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    DI disavowed by Arizona Wilder ??

    I've just looked at that old thread .... fanof2012 was a respected and knowledgeable member on the old forum , he has his own radio show which regularly interviews conspiracy people (Jordan Maxwell and other notables ) , he had this to say .... "Sorry folks, but Arizona DID NOT retract her claims. In an October 12, 2012 interview in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbGa1lfzRl8 at around the 25:05 mark, Icke said that Arizona disappeared off the face of the earth and she didn't even respond to when he wrote in his last book that he would like to talk to her if she is still around. So if Arizona retracted her claims, why didn't Icke say so? Because that article on conspiracyplanet.com is a phony; Arizona NEVER retracted her claims!" At the time of the original interview I doubt the controllers cared too much that this "Biggest Secret" was being told , it just sounded too crazy , no one would believe it ... and it was Icke who was revealing it , someone who was already regarded as crazy .... 20 years on this idea of Reptilian Replacement has gone mainstream ... Youtube is packed with videos of "Shapeshifting " . Polls show 12 Million Americans Believe "Lizard People Control Politics" https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2013/04/12-million-americans-believe-lizard-people-run-our-country/316706/ And so the cabal make this clumsy attempt to discredit the original source ... Too little to late , the cats out of the bag .
  2. Of all the Truthsayers , Soothsayers , Mystics , Psychics and Prognosticators I have examined with my laser like glare , I can tell you Mr Bartzis comes out tops ... It is in your face ... he does tell you he is the best , he's the only person who has said on record his information is 100% true (see Lance White interview) ... no one else says that ....And no one else bears a title (except me) ..... He's the "Galactic Historian" .... chosen for this role by God , from a short list of 3 .... I must admit he hasn't delivered much history to date .... more laid down an introduction to the subject , then slipped back into his previous occupation , healer/counselor ... But even this introduction is quiet enough for most to chew on . I expect he got a server kick back from the dark forces , also noticed there was very little audience , so has decided to hold back for a while .... Recently there has arisen a new contender for top position , Karl Mollison ... he's good , very good ... but after a few months of intense investigation I can tell you Andrew is still top ... Karl has caused a reshuffling of the first three positions ... In first place we have Andrew Bartzis ...... Second is Karl Mollison ...... Third is George Kavassilas If you focus your research on the work of these three you will go far .... But enough type and hype .... Here he is ... the One and only ... The Galactic Historian .....
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    DI disavowed by Arizona Wilder ??

    It would be more believable if we saw an interview with the words coming out of her own mouth ... Anyone could have typed that paragraph. "Both David Icke and Brian Desborough knew it was all lies!!" ..... Yea sure that part makes real sense doesn't it ... Since Arizona we have a great many people go public confirming , and expanding her original story ... Many from the SSP who have interacted with reptilians ... Government insiders like William Tompkins who confirm the NAZIs were working with reps ....Psychics like Karl Mollison , who has expanded greatly our understanding of how many top figures have been replaced by shape shifting reps(over 100) and other important details .... Bottom line , the are many different species under the banner "Reptilian" .... the type involved here are physical beings who eat meat(us) .... they have the unique ability to shape shift , and so were allowed , by the main controllers of Earth (Annunaki) to have access here and join them in controlling humanity , Four different ET groups are involved ..... Mainly control is maintained by an Annunaki/human blood line who occupy most important positions , but if any of these are not up to the task , or deviate from the plan , they are replaced by a rep shape shifter..... Two whistleblowers from the SSP both who have interacted with reptilians
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    Andrew Bartzis ....Still Number 1

    He regularly does this ... Youtube is full of his phone ins , anyone can call ... people always come away gob smacked at his insights
  5. This is a scary one ... In this video Karl channels Carla Rueckert , they lady who channeled "The Law of One" . From her new perspective at the right hand of God , she regrets it all ... She was tricked by Evil Annunaki psychics .... More importantly she can see what the ET alliance are planning , the extermination of humanity using advanced space craft and weaponry ..... 1:37:00 ... The reason this is more serious than ever in human history is because of the plan for the impending annihilation of humanity ... the very worse fate a human being can experience is not being annihilated , seeing with your own eyes your city decimated , 100,000's of people squashed in rubble , vaporized energetically , rounded up and summarily executed by relentless hoards of clean up crew to eliminate hold outs and stragglers . As traumatizing and unpleasant as the experience would be in seeing ones loved ones perish in front of you .... a far far worse fate ( is to know you could have helped stop this ) There is a way to avert this nightmare ... We must reach out and call for intervention from the Divine Realm ... That the bad guys receive healing and move on .... without asking help cannot be given.
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    Zombie Apocalypse

