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  1. Metaspiral

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    found this
  2. Metaspiral

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    was their many people at hyde park today. NO Ruptly feed? Last one they did cut short at 45 mins. Anyone there?
  3. Metaspiral

    "Manchester: The Night Of The Bang"

    the guy looking for his daughter before explosion even went off,was the fakest thing ive ever seen. Fully exposed by Mr Halls film. Theres people getting wallets out to buy drink FFS after a bombing LOL>
  4. Metaspiral

    "Manchester: The Night Of The Bang"

    prove it.
  5. Metaspiral

    Covid testing

    yes it seems to me taking the test is entering into a contract with a global medical tyranny.
  6. Metaspiral

    Covid testing

    test an apple or your pet.
  7. Metaspiral

    The NEW 4 Word Game

    to me...to you....... (chuckle brothers)
  8. Metaspiral


    Hey Gareth Gab are releasing a "zoom" type app soon I read. Meant to be secure. Probably worth investigating if you haven't already.
  9. Metaspiral

    My favourite Youtube video.

    my covid19 hardcastle rerub.
  10. Metaspiral

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    seems quite a lot of 14 year old hackers about at the moment. from BBC.
  11. Metaspiral

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    royal family are cutting their staffs wages by a third i read this morning, to help them through the propagademic.
  12. Metaspiral

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    agreed mate but i find Spiked to be a shitty center right gatekeeping shill fest.:)
  13. Metaspiral

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    22 quid an hour to sell out the human race? https://www.indeed.co.uk/viewjob?cmp=NHS-Professionals&t=Clinical+Contact+Caseworker&jk=c5b08e9867349751&sjdu=Y1v534n5z0i-z9qTBCllAdhZCgswT1WcAasVUUkRuu3p6fWzGyWiyStAWjguaqgcPm4QsR798QPivzEeU9afSQ&tk=1e86d20of2tj3800&adid=345714661&pub=e4ea14867e765046&utm_campaign=job_alerts&utm_medium=email&utm_source=jobseeker_emails
  14. Metaspiral

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    they were desperate/pre planned to smear the protest as far right, but there was zero far right thug types there. There was just people who don't believe the government nowt to do with partisan politcs> Its so desperate that people are lost i the left right paradigm still, probably injected into the discussion as per usual. Jayda watyamacallher said nowt to do with her freedom movement. they are DESPERATE
  15. Metaspiral

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    its like the anger hour in 1984 iniit on twatter . spooky. let it out let it out!!!!!