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  1. 38 minutes ago, MrA said:


    The Chinese military has deployed armored vehicles to Europe for the first time as Chinese medics train in Germany



    Now what's wrong with that Mr A ??? You're not a racist are you ???


    China is part of the UN , and we might need their soldiers to help to hunt down those pesky rebels who don't want a vaccine ... or perhaps people might want a bigger food ration and make trouble! 


    You remember that manta from the other forum "Love Peace and harmony" ... it originated from China , there's a mandarin version which it might be helpful to learn by heart , the Chines wont speak English .... I'll try and find the mantra for you ....


    EDIT  ... Well the old forums down , but I found the song/mantra ... first in Mandarin , then in English sung by Dr Sha ... He sounds just like Benny Hill impersonating a China man ....


    Very Beautiful , brought tears to my eyes  , so if we all learn the Mandarin version it  might well stay the hand of Chines troops when we face them across the barricades...


    I am being serious here ... that's the only way to deal with armed troops , hit them with LOVE!


  2. 1 hour ago, Stride said:

    In a BBC exclusive, he is sharing 10 of his most recent images (including one animation), nine of which have never been published before, for us all to enjoy at this difficult time, along with his thoughts on the role of art in life.







    So this is the latest Art Genius ???  Has Art Prizes Named after him 


    Well that's really good work David .... For an Autistic 10 year old 


    So if you haven't been driven mad by the virus fiasco ..the BBC will give you this rubbish to convince  you really are nuts  and stupid ... You are  so stupid you can't see  every brush stroke has genius in it ...


    This is of course a psi-op ... a psychological operation to make the public doubt their own judgment ... leave it to the experts ... the art experts MUST be right ... and probably politicians do now best , they are professionals after all ... And the medical experts too,  ... Just don't expose your own stupidity by expressing a contrary opinion .

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  3. 4 hours ago, Fluke said:

    i am definately going to partake in this meditation on the 4th and 5th. Are you going to join in to oz?


    I don't want to take too much of this thread up or derail it but do you think there is any real wisdom in collective meditation or visualisation. As crazy as it sounds i am thinking of setting up a thread in the near future and trying to collectively visualise an outcome. Sort of like a paraphychology experiment.  

    I have actually got a lot of questions for you as it happens. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


    Yes I'll  be joining , I see it's 20mins long start at 5pm my time ...


    collective meditation or visualisation... Sure , a good idea ... it's about getting a group together that have the same goal ... for example someone here wanted to start a community farm ... members coming together ... if a group of people with this goal visualized what they wanted , imagined living it , on a regular basis , magic should definitely start working , money would come along , or the right place would come available ... One person on their own could also do it , it's how I managed to materialize a financially easy life , it just takes more work obviously , one person on their own.... Dream of an affluent life .. believe you deserve it , and that will draw that future to you ...  The cabal understand this principal , they saturate the public's mind with Violence and  Zombie Apocalypse from Hollywood , in the hope we will manifest this in the world . ..You get what you concentrate on.


    Ask anything you like , better in a thread (of your own)  than in PM's ...  perhaps just pose the question to everyone , I'm sure I'll see it and put in my 2 cents worth... 

  4. 6 hours ago, Stride said:

    Lots of stories about power cuts incoming.

    Sounds like all the stockpiled food will get ruined.

    People will need to panic buy. It is a way to 'reset' the food clock.


    Freezers were never a good idea ...for what ... are these people meat eaters??? 


    Anyway you get plastic water bottles (full of water ) and put them in all the spare space in the freezer ... it will turn to ice , this stores a LOT of cold .. so if power goes off , the freezer will still be below 0C for many days , because the ice turns back to water releasing the cold ..


    Power cuts , if they come will be for short periods , I would imagine .

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  5. Sure ...food is obviously the next target , see video in this thread ... 

    Don't worry too much about freezers , you need sacs of seeds ...not to grow but to sprout , dried peas , mung beans , alfalfa , sunflower (with hulls sold in pet shops) 

    Dried figs dates , prunes etc ... this will keep you alive ....


    Growing is probably not sensible , even in normal times alotment growers would often have their produce stolen , So you might wake up some morning to find all the veg you've been lovingly tending is all gone.  


