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    Boris hospitalised

    ooooh ... Do you think he might be jewish ?? Just like Boris ... Lets have a search ... Raab is the son of Peter and Jean Raab.[6] His father, who was Jewish, came to Britain from Czechoslovakia in 1938 aged six, following the Munich Agreement, which gave parts of Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany.[7][8][9][10] His father became a food manager for Marks & Spencer ... Wikipedia
  2. Bill Gates doesn't worry about carcinogens , chocomel ...he wont be taking it M.I.T. engineers have developed a way to store medical information under the skin, using a quantum dot dye that is delivered, along with a vaccine, by a microneedle patch. The dye, which is invisible to the naked eye, can be read later using a specially adapted smartphone. Credit: Second Bay Studios Keeping track of vaccinations remains a major challenge in the developing world, and even in many developed countries, paperwork gets lost, and parents forget whether their child is up to date. Now a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers has developed a novel way to address this problem: embedding the record directly into the skin. Along with the vaccine, a child would be injected with a bit of dye that is invisible to the naked eye but easily seen with a special cell-phone filter, combined with an app that shines near-infrared light onto the skin. The dye would be expected to last up to five years, according to tests on pig and rat skin and human skin in a dish. The work was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and came about because of a direct request from Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates himself, who has been supporting efforts to wipe out diseases such as polio and measles across the world,
  3. oz93666

    Mass Aerial Surveying Happening Right Now!

