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    What Is God?

    Well that's a good one ... But then there's "An eye for an eye" ... and the ongoing theme of blood sacrifice all throughout the bible .
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    What Is God?

    I couldn't put my fingers on a video, Pi ...But getwisdom.com has a data base of all questions asked ...this question was asked when Karl was channeling Creator Question ... Is Creator a group of higher beings ? 1Vote UpVote Down Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years agoSubscribe In a sense this is true. In a sense it may not be true, depending on the perspective of the questioner. So in a simple prosaic sense there is one Creator, the source of the voice you hear. In another sense all is Creator because everything you know as the universe extends from the Source Creator Being speaking with you now. All human beings and their souls originated from Source Creator and are extensions of Creator’s consciousness. So this is not trivial, this is not as has been described akin to being part of a film strip created by the divine, and entertainment on a cosmic screen in some respect, so that the human identity is simply a dream within our mind. That is far from the truth. The literal truth is all humans are part of Creator’s energy and extensions, and serve as a part of the Creator directly. They are extensions. They seem to be separate and distinct, but are very much still connected. It is very much like having your fingers poking out from the sleeves and seem to be separate because they are nothing like the shirt being worn, but beneath the clothing, the environment, the externally perceptible cloak, the fingers are connected to every other part of the being within. And that is a very good description of you asking the question, and those listening as well, being a part of me and all interconnected with one another in the same way. You may not be aware of this, but your questioner asking us this question, is aware of this, and so it is a very deep metaphysical understanding and appreciation of this reality. And let us refer once again to the initial question of this session, about the need to turn away from the light. For you to do so, is to deny your very existence and its actual origin and meaning. And so if you want to do an amputation you can do so, with respect to your awareness, but not in reality because the bonding and the connection to us will always be there. You can turn away and not look, and that is your choice to do. Many have taken that choice and are now disconnected and will be diminished in some ways, but it is their choosing and not ours. We will always welcome them back and they will never lose the connection to us for we are, in fact, supplying the life force to them to continue their existence. So we are one, we are fully intertwined, we are inseparable, and so we are omnipresent, all of us, as a collective. The conscious awareness of human will not embrace such a vast energetic awareness but this is the cosmic truth......... https://www.getwisdom.com/dwqa-question_category/creator/
  3. In Truther parlance term NWO can be used in two ways ... It is the societal model the Cabal wish to achieve , sold to the masses as a united world without war and terrorism under one governance. ...NWO is also often used to refer to the people who wish to establish this NWO ...aka , the Cabal , Illuminati , controllers. In reality the NWO will be a fascist dictatorship , no freedom for the masses , think Hungergames , 1984 , Adjenda 21.... The closest the West has ever come to this was in Nazi occupied Europe , Police check points on every street corner , no freedom of travel , anyone could be disappeared to a slave camp ... This could not be maintained for long because it was against the will of the people ... even the police doing this were not really happy about it .... We now see appearing in the world a transformation which will bring about exactly the same state of affairs , but done with willing compliance of all involved .... A whole country with all air travel ended , where government announcements order citizens not to walk the streets without a mask , where people are temperature screened , and if outside the norm you can be taken away ... all with compliance from everyone ... https://cms.qz.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/RTX76185-e1570182081946.jpg?quality=75&strip=all&w=410&h=231 https://media4.s-nbcnews.com/j/MSNBC/Components/Photo/_new/900501-airport-thermal-hmed2p.grid-6x2.jpg This is the way the ET's who are at the top of the control grid can start to process humanity in large numbers ... The population is a vast valuable resource . Previously they have limited numbers of those taken to around a million a year , the missing children , those who go missing from National Parks , to take more could spook humanity , ring alarm bells ... these people will be sold on the ET slave market , multiple uses , many just slaves , some eaten , others turned into cyborgs... Now they can take unlimited numbers without causing alarm.... " What happened to the Jones family?" ... "Oh coming back from holiday , airport screening showed they had the virus , they went into quarantine ... we heard they all died"
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    What Is God?

