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    coronavirus mega thread

    You are forgetting how powerfully programmed the politicians and the public have been by movies like this ... The average person must have seen half a dozen such films and they program the subconscious mind that this is a real danger .. could lead to the end of humanity , and so when something like it pops up in the real world they don't react rationally and will surrender everything .
  2. oz93666

    Emergency laws to be passed imminently.

    Give me a break ..... Just because you live on that silly little , insignificant Island does not mean everything revolves around there .... Less than 1% of the world population live in the UK ...get things in perspective ...Corona effects the whole world!
  3. That video 's 1 hr long sol ...I really can't go through it all .... No it's not a quantum vaccine .. that's not an enemy .... There is only one invisible enemy the dark spirits and fallen angels who infest the 3 ET groups who control things here ... so together these could be called the invisible enemy ... In David Icke terms it's the reptilians ... the real controllers who are unseen ... and we blame the royals or elite or jews , who are just their puppets manipulated by mind control ... Karl Mollison explains it all getwisdom.com So if trump has not been replaced by a shape shifting rep , then he is heavily mind controlled ... maybe he can over come the control now and then and give some hints as to the truth.
  4. oz93666

    coronavirus mega thread

    In our dreams .... anyone not quarantining/vaccinating will be seen as a threat to society and will be locked up ... News reporters in Italy said not one person they met was against the lock down ... There is a way out of this ...Pray ...getwisdom.com But also what can the people rebel against ... ??? the virus IS real ... so what is DI actually saying we should do ??carry on as usual??
  5. oz93666

    coronavirus mega thread

    AI-controlled technocratic was all part of another plan that's not really important now ... it was useful 10years ago for monitoring important people , like microbiologists , to see if they could be trusted , or needed suiciding ... The ET's who control the elite do change plans ... now they're going for the quick kill , quick takeover ... they don't care about monitoring public now .. they have everybody where they want them ... they will soon control the food , and you won't get any unless you take the vaccines ... what you gona do ?? They don't care what you think or do now.
  6. You Cannot fight it .... reporters from Italy where the lock down is most extreme say NO ONE is against it .... So all you can do is get yourself somewhere remote , grow food , stockpile food ... This may sound like hard work ..impossible even .. but if you don't prepare , in 3 months time you would have wished you had escaped when it was still possible ... Stay put of move there is still a way to have an important effect ... Pray ... this is a spiritual battle ... getwisdom.com
  7. oz93666

    No Food For You!

    I'm re posting this video , first brought to our attention by Enigmaticworld ... it's only 16 mins long and outlines an important component in the take over strategy ... The ET's have been creating anomalous weather in many areas of the world to destroy crops , now politicians are shutting borders preventing migrant workers who plant and pick crops ... medium term this will inevitably create shortages , which will give the governments the excuse they need to control this sector ...
  8. No my friend ... that's not the most important Question ... The most important question is HOW WILL YOU SURVIVE IT ? So much talk on this forum is irreverent ...is it a hoax ? is it this ?... is it that? , who did it ..... ?? The controllers did it ... like Icke has been telling us for decades this is their move for a NWO ... It's easy to predict what's coming next ...control of food .... So what are YOU planning to do to stay alive??? To get food from the government you will have to take the vaccine
  9. Keep the jokes coming J .... I hope you have a big stockpile of food , because soon the government will take control of supermarkets , and you'll either take the vaccine or have an empty stomach .... I don't know if you've noticed yass , but I take this whole area of investigation very seriously ... intensely into the occult from a teenager , and spent many years into the quaballah , magic and astrology ...full time !! I've never had to work ... I used to draw up peoples astrology charts for fun ..... Bottom line Astrology does APPEAR to work in an extremely limited way , dependent on how intensely the Astrologer believe in his system ...Your beliefs tend to form your reality ...If you believe people are evil , you will increase the chances of being mugged ... if you believe you deserve affluence you will attract wealth ... and if you believe people with Taurus on the ascendant are stocky built , you will tend to attract those people ... so astrology will appear to the practitioner to be true , but to a very limited extent ... This explains why there are so many different systems even in western astrology , equal house , placedian ...not to mention Indian astrology and Mayan astrology , they all contradict each other and are incompatible ... If there was any truth in astrology they would all agree .... They are belief systems so will appear to the practitioners( in their own personal reality bubbles) to be true ... The thread I linked to proves my case .... .... https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/1746-sports-astrology-tips/ ... this member takes the subject very seriously , and has shown in this thread he cant get one prediction right ..... it doesn't work ...lol
  10. oz93666

    coronavirus mega thread

    The video No Food For You above is excellent , it points out a perfect storm is brewing as a result of many issues , mostly weather , the result will be food shortages coming soon ... Food will be the new currency
  11. oz93666

    coronavirus mega thread

    Latest from Andrew Bartzis .... You remember he is one of the two best source we have .... he does not get his information from the Media .... https://andrewbartzis.com/andrews-live-call-in-show/ 19 :30 .... Q .... so you think in terms of infections and deaths we are just at the beginning ? Bartzis .. Yes .. we are just at the minor , minor , minor beginning ,. In the next 5 to 7 days , were going to see a complete change Mollison the second best source says .. the ET's want to kill off half of us with corona .... This is your window of opportunity , the supermarkets are still relatively full ... If you have any money get store-able food.
  12. You must have been looking over my shoulder J ...Because this is what I first typed ... "Pray to me ... the Wizard of Oz ... the leader of the New World Religion ...Thelema ... I am the successor to Crowley , the "Red Beast" ...Follow Me and my Scarlet Woman and our vision of a paradise civilization , and all will go well ..." ...But I erased it , thinking people would miss understand ... So for the present , just pray to God that the Dark ones are healed and leave us ....
  13. oz93666

