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    Forum meet up

    No Fluke ... A creepy old middle aged man ( working for MI5) .. calls himself Yasmina and puts up a cute photo ...no evidence of tits yet !! I'm only joking ... I'm sure Yasmina is as she presents
  2. oz93666

    Clear the sky's and then start spraying

    So many new comers here who don't know the basics of anything .... Cemtrails were all dealt with on the old forum which closed years ago ... go and read there .... It's not SPRAYING ... nothing is being prayed ... it's an additive in the fuel ... Of course you will still see chem-trails , as long as there are still passenger flights ... when they totally stop there will be clear sky's
  3. oz93666

    Bob Geldof and Rita Ora Covid Fund

    Should have seen this one coming .... "Rita Ora teams up with Sir Bob Geldof to create charity to fight coronavirus" Charities are the biggest rip off on the planet .... Easy money Bob Gelgolf and his chum Bono have many things in common ... Both Irish .. both jewish ...both work hand in glove with the cabal and support NWO agendas, and because of this the cabal gives them lucrative charities to run ... and they both are Charity Thieves Bonos charity "One" ...admittedly only gives one% of moneys collected to those it pretends to help .... on record ..search it .... Geldolf covers his tracks more effectively and it's not clear exactly how many millions he stole from Band aid ... This corona virus charity is "to raise awareness of the virus" ... just in case it should slip your mind !
  4. oz93666

    God talks on how to survive Corona ...

    Certainly , at the moment that appears so ... deaths as of today are ridiculously low ... creator confirms the virus will recur and mutate , this is not going away anytime soon ... Bill Gates simulation put deaths at 60M ... even that is less than 1% of the population ... mostly elderly and weak ... so it would have been better to just ignore it .... Lock down will mean global economic collapse is almost inevitable .....the economy is dependent on people doing productive work , not on ups and downs in share prices ... People confined to their flats means you essentially have 90% of people lock downed unemployed , being supported and fed by the 10% who produce ... it's unsustainable. We are also told virus and economic collapse is just the start of what the ET's will throw at us ... freak weather , earthquakes , perhaps WWIII and many other things , culminating in arrival of the ETs ... all coming soon now. ... These are all just plans they have ... the only way to halt them is asking for Divine Intervention
  5. oz93666

    Grow your own veg in a bucket

    Encouraging to see this thread ... Practically this is the direction we need to go in ... But it's a long hard journey ... tending and nurturing a bucketful of vegetables for months to get enough to eat for a day! This is a subject totally ignored in Mad Max and virus survival type movies ...Where does the food come from ? One of the main reason I judged the UK as "unsurvivable" ... was the compete lack of food that grows by itself ... Look at the countryside in the UK ... empty barren fields ... nothing to eat ... In the tropics bananas , coconuts and many other things grow wild , without help from humans .
  6. oz93666

    Voting members off of the Forum

    Banning is A bit extreme ....Many should have an "L" plate next to their Avatar ..... We have had an influx of new members since corona , and their level of understanding of the basics of our subject is deplorable .. the forum risks being swamped by stupidity ...
  7. oz93666


    ^^^ I think the above video in post 2 could be disingenuous click bait .... The still above has "corona virus" ... but that appears nowhere in the clip ...In the simpsons video it is called Osaka virus and comes from Japan , hardly a prediction ... the still must be a fake The public Have been programmed , but simpsons has little effect ...People are rolling over because they have been primed about dangerous plagues from literally Hundreds of Hollywood movies going back over 60 years!
  8. That's just it .... the teacher and elderly gent were told they had it ... the doctor treating them may have been TOLD these two people had it , by a laboratory far far away somewhere that carried out the test ... Some Freemason director of this lab can change test results ... Once mass testing of the public is carried out , this freemason could check out the profile of all those tested ... those who are a danger to the system will be told they have corona , and it's off to the quarantine camp with them! There's a new term appearing in the press ... ASYMPTOMATIC .... it means free of symptoms Rand Paul was just told he has the virus ... even though he felt fine ..had no symptoms , no temperature “He is asymptomatic and was tested out of an abundance of caution ....." So ...get ready you could feel perfectly fine , but if the men in white coats say you've got it , it's off to the quarantine camp .... beds packed close together with many who DO have corona
  9. oz93666

