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  1. Rupert Ugo

    Any flat earthers about?

    Couldn't resist this. From those imbeciles at the Flat Earth Society... https://wiki.tfes.org/Magnification_of_the_Sun_at_Sunset "The intense light from the headlights have caught onto the atmoplane between the source and camera to create a magnification of the light. This magnification increases with distance, allowing the headlights to appear the same size down the entirety of the lane. " Say what flatnuts?
  2. Rupert Ugo

    Any flat earthers about?

    Uhuh. Right at the top. You should have stopped that sentence after word 4. That "one person" would be the bloody FLAT EARTH SOCIETY!! And you said this... "Of course it doesn't actually change its size, no one is claiming it does." The Flat Earth Society proves that statement wrong. "A: The sun remains the same size as it recedes into the distance due to a known magnification effect caused by the intense rays of light passing through the strata of the atmolayer." "The lights maintaining their size in the background is a great example of the magnification effect of the atmolayer balancing out the natural shrinking to perspective. " Should I translate? They are saying words to the effect of...."yes we know objects get smaller as they recede into the distance, but the reason the Sun doesn't is because the atmosphere makes it bigger". They use car headlights to show this "effect". Of course they fail to acknowledge that it does this all over the planet and in such a way as to never change size whatsoever. So no matter where, uniformly, the atmosphere exactly "magnifies" the Sun the same size wherever it is. Facepalm.
  3. Rupert Ugo

    Any flat earthers about?

    Provable nonsense. The Sun has Zero change of size the whole day. Optical illusion about it appearing bigger....since it can easily be measured. If a flatnut comes along I will give a nore detailed answer.
  4. Rupert Ugo

    Stanley Kubrick trying to expose the occult in Eyes Wide Shut

    What vague gibberish. Clockwork Orange was Kubrick doing his thing.....bugger all to do with the crazy April Fool's joke about him "directing" a fixed bloody camera on Apollo 11/12 and 14. The NASA "program" was using rocket engineers from Germany who had successfully got them to work. From your post I assume you are a "they saw aliens" on the Moon claimant. They didn't. End of.
  5. Rupert Ugo

    Any flat earthers about?

    Uhuh, you don't know what an ad hominem is do you! I don't do them at all. I address the content and debate...abrasive yes, rude sometimes(usually baited), insults ocassionally, usually in response. But ad-hominems, nope. I suggest you google the term, because I'm betting you think it means flinging a few insults around. Also, I pointed this out because YOU called ME out on a response to the "itsallbs" stalker troll(who popped in to like your post - shivers). Ergo, it is you and only you who is the hypocrite here! Nope. I go where ALL the evidence takes me. You don't know what "pseudoscience" is either. It is pretty much the exclusive domain of you and your ilk. I don't have ANY cheek in saying "Truthers Huh", because over the short period this forum has been going and the decade at the other one, you and your ilk do nothing but... EVADE, DIVERT, OBFUSCATE AND FINALLY AS YOU JUST DID, FULL ON AD HOMINEM - WHICH AVOIDS THE CONTENT COMPLETELY AND GOES AFTER THE POSTER. Come on then son, let's have it. I guarantee you will get your arse kicked. You know nothing about it, I do! Oh and what things "look like" to you are based on your bias and ignorance...so thanks for your woeful opinion. I love how you are too delusional to see it. Errr...what? I am THE debunker of Apollo hoax claims. I have been destroying you and your ilk on this subject for over 10 years … here and on the original DIF. There is not one solitary idiotic hoax claim that I haven't seen and taken to pieces. They all run away - every last one of them. NEVER do they respond to the debunks with anything close to integrity. Haha, what a comedian. You seem to think NASA are the only people who have ventured into space. I think you ARE a flat earther. I think you ARE a full on ISS denier and I strongly suspect you are a space isn't real and rockets don't work in space advocate. Come on then, or are you just all noise!! Answer the OP - kindly don't post any hoax crap...get your own thread for that...... And here...in your own time....
  6. Nope. You were caught out believing such bollocks I love the way you refer to them as "they". Evil ne'erdowells? Mehhhh.
  7. Rupert Ugo

    Any flat earthers about?

    Perspective is his claim...haha. Does he see the birds smaller far away. Does he see the lampposts smaller far away. Does he see the Sun smaller....oh wait....it's the same size.
  8. Rupert Ugo

    Any flat earthers about?