    Just an addendum to the above post .... Some might have thought I was being unfair to Bill Gates ... Bill tells us he's breeding sterile mosquitoes in an attempt to wipe out malaria .... Although I had no evidence , It was a no brainier to me he was up to no good ... Now we have confirmation from this article , published only yesterday ..... GMO EXPERIMENT GOES HORRIBLY WRONG: “MUTANT” MOSQUITOES COULD CAUSE MASS DEATH More adaptive mosquitoes likely to kill millions in South America Mike Adams | Natural News - SEPTEMBER 18, 2019 32 Comments IMAGE CREDITS: MARKA / CONTRIBUTOR / GETTY. Remember the two-year experiment to release genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild to eradicate all the mosquitoes? For years, we were all lectured by scientists and GMO pushers who insisted that genetically modifying male mosquitoes to be infertile would cause the termination of nearly all offspring as females mated with the GMO males. The result, we were told, would be a mass die-off of the mosquito population at large, saving human lives by avoiding the catastrophic effects of mosquito-borne disease. At first, the experiment seemed to work. For the initial 18 months of the experiment carried out in Brazil — in which 450,000 genetically modified male mosquitoes were released into the wild — mosquito populations plummeted. But then something happened. As published in the journal Nature, in a study entitled, “Transgenic Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes Transfer Genes into a Natural Population,” the very same modified genes we were told would never be passed to “in the wild” mosquito populations has, in fact, done exactly that. Powered by these new genes (and combined with some behavioral adaptation explained below), the mosquito population surged back. Even worse, now the wild populations of mosquitoes in Brazil have these “mutant” genes which were combined from Cuba and Mexican mosquito populations, meaning these new gene-enhanced mosquitoes are now a kind of “super mutant” insect that may be resistant to all sorts of insecticides...... Full article here .... https://www.infowars.com/gmo-experiment-goes-horribly-wrong-mutant-mosquitoes-could-cause-mass-death/
  7. Anyone paying attention to the output from Hollywood over the past decades could not have helped but noticing a theme being very strongly pushed ...The Walking Dead , or Zombie theme , MJ's 'thriller' ... Halloween type stuff ... Basically people shuffling around in a trance , trying to grab and eat other people ...For a reason which is totally beyond me this has caught on big time .... literally MILLIONS of people annually dress up like zombies and go on "zombie walks" in many countries of the world ...Zombie Walk ,Pittsburgh USA Having studied and practiced ceremonial magic I know very well the effect of such mass events . The people involved are unknowingly using their mental/psychic energy to manifest for real a zombie apocalypse.Is that what they truly want???The NWO know it's not enough to just release a virus , first they have to prepare the public to welcome the idea , get us to think it's real cool to be a flesh eating zombie , this creates a conducive psychic atmosphere so when released the virus will run , and not peter out .I have just come across the first real indication they do in fact have such a virus. Captain 'K' (randy cremer) has been well vetted and is a very credible source ... he says the military has training camps , where real people infected with this virus are used as live targets to train soldiers.
  8. oz93666

    Gun Violence myth....