    You will look back on these weeks as the easy times ... when you could still buy food , as much as you want ... So don't sit around and do nothing , get a stockpile in ... You will have to hide it from marauding hungry gangs ... those who live far from people have the best chance 

  6. 5 hours ago, Fluke said:

    Hi Oz thanks for the info. Are these astral beings how do we go about communicating with them. Do we need to enter a trance and visualise?


    Hi Fluke ... I've only just managed to access the site   ...  http://www.globalpeacemeditation.com/#  ...  it seems down a lot , when I tried it anyway....


    Before I comment , I should first lay out my credentials .... I first started yoga and meditation at about 19 ... and went very seriously into it , hard-core pranayama and asana ...this was recommended by crowley, believe it or not , and at that time I was heavily into him , I've practiced every sort of meditation and mantra there is , Maharishi etc .. but mainly focused on classical Yoga ... Asana  , postures , the type of yoga that's practiced in every village and town in evening classes ...people think this is just for housewives who want to keep trim .... and that kundalin type stuff is more cool and "real" yoga  ... this is not my understanding , nor the message from ancient texts .... postures stretch muscles and ligaments , producing sensation within the body ... the attention is Naturally and Easily brought within the body , away from outside distractions ... and this is the preparation for meditation , practicing this long term will natural develop the ability to focus inward and still the mind .... I've never had to really work in my life , so have been able to devote a lot of attention time to this subject  ... I'm 66 now 

    Where I'm at now is that all this Yoga/Meditation is a preparation for sacred sex ... Making love is the  path for rapid spiritual evolution and the most import thing you can do ( the clue is in the phrase 'Making Love' )  , and of  course it's enjoyable , Creator/Universe would obviously make the most important practice of all the most pleasurable  , so we do it ...lol 


    So I believe this is where our future lies , Zero Gravity Tantric Sex ....



    But not Yet! .... We still have these dark forces on our backs ... We can only reach this new paradise if we deal with this problem first ....


    And this leads us to the subject of this thread , how  we remove the Dark forces that are all around us and closing in?  


    I am convinced the answer lies in the work of Karl Mollison  getwisdom.com ... he explains our situation with supreme  precision and clearly explains the most effect procedure to send the Dark Ones packing....


    Basically we have to call on the Divine Realm/Creator to help ... Our own intents DO have an effect ... but the malevolent Spirits and ET's are so much more advanced than we are , we could never defeat them on our own ... And if we don't ask for help , we won't get it! 


    So first we have to believe there is a Creator , and legions of Mega beings keen to help ... and then Pray for forgiveness for the Dark Ones ... that they leave us and are gone ...


    So this is a Prayer that I try to do many times a day ... and it doesn't even take 10 secs   , they are my own words , see getwisdom.com  for the recommended version ...


    I call on Creator and the Divine realm to join with me and amplify my intent for healing of the Dark spirits and Malevolent ET's , that they may depart and leave humanity in peace.


    Short and intent and regularly is the key , done in 10 secs .... I think most people will find a 30min meditation hard work , the mind will wander ... saying words of this prayer in your mind keeps you focused and on task .... also once a month will not do it , and without inviting Divine assistance the effect will be very limited ...


    But anyway why not do it all ... this world meditation day is only  30 mins , once a month , and people do like the idea of all coming together at the same time. 


  7. 7 minutes ago, Velma said:

    Probably not! But that's why 20,000 troops are on standby, to maintain "order."


    There seems to be a spirit of rebellion rising in the hearts of the British people ... More and more people saying this is crazy ... I don't believe they will use troops on the people ... If they sense they're loosing the info war , then I predict , magically the cases will decline ...


    Politicians will say "we've defeated the virus because we took strong action"  .. things will return to normality ...


    Then it will mutate and return , and the lesson already learnt  is , strong lock down will defeat it. 

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Velma said:

    Prepare for blackouts! So predictable. So much so, my new torch arrived this morning from Amazon and the gas stove is on it's way!  🔦




    This has got to be a frigging joke ! ...Are people really going to put up with this???


    British households have been told to prepare for blackouts by keeping torches and warm clothes handy as the coronavirus lockdown continues. 

    Energy firms have suspended all non-essential work as they brace for a potential shortage in engineers caused by staff sickness and self-isolation.

  9. Just now, TothAmmon said:

    Her moods could have been manipulated by many means, so it's not really acceptable as proof. 



