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  1. TNT

    The "Q" Phenomena

    You are absolutely correct in most of your assertions and/or statements but let me add a few things you seemed to have missed. Trump is everything you say. An elitist born with a golden parachute so large his feet have never actually touched the ground, like so many other "Men of the Manor" types. This is not new of course, that class exists and it's always been there and they've always ruled. Its the royal class descended from the great Cro-Magnon ancestors that gave them their RH negative blood type to this day. Knowing who they are and who they relate to they see themselves as distinct and different from the rest of the animals on the planet. These men of the manor quietly have become the "Spartans" of old. For every 25 "Helots" or slaves owned by the state there was one free Spartan and that Spartan could and did whatever he wanted all over the earth to whatever he wanted. Do as thou wilt was their motto and it still is. They see themselves as mankind and the non similar Hominids as simply one of the other animals with no soul and treat them as such. In their bible there are two species, them and us. Mankind, them, human beings us, defined perfectly in the bible where chap. 1 is all about them, and chap. 2 of Genesis is about us the second creation after them. This is their belief basically that we have no souls and are for their enjoyment given to them by the creator. Many of them are both male and female and Weinstein is one such person who has a penis and a vagina and it came out in court under oath! He is one of many many others that waltz around Hollyweird and now politics pretending to be one sex but actually being both! Condoleza Rice, for one, Michelle Obama another, and many more and it's just the tip of the iceberg with these gender benders and hermaphrodite clans. You don't seem to discern that they are distinctly different from us and separate themselves off from us, breeding only within their own families. They do this because the major part of their kind was wiped out after the last cataclysm and their gene pool bottle necked as did ours but not as badly. In the older times these were much more dominant and overbearing, harder to hide but this clan of Cro-Magnon survivors have mated with the homo sapiens so many times they've about wiped out all but the very last vestiges of their kind because mating to us they bred themselves right into extinction with all that is left being the royals. Now with that out of the way we come to today. The royals that is to say the monarchs and oligarchs that actually run this world love the ilk of Donald J. Trump, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George Bush Sr. and Jr. because they have so many leverage tools to use to control them with. All of them come on board with their own deviant behaviors that are the control knob for making them do whatever they say for the rest of their lives. Trump and all of them were always puppets. They didn't just become it they were born into it. Someone has some dirt on the public faces making them behave so every talking head out there including the prez. is a manipulated puppet by these Spartan wannabes still running the planet.
  2. TNT

    The "Q" Phenomena

    It makes no diff to me if Q is real, a psy-op or some gov. program being manipulated to test the public in a blind study they don't even know they are involved in. Fact is none of that matters now. The Q phenom is a movement. It involves many people around the world that show up everywhere Trump speaks. Is Q Trump? No I don't think so because Trump and Q do not see eye to eye on Jeff Sessions at all. Direct contrast there actually in how the Q character praises Sessions, and Trump hates him. Still, the movement grows, it's not anything to with us as we've been watching from the sidelines. As in other strange and unusual topics we digest the material may or may not be real, it may or may not happen but so what? It never stopped you from looking into UFOs, or ghosts, or conspiracy theories involving reptile shape shifters! Why stop now and worry about truth or fact after all that? What makes this so special that it demands more than we've ever gotten or expected from any of the other phenomena we've witnessed? Nothing! It's just another movement and an interesting thing to watch historically. Nothing more nothing less. I could care less if it is real or turns up to be a big scam it's still just as interesting to witness.
  3. TNT

    The "Q" Phenomena

    They are all part of the same ilk, and maybe even belong to and believe in and practice the same religious rituals. If the Trump's are not part of the cult now they certainly used to be. I could write a book on it but it all ties together with the same religion these latest deaths. March and October are both big sacrifice months for this religion so they want lots of deaths and we typically see them each Mar. and Oct. They are offered up in sacrifice you see? No? Let me help a little. Chandler is not her real last name it's a made up name like many others. Ray is the bio-daughter of John Podesta and Chandler is code for "Child Handler" = Chandler just like Cher = C-her (See Her) is a command so you are cleared for your task at hand, to handle things or to 'see her' and not him that if you notice is also there in so many women in entertainment! It is no accident both Cher and Ray belongs to a religion that does everything in reverse and when you see that Cher's daughter that was supposed to be a boy and was a boy in the womb but was changed with drugs to make the fetus a girl is just like so many others being born to these people. And when born with some of both sexes as many are that they twist this way the daughter grows up conflicted or the son as Bruce Jenner is also one supposed to be a girl at birth, but becomes the man thanks to the parents and their religion and changing the sex in the womb. So Ray was supposed to be what? You getting it yet? They are a sick bunch of devil worshipers and these names are just the tip of the ice berg. I could go on. I'll stop here since it's supposed to be a comment not a book. Good thread though. . I'll let you all reading put 2 and 2 together to figure out why she is named "Ray" and why so many others of this ilk do everything in reverse religion (Crowley) also exhibit names that are hints to the fact they are boys or were supposed to be you see? Daryl, Melania, Ray? You'll figure it out. When you seriously stop to look over Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump and the sons you begin to notice things there also. DJT for example has very small woman hands, very small woman ears, the jaw of a woman and if you put a wig on him he is a grandma! Mel on the other hand has many manly features doesn't she? The jaw, the brow ridge, the large hands (bigger than DJT's) and feet and broad shoulders. There is a very strong chance both were born into this same religion. Are they still in it? Or are they revolting?
  4. TNT

    Should the old forum BE UNLOCKED - A POLL

    It is unlocked as I just posted there. When is it supposed to close again? I have seen new posts the last few days over there so what gives? There are more people there currently than here for sure! At this writing 291 people and many more members than are signed on here are visiting the old forum in the General section of the forum. In Today's news there are 371 viewing. That is way better than here for sure.
  5. TNT

    The "Q" Phenomena

    If the FBI investigation into the Trump/Russian collusion case by the FBI was on the right side of the law, then why were all the key players fired for misconduct? James Comey, Director, Jim Rybicki, Chief of staff, Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director, Lisa Page Special Counsel FBI, Jim Baker, Office of General Counsel, Bill Priestap, Counterintelligence chief. Each of these federal law officials were fired during the Russian collusion investigation for misconduct or worse. Still believe Q is real and a product of military intelligence.
  6. TNT

    Truth through comedy

    I also see Bern that you have a couple nice cars and I don't so......?
  7. TNT

    The "Q" Phenomena

    I have found what I consider to be definitive proof that the "Q" phenomena we have all witnessed since Oct 2017 is for real. I don't care about how it started. For all I know it was a LAARP at the start but whatever it was it is apparent now that the "Q" phenom has been hijacked by the Trump circle. I feel this is solid proof that when we hear from "Q" we are hearing directly from any one of these people pictured here in these photos. I suggest to you that it is beyond chance that the thumbs up here could make a Q by itself but when you combine with that 'FACT' that someone named this file "DOITQ" it rises to proof in my book. What do you think? Is this solid enough proof for you that Q is DJT? I"m satisfied and now paying more attention than ever.
  8. TNT

    Is the Sun conscious.

    I believe the sun is alive yes! I speak to the sun when I stare at it in the mornings and evenings at times as it rises and sets anyway. It has yet to answer but I do feel there is more there than just a light or fireball in space.