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  1. After one full minute of adverts ... then three full minutes of the presenter telling us his views I'd had enough ...David hadn't even said one word yet ! I'm sure David goes over all the things that have been said on this forum ... I don't believe he will give a clear message about rebelling against lock-down ... if he does please give the time on the video.
  2. link to video please ...( I hope it's not too long) ... time marker would be helpful Which part of what you said??? Does David clearly advise don't follow quarantine instructions ?
  3. oz93666

    shopping queues are a lie too

    Well ... the press do like sensational so I'm sure they exaggerated the small amount of excess buying ... But you'd better buy while you can , items that have a year shelf-life ... it seems engineered food shortages are in the pipeline See this short video ( and dozens like them on Youtube) .... Unprecedented anomalous weather conditions destroying crops everywhere ... certainly done by ET's ... Trump , Boris and leaders in other countries sealing borders so migrant agricultural workers don't plant or harvest food .. food shortages seem inevitable , by design ... If shortages don't come what have you lost? Just done your shopping early.
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    Don’t hate

    I strongly recommend this thread , Aalob .... https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/923-karl-mollison-channeler-extraordinaire/& I believe it's the best information available , it fine tunes conventional conspiracy ... There it is explained , fallen angels and dark spirits are at the heart of the problem ... they infest and possess the physical ET's who are messing with humanity .... ALL humans are divine , but are influenced to evil by the dark spirits ... The only solution for humanity is to forgive them ALL ... call on the divine realm to send the Dark spirits to the light ... Without US forgiving them ALL , we cannot move forward
  5. Well OK ... You are saying the virus is a paper tiger and we should flout Quarantine ...If you tried to put a video on Youtube saying that you would be banned . You maybe correct , I don't know , we get this information from outside sources . If you are correct then rebelling against lock down is a sort of solution , although it will lead to widespread conflict and another reason for martial law But David is not saying this , so is not banned
  6. It could be because DI is not a real threat to the controllers . Certainly he has informed many people , that just means we have an informed enslaved populous , unless we go further and find a realistic solution .... Take the current corona crisis ... lets say everyone knows it was released by the cabal to bring in martial law , then what is a practical way out?? Do we all refuse lock down ? go to beaches and the police are outnumbered ? but then we all get infected ... If we stay at home then we are submitting to the police state ... so we're dammed if we do and dammed if we don't ... Unless the virus is a paper tiger in which case flout quarantine ...I don't believe David is saying that ... He's just giving a day to day commentary as we march into slavery , and the controllers don't care about that ... David does not mention God , or outside Divine entities ... I have become convinced appealing to them for help is the only solution ...
  7. oz93666

    coronavirus mega thread

    Madonna , just like Bill Gates , realize they only achieved fame and wealth because they play ball with the Cabal ... the payback is they have to support agendas and give money where directed ... Bill supports global warming , finances Monsanto , vaccines etc poisoning and corrupting our bodies ... And Madonna poisons and corrupts our minds with her sic performances and donations to kabbalah.
  8. oz93666

    coronavirus mega thread

    This guy is clued in ...See the sitting posture ?... Nothing tickles the spot like full lotus .... And the hand position?, most important...... He seems to have the fingers interlocked , slightly unconventional but a small point .... You must have the posture , then the pyramid will work ... Remember, all this is a preparation for zero gravity tantric sex ... But we only get this after the evil ones are sent packing by Prayer ( that's probably what he's doing.. Praying the Divine realm heals the Dark ones, they depart, and we get the new civilization)
  9. oz93666