    In conspiracy matters the information is obscured so we have to operate slightly differently , read between the lines  ... but she was an expert in the field , and she was convinced 


    1 minute ago, TothAmmon said:
    6 minutes ago, TothAmmon said:

    . All high frequency waves can be directed purely through the use of a high gain antenna, which basically focusses all the rf one way to increase power. This is not unique to 5g. 




    Sure the higher the frequency the more you can aim ... light is very aimable  .... elf is the least ... 5G in the middle 


    12 minutes ago, TothAmmon said:

    As for that UN claim. Did this insider provide and information as to what the transmitters were doing? Could they not have been used to pacify people and make them submissive? 


    I'm afraid the UN is not there to fix things ... it is under cabal control and has within it groups involved in child trafficking and lots of other nasty stuff. ... This was clearly a field test on a large population ...  they have to test things in this way before a global roll out 

  10. 32 minutes ago, TothAmmon said:

    I thought the frequencies that depress people were in the elf/ lf range


    Yes ... these ELF frequencies are around 1 to 20 Hz which does cover the frequencies of the brain Alfa Theta etc ... 

    It could be 5G frequencies which are GHz range  are modulated at low frequencies 1-20 Hz , which may have the same effect as actual ELF ... but with the added capability  of aiming it because it's 5G  .. pure ELF you cannot aim. 


    I do remember AJ covering , about 20 years ago,  a field test carried out by the UN .... information came from an insider .... The UN moved into an area where there was already tribal tension in Africa , and set up mobile transmitters . The results were horrendous... mothers killing their own children , widespread fighting and deaths , The press covered it as ethnic inter-tribal conflict , and that the UN was in the area to keep the peace .


    Also reports from a respected professor in the field , a lady in her 70's living on a university campus , they had an experimental network set up on campus , and she was convinced she was being targeted because she was exposing 5G ... she could feel her moods being manipulated , they could aim it at her as she walked around campus.


    Not game over , you would need to be fairly close to transmitters ... Not clear what effect musk's 5G satelights will have  , could not effect everyone on the planet , perhaps the beam could be aimed at a city. 

  11. 7 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:


    No comments should be deleted.


    Please repeat them.


    Let's just keep on the topic of the thread ... 


    All this is because Alex Jones was mentioned .. just to say his name makes some people foam at the mouth ...


    Start a thread "Is AJ a shll " and I'll debate you there .

  12. 6 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:


    The first one is a master mason handshake, the others are fellow craft.



    Quiet ridiculous ...You can take a photo of any handshake and claim it's Masonic  


    All that is off topic  ..

    Farage is saying rebel against the lock-down ...

    Do you agree with him ?

  13. 51 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    Nigel is a mason, so is Alex Jones.


    Both use masonic handshakes.


    Strange that these three photos of "Masonic Handshakes" all look totally different!! 


    The first one is a full grip ... the last one he's just got hold of his fingers 


    Have you ever received a masonic handshake? ... I have , when I joined a kabalistic group ...you don't register anything at the moment of greeting because you're distracted ... But looking back a few  minutes later I realized ... It was just like a normal handshake , but the thumb pressed into the back of my hand in a pulsing , two or three times 

  14. A Brilliant idea .... I would just say that during the meditation it would be good to outreach to the Divine Realm , ask them to amplify your intent ....


    We are surrounded by benign mega beings , all willing to help ... but  it would be an interference with our free will without us asking ... So we must invite them ...


    They can amplify our intent a thousand fold . Together we can win.

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  15. 5 minutes ago, Hove soul said:

    Calling Alex Jones a shill is not paranoia. It's called knowing what you're talking about...


    You should tell David Icke  Jones is a shill ... apparently he doesn't see that ....


    DI was on his show last week ... they were chatting like the old friends they are .. in agreement on 95% of things ... a truly excellent video 



  16. 6 minutes ago, Ecki Divad said:


     While Nigel Farage did not single-handedly get us out of the EU, he did play an important role in this, and while withdrawal from the EU is mainly a matter of state, it does help change things more in a direction of benefit to ordinary people.


    I would suggest the vote was so close , without him the UK would still be in the EU .... Yet you say "He has always been turned"  ... EU is a step  to global control they do not sabotage their own plans in this way ....


    Now Farage has a video "Say no to House arrest"  ...Do you seriously think the controllers what him coming out with that???? 


    Not to mention the assassination attempt on him when his plane crashed! 