    . You've been owned in this exchange with your brainless and gullible belief in stupid yoootub videos ...now like a big chicken you are avoiding responses. The Apollo rocks. I have a thread on it that all the HB chickens have avoided. So will you.
  9. Uhuh, so the evil ne'erdowells are "faking" the pictures that ANYONE can verify by seeing with their own eyes! And you think the melting and disappeared glaciers are some sort of seasonal deception? Wow. So firstly, the satellite data is faaaaake, because you "lol"d. And explain EXACTLY how much it should rise from what is claimed to have melted. Uhuh, natural warming phase. Got ya. Sea levels rising, logic huh. Al Gore stuff....piffle. Nothing to see....it's all a hoax....ignore the data...it's seasons innit
  10. Meh. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/june-hottest-month-ever-earth-2019-weather-heatwave-hot-a8984691.html https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2019/07/30/hottest-10-years-britain-since-records-began-have-occurred-since/ As you all like to say...nothing to see here folks move along. Please don't post if you believe in ridiculous guff.
  11. Rupert Ugo

    Any flat earthers about?

    @Forsaken Bankzy So to recap: 1. The Chinese "bubble" is flat, rotates, grows more than 4 times in size in about 1 meter....and is part of about 20 odd objects that fire out of the hold at all sorts of non vertical angles. 2. The man going around the corner is not CGI, it is two shots of the same area merged. Proven by the change of the object to the left that moves as the two overlays change. 3. The STS camera out of the window is a reflection of the other astronaut inside! 4. The Apollo 14 flash is the radio antenna. 5. The "flappy" door is the micro-meteorite and thermal shielding cover, the airlock door goes inwards. 6. Numerous "bubbles" on various clips - space debris and/or ice particles all going in a variety of directions. 7. At 1:12 He draws on "wires" that are "connected" to a ridiculous part of the body for what they are doing. The bump is his comms pack on his belt. 8. Various video glitches caused entirely by errors in transmission data. Occurs randomly on sky TV when it rains. 9. "Scuba Diver" is simply the astronaut not in the Sun in the darkened cargo bay. 10. At 1:57, if you slow the video down to 1/4 speed you can actually see the piece of debris glinting as it rotates. 11. At 2.03 what crazy lunatic world says the video glitch means faaaakery?? 12. Cady Coleman and the big water reflection. Notice he faded it out before the inversion actually started to cut her off as it moved off angle! Nothing wrong with that at all...exactly as expected. 13. Hair washing... Water droplets getting "billions of dollars of equipment wet". Why would it? The surface tension holds when it strikes the sides...and they are pretty small. Plus all the equipment is largely sealed. She's also in the bathing are, so I'm guessing they thought that one out! 14. 2.38 - Apollo stuff, If they are on wires, how come they fell over? Wires cause jerky movement as centre of gravity adjusts, just that disproves the bullshit wires claim. Apart from that this is just bare assertion from a yooootoob eejit. 15. "see through face" is poor quality video of HD. 16. 4.08 "looks like the solar panel is curved" - shakes head. The camera lens. What a clown. 17. 4.26 the changing curve is caused by the lens orientation....as it passes through the centre it moves to inversion on the opposite side. So simple. 18. More curved panel through a wide angled lens. Facepalming stuff. And you fell for that utter shite - hook line and sinker. So much so, that you are defending bloody obvious errors from your video maker. Well done!
  12. Rupert Ugo

    Any flat earthers about?

    Yes. How sad that you think it's fake with nothing more than this. Yes, his joke aimed at lunatic conspiracy theorists went right over my head. I know you wouldn't know. The picture is simply resending a packet of digital data...effectively replaying a tiny section and jumping to where it would then be in normal error-free playback. Technical issues from a camera in space whodathunkit. In the world of troofahs though…..conspiracaaaay….faaaaaake.
  13. Rupert Ugo

    Any flat earthers about?

    Butt out. I've got history with that weirdo. It's none of your business. He is a creepy stalker. Did you not notice that he offered the antagonistic ad hominem first?
  14. Rupert Ugo

    Any flat earthers about?

    Correct...I am not afraid to admit any mistakes. Creepy troll comes in again and posts his antagonistic shit. Get a life.