    coronavirus mega thread

    Red Heifer??? let me search ... Sep 10, 2018 - The Temple Institute in Jerusalem have announced the birth of a red ... A 'red heifer' has been born in Israel, allegedly fulfilling a prophecy that the 'end of times' are near The ET's who control things here have very advanced tech ... they can go back in time , appear as an angel to mystics in biblical times and tell them what they want . It's all very complex and nothing is fixed , so called "predictions" are not very accurate ... but the cabal will help them along ... this red heifer could be genetic engineering , or just a lie ...I would imagine the "temple Institute" is keen to find fulfillment of biblical prophesies ... Why would the ET's/Cabal do all this? Because now 100's millions of people believe the world is going to end , and so , we help it along , by our thoughts and unconscious actions ... ( a trivial example of this is wearing a mask when out ... end timers who think were all going to die anyway , it's prophesied, would be less likely to bother wearing a mask ... and so the plague spreads more) It's the same with bill gates predicting 65 million deaths from a plague , many will believe him , and so help bring it about.
  10. That's pretty good , Seeker ..IMHO Starts off a bit ropey ... Strong christian influence and they're desperate to bring in the idea the Mark of the Beast is a chip for financial transactions ... That could have been a plan many decades ago , but it makes no sense now , Iris of fingerprint can identify the person , and the computer can then determine your standing , so a chip is not needed for this .... I recently , half joking , linked the mark of the beast to vaccination , and they do cover that ... Over all excellent video although rather black and white ... see's trump as one of the bad guys ...it's not that simple .... In the end video reminds us of one of the exciting end plots ... the third temple in Jerusalem ... an embassy ( protected compound) for the returning "gods" ...(ET's)
  11. Again , I think this is an oversimplification . Things (between humans )are run like a militarily operation ...need to know basis , the people at the top delight in miss leading and giving false and limited information to those lower down in their own gang ... Let's take Boris as an example ... He is part of one of these bloodlines , jewish , related to the royals ... nettyroyalblog.nl/genealogy/the-royal-ancestry-of-boris-johnson-the-queens-14th-prime-minister/ But I don't get the impression he's clued in on the whole agenda... If I were Mr Rothschild I would keep him mostly in the dark , He Doesn't Need to Know... and will do a much more convincing performance that way , not only to the public , but to his cabinet who are mostly decent chaps ... So he may not have known the virus was coming ... he blunders around , first saying , "ignore it , let it run" ... then seeing the way events unfold elsewhere changes tack and goes for lock down observers at all levels see he's caught off guard , and the idea of conspiracy in high places is dismissed . That said , look at this article from infowars ..... In the months prior to the most ferocious stock market crash in history and the eruption of the biggest public health crisis of our generation, we witnessed the biggest exodus of corporate CEOs that we have ever seen. And as you will see below, corporate insiders also sold off billions of dollars worth of shares in their own companies just before the stock market imploded. It does seem odd that so many among the corporate elite would be so exceedingly “lucky” all at the same time.... https://www.infowars.com/why-did-hundreds-of-ceos-resign-just-before-the-world-started-going-absolutely-crazy/ So these corporate elite , who were lower down in the pecking order than Boris ... Bill Gates was one of them .. were obviously tipped off Something was coming , and they need to sell up to protect globalist assets ... They needed to be told
  12. oz93666

    The Irrationality of Lock-down Measures

    I think those are accurate observations Motley ... There is no hard and fast rules for politicians ... DI sees things rather simplistically ... If you become elected then you must be part of the cabal and corrupt ... but the Kennedy's showed this was not the case .... the clintons would be cognizant of much of the plan ... Obama less ... It's like the freemasons all sorts in there , the goal is to make them all more corrupt , and only tell them what they need to know to be of service to the agenda... There was hope trump was a maverick , independent ... he would be subject to intense mind influence .. if that doesn't work he could be killed and replaced by an ET shape shifting rep.
  13. Sure ... It might be a bit reckless ... inviting anyone and everyone to join me ... I am very reclusive , but the land is about 15 football pitches in size , partly overgrown jungle with a river , so people can spread out ... plenty of bamboo to build , or can buy pre-fad dwelling or build conventionally ... in normal times visa's are a hassle , but all that is breaking down now since people visiting here can't get flights home ... you will need cash to get established , then plenty of food from the land.
  14. Thanks BC .... I have thrown out the invitation many times to anyone on this forum who want's to join me here ... my (GF's) land is VERY big .... A member on the old forum , jikwan did visit ... he's an English guy in his sixties ... he's been living here as a Buddhist monk for many years ! ... shaved head , orange robe , he doesn't need a visa or money , just a begging bowl ... he lived in my underground bunker for a month ... lost touch with him now .. One member of this forum is thinking of coming out , we PM ... although flights might have ended now!
  15. Well sort of ... it's a subbranch of the military called the SSP (Secret Space Program) ...completely compartmentalized and separate ... they induct new recruits from the normal services , only the best people , but mainly abduct children and press-gang them into the SSP . This video is the story of a US marine who had exceptional abilities and was invited to join the SSP ... This second video is the story of someone abducted as a child into the SSP , He also was top of the class ... The SSP only take the best ... There are millions of humans , taken from Earth now working in the SSP , they believe they are helping humanity but are mind controlled by the ET's and will be used against us in the coming years Spiritually?? They have tech that can abduct you clean out of your bedroom ( think Star trek "beam me up Scotty") .. This is happening routinely to millions of people for breeding and other agendas .. standard procedure is to wipe your memory before you are returned .. only a very small minority will notice anything strange
  16. oz93666

