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  1. Chantelle Imperiosi

    Music You Like

  2. Chantelle Imperiosi

    Unpacking the false narratives

    I wish you luck with your learning, but remember someone laid the path and it goes were someone decided it should go.
  3. Chantelle Imperiosi

    Oh shhhhiii- What ho, UK! ANOTHER vote is coming...

    I would vote for UKIP if they were still about purely because any party whose name tells me to sleep would get my vote.
  4. Chantelle Imperiosi

    Psychics & occult students; Investigate London Cenotaph before Nov 10th.

    There was a television programme on recently, and I caught a snippet of it, where a couple were getting married and the 'theme' was pretty much what you show above. The couple and the guests were dressed with wounds and masks of death. There's really nothing to save.
  5. Chantelle Imperiosi

    Unpacking the false narratives

    I suppose you can tell me why you think this place is not a conflicting ideological echo chamber you have herded yourself in to? Isn't it you versus the sheep?
  6. Chantelle Imperiosi

    Music You Like

    Miley's sledgehammer beats a gavel any day.
  7. Chantelle Imperiosi

    Wifi Boosters

    Thank you for this, I'll certainly take a look at it. I'm impressed with the knowledge you have of these things. The ways of the past sometimes are bette/more human than this hi-tech world.
  8. Chantelle Imperiosi

    The Vegan Agenda

    Oh I see. Thanks. I've never been a fan of it and have never owned any. I guess the people who got in early and promoted it made out like bandits. Personally, I wonder if it was just introduced to get people used to the idea of a digital currency, then the authorised digital currencies will be introduced to replace it at which point it will be destroyed. I also thought it was unfortunate that the person/group that devised it, Satoshi Nakamoto, is an anagram of 'So a man took a shit'. The world is full of coincidencies don't you think?
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  10. Chantelle Imperiosi

    The Vegan Agenda

    I noticed that a post about bitcoin appeared on here but disappeared very quickly yesterday. Do people on here generally dislike bitcoin?
  11. Chantelle Imperiosi

    Wifi Boosters

    Those do look good, but what is the storage life of paraffin? I fully expect most fuel types to be banned soon and am thinking candles might be a slightly better option for me.
  12. Chantelle Imperiosi

    Wifi Boosters

  13. Chantelle Imperiosi

    Hands and minds thread

    Impressive. Why would you want to make a masonic gavel?
  14. Chantelle Imperiosi

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