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  1. The best way to oppose it is to dismiss the whole idea as ridiculous ... ignore it ... don't feed it with your attention ... be clear in your own mind this will never happen ! I speak as one who was suckered in the past ... Listening to AJ religiously around 2000 - 2003 , the war drums were banging very loudly , I became convinced Iran was about to be invaded , causing the oil price to skyrocket and the collapse of western civilization ... This was one of the factors that led me to leave the UK in 2004 , I told friends the west would be unservivable ... (they must all think I'm an idiot now) .... Anyway I'm very glad I left , and I do have built a very secure underground shelter , just in case the masses fall into the trap of believing in war .... It does depend on the mental beliefs of the mass of humanity , without the people swallowing this idea , the cabal cannot move.
  2. ^^^^ This video demonstrated why Mr Watts is one of my least favorite people ... one of the most pretentious fools there is ( thank goodness he's dead) I could expose his stupidity by analyzing word by word this short video , but why bother ... I'll just deal with the title and the thrust of the whole thing .... There are NO mistakes .... He's suggesting don't take a moment to think before you act , whatever you do "It will all come out in the wash" ... What about the child molester about to do his evil ... it doesn't really matter ??? .... it'll all come out in the wash???? he shouldn't think about what he's doing???? Of course there are mistakes , we have free will , it's up to us to make the right choices . Nothing is irrevocable , but wrong choices will mean you have to do things over again. Alan Watts brain was fucked !! he started as a chistian minister , then when to hinduism , then budhism , then zen ... seeking to be told by corrupt religious authorities what the truth was, instead of discovering it for himself ... he has a pretentious know it all tone in his voice , and he knows nothing!
  3. oz93666

    I Think You Should Apologise

    No YOU need to apologize to yourself for being suckered into such a pessimistic out look ...no one s going to have chips in their heads ...Snap out of it ... The future is ours , and we create it by our beliefs and expectations ... You have become part of the problem by using your mental powers to dream a nightmare into reality
  4. I don't need to see that sol .... of course google , facebook , youtube , and others are all united in trying to stop trump ... they're all NWO operations... trump is independent .. I would be interested to see Icke explain it though ... (not interested enough to watch over 2 hrs of video )
  5. To do what ??? to find out what the tread is about .... the title should clearly explain that ! Lets have a look at Google , it's bound to be NWO (Jewish) Zionist controlled , such companies always are .... Notice the two "oo"s in google two oos rarely appear in a word , when they do the unconscious mind sees two eyes watching .... moon ...yahoo .... google ... all of these are surveillance mechanisms , watching everything you do an write ... A search shows Google's founders are Lary Page and Serge Brin ... Each worth over $50 Billion Page was born on March 26, 1973,[19] in East Lansing, Michigan.[20] His mother was Jewish,[21] and his maternal grandfather later made aliyah to Israel,[22] Brin was born in Moscow in the Soviet Union,[5] to Russian Jewish parents, Eugenia and Mikhail Brin, both graduates of Moscow State University (MSU).[6][7] His father is a mathematics professor at the University of Maryland, and his mother a researcher at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.[5][8][9 Well who would have thought it two jews run the company
  6. I had to search this to find what it was about ... your two posts did not make it clear .... Google hopes to stop trump being re-elected in 2020... Hardly surprising .... The video above is over 2 hrs !! I really don't have time to go through all that to find the part where David goes though mental gymnastics to justify his ridiculous position that trump is NWO ...lol But if anyone knows the time marker I will watch ...
  7. oz93666

    Road rage on the increase in UK people more stressed?

