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  1. oz93666

    David ickes new platform Ickonic

    Yes ... you said that before , but haven't been able to back it up with a convincing case , telling me I just "need to accept" your position doesn't cut it .... Here's one of the great unwashed .... that's not a derogatory term , it means he's even gone as far as questioning whether we need to scrub ourselves with perfumed soap every day (I use very little soap) This is our target audience , they're rebelling and got energy and enthusiasm .... Unfortunately the cabal are also after these people and have misdirected their zeal so that many are now fighting for the wrong cause!!! There needs to be news items on ickonic explaining things to the extinction mob. There maybe a few bankers , barristers, teachers etc. in Davids audience ... but a teacher is in the same dilemma as a doctor ... Being a teacher (in a state school ) is morally inconsistent with being a truther . A teacher is invested in the system and will be less receptive to David's message.
  2. oz93666

    Real Protection from 5G

    Sacha Stone above regards 5G as an "extinction event"... that might be a bit extreme , I tend to regard 5G more as an upgrade to the mind control grid , with the capability to effect moods ....Not something that's going to kill us .... If I was running a betting shop , I would have the favorite , most likely scenario as earth changes followed by aliens turning up pretending to offer safety to a panicking population .. If we get into their ships they promise to take us to safety (in reality slavery) . I would think the last thing they want is to chase us around trying to catch us ... We do outnumber them massively, I'm sure many millions will get on the ships , many of these will be sold on the open (ET) market and turned into cyborgs ...Those of us who do not come quietly would not make very good slaves anyway, if society breaks down many of those left on Earth will die of starvation .... But these would be the plans of the ETs , I don't expect for a moment it will go their way.
  3. According to Simon Parkes there is a very simple device , soon to be marketed that genuinely offers real protection from 5G ... Parkes is working on this with Sasha Stone another activist against 5G Sacha Stone and Simon Parkes In this 5 min video clip Simon Parkes explains more ... it looks like a USB stick , you can carry on your person , the technology comes out of Russia Video cued at correct time .... https://youtu.be/DCPCCsCLvhA?t=985
  4. oz93666

    Under demonic attack

    Most definitely don't do this .... that is inviting it in .... asking it to reveal itself ....don't open up a dialogue with it either .... If you really want to know whats going on with this you have to spend time looking into what the experts in this field have to say ... Pane Andov ..... https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=323399 .... Particularly Karl Mollison .... https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/923-karl-mollison-channeler-extraordinaire/& Also Bartzis and Kavasillas We are told Most people have dark spirit attachments and interference . these spirits are working with the negative ETs who run things here ... It's an interesting story ...
  5. oz93666

    High pitch noise in my head-sonic weapon

    Well sure , you are experiencing what it's like to live in a 5G world .... If you don't like it , move out. .. But it's good you've shared your experience. Most people will not be so sensitive to 5G ... they will block it out to some extent , ignore it , just like they would if there was constant noise from a pneumatic drill digging up the road nearby , It would be so they wouldn't notice the noise , but it will still wear them down.
  6. oz93666

    High pitch noise in my head-sonic weapon

    Smart Community ??? I had to search that ... A smart community is an interconnected city, community, or region that leverages the smart use of technologies to benefit its citizens, businesses, and service organizations for economic growth, social benefits, and environmental sustainability.
  7. Now and then the light makes a big incursion here and a christ or buddah appears , they are protected and can live their life and leave a legacy , but strait away the dark forces jump on it and within a few generations it's all twisted and corrupted .... One of the biggest down sides of this is that many see the corruption in religions , and it stops them believing in god ...Most of my life I have been very antagonistic/disbelieving about god ... Particularly on entering the conspiracy arena and seeing the level of evil running free ... this must cause many to disbelieve in a "loving god".. I have now adjusted my position ...In a free will universe evil can run wild , if god stepped in it would not be free will , It's up to us to fix things , but we can invite assistance from the Divine realm , only then can the good guys help ... in fact we are advised this is the only way out of this mess.
  8. oz93666

