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  1. Brucie never touched his fist to his head. It was always away from him. I suspect because his chin was too big
  2. Edna Clouds

    Climate Change - Monckton

    Careful following that Mockton fellow, he has been shown to be somewhat liberal with the truth. His credentials are non-existent and his sources for his claims are pretty much always wrong, cherry picked or at best exaggerated. The guy who does that video has a whole series of videos making him look rather foolish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbW-aHvjOgM&list=PL6B84B372A56FEC9A
  3. Edna Clouds

    Decalcifying the pineal gland - Iodine

    Oooh, can I come round to yours for tea - I love bean salads, not too much salt though - my blood pressure is a bit high!
  4. I wonder would you clarify what "our choice" is. Pretty much all of Scotland voted to remain, so I'm guessing they feel even more royally screwed than usual. Sixteen million didn't want to leave in 2016. Now the poll has reversed by some margin. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/dec/20/polls-stay-eu-yougov-brexit-peoples-vote For most of this year, polls have shown remain ahead of leave, typically by four to six points. But in a referendum between staying in the EU and leaving on the terms that the government has negotiated, staying enjoys an 18-point lead: 59-41%. Of the more than 17 million who voted leave in 2016, just 10 million people say they would vote for the government’s deal – 2 million would vote to stay, while 3 million are not sure or would not vote. In contrast, of the 16 million who voted remain in 2016, 13.5 million would still vote to stay in the EU. Only 1.4 million would vote for May’s deal, and 1 million are not sure or would not vote.
  5. Edna Clouds

    Indian Moon Landing

    China has quite huge websites written in Chinese about it's exploits in space. Chinadaily website picks bits from them, but it's still quite a lot: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/china_moon_page.html
  6. Edna Clouds

    Politically-Incorrect Comedy

    How was this ever comedy🤮
  7. JUst had a post 'hidden' because I accuse someone of being homophobic. Ink sent me a message asking me if it was a personal attack. So the rampant homophobia on here now goes untested. TYpical. Meanwhile Icke can accuse people of being child killing paedophiles with NO EVIDENCE? 


    1. Edna Clouds

      Edna Clouds

      Respond, pointing out the homophobic post. That is an attack. He will hopefully look into it.

  8. Edna Clouds

    Is God Gay?

    I'm fairly sure he says we are part of the collective consciousness experiencing life in a number of ways. It is this that makes judgement upon fellow humans absurd, in that we are judging another manifestation of the same consciousness. Any form of negativity towards a group with alternative views and actions is counter productive to the whole concept of expecting humanity to evolve. As soon as people realise that in significant numbers, the sooner the world becomes more together. Personally, I cannot ever see it happening.
  9. Edna Clouds

    Keeping it real - moderators.

    Then why did you type the phrase: "this is reply that i expected....." ? What exactly were you expecting and why? No need for me to seek clarification on why you expected a certain reply?
  10. Edna Clouds

    Keeping it real - moderators.

    Explain yourself. Have you some sort of pre-loaded expectation here? I was quite happy to agree to disagree with responses, but you chose to entice me back in with some veiled insinuation: "hmmm I wonder why" Why do you wonder why I choose not to argue the toss about it? What are you insinuating?
  11. Edna Clouds

    Keeping it real - moderators.

    Something like that, only I'm not shutting down the thread. That is the beauty of debate forums, people have different views on things. I disagree with it, but don't wish to labour the point. That is exactly my point. The rogue style is blitz everything with a bit of rude in it, the mod being the judge of what is rude. No idea what that is. Let the forum play, but stamp on really bad insults?
  12. Edna Clouds

    Keeping it real - moderators.

    Because you have your opinion and I have mine. There's no hidden agenda here. I made my case as best I could, Ink made his. I can't think of anything else to discuss. The bottom line is, it would take too long for you to do it if there were too many posts doing the Mr. Angry routine. However, nipping it in the bud as soon as it starts doesn't require such a massive amount of work and surely can be done as suggested. In such a case, my request stands, where on the 1 to 10 scale do you delete a post? From a purely observational perspective, it is quite lazy and objectionable for a moderator to delete so many posts as were done by the former mod Jumprogue. I believe you had a fair go at setting them a similar example. It's not that important if you don't care about letting the forum gather some momentum. This whole forum is full with endless examples of jibes and insults at a whole variety of levels. I shudder to think how many posts would have been deleted if this 'delete the post' proposal was in place at the start of this forum or if there was total consistency at all turns.
  13. Edna Clouds

    Keeping it real - moderators.

    Ok, I'm done with this line of discussion. You've made your cases and I disagree. I see no point in further discussion. Thank you for your time.
  14. Edna Clouds

    Keeping it real - moderators.

    A fair statement, but one that in light of the number of occurrences, is going to result in quite substantial post deletions. I don't advocate for insults to be allowed, just for posts not to be deleted by their inclusion. Suppose for the sake of argument somebody analysed a claim made by you or another and made a half page essay detailing it to be unfounded with references and links, quotes, images etc. and it held significant credence, then they called you a dipstick or some other meaningless jibe. Is this grounds to delete their post? I put it to you that the first point of call is to remove the jibe and warn the thread or user, the alternative being tantamount to censorship of free speech.
  15. Edna Clouds

    Keeping it real - moderators.

    Or akin to open and honest debate without censorship. So are you saying that adults aren't rude to each other? Or do you mean docile adults? Freedom of speech should mean that unless the insult is severe. Let me know on a rising scale where you draw the line of delete the number where you start ; 1. What a plonker. 2. What a wally. 3. You are an a bit of an idiot saying that. 4. You are an idiot. 5. You stupid idiot. 6. You stupid twat. 7. You fucking twat. 8. You cxxx. 9. You stupid cxxx. 10. You stupid fucking cxxx. Then tell me if any of these warrant deletion. 1. That is a stupid thing to say. 2. That is so ignorant. 3. That is moronic. 4. What a load of bollocks. Neither of which are under any scrutiny. That is not so. The old forum had very long periods where moderators removed insults, issued thread warnings and did very close to what I suggested. During that period, from a lull, the forum began to thrive again for a while. Until it became known that it was closing. Which is a big problem. Deleting posts has been going on for a whole variety of reasons since this forum started. I put it to you that it will never get going unless this stops. As I have stated, it is the only thing I actually disagree with in the way things are run. The line in the sand is not well defined. Why have that line very close to 1( in list above) than 10? Further, where do you draw that line when the soon to be deleted response is given to a series of tamer posts that have slipped through the net? This is why the thread warning works. It covers all participants and places the onus on them to behave.