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  1. oz93666

    Big Announcement - Forum dies today

    I guess the "You" refers to Gareth ..??? It appears the top management is repeatedly sabotaging their own forum !!! Erasing enormousness amounts of data which would have woken many newcomers up who would be constantly visiting and browsing .... now it's all gone ... this will have a dampening effect on the awakening! How can this be explained??? It's as if top management has been infiltrated .... I do believe Gareth and others believe they are doing the right thing .... this can only be explained by mind control/influence .... Many diverse sources and insiders inform us most of the population has ingested nano chips which have been put in food ....These lodge in the body and transduce information carried in 3 ,4 and 5G transmissions .... mind control signals... and turn them into a form that effects the unconscious mind ..... ALL of us are subject to this .... The broad population will receive encouragement to follow government directives on wearing masks .... or suggestions to go on BLM marches ..... support the global warming agenda ..... But important players ...politicians , Gareth , will get special individual attention , input which sways their judgement , all with the aim of sabotaging things . ... This is all explained in great detail by Karl Mollison ...A good way to get into this information is listen to the channeling ...
  2. oz93666

    Big Announcement - Forum dies today

    That's Ben ...aka Hag ..see here https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hpanwoforum/david-icke-forum-hacked-t7069.html
  3. oz93666

    Big Announcement - Forum dies today

    It has been shifting towards this since the name of the forum became "Social" .... Gareth has no interest in forums , he never posts here except admin .... because he has no knowledge of the subject ...And yet he conducts interviews on Iconik !!! with people like Simon Parkes ....lol So it will end up dumbed down ... people making stupid one line comments .... suited for Gareth's generation
  4. oz93666

    Big Announcement - Forum dies today

    This sounds the best idea ..... The miss management and incompetence has been unending for years on DI forums .... now the moderators have thrown up their hands I can only see things getting worse ..... Grumpy Owl's forum is a clean sheet , we should all relocate there ..... I put it all down to ET mind control .... everyone is subject to this to get them going along with wearing masks etc .... people in important positions , like Gareth and David will be subject to an extra dose of mind control , to encourage bad decisions ... this is what caused the end of TPV and DIforums....
  5. oz93666


    Yes but who are "they" ...It's not humans who are behind this all ... anomalous weather to destroy food ...locusts ...increase in earthquakes and volcanoes , tornadoes ...In David Icke terminology it's the reptilians , an off world group who control the humans , either with their cooperation , of through mind control ... more accurately they are ET's ...they have advanced technology in all areas ...see Karl Mollison ... https://www.getwisdom.com/channeling-series/page/3
  6. oz93666

    I have a theory

    The average person is not ridden with guilt over their countries past deeds . Until quiet recently the average brit was quiet proud of their Empire .... Recent indoctrination in schools has made the young guilty about everything ... The best explanation I have come across to explain excessive alcohol consumption is from the work of Mollison .... Most of recorded history has been harsh for people , long hours of toil to get enough to eat , and they took to drink as an escape at the end of the day .... these habits have momentum and continue in our lives in present days.
  7. oz93666

    Luciferians march in 22 US cities demanding NWO

    Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine myself recommending praying .... I've had no belief or connection to "god" all my adult life ...I did try praying as a child for some relief from my tormented life , but things only seemed to get worse! .... A year ago I came across the Karl Mollison material ...it was so profound and flawless and filled in all the missing links , I had to adjust my views ... I recommend everyone check it out . It's very easy to get into , he has over a 100 channelings of dead people , they all go over the same stuff and give information on how to pray effectively ... https://www.getwisdom.com/channeling-series/page/4/
  8. oz93666

    The way out of this mess?

    OK ... let me answer that in the context of the title of this thread .... The way out of this mess? We are informed by the most reliable source we have , that humanity is totally outgunned , we cannot escape this mess by resistance alone ... The forces pitted against us are a coalition of 4 separate malevolent ET groups .... some are billions of years old , and they have been subjugating civilizations for a long time on many planets ... these physical ET's are in league with evil spirits ... entities can get into the minds of people , possess them to varying degrees ....Nearly all people have these dark spirit attachments , influencing them on a daily basis , encouraging short temperedness , wrong ideas and sabotaging their lives in general .... In addition we are subject to electronic mind-control... these together explains all the craziness we see from people around us.... So our thoughts often are not our own ..... Only assistance from higher beings can defeat this ..... So there are legions of Benign entities very keen to help .... but in this free will experiment rules dictate they can only assist if we ask ...We have to first believe in Creator and evolved helpful beings and then ask for help ..... You can pray for anything ... if the goal is in Divine alignment , help will come .... So I Pray for healing for my bad tooth ...good health in general , a successful transition (not to get stuck in purgatory , a big risk) ..... But most of all ..... We are advised the most important thing we can Pray for is healing and forgiveness for the dark forces , so they change their ways and move on ... This is crucial at this time , humanity faces the very real possibility of complete extermination within around a 5 year time frame. So it's all about getting enough people Praying , and staying alive as long as possible (once dead you are out of the game and just a spectator) getwisdom.com/channeling-series/page/3/
  9. oz93666

    Fake Moon Landings

    Very strange .... I don't know why they wouldn't lie with their hand on the bible , they surely cant believe in the bible.... perhaps they do? .... All astronauts and top NASA administrators were Freemasons , simply because it's a secretive group ... Freemasons can be trusted to keep secrets.
  10. oz93666