    Surveying or land surveying is the technique, profession, art and science of determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional positions of points and the distances and angles between them. A land surveying professional is called a land surveyor. Surveying - Wikipedia
  4. The virus is unnatural, it is a bioweapon deliberately intended to kill human beings, and was a laboratory creation of the Extraterrestrial Alliance (annunaki, reptilians , acturans) that threatens you and runs the world in a dysfunctional fashion. You deserve to know this because, in the knowing, you can take intelligent action to save yourselves and one another. Chemtrails are a real phenomena and a hazard, and being produced by the collaboration of the human military capability to fly and to disperse things into the atmosphere for a variety of purposes. The unfortunate reality is this is a cover for the widespread chemical and nanotechnological technologies that serve the Extraterrestrial Alliance and not human aims and goals. Chemtrails are therefore a menace used for introduction of chemical manipulations and mind control manipulations as well because the nanoparticles act as a kind of transducer for subliminal messages used to subvert human thought, action, and feeling to keep people constrained, to keep them complacent, and to program them in other ways with false beliefs to disempower them, to misconstrue, misinterpret, and mishandle human difficulties. But the chemtrails per se are not being used to spread this virus. The reason is it is unnecessary. It can be spread through its ability to replicate within each human victim and then spread through contact to others in the environment, so it is, in a sense, a living thing that spreads on its own, unlike chemicals or nanoparticles that are inert and depend on wind currents and their introduction into the atmosphere to begin with to cover a wide area. So there must be a large-scale broad sweep to infest every human being with passive devices of these kinds. Whereas a biological organism need only be introduced here and there with small groups of people and then, because they will become infected and vectors for the virus, it will spread widely from those original centers of introduction. That is slow in evolving and happens in fits and starts through happenstance to some degree, but the original seeding was orchestrated to happen and so is no longer containable within a region or even a continent. A global shutdown in transportation and travel would not have prevented this because it was essentially dispersed through human hands acting as minions for the extraterrestrials. That is necessary to preserve the illusion of a true natural assumed epidemic, an act of nature, a mysterious evolution of a virus presumably from animal origins that becomes pathogenic to human and then with a chance exposure between human and animal, starts the chain of infection going in the human community. This of course begs the question: “How did those viruses emerge in animals?” So there is circular reasoning going on here. All of these viruses are unnatural. None of them evolved within nature. The Earth has been targeted by viruses and bacterial species of extraterrestrial origin all through the ages. None are natural because all are non-divine. The Earth was not created to punish humans with scourges and oppressive beings that seek to dominate and kill them. This is a widespread assumption because the Earth is filled with scourges and many dangerous animals, plants, insects, and microbial life. None of that is natural. Not even the violence of nature is natural. It is orchestrated and ginned up to capitalize on energy through natural forces to wreak havoc on the human community. The ability of the virus to move about is simply a characteristic of its intended action to seek receptors in living cells and then hijack the replication machinery within the cell to propagate itself and then kill the host cell and spread systemically and be shed into the environment as a vector to infect new humans. This is entirely sinister and artificial in its origin but devastating in its consequences. The reactions to the infection on the part of governmental officials, and shaped as well by their image in the media, and the media as the presumed watchdog and spokesperson for the average person asking penetrating questions and questioning public policy, and so on, has all been entirely manipulated through mind control of the players themselves—the members in the media, their management, and those in government, at highest levels in particular, who are the spokespersons and the leaders who establish policy and make approvals or reject recommendations are always under the thumb of the Extraterrestrial Alliance to maintain an orderly progression of things to help or hurt the human family. There are many missteps, many misguided notions embraced and promulgated in official pronouncements until reality intrudes and forces a rethinking and a retrenchment, and then new policies and suggestions will be broadcast and people will be complacent to the evolving story and will not look back and question what was said previously. The furor about this virus in particular, if you compare it to other epidemics, has been unprecedented and excessive in contrast. This is intentional. The initial accounts of its existence as an epidemic were dismissed, denied, and downgraded as being an important consideration from the very outset of its appearance. Public officials all around the world were uniformly reassuring, encouraging people to go out and about, attend public gatherings, and enjoy their lives, and minimizing the risks to any and all. This complacency was engineered to happen and those public officials were saying what they were programmed to say. This was helpful in getting the epidemic started so that it could spread to a