    coronavirus mega thread

    WHo's harvey weinstein ??? No idea ...from search ....Harvey Weinstein CBE is an American former film producer and a convicted sex offender. It's becoming ridiculous the number of prominent people falling , it increasingly looks like the cabal are infecting these people for whatever reason ...
  10. oz93666

    coronavirus mega thread

    You beat me to the post Dana ...by 2 minutes .... Rand Paul is one of the NWO's biggest enemies Three possibilities.... 1 ...He was given corona by the cabal .... 80%chance 2.... He has been told he has corona , but doesn't really ... 15% chance .... 3 ...He caught it randomly from contact ....5% chance
  11. oz93666

    Face Masks

    Keep posting him Seeker ...He is the best ...That's the first time I've seen him .... I don't read every thread , and there's so many video's posted here, he just slipped through my net ! The fact that Youtube deleted him (AJ is Banned from Youtube) Indicates the cabal do not want this secret getting out !! This deserves a thread on it's own ..." Zinc the answer to Corona "
  12. oz93666

    Face Masks

    It will absorb nearly ALL gases , but soon gets "full up" and will not absorb anymore of that particular gas ... Nitrogen and oxygen are very abundant in the air , so when exposed to air the charcoal will very quickly be "full" of these two gases and will not absorb anymore of them ... but it will still have the ability to absorb chlorine and other gases ... Charcoal is used by cannabis growers to absorb the strong smell from the air in the grow room ...There's nothing special about "activated" charcoal .. it just means "fresh" ... barbecue charcoal would also work and is much cheaper ...if cannabis growers realized this they could save a fortune. I was watching AJ the other day ... He has uncovered a lot of respected research that shows Zinc will prevent any virus taking hold in your body ...He says the cabal are covering up this information .... All we need to do is take zinc mineral supplement and we wont catch corona (he doesn't sell this) .... He convinced me , I'm going to get some from my local chemist .
  13. Yes ....see edit to my post above , they could actually be infecting these people as sacrificial lambs for the psi-op , we'll have to wait see if any celebrities die
  14. OK ....This raises an important point , there could be a number of reasons for this ..... 1. .... Celebrities are more likely to be tested ... they have money and doctors which can get access to a test kit , so maybe tested even with no symptoms ...If these people do really have it then this suggests the infection rate among the public is much much higher than imagined ... 2 .... Celebrities are more likely to be tested ... The controllers TELL them they have the virus (some celebrities will actually believe this themselves) I'm sure the elite ..Prince Albert ... Belgium Royal , Pope etc KNOW they don't have it and understand the psi-op ... All this is so the public "know" some one with it ... it makes it more real and a threat , and the public submit more easily ... Number 2 must be more likely ... The idea there is no virus is not viable IMO ... Like FE I could give a dozen reasons hoax virus is false ... But figures maybe manipulated ... and other deceptions maybe going on. Edit .... Ah there's a number 3 ... Certain elite that need disposing of maybe infected with the virus , by the people higher up in the command chain
  15. This is the proof that 99% of chemtrails come from passenger flights , it's an additive put in the fuel not "sprayed" ...pilots know nothing .... The other 1% is military they do have specially converted planes ...on board tanks fill the fuselage and spray toxins (on selected locations ) . These toxins or viruses would be broken down or killed by the high engine temperature , so cannot be added to the fuel and are sprayed .... Soon the sky's should be clear with the end of personal travel .
  16. oz93666

    Is Russia in on the coronavirus false flag?