    Luciferians march in 22 US cities demanding NWO

    "Told "....read in books 1,000s years old ...lol .. she "ministered to the sic" .... perhaps the sic jews .... reading between the lines , seeing what is happening TODAY ... it's fairly clear From one perspective the NWO is a jewish move to enslave/exterminate those who have persecuted them for thousands of years , and they have the other dimensional assistance of their wicked jealous god Jehovah , who's "Earthly manifestation is Shekinah " ...I can't spell it out any clearer than that ... Remember the scene from the movie when shekinah escapes the arc ... those who gaze upon it are turned to dust. The hero and heroin who are tied up , survive because they look away .... Raiders of the lost arc story by phill koffman ...Kaufman was born in Chicago in 1936, e was the grandson of German Jewish immigrants
  11. oz93666

    Fake Moon Landings

    That's Laura Eisenhower Interviewing him , the granddaughter of the ex-president . She knows it's all real from her own family stories ....also they tried to get her to willingly join the SSP .. It helps if they have the consent of the victim ..... you notice Tony did agree , he was only 10 years old at the time , they duped him , once in , they've got you .
  12. oz93666

    Fake Moon Landings

    For the original moon landing we have to go back to 1949 ... It was the NAZI's ... you will remember they escaped to a disused reptilian base in Antartica , Soon had anti gravity UFO type craft and established a primitive base ..... The US took a decade to catch up and were there by end of 1950's ...Apollo never got a man on the moon , their tech just wasn't advanced enough to risk it , and kubrik did indeed help fake the footage .... 60 years on the NAZI "Dark Fleet" is still the most advanced human group ... the American group is the Secret Space Program .... Both have millions of personnel , mostly slaves taken from Earth , and fleets of advanced craft ... Here's the story of someone who served in the Dark Fleet ...
  13. oz93666

    Luciferians march in 22 US cities demanding NWO

    Sure ...That's what the old testament will tell you .... and it's true , Shekinah is the Earthly aspect of their Damon(Evil) god Yehovah .... Let's remind ourselves of what is taught in the jewish 'holy books' the following comes from Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Talmud_Unmasked "Chapter I. Christians are to be Avoided Art. 1. Christians Unworthy to Associate with Jews Art. 2. Christians are Unclean Art. 3. Christians are Idolaters Art. 4. Christians are Evil Chapter II. Christians are to be Exterminated Art. 1. Christians to be Harmed Indirectly 1. By not helping them 2. By interfering in their work 3. By deceit in legal matters 4. By harming them in things necessary for life Art. 2. Christians to be Harmed Directly....... So this is the will of Yehovah (shekinah) as communicated to the jews in the Talmud .... " Another clue is that 90% of NWO operatives are Jewish .....The rothschilds ... the royalty (their male children are circumcised by a rabbi https://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/10201882/Circumcision-is-one-of-the-oddities-of-the-Royal-Family.html) ... Musk ..Gates ... Soros ..Branson .... Boris Johnson ...all of them ... The goal of the NWO is to enslave/exterminate 99% of humanity (the non-jews) So this Evil spirit is called forth in synagogues , according to Nimoy by "discordant wailing" ...it's so terrible that to gaze on it will blind or kill you ... And it "indwells the congregation" ( possesses them) ... The congregation become servants to the will of Jehovah(shekinah) ... of course ! what's wrong with that , they follow "God's" will ... And people like Nimoy go about their lives , and get all the lucky breaks , becomes a famous actor, all because Shekina is pulling the strings behind the scenes , it is a powerful mega being , can mentally influence people , effecting thousands of people to further his plans ....And Nimoy will just "get the idea" to suggest using that hand sign , and the director will think that's great .... and another small part of the plan is advanced .
  14. I'm a big fan of Laura ... but I found this one indigestible .... awash with Astrology mumbo jumbo ... Perhaps someone who understood it could tell us what the message exactly was .... (just a few pharagraphs will do) ... Communication? ... well sure communication ...do you think we're going to stop communicating???, that's all most people do ... tweeting and twittering and what not.
  15. oz93666

    Luciferians march in 22 US cities demanding NWO

    The rabbis will have a cover story to tell the congregation "Oh , it's a blessing" ... In reality , as the video tells , it's for conjuration of the Jew's daemon god ...Someone so terrible that to gaze on it will strike you blind or dead! ...This may be one of the fallen angels , a very nasty and powerful piece of work , he will behind the scenes manipulate the lives of his servants to payout his sic agenda ... Notice it was a Jewess that nimoy played opposite in the vulcan marriage , and the idea just 'came to him' , to suggest using this sign .... It would be the ultimate insanity to have millions of people walking round in masks flashing the shinn hand sign which in essence is a welcome/worship/conjuration gesture inviting into manifestation this demon goddess shekinah .... According to Mollison's sources the dark entities take supreme delight in showing how stupid we are , how they can get us to do anything they like .... Zombie Apocalypse must be on the cards . Once people start taking the vaccine with the new improved nano chips , and 5G cranks up , the mind control will reach a whole new level , and a few % will follow the suggestion "Humans are Delicious" .... Then you won't be worrying about catching flue from people ... you'll be scared they'll take a bite out of your arm ! And many people just love the idea , they're ready , have been practicing in every big city around the globe for decades Zombie Walk Cape Town There's a reason Bill Gates is heavily involved in vaccines .... his training is not in medicine , but the coming vaccines are nothing to do with medicine ... it's miniaturized computing , he knows all about computing , his nano chips, once in your blood stream , will vector suggestions transmitted on 5G strait into your subconscious mind. Just like with hypnosis , those who are very suggestible will follow any command.