    coronavirus mega thread

    I would imagine at least a few people on this forum have credit cards ....Well now's the time to max them out ..in a collapse they can't collect .... buy all the food you can . Sprouting seeds ...sunflower seeds from the pet shop ...mung beans , dried peas .... these sprouted are the best foods ...and all the other store-able food items.
  14. oz93666

    coronavirus mega thread

    LET'S NOT TRY AND FREAK EVERYBODY OUT ????!!!! People should already be freaked out ....Those on this forum should be able to see what's next in the pipeline and prepare! ...The sheeple just react day to day ... A food stockpile gives you some degree of freedom and independence . They don't have to come looking for the vaccinated ...Everyone needs food .. this is their control I expect there will be multiple vaccines as the virus "mutates" and returns at regular intervals Clapton London Azda yesterday
  15. oz93666

    coronavirus mega thread

    Vaccine tests to start within a month ... The vaccine won't be optional , by the time it's ready the government will have control of food supplies ... If your vaccines arn't up to date then no food for you.... These maybe the last few weeks that you have a chance to stockpile food ... don't just sit there sucking your thumbs everybody!
  16. oz93666

    coronavirus mega thread

    That won't stop the forum meet up in London ... Our courageous members will storm the barricades
  17. I agree with some of this ... but where did ..." learning about marketing, " come from .... is this your chosen vocation??? how boring ... hardly applicable to everyone ...some may want to learn about carpentry or growing food ... much more relevant pursuits in this rapidly changing world
  18. Creator ... See here ...getwisdom.com ... or here ... https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/923-karl-mollison-channeler-extraordinaire/& The controllers have been using vaccines to mass exterminate people for over 150 years ... But at the end of WWI they had a great opportunity , many millions of troops under their control in Europe , from all over the Empire ..India, Australia , NZ , Canada , Sth Africa and the US .. At the end of the war all troops were forced to take a vaccine before being discharged and going home .... Of course the vaccine had live virus and infected them all ... this explains the rapid spread in a time when nobody traveled much , and such a massive death rate , more than the deaths in the war itself ... to get this you must infect people by injection and not rely just on person to person transmission ... So this is the lesson from Spanish Flue .... don't take the vaccination .... There may well be a war ... today's News is Trump is blaming the Chinese for the global spread .... The ET's who mind control Trump and other top politicians are about to throw many things at once at us.
  19. oz93666

    I do not understand corona virus panic

    ^^^ clicked on the first one ....45 mins long !! life's too short .... The second is 2hrs !!! ..... It can all be summed up in a few minutes ... people (DI) need to learn to cut to the chase .... DI would have a much bigger impact with 10 or 15 minute concise presentations... Perhaps Metak would like to give us the salient points.
  20. oz93666

    I do not understand corona virus panic

    Well of course this has been planed for a longtime A big part of the planning , which has not been talked about much , has been the deluge of Hollywood movies , for as long as we've all been alive , dealing with plagues in one form or another . We have all been programmed to be aware of what a danger this all is ...end of the world , zombie apocalypse , all from something we catch from others .. So we are all primed , and when anything like this comes along we think it could be the end of the world and we are prepared to put up with anything , if it might stop it. Even politicians have been primed in this way to overreact ... most will not be in on the secret ... that this is all a plan to enforce the New World Order.
  21. oz93666

    China and stock exchange.

    There's no indication where jonjay got those figures ... But certainly China's stocks were hit first because that's where the virus was first reported , so we should expect them to recover first ... There's no trade war ... US cabal intentional allowed all industry to go to China starting 25 years ago ... now the job is complete Trump , too late , tries to redress things ... There is a message being sent to western citizens ... if we crack down hard , like the Chinese , then things will soon return to normal ... that means a police state , sealing people up in their houses ...... Westerners would always be the hardest to control ... the Chinese never ever had any freedom ... So now western politicians have justification for draconian measures , they can impose a lock down from which the west may never emerge
  22. No Astrology section ??? that's because it's BS and doesn't work ...( I took a short 'Diploma' course in it in my early 20's...Mayo school and studied it independently for many years) ... There is a believer who has an Astrology thread here ... he's predicting the outcome of sporting events , it's probably in the sport section , he's got every prediction wrong so far ...lol EDIT ...Here it is ...Read and weep/laugh .... https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/1746-sports-astrology-tips/
  23. oz93666

    Global markets & economy watch

    What is quiet unexpected , and Very good news , is the unbelievable dive in the price of oil ... lost half it's value , now at $25 It's been a key strategy to keep this price high , the Cabal have invaded or tried to control any oil producing country , but it's all come to nothing . They lost control of output ... Cheap oil makes everyone's life better. Many fertilizers which impact food prices come from oil ... everything is delivered by lorries using petrol ... plastics come from oil ,... and much electricity No other commodity impacts so powerfully on the standard of living of everyone on the planet ... price of gold or silver has no effect on people. And most importantly the more oil products we burn the more carbon dioxide , which is essential for a flourishing biosphere
  24. Who informed me a plauge was coming? Many great researchers ,the first was Alex Jones who pointed out the many microbiologists who were being "suicided" But it was Karl Mollison channeling Creator who says the Plan ... just their plan , is to wipe out most of us Yes ...I've put myself in a safe place because I've been intensely studying this subject for many decades and was convinced such things were coming ... When I left Glastonbury 15 years ago for the jungle of Thailand I told everyone that "the UK was not survivable" and that indications were it would probably be a plague ... Well now it's come , and of course I'm interested , it's the only movie in town ... I can still give people on this forum advice on how to survive (If anyone will listen) .. But more importantly I can stay alive and Pray ... As long as you are holding a physical body you are still in the game and can Pray . This can all be turned around if enough people Pray