    It's there ...1 death Russia 306 1 16 289 2 These figures are all meaningless , they don't give the number of people who have been tested ! ..If you don't test you won't find cases .. this is probably why Africa has low number of cases ... I'm sure the SSP has spread it everywhere.
  17. I think the right word is Demiurge .... From Search .... "Is the Demiurge God? The inferior God created by Sophia's desire, also referred to as the Demiurge, is the Creator God of the Old Testament. Due to his inferiority, he is not seen as good but rather an evil, angry, violent God...." Lets assume God is a good guy ... the creator of the Universe , wants the best for us ..... Has God been manipulating Psychedelic users??? ...No God does not manipulate in this free will universe , he stands back unless invited to help .... But we are surrounded by fallen angels , dark spirits who are constantly miss leading us ( these are working with the Evil ET s who control things here ) , and when on drugs , the door is opened wider to them . This is the world view of Karl Mollison , the best source we have ..... getwisdom.com
  18. All the signs are the world we have known is about to disappear very quickly ...marketing will not be relevant ...skills required to survive will be important , particularly growing food ,wiring up and maintaining solar panels , refrigeration , building ... any skill you need to stay alive
  19. oz93666

    Emergency laws to be passed imminently.

    Foreigner !! Me ?? ...I'm a Londoner born and Bred ... Now retired to Thailand till the Evil ones are defeated ... then I'll move to Egypt to start my Empire .... Don't forget Bill Gates did a simulation just before the outbreak that predicted 60M dead .. so of course it's a cabal operation with Chinese involvement.
  20. oz93666

    Face Masks

    Activated charcoal is not appropriate for corona ...It's used for gas attacks ... charcoal has the ability to absorb many simple gases , chlorine etc ... used in WWI /WWII gas masks
  21. oz93666

    message from Pleiadeans

    Hi Bill .... As you know I'm not a massive fan of Machiniak ... but I still keep an open mind ..... Now she's taking the credit for predicting all this when in her New Year transmission 4 months ago there was no mention of any virus ... just " hinted a financial collapse will start in January 11th or 12th 2020, base on astrology " ... I guess she was sort of right on that , although nothing significant on the dates she gave .... I do agree with what she says ... except paying off your debts ...No ...max out those cards and stop repayments ....how they gonna collect??? ... Very gratifying to see she says buy silver ... I was going to throw mine in the river ... fed up with seeing it nose dive day after day !...lol I'll go and listen to your link now. .... Edit ... Opps , $5 charge to listen to that ...I'll pass
  22. oz93666

    Psychic attacks.

    Sure they do ... but it's not the satanists you need to worry about ,they are few and far between ... It's the Dark Spirits ... these are in league with the ET's who control things here ....ALL humans are under attack from them , they try to sabotage your life to feed off the despair.. Prominent people who are a threat to the control grid , like DI or some politicians , get extra attention .
  23. The overall strategy is to stay alive as long as possible and Pray ... If enough people call for Divine intervention 'God' can step in and heal the Dark ones then we can still get to humanities new paradise civilization ( remember? ...no work, space travel , zero gravity tantric sex).... In this free will Universe humanity has to ASK , or the good guys cannot help ... So the race is on to get enough people Praying before we are all wiped out ... Karl Mollison explains it all ...getwisdom.com ...or .. https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/923-karl-mollison-channeler-extraordinaire/&
  24. I don't know why you keep perusing that line GR ?? As I pointed out earlier there are 5K confirmed cases in the UK , from a population of 50M ... So you would have to personally know 10,000 people to reasonably expect to know one person with corona ... And what are you suggesting ??? That there are no cases ? It's all a hoax ??? Not WMD( which includes nukes , poison gas etc) ... Bio weapons ...He was " Welsh scientist and authority on biological warfare ..." Wikipedia .... He makes up one of the Hundreds of microbiologists who have died in suspicious circumstances ..... Microbiologists have been carefully monitored for decades , any the controllers believed were loose cannons would have been taken out because they would not have been wanting them talking at this time..... These "suicided" microbiologists (and other data) convinced me 15 years ago , they were going to release a plague .... when I left Glastonbury for The jungles of Thailand in 2005 I told people I was leaving because "England was not survivable" .. that " the controller would probably use a plague to take over "... My credibility is through the roof in Glastonbury now ... many friends there now believe ... but they are still paralyzed and can't take action .... What action can they realistically take to stop things? ...Just protect themselves ... be remote , grow and stockpile food , become self sufficient.
  25. oz93666

    coronavirus mega thread

    How sic!! What is there to discuss when you're dying ... surrounded by a lot of weepy relatives putting disrepair into the atmosphere , holding you back from leaving ... I will die alone , it's the best way ... it 's a journey you have to make alone.