    David ickes new platform Ickonic

    I did say Generally .... 90% of the population are embedded in the system , the teachers , doctors , dentists , police, office workers ... They are predisposed to support the system , believe they are making a valuable contribution ... a doctor for example is biased against believing he is injecting people with poisons , recommending people for chemotherapy which will slow kill them .... He doesn't want to hear it , it will mean a life crisis he will have to give up his prestigious job , or knowingly support evil... People with no money are more inclined to believe the rich are corrupt , it makes them feel more virtuous , that they haven't sold out ... Also people outside the system have time to look into the subject ... 9 to 5 ers are run off their feet , to tiered , have no time or energy to look into it ... At the age of 21 I was faced with a big decision , either to pursue the career path I was already on , leading to a comfortable well paid position in society , or to drop out. ... Luckily I made the right choice and turned my back on self imposed slavery .... I was on the dole for 12 strait years ... it gave me the time to investigate alternative subjects which led me to the understanding of how to achieve what you want in life by mental adjustments , changing beliefs and will power .... This allowed me to draw wealth to myself ... and so I had the best of both worlds , a very comfortable and affluent life , without selling myself into slavery .... Most importantly ALL my time was my own , without that freedom my understanding of this subject would be a fraction of what it is..... But returning to the subject at hand ... comparing Gaia channel to what is planned for Iconic .... It should be remembered people into Yoga , UFOs and meditation are not necessarily outside the system and this is the sort of output we see on Gaia .... Ickonik is billed as "Alternative News" .... not only are alternative people more outside the system and have less money , but "News" is a very general term and perhaps not specific enough to get people to open their wallets. I've just watched the video above from grumpy owl ... Very good , I think that's the right approach , start small with low overheads so it can't crash but only grow...
  9. oz93666

    David ickes new platform Ickonic

    Some interesting points Fluke ... particularly the part I highlighted ... Regarding the viability of charging ... this is being done now by Gaia a sort of newage/ conspyracy/ Alien/ yoga channel ......... I guess Ickonic would be a more hard core version of that .... Incredibly , Gaia have over half a million subscribers each paying $100 /year If Icokic could get 100,000 it could probably be viable ... still I find that hard to imagine ... look at this forum , and other conspiracy forums .. put them all together and there's only a few dozen people .... perhaps one of these may subscribe .... Generally conspiracy people are unwashed and on the dole , not quick to part with cash , and suspicious of those asking for it ... Gaia content needs to be carefully studied .... I think Ickonic will have to cover subjects like Yoga and Aliens to be successful
  10. oz93666

    Child Abuse & Paedophilia By The Elite

    Makes you wonder why it's taken so long ?? For decades we've been hearing about people being caught with these images when they go to get their PC fixed ... But the people running the sites never seem to get arrested ... Everything on the web is traceable back to the source , they could have closed down and locked up the people running these websites decades ago. It seems the Trump administration is behind these latest arrests . Is it possible he hasn't been killed and replaced by a reptilian shape shifter ?? We can but hope.
  11. oz93666