    Incredible stats. The above graph shows deaths and violent crime has halved in only 20 years ... the very latest figures below show an even faster decline!!
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    Putin is not who you think he is

    There is not any type of star the cabal do not use ... they appropriate EVERYTHING , but that does not make them "their symbols" UK police are very fond of the 8 pointed star ... Eight is oxygen , essential for life , but too much is dangerous .... As for your insightful comment on Karl Mollison's channeling style .... it's true it's not very spectacular ... other's like Bashar and Machiniak adopt unusual voices and mannerisms , put on a performance .... Karl just mumbles away in his monotonic voice , no matter who he channels , and uses the same phraseology whether it's Genghis Khan or MJ ... I guess that's reasonable , I don't think Genghis Khan even spoke English Take a look at this short clip from Bashar ... he puts on a great performance ,
  10. oz93666

    Putin is not who you think he is

    Enlarged official Putin photo from Wikipedia. How can a person's face change so much in 6 months? Not even Portuguese Christopher Columbus' face changed so rapidly. The real Putin was a no-nonsense President dedicated to preserving the free world. Facing an invasion by the Pentagon, NATO, and the Terrible Turks is nothing to smile about!! The official "Putin" double photo from Wikipedia. This has been well covered on another thread ... Putin's wife escaped to Germany and gave an interview where she said he was replaced by a double ... This does not appear to be an example of "Reptilian Replacement" where a key player is replaced by an ET shape shifter who is more up to the task ... If this were the case , the replacement would be identical , it's thought perhaps in the order of 100 public figures are actually reptilian ETs ...Reptilian replacement is covered by Karl Mollison's Channeling of Queen Victoria Channeling begins @ 20:40 22:00 Denny "Can you explain the association between the monarchy and the reptilians ? Were any of your children killed and replaced by reptilians ?" Victoria .. "This is an aspect of life few can believe ... we can tell you clearly , this is the order of the day ...the ET's relish the monarchy model , it is how they live , being obedient within a hierarchical system ... and they impose this on humanity ... (the reptilians ) readily agree to jump in and assume their role and pick up the reigns of power as an imposer ...so when a reptilian , through a shape shifting strategy , can assume the exact physical appearance of a human monarch , and has down loaded that humans memory ..., they can do a highly credible job of stepping into their shoes so to speak , with none being aware this has even transpired . It is common practice when doing this , for the leader of a nation , the family members including offspring are similarly replaced , then you have a working unit , carrying on the charade and building a fortress around themselves which is impenetrable .This was done to me and much of my family . My family was largely reptilian in true origin ...Most of those leaders , noted for savagery .. were reptilian shape shifter imposers , for such a being to hold the reins of power , among a group of humans, far weaker ..it is like a victory lap for them , to strut their stuff and display their prowess in fooling so many human beings. 55:10 Denny ...."Can you explain the difference between the Anunaki and Reptilians ?" Victoria ... "The true source of power is held by the Anunaki , they were the first to claim the Earth . The other ET's here were allowed to be present and are all in a working alliance to share the spoils . Each (ET group) has it's advantages and tactical tools to offer the alliance in the day to day workings of running the world on multiple levels . The Anunaki prize their bloodline from breeding with human females which has been taking place for thousands of years ... (Top politicians generally follow orders from the Anunaki {rothschild royalty} bloodline) if they are independent minded they are either killed or replaced by an impostor , and this is the card the reptilian civilization gets to play , it is what they bring to the party, the fact , that through shape shifting they can imitate anyone , with great precision , makes them particularly valuable ( to the alliance). https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/923-karl-mollison-channeler-extraordinaire/&page=3
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    Blue light in nature and cancer in humans

    There's nothing really wrong with blue light in the right amount ... the problem is cool white LEDs have too much , just make sure you buy warm white , they have very little blue compared to daylight There's a good argument for not having any light at night ... perhaps candles ... but warm leds are similar to the light from the setting sun, so would be better than most ...I only use leds you can choose the type of light you want , orange /yellow mix with warm is very nice ... yellow self adhesive strip light 12V or mains , the light must bounce off a wall or ceiling ,and the strip be out of sight .... as with all light sources gazing directly at the light emitter is not comfortable.
  12. Well probably because they no longer carry out terrorism ... When was the last IRA attack ?? Searching those groups you list I cannot find any attacks .... Probably the secret government stopped financing them all ... the cabal are always behind such groups , they need lots of finance , it's ridiculous to think average people , farmers , would leave their families and go off to fight for some abstract cause , they are paid well by the CIA .... 9/11 was an attempt by the cabal to globally kick off muslim terrorism , it gave the US an excuse to go into muslim countries , the hope was muslims in Europe and elsewhere would retaliate .. but nothing much happened ...when was the last van attack in Europe???
  13. I expect you are correct , but if a reasonable question is asked It gives members a bit of mental exercise to come up with a good answer , and probably other people will will have the same question the bot asked .
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    Andrew Bartzis ....Still Number 1