critical mass of victims to become comfortably self-propagating from that point on and essentially unstoppable in terms of becoming a major threat—that is what was desired to happen by the powers that be. The excessive media attention to the point where people are questioning whether in fact it is a scam is in response to a manipulation that is quite real. This was overdone in terms of comparison to historical events of this kind where the first response was not to shut down the economy and make people stay indoors and not venture forth in public at all, and greatly limit work being done and job attendance, and loss of income being a casualty in the absence of an actual problem, but only the threat of one. This was unprecedented and was orchestrated to happen deliberately to produce that very eventuality—a financial collapse. So this was not only a bioweapon being launched as a scourge to kill many, many human beings, as many in fact as could be done, but also as a priority cause an immediate financial downturn that would pressure economies globally and create economic chaos. This of course worsens everything because it will reduce the wherewithal to respond and cope with the real problem of treating and caring for the sick, and providing the means to minimize the spread to those not yet infected and to deal with the aftermath in a supportive and effective fashion. There are many things still to be learned about the consequences of this particular pathogen. Not all has come to the foreground yet in terms of the legacy it will be bringing, but the intention here is to create maximum turmoil and maximum damage, both economically and physically, to impair health and cause death of as many people as possible with this particular goround. It is one of many that have been launched through history. It is nothing new in that regard. What is new is the current climate with the intentions of the Extraterrestrial Alliance to make this a particularly painful episode in human history. This needs to be countered by human action to form a partnership with the divine realm. You cannot combat this on your own. You can only take steps to minimize the likelihood of your being infected and becoming a burden to others. That is a positive contribution in its own right as you are needed. Your energy is needed—your thoughts, your inner light, your divinity is needed. You have a say in what happens in your world. Most people are not making their desires known to the divine because they do not communicate with the divine. If they do not have that in their intention, all of their random thoughts, wishes, desires, and yearnings must be ignored by the divine realm because you truly are on your own and in charge of things. It is only when you reach out in earnest and partner with us directly with a direct request addressing us by name, only then can we offer anything to you in the way of guidance, support, healing or protection. Those able to pray effectively and use the Lightworker Healing Protocol that is designed in a way to maximize a divine response to impart healing, are in a position to save the world here. The other measures of a prosaic sort are all well and good, but this is a holding action only. It cannot prevent another scourge from showing up in six months—a new variant with a different profile and set of risks that will not be recognizable by any vaccine made to the first invader. You need a long-term solution here. If you deal with the problem of evil, as a part of that you can request for all harmful viruses to be removed summarily and immediately from any human being exposed. You can be a powerful force to minimize the magnitude of this scourge. There are a number of people making such requests. There needs to be many more. Each one of you hearing these words can join the fight, become knowledgeable about the Protocol and about effective prayer work for managing exogenous threats to human life and welfare. The workings of the Extraterrestrial Alliance can be more readily dealt with through the divine realm than even healing a sick person, and that is because you have sovereignty here and they do not, so that is weighted in your favor and not theirs in a contest of free will of their wanting to harm you. If you are in ignorance and not asking for help, their free will choice will prevail and you will be the loser. So in our perspective, the response of the media and their manipulations are doing as much harm as good. Nowhere are they proposing a divine partnership. There was a time when there would be a national call to pray from the government itself and clerics would be brought in to set the example and mass prayers would be done all around the nation and around the world as well. This is still being done in little pockets of true believers, but not as a national groundswell led from the top and participated in by the masses. If there were a return to that capability, the problems you are having of this kind would go away very quickly. We are doing the best we can with the ammunition you give us to use in this contest, but we are running low on ammunition. More is needed. Only you can provide it The above words were spoken by Karl Mollison , channeling Creator .... getwisdom.com “Source Creator, each and every day, remove or render harmless all dangerous viruses [and all other scourges] from myself, my loved ones, and then from all infected beings and the Earth as a whole. Apply this prayer again and again as needed to keep everyone safe, and restore well-being to the afflicted.”
  5. So 'God' visits us with plagues and pestilences, and then sends jesus to redeem us ... doesn't hold water .. Jesus gets no mention from the Creator (as channeled by Karl) ..perhaps briefly , he was a good guy , but the message in the bible , and christianity as we know it has now been so corrupted and twisted , best to forget it all .
  6. oz93666