    OMG ...Big Bang and the Bible .... All of it lies and disinfo .... Big Ban ...Dark Matter ...Dark Energy ... this is all just BS they put out to muddle your thinking ... February 16, 2020 No Dark Matter – Again the Electric Universe is Ahead of the Curve | Space News The Universities of Bonn and Strasbourg have reported the successful formation of galaxies without the hypothetical influence of dark matter. As documented countless times, plasma scientists have reproduced unique forms and motions of spiral galaxies in the laboratory.
  5. I'm sure this was all part of the plan...I remember when clinton was president AJ was making a big noise about trade deals with China , trade tariffs were being adjusted so it was inevitable all industry would be in china and US couldn't compete ...Hillary was involved to ..It didn't make sense at the time , it was suggested they were being bribed by china .... If US and Europe was still manufacturing it wouldn't effect us what happened in china , we would be self sufficient . So this must be the plan to crash the economy because vital components are no longer available .... everything from industrial machinery , to i phones and TVs , washing machines or the shoes on your feet We can see now why so many micro biologists have ended up dead over the last three decades ... they don't want independent experts in this field who could spread "disinformation":.
  6. I believe that Because that is what the evidence indicates .... I do understand Davids position .... He thinks this could all be a dream , or we could all be in a pod , like in the Matrix movie ,so we cannot believe ANYTHING And yet he writes two books on 9/11 going into minute details ...How do we know the towers even existed ... the evidence for round Earth is much more powerful than for the towers ever existing .... Once you go down that rout it all becomes ridiculous I disagree with David on this , our reality is not hacked on such a deep level ... there are many lies ... for example there is the possibility that there is no coronovirus .. it could all be a fraud , How would we know ??? ..But I do believe in all likely hood the virus does exist , but no way of knowing the death rate , we are dependent on the media for information on the virus ... not so for FE.
  7. Well that is not even clear ... I am not knocking Gareth , but his main calling is music ... his opinion on this is as valid as anyone on the street ..... I would hazard a guess GR that your main leaning is not the sciences .... Neither is David's .... For him to say "how would we know" , is for me his most embarrassing moment ... far worse than Wogan Anyone who has a grounding in logical thinking and science has no doubt about FE .
  8. Why would we be interested in Garath;s opinion ??? David has already answered this question in a video , His response was ..."How would we Know" (if the Earth was flat) .... Appalling !!
  9. OMG !!! .... A flat Earther was a moderator ??!! And GR , one of the most prominent posters here is at a loss to understand why FE is derided by so many members ..... I don't need to argue the case for round Earth ... If you haven't figured it out yourself , there's no hope..
  10. Phew ... We dodged that bullet ..
  11. Officially ..... "The name Coronovirus is derived from the Latin "corona" meaning crown or halo, referring to their image under electron microscopy of crown like spikes on their surface similar to the solar corona." It certainly does look like the sun with a hyper active corona ... Under going intense plasma discharge ... the dreaded CME , Coronal Mass Ejection which can wipe out all electronics and every smart phone on the planet , more deadly than any computer virus ....The word virus has now been commonly linked to computers , something that can disable them... All this reminds me of the Electric Universe people .... they hold a belief that the Sun in ancient times look totally different from today ... It wasn't just the luminous ball we are familiar with , but had streaks of light or plasma coming from it .... they have come to these conclusions from ancient drawings and cave art ... also laboratory experiments back up this idea . could the sun be about to go hyperactive? We are told this could happen instantly ..... Native American depiction of the Sun The image below is what Electric Universe people think the sun looked like in the past , and may do in the future .... (video 6 mins)
  12. Not easy for a mere mortal to know .... I just noticed this virus could be suggesting this ... so could the Electric Universe people .... The sun could be triggered by entering an area of space with a different electrical charge , in it's journey around the Galactic Center ... this could be the same "change in energy" that many believe we are about to undergo , Earth coming out of a dark period ... a change in "Yuga" "Yuga in Hinduism is an epoch or era within a four-age cycle. A complete Yuga starts with the Satya Yuga, via Treta Yuga and Dvapara Yuga into a Kali Yuga."
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    Best icke book to eliminate fear?