    Well done Metak for finding that ... he does indeed say souls are stored in the rings .... Can't argue with AB .... That does not mean the rings don't also have another use , or many other reasons for being ... Let's take Crom's word that kavassilas does say " they are like a tuning fork" , both things can be true ... AB doesn't say what type of souls are stored there , or who is storing them .... Perhaps implied is the idea Saturn is behind it , maybe operating with an ET group in some way ... In that clip he brings up that the planets are "sentient beings" ... Many are familiar with , and accepting of the idea that Earth is a consciousness ... Bartzis brings up that all planets are sentient and have what could be described as personalities ... many have difficult personalities .... I'm always in awe when I see Bartzis perform , particularly with Lance White... The way he just rattles it off , no one could fake that , particularly with White interrogating and taking notes . White has been at this subject many decades , a fake would soon trip up and be caught out .... Bartzis paints a mind blowingly complex view of reality , it encompass all truthers already know about the illuminati and the control grid , but puts that into perspective and gives a much wider picture ... It's all much too complex for the average person .... That's why there was a need for Mollison .. His world view is extremely simple and easy to grasp ... It agrees in every fundamental way with Barzis , but inevitably lost something in the simplification . Kavasillas is quiet a way behind these two , but someone had to fill 3rd spot ....
  15. I have looked at the video , and the linked analysis again .... (I'm always prepared to be proved wrong).... The linked analysis is the black text below ... I've interjected my comments in blue In the video Union of the Snake it features the guys from the band being tracked by a reptilian being across the desert... these iguana like creatures don't appear to be following or tracking anybody , more like stretching in the sun , these are the only reference there is to reptiles or snakes in the whole video And then out of nowhere, a lady in red shows them to a cube shaped elevator (heavy Saturn symbolism with the color red and the cube; although I’m sure every elevator has a cube shape, so that part of the argument is weak). .... he doesn't understand the difference between 'cuboid' and cube .. a cube means all sides are same length ,the elevator is not a cube but cuboid(oblong) , neither is the color of saturn red! ... search "colour saturn astrology quaballah " ...mars is red ! saturn is grey The lady in red is occultist Aleister Crowley’s Scarlet Whore of Babylon. Flight of fantasy here ..The person in red is clearly dressed as a lift attendant , the video maker probably just asked for a bell boy/lift attendant uniform , and it just happened to be red You can read more on Aleister Crowley and his influence on the entertainment industry in the Aleister Crowley & the Illuminati magick trance on the entertainment industry post. I also go into further detail on the importance of Saturn and cube symbolism in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Saturn and the Black Cube post: Doesn’t that seem like what we’re looking at here since the band themselves admitted this video had an esoteric tie-in? Bell boy / lift attendant leads Le Bon to lift She leads him underground into what appears to be the lair for these reptilian/human hybrids and we see tattered, abused children. Far from being tattered and abused they are mostly well dressed , walking around quiet happy , with lots of other random actors thrown in , jugglers etc Why would there be jugglers in an underground "reptilian lair" ??? So the whole thing is mostly a random hotch potch of disjointed images , someone with a basic education in occult symbolism and a wild imagination can fantasize all sorts of hidden meanings ... the commentator agrees he can find no clear message in the lyrics or the video , he says this is because .. it’s not meant to be understood by the masses, it’s simply symbolism meant for the initiated to understand, not the layman. LeBon may have thrown in a few of his own ideas to the video and the album theme , he sounds like he may have been reading a book on kundalini yoga , raising the serpent , he says when asked about the meaning ..... "The snake symbolizes a kind of subconscious power force or strength, and the song is really about the fears of the subconscious mind breaking through to the conscious mind.” The lyrics could bee seen as describing the raising of the kundalini snake The union of the snake is on the climbMoving up it's gonna race it's gonna breakThrough... All in all the video and album could hardly be described as "exposing the reptillians"
  16. There is no war on terrorism ... if there was you can bet it would be all over the 9 o;clock news ... there is no war in Syria .... the dark forces do their best , but it all seems to just peter out ... They've been trying for 30 years to start a war with Iran ... just lots of hot air ... whatever they do just comes to nothing ... I put it down to the united mass mind of humanity , we are not interested , so they can't do it ... it's an unseen battle of wills on a higher plane.
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    Andrew Bartzis ....Still Number 1

    I can't imagine Bartzis would say that, souls don't need " storeing " ... I need the video with the time , to comment .
  18. oz93666

    Peace at last from an outside source?