    When the evidence doesn't fit , you must adjust your world view ... I do it constantly. 

  17. 3 minutes ago, bryozoa said:

    When have channellers ever been wrong?


    As for the other whistle-blowers, Project Blue Beam runs deep into the military itself. Mind control, compartmentalized deception and Courtiers willing to spread data chaff to serve some greater purpose known only to an initiated few are all part of this grandoise and slow-burning deception with multifaceted utilty.


    I recommend this thread ...  https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/923-karl-mollison-channeler-extraordinaire/&



    It will show how the SSP is an obvious missing link in the whole truther world view  

  18. 17 hours ago, Stride said:

    Is this the real reason for lockdown?

    If everyone is at home, and it hits, the elite will be underground?


    Not logical ... why would humans going about their daily lives stop the elite going underground ?? 


    Trashy sensationalist video , total absence of evidence or science ....  

  19. 8 minutes ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

    This Wilcock video was offered up to me via algorithim on u tube, I thought u tube hated him? Some of what he presents seems very accurate, and has a positive spin on it, I'm a fairly new forum member but I didn't realise until yesterday just how unpopular he is on here, learning fast.


    He does come out with a lot of good information .... Beyond doubt the Secret Space Program is real , and DW working with Corey Goode have brought this to the attention of many ... But mind control is extensive .... these are just the sort of people , the ET's at the very top of the control system,  use to spread disinformation ... the main disinfo is that there are some good ETs interacting with humanity ... this is setting us up for a big fall ...


    These three days could happen .... CG's credibility would go through the roof , all with the aim of getting more people to swallow his disinfo.

  20. I love that accent ... not sure why the video was cued at a boring part in the middle ... the inverted crucifix is @ 4 mins and not very  convincing , just a post or something filmed at an angle that makes it look like a cross .....


    I'm not sure where videos like this get us .... millions of people in their flats on lock down watching videos like this as the grid gets a tighter grip all around them ... no practical action being taken to resist of escape . 


    They're not after anyone's DNA ... for what?? This was a project many decades ago , particularly in US where blood is taken at birth ... this was to find people with psychopathic tendencies  to work with the cabal , and for other reasons .... we're in the end game now , strictly extermination in an orderly fashion .

  21. On 3/30/2020 at 4:37 AM, human7 said:

    If 5G is dangerous to human life, + has a negative affect on the human mind or body we don't know about, where shall we go, to be safe, to escape the effects of this new and dangerous technologies or weapons that THEY have created?.....#Resistance.


    Well you don't have to go anywhere ... stay in your flat , (you'll probably be locked down there anyway). Build yourself a Faraday cage ...it's very simple ... Visit your local DIY store and they should be selling aluminium mesh ... this looks like mosquito netting , but it's metal , very cheap  and sold on a roll like cloth ... You just have to make an enclosure you can get inside ...It will stop 5G and any other sort of G ...basic science . You can test it by trying to work your phone inside ... the phone won't work if you've built it correctly , no gaps ... plenty of Youtube videos on this by people who have built them ...

    You could line a whole room with this mesh  , or just wallpaper your room with aluminium kitchen foil  (much cheaper ) But no Gaps around the door.  


    I built one around my bed  to sleep in , but out here in the jungle I only get 3G if the winds blowing in the right direction , I didn't notice any difference , so dismantled it .

  22. It's very sad, I get the impression from both brothers they've surrendered , don't know what to do  ...

    I watched a video the other day from Jamie ... his difficulty with police when walking his dog . He had no idea how to deal with them , what to say to wake them up , how to make an impression ...make the encounter COMICAL and memorable .... have an effect without getting arrested  ... 


    " Hello constable , I'm Jamie  Icke ... You remember David Icke? , well I'm his son .... I grew up at his knee listening to him tell me a police state was coming .. I thought my dad was nuts !! Well now it's come true !! And  YOU are trying to enforce it .... Perhaps you can explain to me why I can't drive where I like?? I'm shut in my metal box on wheels  , can't infect anyone ... and why cant I walk in nature when the only person who comes close to me is YOU !! Do you know in London every day people are packed like sardines in tube trains ??? where is the sense in it all ??" .... This will make him chuckle ...and think , and he'll go back to the police station and tell all his mates , and maybe they will think too. 


    Here's Jamie's encounter with the police ...4 mins