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  1. This is a very interesting , relaxed interaction between two important players ... many topics covered , False Light , the meta physical control grid , the origins of false light , 9/11 , and much much more Cameron Day George Kavassilas
  2. oz93666

    Lord Mountbatten Exposed by FBI files

    No evidence for those accusations ... Bill Oddey , Tony Blackburn , Jonny Rotten have said rumors were rife but they are involved in music / entertainment and would have had contact with Savile and those who knew him ... David Icke was in Sport a different department and different circle of people ... Even if he did hear rumors , you can't call someone out on that .... DI said he heard from one reliable source , first in 1990 , but one source was probably not enough evidence to make him certain and expose Savile in print .... The evidence David had on Mountbatten on the other hand must have been much much more, many varied sources , and he was a royal , it fitted pattern , and so David was convinced enough to expose him in print , not just as someone who likes boys , but as a Satanist and killer.
  3. oz93666

    Space pictures,videos

    Well OK , but pictures of deep space would just be a fantasy created by NASA , a catalog of images made on a computer with a very specific agenda ... getting humanity to fall in love with space and enticing us to leave the planet so the ETs can take it .... Here is the truth ... the Beauty of Earth .... To the best of my understanding such pictures from the ISS space station have not been faked or touched up in anyway . The smokey green of the Northern Lights , yellow spots on Earth the light from cities ...
  4. oz93666


    " With AI we're summoning the demon " I'm not sure we can take that too literally .. I would interpret that as "With AI we're bringing your worst nightmare" .... There are a number of ways AI could end as a nightmare .. The path Musk is developing can be seen with his latest venture company "Nuralink" ... implanting wires in the brain to give a direct link to a computer ... Where this leads is to us being in pods , as in the Matrix movie , connected to an artificial reality , (controlled by the cabal). The other rout is where AI becomes self determining , a demon in the machine.... out of control of the human creators , and using external weapons it can exterminate or enslave humanity ...Sky Net !! As in the Terminator Movie It can be no coincidence that the two most memorable and spectacular movie series in recent history have been Matrix (3 films) and Terminator (6 films). Hollywood has spent a great deal of time outlining two of the wet dreams the cabal have , which they may possibly pursue.
  5. oz93666


    Just had a look ... it's good . A very strong christian flavor that doesn't sit comfortably on my palate ... but I won't Knit pick , it will draw in christians and bring them closer to the truth. This graphic caught my eye ..... lol ...Musk told us what he and the cabal were going to do !! Nobody seemed to care ... So now Musk is doing it .... Brilliant !
  6. oz93666

    Music is life

    You would never know , it would creep up on you slowly , find yourself getting short tempered ,picking arguments, thinking dark thoughts ... Music is definitely a conduit for entities ... What i was really talking about by the negative influence in music was popular music .... I just searched the number one biggest selling single in 2019 .... apparently it was "7 Rings" ... never heard of it ... 7 rings Ariana Grande Yeah, breakfast at Tiffany's and bottles of bubbles Girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines Buy myself all of my favorite things (yeah) Been through some bad shit, I should be a sad bitch Who woulda thought it'd turn me to a savage? ..... Quiet appalling garbage .... the music is not even good ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYh6mYIJG2Y .... This is what kids have rattling around in their heads , worship of material things , wealth , "Tiffany's , getting in trouble , ATM machines , diamonds , champagne... it turned me into a savage " The promoters of this have even printed 7 rings money ! I guess the kids buy this and worship it in their bedrooms , an introduction to their 'God'... a preparation for chasing the $ in the real world .... you couldn't make it up !! lol Music and videos like 7 rings are programming kids to think wealth is everything ... then when they leave school for the dole , or manning the checkout in a supermarket , the depression sets in ...
  7. oz93666

    Music is life

    Yes that's serious, hard core .... "Belial is a term occurring in the Hebrew Bible which later became personified as the devil in Jewish and Christian texts. " Wikipedia Luckily this type of noise never goes mainstream the people playing that are possessed big time by a multitude of entities ... It's not a case of "taking it literally" ... the words will go into your unconscious mind and have an effect... In the video you posted there are no words , listening to that will put you on the wavelength of demons and attract them to you .
  8. oz93666

    Music is life

    That's cool ... I'm into music and drugs .... but just as there are drugs which are dangerous , there is also music which is dangerous and will have a negative effect ... Both negative and positive music will sound great ... it has to otherwise you wouldn't get off on it .... You don't need to be clairvoyant to discern the two .... it's in your face ... first examine closely the lyrics ... these program your brain , empowered by the emotion evoked by the music ... Here's two examples , one from each extreme.... This ones awesome , spine tingling .... truly evil , I wouldn't listen to it on a regular basis And then this one from the other end of the spectrum Most music is somewhere in between ... but examine all carefully , it does have an effect on you .
  9. oz93666

