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  1. Ok, Obviously only "known" to you and the rest of the "we"?
  2. They don't. What places? Are you sure that's why? Not in an even balance.
  3. A rigged poll without the answers that should be there! "I do not post here because I am afraid to get my argument torn to shreds". "I do not post here because I don't want my belief system challenged." "I do not post here because everything I know was somebody else's idea and it seemed cool to adopt it as my own"
  4. Who does such a thing and how did you come up with such an outrageously inaccurate statement? Challenging mad conspiracies is hardly challenging the materialist status quo is it???
  5. Apollo is proven. The Earth is a sphere - proven. Nukes are real - proven. Nibiru is bollocks - proven. You are not "we"! You don't seem to know an awful lot - you certainly don't know how to assimilate all data.
  6. Tell me one thread I should let go. Give me a valid reason to do so and I will consider it. I do not cut and paste others stuff unless it is better than what I could come up with. I do it maybe 10% of the time. If you are saying this about citations, then that is just daft.
  7. Rupert Ugo

    Let's talk about 9/11 in a MATURE manner

    You are a biased moderator who has just deleted a response highlighting your bias. I find it beyond ironic that YOU have way too much power over us mere non-mods....on a forum that predominantly whinges about the colossal control over the human race. Screen printed just before you delete this. You just press a button and the response to what you say is gone, and nobody is any the wiser. Had you deleted all the troll posts aimed at me, off topic and personal, of which there remains treble figures still remaining, most of the subsequent escalation would have been avoided.
  8. Rupert Ugo

    Let's talk about 9/11 in a MATURE manner

    The building was very tall and big, the fires were extensive and the fire chief said the water supply was not up to it. If you are claiming some sort of inside knowledge on this and saying the fire chiefs were in on it....PROVE IT!! Nonsensical argument of the worst circular nature. You are now second guessing them for your pre determined unsupported claim GTFO, what utter crap. The fires would have ignited them and caused compressive explosions. Rubbish...thermite is triggered by heat. And magicky triggers now? And because they wanted to "destroy some random evidence" that they coukld have burnt in 10 minutes flat in a single floor bonfire. Yeah...makes total sense! Prove it is a problem for you? Then why is my pointing out how utterly ludicrous your claims are...a problem? I have a grip thanks. I am rightly asking for mad claims to have a semblance of evidence or at least some feasibility....not straight out of the Batshit Bible. And we're done? I won't hold my breath on that.
  9. Rupert Ugo


    Please don't make up crap. Every plane that flies over is tracked and listed. The app is the problem as not all planes have the fitted interface to it. The number missing is relatively small.
  10. Rupert Ugo


    Haha....no..I DID!! "The whole issue of geoengineering has never been denied and is a totally different issue to the "evil passenger jet poisoning shite"! " You said prove it, I said back at you. The shoe appears to be made of poo and it fits you very well.
  11. Yep sometimes. When I see that the crap argument has been answered better elsewhere, why re-invent the wheel. But if you dare suggest I do that the majority of the time , then that is bollocks. Hmmm, sometime I just can't be arsed to go through the rigmarole. Not often, just sometimes. Errr ok. I don't have that sort of Wonga. Not me, I have no control at all over money. Big catch all cop out though, well played. You copied and pasted that didn't you! Sure I do and you know it. It's why you run away from debating me on the Apollo threads. But hey, once again this fucking thread has turned into a bash the non conformer. (Oh shit I swore, along comes Eagle to delete this). Awww paw little conspiracy theorists don't like their stuff challenged? You can put whatever shite you like to me, it ain't true. Without counter views, it's backslappers anonymous and not one of you will look at counter claims!! This forum was dead on its arse whilst I was till in my own little Apollo thread. You left it already and it was nothing whatsoever to do with me!
  12. Rupert Ugo

    Off Topic And Unrelated Considerations

    Err no. It was you who insulted me whilst complaining about me doing the same thing....which I pretty much only do when people like you do what you are doing now. Do you not sense the irony in this exchange, that YIOU initiated and are escalating?
  13. Rupert Ugo

    Off Topic And Unrelated Considerations

    OFF TOPIC PERSONAL CRAP Answer the question and stop calling me thick you hypocritical twat...oh sorry...I withdraw that. Define "anywhere else" and show how you blundered into such a vacuously inaccurate and pathetic comment.
  14. Rupert Ugo

    Off Topic And Unrelated Considerations

    OFF TOPIC PERSONAL CRAP. You just called me arrogant and insulted me regarding my mental age. I would normally call you a hypocritical twat, but today I'll just point out that you did it.
  15. Rupert Ugo

    Off Topic And Unrelated Considerations

    OFF TOPIC PERSONAL TROLL POST. You see, yours is just one of literally hundreds. My "justification" is principle! The fact they have done so many times should tell you something. Define "anywhere else" and show how you blundered into such a vacuously inaccurate and pathetic comment.