is agreed there are tunnels and chambers , but no one is allowed down there !
  6. You're going to have to take a crash course in the Bosnian language to get to the bottom of this one .... a search does lead to a video , but not in English ... links either go nowhere (post 1 ) ... or lead to password login (post 3) .... not very impressive , you've lost my vote already .... The Egyptian government will not be moved by petitions ... the NWO want to keep these tunnels secret!
  7. oz93666

    Dont go in to the tunnel of light?

    I should really have said Bee's post is in 100% agreement with the experts on this subject .... My Thoughts do count in areas I've specialized in .... ask me anything about light emitting diodes , or lithium batteries .... I'm really very good on NWO and the conspiracy in general , and particularly Yoga , Magick (tantric sex) ... but when it comes to mystical stuff like astral projection , travelling in other dimensions , I'm not your man .... There are certain people who's views do count on going into the light , they have spent a life exploring such things ... in order of expertise first , (always) is Andrew Bartzis ... This guy has a very small following , but it's apparent to me he's the best on the planet , he has real-time access to the akashic records ( the complete record of everything that has ever happened , stored in the crystalline structures of the Earth) ... He will take those familiar with Icke to a whole new level of understanding ... these are his best interviews .... After Bartzis , the second most reliable must be George Kavassilas ..... Then some minor figures like Simon Parkes and others .... they all agree with Icke and the conspiracy in general , they all agree with each other , and have experience in realms and other dimensions , places most of us do not venture .
  8. oz93666

    Alex Jones Face Morphing? :)

    The problem is the video of AJ and Elvis are very low quality ... and when looking at people we focus on their eyes , a very small area ... and we notice any glitches much more.. the glitches indicate no reptilian qualities in either video ... just strange effects around the eyes ... and as RN has pointed out AJ is the biggest enemy the NWO has , to suggest he's a rep is ridiculous ...Who next ??DI?? The only positive thing about all this nonsense is that it has popularised DI's idea that there are shape shifting reps .
  9. oz93666

    LGBTQIA Fans of David Icke and others

    Let me give you my take on the first video , GR ... I don't think it's one of David's best ... He starts with the premise that these three issues are linked , reduced sperm count , AI and transgender, I don't really agree that AI is related ... He takes reducing sperm first and is led by the nose by the article he's reading from !!! manipulated by MSM propaganda in a way they often do ... they say it could be this , it could be that , and come up with half a dozen possible reasons ... This is a common tactic , the effect on the reader is that the problem is just insolvable , the reader thinks "well we cant ban cell phones , and plastics , and fertilizers and GMO ..and ..and" ...they play the same game with cancer and autism ... after reading the article you just give up .... It's obvious to me it's BispenolA it's an estrogen mimicker ... women don't produce sperm ... I believe reduce sperm count is just a side effect of feminising the men ... the controllers saw this would come , but thought " well that's OK they can go to the doctor and PAY to be able to have kids" ( and the woman has no idea what's being planted in her womb by the doctor , could be Rothschild clone ...an alien hybrid! )
  10. And these posts were not removed by moderators ?? Then you should be able to link to one or two .... It's still a mystery to me why there was a forum change ... You clearly believe you know why , but if what you say had happened to my forum , I'd simply ban those involved ... what would stop these people joining the new forum??
  11. Well that's good , so it couldn't have been an embarrassment to anyone as Seanex suggested ... Just finished retrieving some stuff from the old forum ... posted it on Brother's thread here , have a look , it's quiet brilliant....
  12. This thread has reminded me of The Empire's position on Zero G .... (I may have mentioned before , my official office is "Red Beast" ... I am co ruler (with the Scarlet Woman) of the Holy Thelemic Empire) .... One of my duties is to lay forth a vision of the future for humanity , and zero gravity does have a role to play , I have touched on this before in two threads on the old forum .... https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=316658 ...and .... https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=316850 Here is the first post from the first thread ..... Draw close my children , and I will tell the secrets that have not yet been revealed. It's not widely understood that meditation (drawing the attention within) is a very physical, practical process ... the body has to be arranged in a certain way, closing the upper and lower body circuits by correct placement of the feet and hands .... the spine upright .. the body is still.... This is the required posture ..... Not easy !!!... Bloody hard work ... even great yogis have been known to fidget after a few hours .... One of the problems is that muscles are working , mostly along the spine , holding the body erect , and in the arms and shoulders ,keeping the hands together ... these cannot be relaxed, the body would collapse .But in zero g it's another story ... the whole body can relax and still the pose is maintained... so now the body is consuming less oxygen , the breathing slows , the heartbeat slows , and we go deeper ...deeper....As has been covered before yoga(meditation) is the preparation for magick (sex) ... for the male the main posture is lotus , pictured above , and badhakanasana.In straight sex the male is in lotus , his wife sits in his lap ... his probe(penis) is inserted , and the lady creates a partial vacuum by use of internal muscles ....complete stillness is maintained ... this way does the male transfer his love energy to his sweethearts whole body...In (male) oral sex , his probe is deep throated , this time the vacuum is created by the goddesses lungs ... she holds her breath ... complete stillness ... this bodily arrangement is the closest union possible, the males probe is as close as it can be to his sweetheart's soul , located in her pineal gland , the male blasts this area with his love .... samadi is maintained by both in this region of their bodies.So this is what the future holds in the coming new civilization .... at night couples will go into low earth orbit and make love amongst the stars , returning in the morning to wander the Earth , bringing bliss and harmony wherever they go...Earths gravity is demanding ... it requires effort just to live here ... but if we stay among the stars too long , our muscles would atrophy, bones become weak.The new civilization is almost upon us , within a decade or so we will have access to space after complete disclosure and the advanced tech is released. Is your body prepared for the bliss ??? How is your Yoga coming along ??? You can see from this post , I am well aware of the dangers of staying in Space too long .... It's a bit like drugs , they have a great role to play , but too much is not good . Soon when the high tech from the SSP is released all of humanity will have access to the Stars ... best only go there(low Earth orbit) at night for love making ... By morning we should return to Mother Earth to live out or dreams , dreampt in our lovers arms in space the previous night.
  13. Not "highjacking " J ...he said "horrendous racist hate crap" ...give me one link to "horrendous racist hate crap"... it's all still there on the old forum , I'm over there now , there's some brilliant threads . like this one .. https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=323234&highlight=celine+dion
  14. I saw no evidence of this ...Give one link to prove your point.
  15. Thanks for that Jump .... Anyway panic over ... The old forum is still there , I don't know what went wrong ??? But everything is fine now... (Moderators can delete this whole thread if they like ).. I wanted to access an old thread 'sex in Zero gravity ' , save me writing it all out again , in response to Brother's thread about aliens being messed up by zero G.