    Karl Mollison chanenels admiral Richard Bird

    Admiral Richard Byrd You may remember this guy ... he was sent to the Antarctic (1947) with a task force to sort out the NAZI's who were in a base under the ice , he also supposedly found the hole at the South Pole. The first part deals with Byrd's transition ...he was fiercely attacked by negative entities and needed rescuing .... 33:30 interviewer asks about operation High Jump .... Byrd confirms the US Government knew about the NAZIS being in Antarctica and their advanced tech , and their collaboration with ETs , High Jump was about " mopping up the NAZIS" .... It didn't turn out the way the US planned .... "Space craft emerging from the ocean , carrying out impossible maneuvers and speed, impervious to our weapons ... we were powerless ... when we engaged with force , we lost ships and men , it was a military rout ... we turned and ran ... we were up against an alien force that ran rings around us .... it was terrifying " ( Byrd believes it was Aliens piloting these craft , not NAZIS) 42:47 ... "We were put in an impossible position .... we learnt an important lesson from this and the US government sought to make a similar alliance with ETs as the NAZIS had done , this was the reason the US decided to work with the Acturians ...we thought we could become their friends ... we were very naive ...mind control was used by the ET's on politicians to influence them .... All (ET's) are in league with one another , they are all bad .." 51:20 " There have been ET bases in Antarctica for many thousands of years . There are current operations there now ... there is not a treasure trove there that will help the situation ... the promises of a release of information and tech from Antarctica is miss direction and a distraction ... No ET's can be trusted , neither can those who promote them. The majority of world leaders are under their control .... North Korea is under their influence ." 56:40 (Question about discovery of hollow Earth) ..." This we did not do .... this is disinformation .... Alien craft shift dimensions to enter their base ,travel through the ice , no opening is needed ... There is no "hollow Earth" containing human civilizations ... there are many underground bases with Aliens and humans .... " As with all these channeling , the dire position humanity is in is emphasized ... And it's essential we connect with Prime Creator and the higher realms , and ask for help .
  10. oz93666

    Jeffery Epstein's Death .... Metabunk.org

    Yes ... just watched 10 mins of that ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijol0OHf20M He also says he's been given a device which supposedly counteracts the effects of 5G ... he's going to test it to see if it's any good ...he's not going to sell them , so we can expect an impartial review in a later broadcast ...
  11. oz93666

    Lord Mountbatten Exposed by FBI files

    David Icke came out publicly 20 years ago and said quiet clearly... "royals and top politicians are not human but shape shifting reptilians" .. Quiet extraordinary that he should be so accurate all that time ago , and be courageous enough to say it publicly .... The Wogan interview was the turning point that made this possible...after this he was seen as a nut case , an outcast from normal society , which encouraged many people with extraordinary stories to approach him and tell all . Stories of royals and politicians shape shifting ... Stories from Diana's inner circle ... this information , combined with other research allowed him to figured it out ... and the Wogan baptism of fire had also given him the 'don't give a shit' attitude to public opinion , essential if he was to speak out .... I think David does see the Anunaki and reps as the same ( I did for a long time) ... Also it's not clear that David sees the reps/anu. as physical ETs , that travel in ships and live mostly on a planet far away.... I think perhaps he sees them more as demons in another dimension . Luckily we have other sources ... government insiders and a dozen or so whistle blowers from the Secret Space Program , many who have fought reps. ... Also , most importantly we have Bartzis and Mollison ... psychic seers , who have the skills required to get to the truth of it all ... archons , malevolent spirits and the rest ... without these two we are groping in the dark.
  12. oz93666

    Are other planets conquered like ours?

    Andrew Barzis (left) at his tubbiest , during his debut Lance White series of interviews 2012 .... youtube.com/watch?v=qRLaAVVs0P4 Some have the misconception that anyone stepping forward to make a contribution must be perfect in every way .... All here have issues which can be found expressed in their physical form ... Bartzis doesn't claim to be the only one able to read the Akashic record ... But the only one who doesn't need to go into trance state to do this. Andrew Barzis and Karl Mollison are the best we have . If you spend your time on these two all mysteries will be revealed .
  13. oz93666

    Lord Mountbatten Exposed by FBI files

    Good find metak ... That quote from David is not inline with the latest understanding ... The Reptilians and Anunaki are two totally separate ET groups , who are working together ( with 2 others ) to keep humans under control .... The Reptilians do not , and never have bred with humans (although they may have tinkered with our DNA) ... The Anunaki have bred with humans , and these bloodlines have held most positions of power throughout history , as outlined by DI ... So the queen and others , when born were Anunaki hybrids ... but in all likelihood have been killed and replaced by reptilian shapeshifters , There must be many thousand , perhaps million Anunaki hybrids on Earth , only the the ones in key positions are replaces by rep shapeshifters , it seems this is done when there is a need to maintain absolute control ... Anunaki hybrids are really just humans with a more pronounced leaning to the ET camp , not under complete control of the ETs.... (information from Mollison)
  14. oz93666

    A true documentary about space ?

    Carl Sagan ... another jew who has risen to prominence so he can support the controller lies about reality ... an avid and active promoter of the global warming scam ... and ridiculous projects looking for alien life ... He is being promoted in a similar way that Einstein was ... put "sagan quotes" in search and you'll get hundreds of snappy one liners , supposedly from sagan , as if he's some sort of guru . You can't believe anything mainstream ... the best you can do is to look at "Electric Universe" ... they have a good forum ... https://www.thunderbolts.info/forum/phpBB3/index.php The people there know something is not right , and are brain storming many ideas.
  15. oz93666

    Are other planets conquered like ours?

    I don't think it's true to say the planet is being destroyed , if that were the case some others would step in ... More evolved ET's know it's bad form to mess with primitive civilizations like ours , so mostly they just stand back and watch ... even if that allows negative ETs to infiltrate our society and subvert it ...Also if they did step in in a physical way there would be a shoot out with the ETs who control the Earth and things could get VERY messy ... This is a free will game and they hope mostly humans can depose the controllers ... We do have the option of calling on divine help ... this opens the door and positive forces can then give more spiritual help. This is really a spiritual battle .