    Plasma Apocalypse

    I did watch the video ... The guy who made it may have some things right ... perhaps not the part about buildings ripped apart ..."the earth expanding" zero gravity and everyone floating about !!! These are one guys fantasies ...no one else believes it .... But Generally the idea of plasma eruptions from the sun DOES link in with Electric Universe , and many other areas, so could happen in some form or another .
  7. This is not something you can find out from a forum or communicate via email or phone ...According to Andrew Bartzis , bribery of doctors and nurses is going on a lot , you have to wait till the time comes , all you can do now is Pray , the divine realm protects you and your family from such dangers .... I'm sure the controllers have made efforts to close all loop holes ...Bill gates has developed a system to mark your arm with a fluorescent die with the vaccination .. in which case bribery will not do it , a scan of your arm will show you haven't had it.
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    coronavirus mega thread

    That's quiet an extraordinary video !The people in the audience must have thought she's gone crazy .... This video was made before 2014 And she's telling everybody what an important year 2014 will be ..a turning point ... a new beginning ... Well it wasn't ...It was just another year like any other ... They do drop numbers and play with numerology ... to play games with conspiracy theorists , and investors , get us wasting our time analyzing every word that comes out of their mouths , looking for hidden meaning and secrets ...they want your attention ... want to waste your time ... Want to deceive you with false clues Don't get suckered like the guy who made this video !!
  9. Hi Bill ... I do remember creator being asked just this ... He said adding "apply this prayer again and again " will work ... but that does not mean we only have to say it just once and that 's it .... Life would be very easy if that were the case , we could cover everything in five minutes and forget all about it .... Creator definitely said the more often we pray the more effort we put in , the more pronounced the results .... Perhaps we need to ask on getwisdom forum
  10. This Euro-vision performance by Madonna has been touched on briefly elsewhere on this forum ...Credit goes to GR for bringing this to our attention ... information on it is scattered in many posts , lost in the 100's of pages in the Mega Corona Virus thread ... I felt it does deserve a thread of it's own , and more detailed analysis ... First the Player ...Madonna .... Many celebrates in the music industry do pay lip service to the NWO agenda , but no one has embraced the Dark side as passionately as Madonna .... The broad theme of her life's work is to desecrate Christianity , overwrite sacred images , as indicated by her name ...Madonna being the mother of Christ ... Madonna of our Grand Parents Madonna now ( in the collective mind) Madonna's Rebel Heart tour , re-enacts Last Supper , pole dances on Cross with nun She has enthusiastically taken to the Quaballah , which is the theoretical foundation of Western Magic ... She does know what she is doing ... There is no other celebrity as wicked as her ... So She would be the only choice when the cabal were looking for someone to cheer lead and launch their most important act in recorded history ... the release of Corona. The Album was released 14 June 2019 , 30 days after Euro-vision The Album title was "Madam X" .... The back cover shows Madonna's Black gloved hands typing out lyrics on a black 'Corona' typewriter We shall see Black and 'X' is a dominant theme in the Euro-Vision performance ... Black is strongly linked to Death ... 'X' was used to denote the predicted pandemic ..."Disease X is a placeholder name that was adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in February 2018 on their shortlist list of blueprint priority diseases ..." Wikepedia 'X' was also used in medieval times to mark the doors on houses infected with plaque 'X' particularly over the eyes is used to indicate death So during this stage performance Madonna has become Madam X ... Madam Plague , Madam Death , Madam Corona ... And here she is .. Black the predominant color a big 'X' over her chest and one eye , and on her head a Coronet .... A coronet is an emblem of the corona , the glow around the sun .. She looks pretty good for 60 , must be the adrenal-chrome. The video of the performance is 9:37 long .... first 40 seconds is the build up and introduction , ridiculously over the top , working the crowd to a frenzy, essential for extracting and directing their energy ... The performance starts ...Church bells ring deep and slow , bowed headed , hooded monks intone a funeral dirge ..."Life is a mystery , everyone must stand alone , I here you call my name..." The thoughts of one on their death bed.... At 5:00 commences a very strange part , written specifically for this performance "They are so naive , they think we are not aware of their crimes .... The storm isn't in the air , it's inside of us ... The wind is beginning to howl " ...At this point Madam X swirls around , blowing on the dancers wearing respirators ... they all drop dead!! .. Then the second song commences taken from her new Madam X album Not everyone is coming to the futureNot everyone is learning from the pastNot everyone can come into the future (pointing directly at the crowd) Not everyone that's here is gonna last (gonna last) These four lines are repeated over and over and over till they're stuck in your brain ! ...This is Black Magic of the highest order ... Don't imagine the controllers go to all this trouble for no reason .... This magical ritual will have a very direct effect on how well the virus will run ... It's about directing peoples focus on the outcome required , Mass Death ..Hollywood has also been working overtime to this end , with hundreds of plague related movies .
  11. oz93666

    Plasma Apocalypse

    The predominant image being flashed into billions of peoples minds now is this ... An image like this is the back drop of news broadcasts in Thailand , and I would imagine most countries , and it looks exactly like the sun undergoing Plasma releases ...multiple Coronal Mass Ejections ... CME's There 's one big rule You Get What You Concentrate On .... And if billions of people concentrate on this image , then Yes ... it could draw us into a time line where the sun does undergo plasma eruptions
  12. oz93666