    The Irrationality of Lock-down Measures

    Well there was enough evidence for DI to go out on a limb talking about reptilian shape shifters ... and since then many researchers have joined him .... All I can say is this is where I've ended up after 25 years at the subject ... it's the most rational explanation of whats going on ... answers all the difficult questions .... You do have to put in many hours to become confident ... here is the website ...getwisdom.com ... over a hundred 2 hr videos , and I've listened to them all , at least once.
  17. Meat!! No one in their right mind would eat pieces of dead animals .... Reptilians do You will gladly fight politicians with your own fists?? ... well what's holding you back ?? go for it ! ... the reality is more likely you are stuck in a flat somewhere and see no way of escape , caught like a rat in a trap ... I have a well coordinated strategy ... stay alive as long as possible , as comfortably as possible secure and free of fear ... In this relaxed mindset I can Pray effectively , which in my understanding is the only way out of this .. we are in a Spiritual Battle Fighting politicians is not a solution
  18. Welcome to the forum Phil .... questions are excellent , it's the only way we truly learn ... keep them coming Q1 ... Yes all government institutions malfunction ... this is by design to sabotage society .... the virus couldn't be coordinated effectively globally by humans .. The real controllers are ET's .. reptilian shapeshifters ... their tech is vastly advanced , they mind influence all humans , particularly politicians to make bad decisions. Q2 ... As above .. 90% of leaders are not in on any plan ... there maybe some who use the virus as an opportunity to further their own political goals Q3... As above ... the scientist who may have engineered the virus were working in a bio ware fare lab ... they are told it's important work for national defense , so humans may have created .. then a black ops team steal and release it , these would be under the ultimate direction of the very few people who do know the whole plan , rothshilds and royalty ... they cannot say no , since they fear the real controllers of it all , the ET's Q4... Bill Gates is probably one of the few who knows most of the plan . He just doesn't care , he's been killing people with vaccines for decades has been exposed , and still gets away with it ... He believes he's untouchable .
  19. oz93666

    coronavirus mega thread

    This is all becoming ridiculous .... I'm at a loss to know what game they're playing ... although half a dozen possibilities do spring to mind .... The ultimate irony would be if prince Philip caught it and died ... You remember... he said he wants to reincarnate as a virus to solve the "overpopulation problem"
  20. oz93666

    The Irrationality of Lock-down Measures

    Because after 25 years of intensely studying conspiracy , this is where I've ended up and I believe it's the truth ... They also said a similar thing to DI ..."don't talk about reptilians, it will put people off " ...Well now he's been vindicated , with many reliable people confirming the shape shifting rep hypothesis ... Mollison is one of these , he has clarified the idea and taken it to another level .... Indications are the ET's will appear openly very soon ( think the movie "V" ) ...then there will be no doubt .
  21. oz93666

    The Irrationality of Lock-down Measures

    I don't believe this is how things work .... Boris and Sadiq and others are not conspiring together , neither do they get orders to knowingly enslave us ... For many years I did believe this sort was going on ... but there were many inconsistencies in this theory it didn't hold up ...Body language would give them away .. if politicians do not genuinely believe in what they are telling people , the people would instinctively see through it ... A much better theory has come from the work of Karl Mollison , which explains this , and a host of other issues ...Mind control from the controlling ET's is all pervasive , Politicians are under their spell and 99% believe they are doing their best to save us ... only a very few in the hybrid elite bloodline ,the royals and rothchilds , are fully cognizant of the plan ...The likes of Boris and Sadiq are mind influence puppets
  22. See this short video ( and dozens like them on Youtube) .... Unprecedented anomalous weather conditions destroying crops everywhere ... certainly done by ET's ... Trump , Boris and leaders in other countries sealing borders so migrant agricultural workers don't plant or harvest food .. food shortages are inevitable , by design ... We should be clear about who we mean by "They" ...Who are the They who are doing this ??? I don't believe for one moment 99% of UK politians are in on this ... I doubt if even Boris knows the plan ... rothschilds and the queen probably know ...Trump probably does not understand ...most of these people are mind control manipulated by the ET's ... the real puppet masters .
  23. oz93666

    Will you take the vaccine

    Well sure , nobody here will willingly take it ...but where will you get your food ?? " And no one could buy (or sell food) unless they carried the Mark of the Vaccine on their right arm or forehead ...Revelations 13 : 2 " They won't go hunting you down to inject you ... just require you're papers show you are up to date with inoculations before you can have food.
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    coronavirus mega thread

    They could play it many ways and pointless and futile to speculate .... What is important is your personal strategy... Empty out your bank accounts and max out credit cards ...With all the cash get everything you need to survive , remote location , self sufficient , plenty of food , any cash over by Krugerrands (gold) ... or silver ...
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    The Irrationality of Lock-down Measures

    I do believe it isn't very infectious ... but then how can the steep cures we see be explained ??? Wohan has no tube trains where people are jammed in breathing the same air .. The explanation is as Karl Mollison says , ET's working with the SSP started outbreaks in multiple places around the globe.