    Just put "Bill Gates Banned from India" in Google search , you get a dozen articles like this , exposing part of the story ... The whole truth is just too much for most to believe , but were getting there ... It is of course nothing to do with "testing" vaccines on the cheap ... It's systematic sterilization , injecting live polio virus , and anything else they can get away with ... BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION KICKED OUT OF INDIA pranavsinha (34) in life • 2 years ago Yes, the Microsoft founder and the icon of the Third-World Humanitarianism has been kicked out of India as his fraud was called out. He came to India posing as a philanthropist and humanitarian helping the Third-World poor people by alleviating their conditions and yes, of course, “VACCINATING” their children. But, only a couple of years earlier suspicions started to emerge. As, reports of their themselves being heavily invested in the companies which were manufacturing those vaccines started to appear. Native Indian doctors and health activists started raising objections as the illegality of the testing of those vaccines on poor children started to come out into the open. Suspicions arose that he may have committed a crime against humanity by illegally testing vaccines on poor innocent children. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had been facing trials in the Supreme Court of India since then and a couple of months earlier they were kicked out of this country. So that, they could no longer kill innocent poor Indian children by illegal vaccine testing.....
  12. These are not 'alien' skulls the Illuminati are just as human as you and I , just a slightly different sub group of humanity. When the Annunaki genetic engineers played with our DNA thousands of years ago (and still today) they would have had in mind the creation of two distinct groups ... the vast mass which make up 99% of humanity , and a much small controlling group ,through whom the Annunaki would rule the masses . This controlling group , the "elite" would have slightly different qualities , more ruthless , smarter (bigger brain) , ... The elite group had to be forbidden to breed with the masses otherwise it would all be undone in a few hundred years .... The Jews and royals have mostly obeyed this ruling, although inevitably some mixing has occurred and now , there are no real coneheads left . 'Coneheads' of the past were much more pronounced, popes and kings often wore big hats to hide this distinguishing feature ...
  13. oz93666

    Hi to all,new members introduce your self

    Don't waste your time talking to government ... they won't close down the airport for you .... I'm sure you think you have a good reason why you can't move ... but there are none .... You chose to live in this place .... look into your children's eyes and explain to them why YOU are subjecting them to this nightmare.
  14. oz93666


    I pretty much agree with all of that post ..... Analysing Intel from a wide variety of sources it seems that is what is about to be played out ... Although it's not clear if the "Earth Changes" are really Earth going through birth pains , or created by ET tech ... they can produce earthquakes volcanic activity etc ( it doesn't matter either way) ... It seems highly likely evil ET's mascaraing as the good guys will show up to get people to willingly go on their ships to be relocated to safety , it's a lot easier this way than chasing us around trying to catch us ... they want to take 100's of millions into slavery and kill the rest of us ... Many sophisticated psi-ops are ongoing preparing people to "Welcome our creators from the stars" ... even the Vatican is sliding in this direction .. As Brother says , number one rule , don't get into their ships ... Ideally you need an underground shelter well stocked with food .... If no shelter at least you can stockpile some food .... We are reliably informed our best course of action is to call on the Divine realm(God if you like) , to heal the dark spirits and negative ET's so they move on. Pray! Every Day! Legions of Benign entities are keen to help , but without us inviting their assistance they cannot take action . (because it violates our free will) If we get through this , and the chances are good , our reality will transform into a paradise
  15. oz93666

    Origin of the Reptilians

    Welcome to the forum robodog , that's an excellent question , and the way it's phrased shows you have a good grounding in the subject... Here is my understanding from very wide reading over many decades ... This is not a question a David Icke or an Alan Watt can answer , we have to go to people who have direct experience in other realms ... mystics , astral travelers , psychics , clairvoyants ... the best we have in this area are Andrew Bartzis , Karl Mollison , George Kavassillas , Pane Andov. This is a free will section of the Universe , a new experiment ... Strange as it sounds everywhere else is non free will , it's hard to imagine how this would operate , or be in anyway satisfactory , but that is what we are told ... Free will is just that , you can rebel against 'God' ...rebel against love and harmony , and it appears that's what the fallen angels did (Reps , Annunaki , Acturans and others) ... and then they went spiraling down ...getting off on controlling others , torturing others , delighting in suffering ... It seems they have been at this many millions of years and hold many worlds under their jack boot ... And Source just sits back and watches ... that's not quiet true , source and the divine realm will send help , but only if we ask for it .. but God is not really fashionable anymore , many have lost their belief in Source , and so won't think to ask for assistance. We are informed this is the only way out of this mess ... If enough people realise what's going on , believe in the Divine realm , and call on the Divine realm to add to our healing intent for the dark spirits and dark ET's , then they will move up to the light and leave us alone .