    Plasma Apocalypse

    lol ... Well you don't tell em ... I don't think many tenants have regular inspections , the shelter can be small .... I'm trying to offer realistic solutions , have you seen the video ?? Plasma eruptions from the sun ...some will survive ... it's no good doing nothing to protect yourself ! If you Believe this is likely are you just going to sit and wait to die?? There is a link with the virus ... Corona is the plasma field around the sun , the picture we are given of the virus looks like the sun undergoing many Coronal Mass Ejections ...CME's .. one large CME can wipe out all electronics .
  13. I recently noticed an advert on davidicke.com for Karl Mollison ... I have come across him before ... he did a channeling for Elena Kapulnik , she's a wistle-blower from the Secret Space Program ... Karl channeled her oversoul ... the information was a revelation and filled in many blanks... Here's the add as it appears on davidicke.com It links to this page .... Karl Mollison is a psychic medium and channeler, research scientist, and inventor. He has many years of experience channeling Archangels and this eventually led him to being granted direct access to dialog with Source Creator of All That Is. Reptilian in the Light was first channeled by Karl Mollison on May 22, 2018. In this video, host Denny Hunt asked the following questions for the Light Being Reptilian: What is the role fear plays in the Reptilian culture and is there any awareness among incarnated Reptilians of Creator of All That Is? Is there a memory within the Reptilian culture of a time prior to dark spirit infestation of Reptilians? What is the explanation and rationale for why the Reptilians are working against humanity? Is there any truth to the widely held notion that Reptilians inter-breed with humans? This remarkable interview is 51 minutes and can be watched by clicking the below video I haven't watched this 50 min video yet , but be assured I will do , and I'll be back with an in depth analysis ....
  14. According to Simon Parkes there is a very simple device , soon to be marketed that genuinely offers real protection from 5G ... Parkes is working on this with Sasha Stone another activist against 5G Sacha Stone and Simon Parkes In this 5 min video clip Simon Parkes explains more ... it looks like a USB stick , you can carry on your person , the technology comes out of Russia Video cued at correct time .... https://youtu.be/DCPCCsCLvhA?t=985
  15. oz93666

    Any electronics engineers here?

    Yes ... I have a training in this area ( university drop out , never finished course) My understanding is this is not a weapons system , but the antenna is a mini radar for detecting cars ... Many varieties being manufactured ... the one in the video looks like old tech .. .. you are being hit by microwaves which bounce back and tell the light you are there , but unless modulated at mood/mind control frequency probably not too damaging .... His description of the actual light is ridiculous , you would not want to look at it from a distance of a few meters , it could cause eye damage , but these are very high up when on , so no problem @ 8:13 in the video , for 15 secs he has a moment of clarity . .. It could be doing those things , but I doubt it
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    coronavirus mega thread

    To be expected no one is allowed out of the country .. about a dozen tourists visit each year ... already in total isolation .
  17. That bit on the end ..." Apply this prayer again and again, as frequently as possible, for highest and best of everyone involved" ..is an instruction to the Divine realm and part of the prayer ... In addition we have to say the prayer again and again every day ... So that explains why I couldn't find what I was looking for on getwisdom.com ... I came up with my version , because in many of the channelings the 'guest' says to the effect that the only way we can win is to forgive the controllers and call on the Divine realm to heal them so they move on ... Surely my version will be more effective (for me) ? The one from Creator is for "people of any religious background, people who differ not only in race and culture and upbringing, but also intelligence and comprehension?" ... it's for the general public who have no idea of ET's Dark Spirits or Fallen Angels , and would be skeptical if you tried to explain ... So isn't Creator saying don't turn people off by talking about ET's etc , or even mention there is a nightmare layer to the world they don't know about , just focus on love , and it will mostly do the trick ? One more question Bill .... For 99% of people isn't the LHP unnecessary ? ( I have to say I found that hard going too) .... All we need is that Prayer above for practical work ..KISS And the constantly updated channeling series does the most important job of keeping us returning to the information and not drifting away, taking up golf or going down the pub.
  18. Great work Charlie ...there really is no need for the visuals , or the intro . Your audio starts right at the channeling .. People should be encouraged to start alternative platforms of Karl's work ...I should do one myself .... It can only help spread the information ... The above channeling of Genghis Khan is particularly good ... goes deeply into reptilian replacement ...he says he was replaced by an ET reptilian shapeshifter as a teenager (@ 2 mins ) , apparently this is quiet common for ruthless bloodthirsty rulers , humans , generally do not have the stomach for horrendous deeds , this also goes for the elite hybrid bloodlines (royals , rothschilds) , these are still are humans .... This channeling of Genghis Khan is slightly different from most in the series , the human GK was killed and replaced by an ET when a teenager ... the being speaking is a reptilian.
  19. oz93666