    Objectively there is not more road rage , otherwise it would be on the news ... statistics show violent crimes of all kinds are heading down.... YOU are attracting such events to yourself .... This is the Magic of the mind ... Your personal reality conforms with your expectations , beliefs and desires ..... You say in the above post ..."I feel the world is becoming a lot less tolerant" ... if you believe that , then your subconscious mind will take that on board and use all it's magical powers to draw to you people who are less tolerant ... This is a universal principal that many hundreds have books have been written on ...I was lucky enough to discover it when young , and used it to attract wealth ....I made myself BELIEVE I deserved affluence ... deserved it ... that I should not have to work a 9 to 5 job ... it took a while , but the results came ... So realize this is just a belief you have , change it to something better ..."everybody loves me" or similar You seem to imply your driving skills need improvement , and you are not sensitive to the needs of other road users ... if you encounter any more incidences , you can look at them as the universe reminding you to drive more carefully .... and the Universe does need to shout , Your life is at risk on the road ... the Universe loves you and wants you safe ... For a detailed explanation of how we create our reality see "The Nature of Personal Reality" ...Jane Roberts
  8. These are all crazy pipe dreams , I've seen dozens of them come and go ... that's right ... the NWO was planned to be here by 1984 (hence the book title) ... then 2000 ....They never achieve any of this garbage ..... As for your point on CO2 levels effecting climate .... LIES and BS we are starved of CO2 , the climate was very nice with CO2 Twenty times current levels and the biosphere flourished ... all that CO2 from millions of years ago is now bound up in the white clifts of dover (chalk is CaCO3)...limestone ...coal , oil , to reinvigorate life on the planet , its essential to get that back in the atmosphere.... The cabal are Satanists they love Death and want the Death of the Planet ... the best way to do this is to reduce CO2 Look at the chart above !! Never in recorded history has CO2 been so low ... this is extremely dangerous for all life here The graph below is the one climatologists ram down our throats , and it is accurate , but the rise is insignificant compared to the massive ups and downs that naturally occurred before humans arrived ...and all life flourished perfectly well .... 400 or 500 ppm is extremely low looking at the whole history of the Earth . Current modest rise in CO2 is the best news possible , if it had dropped any more plants could not grow , and we were looking at the extinction of all life. Plant life would be happy with CO2 at around 1000 or 2000 ppm , but realistically this must be a very long term dream. Before this is achieved the best plants can hope for is to live in a greenhouse where CO2 is added, allowing them to grow properly .... "CO2 enrichment in greenhouses allows crops to meet there photosynthesis potential. Enriching the air with CO2 can be done by means of the combustion of natural gas or with liquid CO2. In Dutch greenhouses the distribution lines of CO2 are placed underneath the growing gutter, near the crops. With the natural diffusation of the carbon dioxide to the top of the greenhouse, the plants are sure to benefit from the CO2 enrichment..."
  9. 1 ... they have suppressed 'free energy' .... they want expensive energy , it's about getting your money ... If the public believed the climate lie , then the cabal would move ahead with massive taxes on fossil fuels .... petrol would go up , plane tickets would cost more ,plastics , fertilisers , coal generated electricity .... humanity is reliant on oil , sure high prices would decrease revenue to oil companies , slightly , because of reduced demand ... but the wealth extracted in carbon taxes would be much much more ... and all the money goes to the cabal anyway... 2.. the cabal benefit keeping us poor keeps us under control ... They don't even care if electric vehicles take over ... they can buy up and control the lithium reserves , essential for the batteries ... with control of this they can keep prices high .... That's just what they did with nuclear power ...rothschilds own 90% of the Uranium mines ... 3 ... It would be much better for the planet if we burn off all the coal and oil .... this would put more CO2 back into the atmosphere ... the planet is starved of CO2 , this drives the bio sphere ... some commercial greenhouses pump in CO2 to get good growth ... all the carbon in that coal used to be in the atmosphere as CO2..millions of years ago Everything the cabal tell you is a lie , far from destroying the planet CO2 feeds life!!
  10. oz93666

