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  1. oz93666

    Real Protection from 5G

    Latest From Simon Parkes ...Good news ... the Russian scientists are sending a consignment of USB Sticks within a week , they want these to go to spiritual people , so Simon will be allocating to the right people first , CC members only it will be "First come first served" .... Simon tells us initially the price will be high ... "There is a factory being built " to make these , and that costs money! ... Here's the video cued at the right time ..... I do believe SP is genuine and believes it .... I've said before , decent honorable people usually have a shortcoming in that the assume everyone is like them .... this leads them wide open to be suckered , and I believed SP is being conned by these "scientists" ...(and by the Mantids) Anyway , the proof is in the pudding , SP people will have these devices soon and we should expect reports of 30% extra mileage from their cars , as claimed by the manufacturers of these sticks.
  2. oz93666

    True origins of royal lineages?

    The theory goes that we have all been genetically engineered by Annunaki (ETs) , it's just that the 'royal' line was engineered differently to 99% of humanity , given qualities needed to make them effective rulers ... that's all ...It appears they also created other genetic lines , but these died out , or breed back in to the main population ..... cone heads ... and a large variety of giants of different sizes .... “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days- and also afterward – when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heros of old, men of renown.” -. Genesis 6:4 This is probably an ongoing process but mainly happened around 5.000 years ago .....
  3. oz93666

    Hi to all,new members introduce your self

    One of the first rules in an important assassination such as this , is that you have your own people on the scene first to control the situation .... ...A good person for this would be an off duty police man or medic who just "happened " to be passing by at half past midnight , he would tell any public there , "stand back , I'm medically trained , go and phone for an ambulance " ... then he can "take care" of any survivors .... what do we find ??? "Mailliez was off-duty when he drove into the Alma road tunnel on Aug. 31, 1997, a few seconds after the high-speed crash...he saw a smoky accident scene ahead. He stopped and went to investigate..." https://apnews.com/59f5dfb7d04e4fc89b7f639760b4efea/First-doctor-on-scene-recounts-Diana's-fatal-crash-in-Paris Well , what a coincidence ..."within a few seconds " of the accident he drives into the tunnel and takes control of things ... he's an emergency doctor too ! what are the chances ???? I'm not sure what you expect to get out of this doctor in an interview Maria ... he spoke to the press again 2 years ago on the 20th anniversary .
  4. Hi Anvil ...welcome to the forum ..... That's an easy one .... They (the Dark ones) don't like CO2 because it's the life gas of the Planet ... without it the planet Dies .... Increase it and life is more vigorous and plentiful ...They are Satanists and worship death want the death of life on Earth I should qualify that a little , the demon infested ETs that control the illuminati (Cabal) want this ... they mind control the politicians and the idiots in ER
  5. oz93666

    Best of Icke’s book/s on Saturn/Moon Matrix

    I'm not making any claims ... I , like David am examining the information from many diverse sources and trying to piece it all together ... Perhaps , if I'm trying to say anything it's that David should widen his input of sources , which seem to me to be rather mainstream and conventional ... I've just watched his video on Saturn Moon Matrix , his quotes are from NASA scientists , electric universe people , jorden maxwell ... there are many outstanding people out there which he does not touch , and to my understanding they would fill in many gaps , I'm talking about SSP people , Carl Mollison , the guy I linked to above Pane Andov ... many of these have already reached out to David seeing themselves how their information confirms his work ...Davids reaction to them seems to be confused embarrassment , as shown in his expression in his meeting with Pane Andov here ... the astal traveller I linked to above
  6. oz93666

    Flat Earth !

    Ah ....Yes , the black level above detects tilt in every direction ... the upper plastic surface has a shape like a watch glass , a shallow angled dome ... the yellow level, the normal type, can only detect tilt in one direction
  7. oz93666

    David Icke Homepage news

    I'm not trying to be funny , or looking for a fight , App ... But have you been drinking ??? I'm sure I can detect the effects of alcohol in your posts.
  8. oz93666

    David Icke Homepage news

    Someone else will have to explain this ... I just don't have the patience to go over it all again
  9. oz93666