    You've been watching too much MSM news ... the controllers want you to believe humanity is warmongering scum ... truth is war is over , humanity has moved on , deaths from war at an all time low .... road deaths are 10 times deaths from war .... How many times do I have to post this chart???? I can't find figures for the last 5 years , probably cos they've hit zero and the controllers don't want you to know .... tell me where there's a war now ??? there is none... Violent crimes and murders have halved in most countries in the last 30 years ... here's the long term trend .... So stop bad mouthing humanity ... echoing MSM lies .... we're doing great ! Dec 18, 2018 - "Murder and crime rates in the nation's largest cities, including some riven by gang violence, extended their decades-long decline in 2018. .." US News Look at that ! violent crime has fallen to a quarter what it was 20 years ago ! Incredible . Will you hear that on the News?? Why do you think perception of violent crimes hasn't fallen much???? Because it's the job of the media to keep you in FEAR ... believing the lie that there's war and violence all around you.
  19. I'm not sure if this 5 min clip was aired on BBCTV ??? Anyway such videos will back fire on them , many flashes of images from the JFK assassination , polls show 90% in the US believe this was a conspiracy .... Many images of aliens and UFO's ... polls show most people believe ETs have been regularly visiting Earth . Good to see Icke's reptilian replacement theory getting a mention , 12 million in the US now believe in this ....., I'm not even sure many forum members believe it ... , any publicity is good publicity. This from the Guardian ..... https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/apr/07/conspiracy-theory-paranoia-aliens-illuminati-beyonce-vaccines-cliven-bundy-jfk Conspiracy craze: why 12 million Americans believe alien lizards rule us According to a Public Policy Polling survey, around 12 million people in the US believe that interstellar lizards in people suits rule our country. We imported that particular belief from across the pond, where professional conspiracy theorist David Icke has long maintained that the Queen of England is a blood-drinking, shape-shifting alien. Conspiracy theories in ......
  20. oz93666

    Zombie Apocalypse

    I'm a bit out of touch with the latest news ... a search brings up many headlines like these .... Bill Gates Warns About Global Killer ‘Disease X’: Millions Will Die .... Many videos of him going around lecturing thousands of people "get ready , millions will die" .... Why would he do that , what does he expect us to do about it ??? He's conditioning the minds of the masses ... many will believe him ... This is the main work the controllers do , try to convince us a nightmare is coming , and if enough people believe it , it will come because we use our mental psychic power to help it happen .... Same as Elon Musk ...." AI will end humanity ... it's summoning the Daemon" ... then he starts an AI company to make it happen ...lol Just as Gates tells us a plague is coming , then creates a company breeding plague carrying mosquitoes to release on us ..lol You couldn't make this shit up !! But the most important part is to first convince us what they want to happen is coming , if we believe it we unconsciously use our mental energy to manifest it.
  21. oz93666