    Sandy Hoax: A Military Coup

    So in summary all the evidence suggests this event was years in the planning .... They placed CIA/Mossad Agents in the area YEARS before , they blended into the community , they had children attending the school .. Sleeper agents . They were told , "Just live a normal life , we have an operation for you latter with a big payoff " ($Millions in government compensation) ... Probably the children were not really related to the parents , perhaps adopted , mildly mind control ..... And the operation is carried out in a very controlled , managed way , for best effect ..... Now what's the point of all this ... Why go to all the trouble of planting agents , faking it ??? Surely it would be so much simpler to do it for real ... Get some poor mind controlled victim, give him guns and get him to go into any school , and do it all for real !!! It would be easier , but the NWO wouldn't get the same Mileage out of the event .... After a few weeks in the News it would all be forgotten .... But with Agents as some of the parent victims , they can order them on nationwide tours lecturing against the evils of guns .... sue gun manufacturers .... sue Alex Johns .... start companies selling security to schools .... give plenty of high profile media appearances ......... This is why it was faked ... to keep this event alive and get the maximum mileage possible to try to get guns banned (Six years after the event) ..... He is pursuing his own legal action, in his case against the parent company of Smith & Wesson, which made the weapon used in the attack where his 14-year-old daughter, Jaime, was killed.. .....By bringing a lawsuit against the companies that manufactured and sold the weapon used by the gunman....
  11. Biden implied he was a Zionist?? well that's no surprise You won't find many in politics either side of the Atlantic that aren't Zionists ...it only means , Quote ... " a person who believes in the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel" ... to be otherwise would be a stance against the NWO cabal and the rothshilds ... but that no way means such people are Mossad agents , (receiving a paycheck from mossad) ...
  12. That 's still not right .... Mossad orchestrated Nothing ... this is a very small group from a very small country ...Americans orchestrated it all ... They called in Mossad agents only for the very dirty jobs that American agents could not be trusted for .... planting the thermite and other charges ... perhaps planting the nukes under the towers ... They could not rely on American Agents to keep quiet ... Death bed confessions .... Israeli's and jews in general are used to keeping secrets from the goy (that's why they are used in dirty operations like Sandy Hook) ,they are very closed to outsiders. Anyway it was no big deal for them , it's not their country ... for an American this would be a terrible secret to keep , if their friends and family and public knew they would be lynched. Of course it was Americans overwhelmingly involved in this operation ... but in minor roles , many in the media , the guy who created the fake pictures of the planes , but he wouldn't have any sleepless nights , he didn't kill anyone ... but the people who planted the charges and pressed the button were selected very carefully . Probably a Mossad agent pressed the button to detonate the thermite charges and the nukes .
  13. You missed an important part out Seeker .... From NASA web site ...."Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree ...." These are Climate Scientists ... the only employer of climate scientists are NWO run government groups pushing the lie .... these 'scientists' know if they want to keep their nice prestigious , well paid job , they tow the line .... Either that or they end up flipping hamburgers at Mc Donalds
  14. What I hear from the comments above are people who are not firm in the subject matter they are examining , not confident in their own ability to tell what is BS ... not confident they can spot a fraud .... I've been in this game a very long time ... I'm the same age as David Icke ... I started investigating the occult at age 16 , I already excelled in science and logic and so was well equipped to analyse this tricky area of investigation and get to the truth ... in my early 20's I came across the channeled work of Jane Roberts , "The Nature of Personal Reality" .. this blew me away and gave me the theory to transform my life ... you get what you concentrate on ... beliefs expectations and desires form your reality .... testing out these ideas I found they worked , and by applied mental focus I was able to draw wealth to myself (as everyone can) ... this freed me from work and I've spent my whole life exploring the occult , tai-chi , yoga , metaphysics ... seeking the truth about reality ... full time So after many decades at this , it should be expected I must be pretty close , must have developed the skills to see if someone is genuine , if their information fits in with what i'm already confident is the truth.... I can tell you most of the big players are genuine , Bartzis , Kavasillas , I could list a dozen ... and when I come across a new guy like Karl Mollison I can tell in an instant ... this is to be expected , I've spent my life at this!! Just as a mechanic who's worked with cars all his life can listen to a car ticking over and diagnose everything about it. There are very few bare faced frauds , one that does stand out is Tom Campbell ... https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hpanwoforum/tom-campbell-military-intelligence-disinfo-shill-t6397.html ... most are genuine people trying to figure things out , like Alex Jones , David Icke , Alan Watt , they have 90% right but also have their prejudices and blind spots ... then the mediums like Bashir , Machiniac ... 80% of the information is correct but they probably are channeling deceptive entities ... and the same for Simon Parkes , Alex Collier , 80% correct , but they are allied with ET's that have a malevolent agenda ....You can still learn a lot from the last people I've listed , but beginners should beware! There's no real short cut to being skilled at this , just like the car mechanic , you have to put in decades of inquiry .... But back to Karl .... the importance of Karl is he's working with whistle-blowers from the SSP ... These people are trying to regain their memories , the cabal has been messing with them all their lives, they are trying to figure the truth about themselves , what memories are planted and fake , which are genuine , and Karl can be a great help in this process .... Here's a session of Karl working with one of these people .....
