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    Exactly, but this is the land of woo, so don't expect anyone to actually acknowledge this. It's more wooooey to believe in the chemtrail shite than what really happens.
  2. Ok. Thanks for your utter noncommittal response. Read post one huh? Reads words on random T-shirt. Convert through a tube connected to backside....into 3 bafflingly contrived dates....then deduce that it means an attack .....attack never happens.....and you think that carries a hint or more of validity to say his "warning" may have stopped it?
  3. And do you think....just off the top of your head....that some random bloke on this forum looks at a T-shirt....comes out with some absurd convoluted conclusions and because his "predictions" didn't happen......then your statement above has any merit? Or it was bonkers in the first place?
  4. I'm not smart enough either it seems!! Are you seriously saying that you think the fact that this thread here, highlighted some bullshit claim about a random Wimbledon attack, is why it didn't occur? Watch out for a new website Mad-as-a-mattress.com where people look at the colours on smarties to decide when the next evil government attack is coming......it will stop them completely...
  5. I'm going out on a limb here - is that the ultimate in irony?
  6. I suspect you aren't smart enough to realise that although SOL made that judgement, he also agreed with Reinhold's sarcastic sentiment.
  7. Whatever with stinky bells on. You seem a bit short on the old brain matter, by me saying the 18th, that is your dates all done and dusted....n'est pas? Nope. You will never get it. GTFO LMAO at this pathetic nonsense! "Calling it off" because some nobody on a random forum, looked at a bloody shirt and farted around with some numbers, then deduced it meant baffling gibberish? As if! The sheer moronic and ludicrous nature of your bonkers claim is the issue. Hence my first comment on the matter...."Thanks for preventing this outrage from occurring with your analysis. I can guarantee it will not happen now. " = the ultimate in sarcasm. The same reason being that you are talking the most ridiculous shite imaginable.
  8. Quote you once? "Well Whaddya Know! No 5G For Israel! Surprise surprise" Why is it a surprise surprise? If you made that post NOT aimed at the Jewish people, you really could have worded it about 99% better! AND AGAIN !!!!! The Jewish people are now allowing non jews to be "hurt" by their technology! BULLSHIT! Nope, your point that I responded to was that the jews are doing some nefarious shit against the "goys" whilst protecting themselves! My point is that a) my reply wasn't racists, you ignored that b) not some evil jewish plot.
  9. You can get the absolute fuck out of it pal!! My comment was NOT racist in any way. I am sick to death of people like you blaming Jewish people for everything...… that was sarcasm. Get it? SARCASM!! https://www.nperf.com/en/map/IL/-/2103.Orange/signal/?ll=31.404127962003635&lg=34.96500000000001&zoom=7 https://www.timesofisrael.com/report-warns-that-israel-cellular-operators-may-lag-on-5g-network-investment/
  10. You know what...I can't work out whether you ate taking all this pisstake seriously. I'm fairly sure HE was pulling everyone's pisser... if you can't tell i was...you need help.
  11. Rupert Ugo

    Censorship and Deletion of posts

    Nope.....I just redid them all!! I didn't lie. Ask the dodgy moderator....he just deleted all three of them. I only needed to redo 2, because one was in response to the Itsallbs troll doing one of his "triple dot" posts - whahaayyy the eagle deleted that. He didn't delete the off topic personal baiting post from the it'sallbs troll. None of the posts I edited were the ones dishonestly deleted by the unimod. He just deleted the post you responded to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Oh ffs, it's obvious he meant Judy! I also suspect he was being ironic about FE weapons. For a "free range" weapon, there's a squadron of hens with ouzi's strapped to their backs.
  13. Here's the thing....I have no intention of discussing this with you or anyone. I know and trust the people who related their accounts to me. I would assume it was obvious to you how close they were by the fact that some friends of their friends were injured. I'm amazed that your reply doesn't address the context of my post - that it wasn't a hoax!!
  14. Judy's smarter sister, she thinks it was a soda stream that brought down the towers. You can collect your FE weapon from an online store called "Exit Planet Batshit 'r' us".