    Sure he is ...because he's living in a fantasy land , not dealing with the truth ... he's the blue pill to put you back to sleep .
  14. This is a really excellent 22 min video By that old Aussie guy who recently flipped out as a result of a MK attack ... It's a break down of the news on the virus and how it's being covered in the media ... He gets the whole picture , and it's VERY SCARY !! Firstly there is the two fold message being given to the West ... that the Chinese are dealing with the situation in the right way ... and the global economy is about to crash .... What exactly are the Chinese doing ?? Welding up the metal doors to apartment blocks with all the people still inside , presumably to starve to death .... Piling dirt in front of peoples front doors so they cant get out ... taking others off to be "Quarantined" in so called hospitals (in reality prison camps).... The few Chinese experts that say the virus is not as dangerous as reported are just disappeared (quarantined)... You think this couldn't come to the West ??? China does have more people willing to carry out these sort of draconian activities on behalf of the government ... The controllers hope must be to show these images to the west saying it has to be done ... in this way they prepare western government workers , military and police for their future role .... Hollywood has also acclimatized us to this future with many movies along these lines .
  15. There's no logical reason why this should cause a recession , respite all the fear mongering in the media , the only real impact is from Chinese tourist staying in country.... The oil price has dropped a staggering 20% over the past 4 weeks... good for everyone on the planet , except oil sheiks and the American cabal with their continued theft of Iraqi oil ... But the controllers may well use the virus as an excuse to totally destroy the global economy , many expect this to happen this year ...the globalist will know what is coming and will not be hurt , only shareholders in their companies .
  16. I recently noticed an advert on davidicke.com for Karl Mollison ... I have come across him before ... he did a channeling for Elena Kapulnik , she's a wistle-blower from the Secret Space Program ... Karl channeled her oversoul ... the information was a revelation and filled in many blanks... Here's the add as it appears on davidicke.com It links to this page .... Karl Mollison is a psychic medium and channeler, research scientist, and inventor. He has many years of experience channeling Archangels and this eventually led him to being granted direct access to dialog with Source Creator of All That Is. Reptilian in the Light was first channeled by Karl Mollison on May 22, 2018. In this video, host Denny Hunt asked the following questions for the Light Being Reptilian: What is the role fear plays in the Reptilian culture and is there any awareness among incarnated Reptilians of Creator of All That Is? Is there a memory within the Reptilian culture of a time prior to dark spirit infestation of Reptilians? What is the explanation and rationale for why the Reptilians are working against humanity? Is there any truth to the widely held notion that Reptilians inter-breed with humans? This remarkable interview is 51 minutes and can be watched by clicking the below video I haven't watched this 50 min video yet , but be assured I will do , and I'll be back with an in depth analysis ....
  17. This is probably just synchronicity and not mind reading ... This is a real phenomena , Jung was the first on record to note it's occurrence and give it a name ... see his memoirs for the personal experiences that drew his attention to this ... I have also noted it in my life .. Basically if you have a thought about something it will Tend to pop up in your outside reality ... My experiences of it were first noticeable when I was changing my diet to become a vegi ... I would have strong cravings for certain foods ... Dates was one ... and Dates kept popping up in my external reality , people would buy them for me without me asking .... Increasingly peoples reality is electronic media , so it will appear the media is interacting with them ... The mind does effect your reality and creates it .... Think affluence , believe you deserve affluence , you will increase the probability of getting it .... This is why the cabal fill the media with shooting and violence and zombie plague movies ... What the people fill their heads with WILL effect the future they live out
  18. Stolen would be the cover story ....I expect the real bio experts are in the West , so they manufactured it , then allowed it to be "Stolen" ...Chinese government working with the western cabal .... This virus may explain the Ghost cities the Chinese have been building for the last few decades ... Many enormous cities in remote areas , nobody lives in them , but they still continue building ... now enough empty flats for 60 million people .... These remote cities would be ideal for quarantining millions of people ... Or, more likely, those uninfected could be sent there for safety confined to small locations while the virus takes the rest of the country ...Agenda 21 Chinese style .. The controllers in any country would sleep much better knowing the population is confined in some remote location on lock down 3 min video ....
  19. ^^^ One led recessed down light ...Notice the four lenses on the face of the lamp , this indicates the lamp contains 4 led chips , probably 1Watt each (could possibly be 3W each) ..But look at the large heat sink !! (Black fins , aluminium) ... this is necessary because of the very confined space between the ceiling and next floor floor boards , no air circulation so very difficult for heat to escape ... Essential to keep the leds cool for long service life ... The circuit board simply turns mains into low voltage for the leds ... it's large size indicates lamp is fairly old.... Nothing suspicious in any of it. But , Jannet ... 5G mind control is very real .... The cabal have Very sophisticated tech ... most of us contain within our bodies ingested nano chips (from food) , it's these chips which decode information carried on 3, 4 and 5G and inserts it into our subconscious ...all reliable sources agree on this.
  20. According to Simon Parkes there is a very simple device , soon to be marketed that genuinely offers real protection from 5G ... Parkes is working on this with Sasha Stone another activist against 5G Sacha Stone and Simon Parkes In this 5 min video clip Simon Parkes explains more ... it looks like a USB stick , you can carry on your person , the technology comes out of Russia Video cued at correct time .... https://youtu.be/DCPCCsCLvhA?t=985
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    Best icke book to eliminate fear?