  15. You still have not watched the video , you have not even read my partial transcript where I quote him as saying ..."we are facing a potential elimination so they (ETs) can have our planet "... you must be more open to new sources of information .... that is the only way forward
  16. There ..you see how the media has programmed you . You already believe war with Iran is inevitable ... They have turned your creative mental power into bringing war about .... FACT You get what you concentrate on . Your beliefs expectations and desires create your reality .... These are fundamental truths that all true occultists understand
  17. Hardly ... the gold was probably moved weeks before and the isralies got zilch .... Important to understand while the NWO broadly controls all western countries inc israel , these countries are also independent , and greedily protect their own interests ...so that was American gold and chenney bush and others would decide where it went , they would not give it away to another country ... It's like the Mafia. There are branches in different states and countries , and they will sometimes work together on mutual ventures ... but they are still independent and compete with one another.
  18. We're all agree on the gold !! The American NWO pinched it ... not the Israelis , not easy for them to get it out of the country... lol
  19. You are not addressing my points very intelligently Brother .... I'm not denying Israeli involvement , but you seem to be denying Saudi and american involvement ..... To call it a "Mossad" (Israeli) operation is misleading ... it was an American (NWO) operation , and they used Americans , Saudis and Israelis and UK BBC news announcers and anyone else they needed .
  20. Of course he's seen mountains of evidence that Mossad agents were involved , and they were ... but to suggest it was a "Mossad operation" ... that the security forces of a minuscule foreign country could penetrate America and carry out such a complex multi faceted operation is ridiculous ... All western security agencies are under cabal (NWO) control ... I'm sure it makes General Sabrosky feel much more comfortable believing the Israelis did it all and his fellow US military officers were not involved ... evidence contradicts this , the Saudi terrorists were taught English at a US Military base ...exposed by a US army officer ... "...the 9/11 hijackers trained at US military bases . According to these accounts, four of the hijackers trained at Pensacola Naval Air Station, a base that trains many foreign nationals.... .."
  21. And despite all this , day to day life for 99% of the people on the planet is just the same .... As for wars it's a proven fact that deaths from wars have been steeply declining since 9/11 and are now at an all time historic low ..Do you want me to post the chart again .... Yeah ... they've been "pushing " for war with Iran for decades ...when they've brainwashed enough people into believing it's inevitable they can do it... Don't be one of these people . We must discriminate between the reality we have , and the lies and the reality the media want us to believe in ... and so create ! We do create our own reality
  22. As usual with Brother , he's 90% spot on .... I would just take issue with graphic immediately above " 9/11 was a Mossad operation , period" ... This is what the cabal ( bush chenney silverstien ) want those who see through official story to believe ... it protects them ... they can say "we didn't do it , it was the Israelis..." The truth is the plan was laid out by the Americans named .... then they have to find operatives prepared to carry it out who can keep their mouths shut .... The CIA would be the last place they'd look , not many Americans , even in CIA black ops would be happy attacking their own country in this way ... nor MI5 .... Mossad is the obvious choice , they would be told 9/11 will be used as an excuse to attack israel's enemies ... they also used Saudies to supply and finance the terrorist as another layer of confusion and cover .... It's just like the assassination of Diana this was a UK plan , but they could not use MI5 operatives .... the French secret service did it as a favor .. So Israelis did plant the thermite and other explosives in the towers .. we have evidence of this ... but they were subcontractors.
  23. You clearly have not watched the video , just posted your preconceived ideas on channeling ... Please give another comment when you have watched it !! Karl even says in the video "over 90% of channelers are being deceived"
  24. oz93666

    Did David Icke really know about Jimmy Savile?

    You are being duped by cabal articles designed to smear Alex Jones and David Icke in complicity or involvement in pedophilia ..... Why if Icke knew about Savile do you think he would keep quiet , while exposing heath and royals in print ??? I don't see why David Icke should have to sit back and tolerate people coming on this forum accusing him of complicity in pedophilia and necrophilia , particularly since he has been so prominent in exposing this Bannings are called for!
  25. oz93666

    Did David Icke really know about Jimmy Savile?

    That's good to hear ... Some on this thread , including the thread starter seem to lack all judgement and would happily send their mothers to the guillotine...