    Plasma Apocalypse

    Now don't let a small technicality like that stop you ! .... You could build a small shelter inside your flat .. many did it in WWII to protect from NAZI bombs and rockets , so even if the whole block of flats collapsed you could still survive in a well built shelter ... This shelter would also protect from food looters and government medics wanting to vaccinate you .... If you really believed in this video you posted you would be trying to protect yourself ! ...It is not difficult
  20. oz93666

    Plasma Apocalypse

    First video .... .. no indication of where all this information comes from , probably from his over active imagination ... Or though there may well be some truth in this ...Ties in with what the Electric Universe people are suggesting , that at times in the past the sun looked totally different , with plasma streams ...he says "the elite will leave in rockets " ... they've had UFO type craft for many decades .... Well ... I already have a very large bunker already build ... I didn't build it with plasma sun in mind , but the expected NWO move and collapse of civilization .... You can easily build a bunker .....It doesn't have to be large , just strong, with thick reinforced concrete walls , a cube 2 meters each side will be big enough to hold you , food and everything else you need . You could build this underground in your garden .. might take 30 days and cost around 500 pounds . If you want I can guide you through the construction ... I have had a lot of experience building such things.
  21. Well who's got the guts to start Booing .... Jeering ...making the thumbs down gesture to show you don't agree ??? What will they do ? lock you up ...no .... It might even catch on . EDIT ... after reading all this thread , I see some already did boo ... good for you!
  22. oz93666

    The latest news from Downing Street....

    Well there's no right or wrong ...it's like astrology , many different systems ...none of them work , unless you believe in them ... They're belief systems The cabal may use a certain system , drop numbers in their doings ... that is to get people on a merry chase , get people thinking they can guess their next move , or discover some secret .... They want your attention. They want to take your focus away from what You should be doing , onto what they are doing!
  23. oz93666

    Farms and garden centres are next

    Allotment holders need to get security in place ... ridiculously cheap these days if you DIY .... motion sensors switch on lights , sound alarm and rings the phone of the nearest holder ... could run off a car battery .. probably work out at about 20 pounds per holder .
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    coronavirus mega thread

    Now what's wrong with that Mr A ??? You're not a racist are you ??? China is part of the UN , and we might need their soldiers to help to hunt down those pesky rebels who don't want a vaccine ... or perhaps people might want a bigger food ration and make trouble! You remember that manta from the other forum "Love Peace and harmony" ... it originated from China , there's a mandarin version which it might be helpful to learn by heart , the Chines wont speak English .... I'll try and find the mantra for you .... EDIT ... Well the old forums down , but I found the song/mantra ... first in Mandarin , then in English sung by Dr Sha ... He sounds just like Benny Hill impersonating a China man .... Very Beautiful , brought tears to my eyes , so if we all learn the Mandarin version it might well stay the hand of Chines troops when we face them across the barricades... I am being serious here ... that's the only way to deal with armed troops , hit them with LOVE!
  25. While people are being banned from gathering in open places , Tube trains remained packed .... If there is one infected person in this train carriage You can bet he's infected a dozen people during a half hour journey ... Within a few days these dozen become infectious and continue travelling on the tube everyday ... the curve is a steep rise from which NO ONE anywhere can escape .... That's if we believe the official story about the infectiousness of disease .... All the historical evidence indicates the great plagues were not mainly result of person to person contact... Black death was the result of mass aerosol spraying by ET's ... The Spanish flue was from mass inoculation of returning troops ... Anyway , the current restrictions are a waste of time , if it is fairly infectious 90% of Londoners are destined to get it , But it will not manifest in people who are healthy.