    Andrew Bartzis ....Still Number 1

    Bartzis does talk about nibiru/planet X .... He says if enough people believe it's going to happen , this will make it happen ..... That's the power of the mass mind , millions of people can actually cause planet size objects to move around ... This ties in with my own personal , practical experience of many decades , beliefs , expectations and desires form your personal reality ...If you believe you deserve wealth , imagine you already have it , it will come to you .... Collectively Humanity is creating their future by what they expect to happen .... that's why the controllers planted biblical prophesies ... millions of chistians are expecting the end of the world ... this will make it more likely ..... This is why hollywood saturates our minds with disaster movies , zombie movies ... they are directing minds to focus on this to create a nightmare future ....also the MSM News making people believe war with Iran is inevitable ... This is the way they influence our reality , by controlling what we believe is coming ..... The future is not fixed . Mollison has channeled over a hundred people , from jeffry dommer , to Crowley , to queen victoria ... I can't imagine why the downloads wouldn't be safe ...another way to access the videos is through links on the KM thread .. https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/923-karl-mollison-channeler-extraordinaire/
  22. ^^^ I think that's pretty close to the truth .... It was in 1995 that Fritz Springmier published the seminal "Bloodlines of the Illuminati " .... this was to become the reference book for people like Icke and Jones , and the idea outlined is basically accepted by most truthers ... Fritz lists and explores the main 13 bloodlines ... Astors , Rothchilds , Bushes, Royals of Europe etc these 13 families are thought to be the main players , they work together , but also compete among themselves ... they will all be genetically traceable to the small group that were created thousands of years ago , to rule over the masses , separate from the rest of us ( the annunaki also tinkered with the DNA if the masses , but in a different way) ... the 'elite' bloodline do not breed with outsiders , they are aware that the true controllers are a coalition of 4 ET races , and that their own power and wealth comes from being favored by the ETs .... Pindar comes up in Icke's "Biggest Secret" ... If I remember correctly this was an individual who always wears white , travels in a white stretched limo , never ages. Pindar means 'penis of the dragon' .... Icke must have heard rumors from multiple sources to bring him up ... but to my knowledge no other authors mention pindar ... His name suggests a reptilian , they can shape shift appear whatever age they wish .... The reptilians are not Annunaki ... Annunaki were here long before , consider this place their own , and allowed this other ET group , reptilians , to have a part of the action in controlling humanity , because they have the unique ability to shift and imitate any human they choose ... so if any of the elite (such as royals , rothchilds) are not up to the job , they are killed and replaced by a reptilian ET ... The elite (aka iluminati) are not totally ruthless , technically they are human and do have some sympathies with humanity , that's why they are sometimes replaced . Finally there is one further layer .... totally non physical ... demonic spirits , dark entities ... These work with the the ET controllers and also infest them , as they do to a lesser extent infest humans .... The only nutrition the dark spirits get is feeding , psychically , off physical life forms ... So they have made a deal with the ET's ... the ET's use their control to create as much strife , war and trouble as possible , this gives the dark spirits more food .... In return the dark spirits agree to target any who would undermine the control grid ... the dark spirits can influence thoughts , make people more short tempered , bring on depression ... there are not an infinite number of these creatures , so they are directed mainly ( by the ETs) to those who most threaten the control .... While the reptilians and other ETs do not feed directly on negative energy ( they eat solid food) , they are heavily demon infested so get some buzz from evil deeds... We are reliably informed the way out of all this mess is to call upon Creator to heal the dark spirits so they move on ... Dark spirits (demons) are the root cause of the trouble.
  23. I'm sorry , that went over my head .... Kids (in London anyway) are brought up in schools where white faces are a minority ... "inclusiveness" is the key word .. The controllers try to equate Brexit as closing the door to the outside world and people who want it must be racist ... This is not what it's about ... Immigration should be decided by the people in the country itself , if the English believe there are enough houses and flats for more , they can vote for more open borders ... Scenes like this in London are not rare , houses cram packed , sky high rents (see documentary series like "nightmare tenants , slum landlords") At the moment immigration is done quietly without the consent of the people , all with the aim of destabilizing society ... Even if Brexit does happen , immigration will continue unless the people wake up ... the borders are intentionally porous , and when caught offenders are just let go "pending appeal" It's a joke which nobody seems to see .... The long term aim must be a world without borders or passports , but it must be done incrementally.
  24. I'm sure that's what they taught you at school ... Have you left school yet??
  25. Yep ... A very good analysis by vigilant citizen .. this is what the music industry is pushing successfully .... target audience 14 year old girls ... subject matter Drug injection , Mindcontrol , torture fallen angel , depression , people on fire ..Lucifer , daemon possession ... I don't think there's any particular story or message in the song or video ... this is by design , because the mind tries to make sense of things , so people will keep looking Trying to make sense , Trying to find the meaning and so they stay hooked , but never finding the message because it's not there .... Just a jumble of negative garbage rattling around in their heads ...