    David Icke Homepage news

    Could well be she was jewish before ... but remember these rules/traditions are really for the masses of jews , it's all about keeping track of peoples heritage ...high profile people like her and her children will not get misplaced ... There are sometimes exceptions made for valuable assets , it's a way of taking ownership of powerful people , getting their allegiance to zionism/judaism ...Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were also , allowed into the clan ... Searching this it seems things are not so strict now days .. almost certainly because modern tracking allows them to know everyone's genetic history ... So if a new Richard Branson should be trying to work his way to becoming a billionaire , the controllers would first check his genetic history in CIA/MI5 data banks before OKing a line of credit and other assistance.
  10. oz93666

    David Icke Homepage news

    Not easy to understand your post App ... But I think it indicates you haven't grasped one of the fundamentals of Ickes's message , that the Annunaki created a ruling elite bloodline ...this is nothing to do with "ideology"
  11. oz93666

    David Icke Homepage news

    lol .... All you idiot amateurs ..part timers should petition David Icke and explain to him that Jones is a mason and working for the dark side and that he shouldn't go on his show .... lol He'll laugh in your face and tell you when you've put in the hours , devoted your life to this subject , then maybe your opinions might be worth something
  12. oz93666

    David Icke Homepage news

    This is not about believing in anything , going to a synagogue that does not make you jewish ... a christian cannot become a jew , they would not accept him ...He CAN become a Buddhist of a Muslim or a Hindu , these religions will welcome you with open arms ... Because Jewishnes is about your genetic heritage , It's all about maintaining (as best they can) a separate ruling genetic bloodline that the Annunaki made to rule over the Goy ... they cannot allow the Goy to genetically mix with them..... Of course the particular characteristics of this bloodline are passed on by both the father and mother ... It's obvious to me why tradition has it the Mother determines where the community accept the child as being Jewish or not .... This was before DNA test ... there is no knowing for sure who the father is .. no one could know for sure , the mother could have had a quicky with the postman ... but for sure the community knows who the mother is , she carries the child and many would witness the birth .... So a jewish woman having a child with a male goy is 50% eliet bloodline, and this is just acceptable .... but if a male jew has a christian wife , the community cannot accept the resulting child because it could be 0% eleite bloodline .. the christian wife could have secretly shagged another christian.
  13. oz93666

    Flat Earth !

    A spirit level is a short tube of glass or plastic tube that has a very slight curve on it ....You can see the curve in this picture the middle part is slightly higher and so since air is "lighter" than the liquid , it wants to float to the top and so will go to the middle of the tube which is higher ...in zero gravity there is no up or down , the bubble doesn't know where to go and will float around ....It's called a spirit level because the liquid is alcohol not water ... this prevents the liquid freezing in cold weather ... A more accurate way to see if a floor is level is just to pour water on it ... the water will spread out evenly and show which part is slightly higher ...The water does not form a flat surface ... it has a curve , a small part of the surface of a sphere with the same radius as the Earth ... but this is very , very close to flat .
  14. oz93666

    Cleanse body of vaccines

    I think they may have been poisoned from the very start ... they started vaccination around 1850 ... In London they targeted children, only in the poor areas , it was made compulsory . People immediately noticed their kids were dropping like flies and many riots and protests happened ... ....So they backed off a little .... In the military you cannot refuse , at the end of WWI they saw their big chance , all the returning soldiers had to be vaccinated first before they were released to go home , from Germany to all over the world UK , Europe ,America, Canada , Australia , India ... they injected them with live Spanish Flue virus , the resulting pandemic killed 50 million people , more than died in the fighting!
  15. ^^^ I've been watching some of that video above .... Wilcock certainly is worth giving attention to , he's looking in all the right areas , Like everyone he has many things right and many things wrong ... I think that video was made just before 2012 , he was expecting a big event , a big transformation in humanity .. I must have missed that ..... A lot of the video is to do with the pine cone which certainly does seem to appear in many cultures and in many places ...as we all know the pine cone represents the pineal gland ... well that's what we are told and everyone just accepts that ... that's why it was called the pineal gland , cos it looks like a pine cone , that's what wilcock says , and everyone just assumes that's true ... Not me ... I question everything , believe no one ... I've been searching the images for the pineal gland it's very very small ... there are hundreds of them but none are very close up ... the absolute best one I could find was this .... Am I missing something ??? Does it look like a pine cone to you??? ... And do you think we underwent a spiritual transformation in 2012 , and I just didn't notice ??? There must be some reason the Vatican has a giant pine cone , but maybe the pineal gland link is just a lie , disinfo ....I don't know... Edit ...here's some better pictures, PG to be fair this does look slightly more like a pine cone , or perhaps an egg?