    Notice how deceptive that quote from Wikipedia is .... I just searched "red pill blue pill" and that picture and text came up first .... Wikipedia is a controlled outlet , a spreader of twisted information , they say the red pill "reveals the unpleasant knowledge and cruel truths of everyday life " ...I guess that would be things like ... you get old and die , your body can get sic , there are muggers out there , you have to work to earn money to survive ... This is NOT what the red pill reveals , either in the movie or in the truth movement which has latched onto this film because it's story is an excellent Analogy of our situation ... The red pill reveals the society we know is a fake construct created by an outside malevolent intelligence.... All the societal institutions and religions are sabotaged and designed not to work . So the education system has actually been designed from the top to be ineffective , so has "health care" .. the economic system , the legal system , all of it directed by malevolent ET's working with select wealthy human families to enslave humanity . This is what the red pill reveals.
  22. Hi Charlie ... Yes Zappa should be available free in about 3 Weeks , I expect I'll do a review . Rasputin comes before him available in about 2 weeks ... Karl and Denny do one channeling a week .Subscribers have instant access ... everyone else has to wait a month before they can watch .... Over 100 videos now .... Denny IS an important part of the dynamic ... He's been in the truther game a long time and knows the right questions to ask ... without the questions you don't get the answers ... Karl is relatively new to all this and initially found the information crazy and overwhelming .... Andrew Bartzis had a similar thing going with Lance White , they came together only briefly in 2012 for 3 days . The result was breathtaking .. Bartzis has not been able to reach the same heights since the partnership was dissolved....Bartzis is not a channeler .. He has all the knowledge in conscious awareness... I rate Mollison and Barzis as the two most important sources we have .... At first glance the information appears quiet different , but I can find no major area of disagreement between the two .... If I might use a clumsy analogy , one could be likened to a professor of motor mechanics , the other to a driving instructor ...... The professor has an overwhelming amount of information , what position in the cycle the spark plugs fire ... the % of fuel in the mix ... how much carbon monoxide is in the exhaust... 99% of us don't need to know that ... we just want to drive the thing , so Mollison is quiet sufficient.
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    Crazy things happening at our home

    It's not a good idea to do this on your own ... You're intent by itself will not be that powerful and there could well be retaliation from the dark forces ... The way forward is to connect with the divine realm ... there are legions of benign beings willing to help , but without you asking they cannot ... they can add their intent to your own and make it 100 times more powerful , and also make your work invisible to , and protected from any malevolent forces ... Just ask for what you want ... Karl Mollison is the expert on all this ... https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/923-karl-mollison-channeler-extraordinaire/&
  24. What is Human Society ?? It's that bond or connection you feel with people you don't know ... those outside your family or friends ... those who you pass on the street , the check out girl at the supermarket , the bus driver who takes your fair , you may smile , exchange a few words , a glance which says , " I'm no threat ... we're on the same team ... we're basically the same" .... Now people are Increasingly met with this on venturing into the outside world .... No more reassuring smiles ... not easy to chat . Instead the surgical mask is a reminder ... Humans are a danger . A very real threat ! The possible source of a virus that could Kill You! All this is bound to turn society in the wrong direction , a loss of empathy and community.... This may not have come to Western countries yet ... Asian countries have always been more comfortable wearing masks ... People who are not confident with their own appearance will tent to like them , something to hide behind , it removes the status of beauty , all are equal wearing masks .... Michael Jackson Woman arrested for refusing to wear mask (6 Days ago)
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    Best icke book to eliminate fear?

    Welcome Anniebee How can I break this to you gently .. This is not the subject you investigate with the aim of eliminating fear ... This is about the truth ... and the sad truth is we are in a reality which is Very Scary , and the deeper you go ... the deeper down the rabbit hole you go , the darker and scarier it gets .... So it's up to you ... carry on nibbling at the red pill if you like , at anytime you can stop and turn to the blue pill ... Red pill and blue pill Description The red pill and blue pill is a popular meme representing a choice between taking a "red pill", that reveals the unpleasant knowledge and the cruel truths of every day life, and taking a "blue pill" to remain in ignorance. The terms are directly derived from a scene in the 1999 film The Matrix. Wikipedia